Chapter 141 Qing Yun’s Whereabouts

Qin Yu naturally saw that Huang Yongyan planned to snatch the ring on his finger. He inevitably sneered coldly in his heart, he really treated Qin Yu as someone he could easily trample upon. 


Since this was the case, Laozi should just return the favor. 


Thinking up to here, Qin Yu put on an apologetic face, “Senior Disciple Huang, don’t be angry. I can give you my ring. However, I have a condition.” 


Huang Yongyan was already ready to snatch his ring when he heard him speak, and immediately his expression calmed down. Laughing evilly, he said, “Since you’re so tactful, what’s your condition? If I am able to do it I will definitely satisfy you. But Laozi has to say this first: If it’s something I am unable to do, don’t even say it. 


His words were very tyrannical, but the idea was clear. No matter what, today, Qin Yu’s ring was going to be his. 


“Mu Yang and Lu Meihong, do you know these two?” Qin Yu wore a slight smile on his face, his expression calm as he asked. 


Hearing these two names, Huang Yongyan’s eyebrows shook. His heart went ‘ge deng’, “You… do you know them?” 


Qin Yu shook his head, “I don’t know them, I just have a matter that needs me to find them, that’s all.” 


Huang Yongyan let out a breath of air. As long as he didn’t know them. If Qin Yu was familiar with these two, and the fact that he had come to snatch Qin Yu’s things were to get to these two’s ears, he would definitely have to taste the consequences. 


"If you aren’t familiar with them why didn’t you say that earlier.” Huang Yongyan was feeling very resentful as he spoke, “Whatever you’re looking for them, I’m too lazy to care about. However I do have to remind you, it’s best if you don’t provoke them. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died.” 


Qin Yu intentionally put on a shocked face, “Are they really strong?” 


“Heng.” Huang Yongyan looked at Qin Yu and let out a despising smile, “At least a hundred times stronger than you. Both of them are twenty two years yet they’re already Transformation Stage experts. Do you think that’s strong or not? Killing you would be easier than squashing an ant. In addition, the force backing them could easily extinguish your family.” 


“Their backing is so strong?” Qin Yu asked. 


He didn’t really care about their trifling Transformation Realm strength, what he cared about was the strength of the force behind them.


Normally if someone were to ask him about this, Huang Yongyan would be too lazy to reply. Who in the entire Zhengyang Sect wouldn’t know the identity of Mu Yang and Lu Meihong? It was only the newcomers who’d be uninformed. 


However, upon seeing the ring on Qin Yu’s finger, he patiently started explaining. 


“My Zhengyang Sect has three Sect Protector Elders which are all super experts of the void realm. Below them is the Sect Master, a peak Spirit Realm expert. Below the Sect Master is the five Elders. Lu Meihong’s father is ranked second out of the five elders, Lu Younian. As a late-stage Spirit Realm expert, he has an extraordinary status within the Zhengyang Sect.” 


“Mu Yang is Lu Younian’s most talented disciple, ranked third amongst the younger generation. He’s very close to Lu Meihong, and in addition to the fact that they’re basically a couple already, Lu Younian treats him like a son-in-law. That’s why, within Zhengyang Sect, even if it’s one of the five Elders, they would give these two some face in consideration of Lu Younian.” 


Upon hearing Huang Yongyan’s explanation, Qin Yu’s eyebrows scrunched up tightly. He never would have thought that these two cheaters would have such a strong background. 



With his current strength, dealing with a Late-stage Spirit Realm expert had fundamentally no chance of success. Even if he were to use the same tactic that he had used to deal with Qin Yuan it would be useless. 


Qin Yuandao at the time had just broken through to the Spirit Realm not long ago so his strength was not stable. As such he wasn’t able to display the true strength of a Spirit Realm expert. 


Seeing that Qin Yu’s eyebrows scrunched up so deeply, Huang Yongyan used a cryptic tone to ask, “Is there anything else you want to know about their situation? I can tell you.” 

