Chapter 140: Void Realm

The group of people followed Zhang Bao and Huang Yongyan to the middle of the drawbridge. It was surrounded by mist, giving them the feeling that they were walking on clouds. The people in the group couldn’t help but relax and start to dream about how nice it would be to frequent the bridge and experience the feeling again if they could become a member of the Zhengyang sect. 


While they were daydreaming, a strong wind suddenly blew over their heads and a figure streaked through the air before swiftly disappearing into the mist.


Someone raised their head and gaped. “Goodness, was that an immortal?” 


Instead of using the drawbridge, the man had directly traveled through the void, which the people found to be astounding. They instantly hailed him as a god, and their eyes filled with reverence.


Only Qin Yu and Big Bull remained calm.


Zhang Bao and Huang Yongyan observed the group’s gasps and reverent gazes with prideful expressions. Then, Huang Yongyan glanced at the back of the group and explained, “Just now, you saw one of our sect’s three Elders, Elder Wu Xu. He is a master in the Void Realm. Being able to catch a glimpse of him today is the greatest honor of your three generations.”


“Void Realm? Goodness, I thought the highest realm was the Spirit Realm!” Someone exclaimed in amazement. 


Void Realm cultivators were practically figures of legend, as they could walk in the void.


Huang Yongyan cast a contemptuous look at the man. "How ignorant. Compared to a  Void Realm cultivator, what does a Spirit Realm cultivator count for? Can they walk in the void?”


Beside him, Zhang Bao spoke up, "That’s enough, junior brother. Let’s hurry up. They are still weak, so it’s normal for them to be ignorant. Their horizons will gradually broaden in the future.”


"Yes, senior brother.” Huang Yongyan stopped talking and led the group deeper into the mist ahead.


At the end of the drawbridge was a winding stone staircase extending so high into the mist that the end could not be seen.


After the group jumped from the bridge onto the stone steps, a great rumble sounded and the bridge sunk into the mist, leaving only a deep and bottomless cliff behind.


"Let's go."


Zhang Bao and Huang Yongyan led the way up the staircase.


Soon, the mist above the staircase cleared to reveal several towering, majestic palaces. The people gasped in amazement and admiration.


Seemingly used to such reactions, Zhang Bao and Huang Yongyan didn’t stop and continued to lead the group to a relatively small palace.


When they arrived at the palace, Qin Yu and the rest of the group found that most of the rooms inside were packed with others who wanted to join the sect.


"Here we are. This is where you will live." Zhang Bao stopped in front of an area inside the palace. "There are many rooms here. Pick a room, then go to Yingxin Hall to register your name and get a paiza. We will be formally assessing new disciples in three days.”


"Brother Zhang, what will the assessment consist of?" Someone couldn’t resist asking.


"Why are you asking so many questions? You’ll know when it’s time." Huang Yongyan interrupted with a gloomy expression, frightening the man into shutting up, shivering, and retreating.


“Junior brother Huang is right,” Zhang Bao said. Then, his tone suddenly turned solemn. "I want to remind everyone to think carefully about whether or not you want to partake in the assessment. Of course, passing the assessment and becoming a disciple of the Zhengyang sect will bring you great honor, but if you don't pass the assessment, the consequences could be as terrible as death.”


The word “death” left their hearts trembling. None of them had expected the consequences to be so severe.


Seeing some of their expressions change, Huang Yongyan showed a contemptuous sneer. “Those who are afraid of death yet seek to join the Zhengyang sect should just screw off early. How ridiculous.”


“Junior brother, let’s go. Let them have some time to think it through,” Zhang Bao said before leaving.


Huang Yongyan swept his dark gaze over the group one last time. His gaze stayed on Qin Yu for a longer moment, and a sinister smile flashed across his face. Then he quickly turned around and followed Zhang Bao out.


As the group of people watched them leave, their previous feelings of yearning and excitement were replaced with heaviness. They wanted to become disciples of the great Zhengyang sect, but none of them wanted to die.


Qin Yu and Big Bull were still calm. As soon as Zhang Bao and Huang Yongyan left, Qin Yu moved toward one of the more remote rooms. He needed a quiet place.


"Hey, Qin Yu, wait for me!" Big Bull hurriedly caught up, and as he moved, he couldn’t help but glance over at Bai Feng, the fat woman. Unfortunately, she ignored him.


Although the room chosen by Qin Yu was relatively remote, it was very spacious and clean. He was satisfied.


"Qin Yu, why did you choose such a remote room? Can we go live near the others instead?" Big Bull asked as he followed him into the room. He did not understand Qin Yu’s choice.