“Huuu, that’s enough.” Qin Yu exhaled and his expression became calm once more. Then with a light smile he said, “I have one more thing to ask, if you’ve know about someone. Their name is Qing Yun and she’s also new here. I don’t know if you have some recollection of her?” 


“Qing Yun?” Huang Yongyan’s eyebrows jumped, as if he suddenly remembered something, “Are you talking about the young girl with an extremely cold temperament and who was wearing all black?” 


Qin Yu was elated, “Yes, that’s her.” 


“Haha, you’ve asked the right person.” Huang Yongyan replied in a pleased manner, “She arrived yesterday, and it was also me and Senior Disciple Zhang that brought her over the bridge. That unforgettable beauty is something I’ve never seen in my life. Any man who sees her would definitely remember her.” 


Towards these words of Huang Yongyan, Qin Yu held no doubt whatsoever. He completely believed that Qing Yun had that much charm. 


“Since you said it like that, you should know where she currently is right?” Qin Yu urgently asked, right now he would first find Qing Yung before considering anything else.


However Huang Yongtan answered his question with another question, “What relationship does she have with you?” 


“Oh, we’re lovers.” Qin Yu did not try to avoid the question at all as he answered boldly.


“Hmph, lovers. You might as well forget about her.” Huang Yongyan said disdainfully. 


“What do you mean?’ Qin Yu let out a confused expression. 


“The first ranked in the younger generation, Wu Potian[1] has already taken a fancy to her. He directly let her advance to a disciple. She didn’t even need to participate in the entrance examination.” 


Qin Yu’s heart froze for a moment. Wu Potian, what an aggressive name. Was that supposed to be cool?


“Let’s first not talk about how you can’t even offend Wu Potian, just considering the gap between you and Qing Yun’s identities; Just like the distance between heaven and the earth…” Huang Yongyan continued, “Her future is boundless while you still have to go through the disciple entrance examination. Whether or not you can pass the examination is unknown but even if you do you’d only be a lowly outer disciple. You’d only be able to look up to her if you stood in front of her, you wouldn’t even be able to carry her shoes.” 


As Huang Yongyan spoke his gaze that rested upon Qin Yu became more and more filled with despise. 


“Humph.” The slight smile on Qin Yu’s face turned into a cold smile. On his face an even more disdainful and contemptuous look appeared. Compared to his attitude before, they were like completely different people. 


“Wu Potian, is he strong?” 


Hearing Qin Yu’s disdainful tone and seeing his contemptuous attitude, Huang Yongyan spoke in a despising voice, “He’s a million times stronger than you. If you compare yourself you’ll only be able to live under him your entire life.” 


“Twenty five year old peak-stage Transformation Realm. The three Sect Protector Elders in the Void Realm have all taken him as a disciple. It’s estimated he should breakthrough to the Spirit Realm before he turns 30. When that happens he’ll become the youngest Spirit Realm Expert in the history of Zhengyang Sect. He’s going to make history within Zhengyang Sect. What can you do?” 


He couldn’t hold himself back from talking. A 30 year old Spirit Realm Expert was truly terrifying. A genius amongst geniuses. Only sects have the ability to cultivate this kind of genius. However, to Qin Yu, this much wasn’t worthy of much attention. A Spirit Realm Expert? He didn’t even need 30 years.


“What I can do you don’t need to worry about. Now all you need to do is tell me where Qing Yun is and that’s enough.” Qin Yu’s tone suddenly became cold and he let out thin streams of cold air to suppress him. 


This change in attitude caused Huang Yongyan to be out of sorts, and then anger appeared on his face, “You can only do as I say! Kneel down and lick my shoes, hahaha……” After saying that he let out an arrogant laugh. 


“Get lost!” Qin Yu snarled, his person brimming with a tyrannical aura.


Huang Yongyan was momentarily dumbstruck. He never would have thought that an insignificant newcomer would dare say ‘Get lost!” to an official disciple of Zhengyang Sect like him. 


“What did you say? You dare tell laozi to get lost?” He returned a sentence in disbelief. 


“Get lost.” Qin Yu once again spit out the words ‘Get lost’, and this time he was even louder and even more overbearing. 


Huang Yongyan was gnashing his teeth in anger when his eyes let out an ominous glint, “F*cker, you were playing with laozi eh? You never planned on handing over the ring.” 


“Hah. You only figured it out now. Dumb idiot.” Qin Yu sneered. 


“Hahaha…….” Huang Yongyan made an angry smile, “Very good, I didn’t want to kill before, but since you’re asking to die let me fulfill your request! Go die!” 


In the midst of talking, Huang Yongyan suddenly shot his hand out, like a claw. He aimed at Qin Yu’s throat with ferocity, he wanted to strangle Qin Yu to death. 


However, in the next moment, a strange scene appeared. Someone was being strangled, but the one being strangled wasn’t Qin Yu, instead it was Qin Yu strangling his neck. He was too slow and Qin Yu was a step faster than him at strangling the other. 


Qin Yu’s hand was like iron pincers grabbing onto Huang Yongyan’s neck and hoisting him up, causing his legs to leave the ground. 


“Kakaka…..” Huang Yongyan stared at Qin Yu eyes wide with alarm. Struggling to talk, he said, “You, you’re at the Immersion Realm.”


“Now you know, unfortunately it’s too late.” Qin Yu laughed evilly, and his grip grew tighter. Then he asked again in a ruthless manner, “Now tell me, where is Qing Yun? ” 


“Don’t-don’t kill me!.. I-I’ll speak….. She’s in the Qingfeng Palace.” Now, Huang Yongyan dared not hold back his words. 


“Very good, now you can die.” Qin Yu let out another evil smile. 


“No… no….. I’ve told you everything, you can’t kill me!.... You can’t go back on your words.” Huang Yongyan was both frightened and nervous, beads of sweat started popping out on his forehead. 


“Ha, did I say that I won’t kill you after you speak?” Qin Yu jeered, “You really are an idiot. Die!” 


“Nooo!” Huang Yongyan let out a scream, but his scream was cut short with the sound of the bones in his throat shattering. Soon after, his head dropped to the side, his eyes that were as wide as marbles were filled with irreconcilability as he breathed his last. 


‘Peng’, Qin Yu threw his corpse down. His lips curled into a cold smile, “You came looking for death so you can’t blame laozi.” 


‘Peng peng peng…..” 


Exactly at that moment someone started knocking urgently at the door. 


Qin Yu was startled. He quickly picked up the corpse and put it into his space ring. He can’t let anyone see the corpse, thus he could only temporarily keep the corpse in his ring. Later he would find a place to throw it away. 


“Qin Yu, quickly open the door.” From outside came Big Bull’s forthright voice. 


“I’m coming.” Qin Yu walked over and opened the door, and Big Bull’s huge frame took up the entirety of the door, basically completely blocking up the door. 


“What’s the matter?’ Qin Yu coldly asked, this guy really came at an annoying time. 


“Didn’t you say to join the disciple entrance examination three days later we needed to register and receive entrance slips? Me and the Bai family’s brother and sister are prepared to participate in the examination. We need to go to the New Disciple Palace to register, are you going too?” Big Bull blurted out a reply. 


“Of course I’ll go. Let’s go. Hey, go to the side a little.” Qin Yu pushed Big Bull’s huge body to the side, and stepped out. 


“Yi? That’s weird, how come it’s just you?” Big Bull suddenly seemed to remember something as he shouted loudly, “Just now I saw the one surnamed Huang go into your room. Where’d he go?” 


The color of Qin Yu’s face changed, this stupid cow, he really wanted to stomp him to death. 


“That’s right, Brother Qin. Where’s Senior Disciple Huang? If he were to bring us over that’d be even better.” Bai Li walked over, causing Qin Yu’s facial expression to become even worse. 

[1] Wu Potian: Lol if I were to translate his name I’d translate it to: Sky Shattering Might. 

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