Qin Yu smiled disapprovingly. "Then you can go and squeeze in with them.”


"Okay then, you said it yourself! I’m going now." After saying that, Big Bull actually turned around and made to leave, frustrating Qin Yu so much that he wanted to give the large man a violent kick. This stupid bull was still yearning for that fat woman.


"Oh, right." When he reached the door, Big Bull suddenly turned around and asked Qin Yu in wide-eyed astonishment, "Qin Yu, you are clearly in the early stage of the Transformation Realm. Why does it suddenly show that you’re in the early Origin Realm, two realms lower?”


He had noticed it when they were on the bridge, but he couldn’t ask that time. 


“Simple. I hid my aura,” Qin Yu answered.


"But why? Isn’t it better to be strong? Others will be afraid of you." Big Bull’s face was filled with confusion.


Qin Yu walked over to him with a smile and said, “It’s good to hide your true strength sometimes, Big Bull. For example, if you meet an enemy in the early stage, would you care about him?"


"Of course not, I can slap them to death with one blow!” He answered loudly.


"But what if that person was actually in the Transformation Realm? When you don't take him seriously and he suddenly reveals his real strength and deals you a lethal blow?" After explaining that, he stared at Big Bull quietly and let him think for himself.


Big Bull was stunned. He grabbed the back of his head with his big hand and soon understood, "Oh, I see now! So there are such benefits… That sounds fun, you should teach me that!”


Qin Yu shook his head. "Not now. I’ll teach you when I have time.”


“Okay, I’ll come back later then. I’m leaving now.” Big Bull wasn’t worried and quickly left the room, afraid that if he went too late, he would miss getting a room near the Bai siblings.



After everyone had chosen their own rooms and rested for an hour, Qin Yu decided it was time to go register for the assessment for new disciples.


In order to get revenge, he had to first become a member of the Zhengyang sect and further stay in the sect. Of course, his top priority was finding Qing Yun, who had arrived a step before them. Maybe he could ask and find some information about her registration in Yingxin Hall. 

Tap, tap, tap...


Right as he was about to go out, knocking sounds resounded from the other side of the door. At first he assumed it was Big Bull, but then he realized the aura wasn’t right. If it wasn’t Big Bull, then who could it be?


He opened the door and was surprised to see that it was Huang Yongyan, the gloomy man from before.


“Can I come in?” He was wearing a gloomy and discomforting smile on his face.


Qin Yu wasn’t fond of seemingly sinister and malicious people like him, so he responded coldly, ”You need something?”


“Yeah.” Huang Yongyang nodded.


Qin Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, ”Come in.”


Without any further courtesy, he stepped in and closed the door with the back of his head, then he locked it.


Seeing him lock the door, Qin Yu frowned. What was this man thinking? In broad daylight, not only did he close the door but he also locked it. Was Huang Yongyan planning to violate him? He wasn’t a female though...


When his thoughts reached this point, Qin Yu felt both disgusted and cold.


"What's your name?" Huang Yongyan asked.


"Qin Yu. Is something wrong?" Qin Yu's expression was indifferent, unlike the reverence the other newcomers had shown.


"Qin Yu? Good name. The ring on your finger is a storage ring, isn’t it?” Huang Yongyan's eyes were fixed on the ring on his finger, and the greed in his eyes was completely undisguised.


He had seen Qin Yu bribe Zhang Bao with several spirit stones from his ring earlier and had the idea of robbing him right there and then.

Storage rings are precious treasures. Even in the Zhengyang sect, only the masters above the Spirit Realm qualified for one. How could Qin Yu, a mere newcomer, be allowed to own one?


Moreover, Huang Yongyan could tell that there were likely even more spirit stones in the ring, and that only made his eyes burn hotter. If he didn't take the ring for himself, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. So, he came to Qin Yu’s door.


Qin Yu had met countless types of people. When he saw Huang Yongyan's greedy gaze on his storage room, how could he not understand what this fellow was wanting to do?


"Yes, you want it?" He asked, but on the inside, he was sneering.


"Uh." Huang Yonygang was momentarily dumbfounded. He didn't expect Qin Yu to offer it up directly.


"Qin Yu, a storage ring is a rare treasure. Naturally, anyone who sees it would want it. Of course, I won’t have you give it to me for free." He didn’t beat around the bush either. "As long as you give me the ring, I promise to let you pass the assessment smoothly and become an honored formal disciple of the Zhengyang sect.”


"And if I reject?" Qin Yu revealed a disdainful sneer.


Help on the assessment? Even without any help, he would be able to pass it with ease.


"Reject?” Huang Yongyan harrumphed as his expression turned dark, and murderous intent burst from his eyes.


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