Chapter 14: Conquer the World Through Men

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 14: Conquer the World Through Men

This strike was powerful. But there were hundreds upon thousands of blades that came crashing down relentlessly with no end. In a fleeting moment, that charming silhouette simply vanished from the bloody shadow that engulfed the sky.

“No! Yun’er! You brazen scoundrel! How dare you dare murder my Yun’er! Go to hell!” The middle-aged man violently spat out in a spurt of rage. He transformed into a stormy hurricane as he charged through the haze of blood. He ignored the savage, blood-colored blades as his palm that held the force of thunder rushed towards Qin Yu who was within the haze.

Everyone was shocked. A Transformation Realm cultivator?!

Transformation Realm was a realm that countless people yearned for and admired. Only at Transformation Realm could one be truly called strong.

People were already certain that Qin Yu was destined for death. No matter how strong he was, it would be impossible to escape from a Transformation Realm cultivator’s attack.


At such a perilous time, the sound of an explosion resounded. A burly figure swooped out from the Qin Family procession directly toward the middle-aged man with a spear.


Two shadows in the sky clashed for only a split second. The resounding boom from the clash between the two was earth shattering. The weaker spectators on the ground almost toppled over from the shaking. They felt as if the earth beneath them was wobbling, making it impossible to keep themselves steady.

It was another Transformation Realm cultivator. The Transformation Realm was so freakish that even the aftershock was something that not even normal cultivators were able to withstand. Thankfully, the youths here were all elites that had been carefully selected to participate in the Martial Examination. If they were any weaker, they probably wouldn’t be able to even stand properly.

“Qin Zhan, you...!”

The middle-aged man fell to the ground, stumbling a few steps before he could stand straight. His eyes spat fire as he stared daggers at the man who just blocked his palm.

The one who just did that was the Qin Family’s current excursion’s team leader, Qin Zhan.

Qin Zhan calmly confronted the middle-aged man after he reached the ground. Ignoring the man’s fury, he said, “Brother Li Yuan, our juniors are simply fighting. Isn’t it improper to involve yourself?”

The middle-aged man was named Qing Liyuan. He was the father of Qing Yun, as well as the guardian who brought the younger generation of the Qing family to this excursion.

“Qin Zhan, this does not concern you! Mind your own business! Today, if I don’t kill that bastard, I swear that I’ll never rest!” Qing Liyuan screamed as his blood boiled.

“However, the one you wish to kill is a part of my Qin family. How would this not concern me? What a joke,” Qin Zhan mocked.

“Who cares if he’s a member of the Qin family?! He killed my daughter! I’m going to shred his corpse! Whoever dares to stop me shall die!” Qing Liyuan’s pressure increased as the winds furiously whipped the air around him.

Qin Zhan was unfazed. “If you wish to fight, I’ll humor you to the end. I’m not afraid of you. But, before that, you should go take a look at your daughter first.” Among the seven great elders of the Qin Family, he was the most bloodthirsty. He was also one of the strongest of three, so how could Qin Li Yuan possibly frighten him?

Qing Liyuan quickly glanced at where Qing Yuan was. At this moment, Qing Yuan had already fallen to the ground without a single scratch on her. She was still alive.

“Yun’er! You’re fine! Thank God!” The pressure from Qing Liyuan instantly dissipated like a few wisps of smoke as he exultantly rushed over to her.

“Don’t come over here,” Qing Yun suddenly shrieked. This startled Qing Liyuan so much that he sharply halted before he incredulously questioned, “Yun’er, what happened?”

“I...” As she spoke, she suddenly released another scream. This time, the scream was practically deafening.

“Ah! No—!”

Amidst the screams, the night wind blew her clothes. Suddenly, the clothes made tearing sounds as it fell to the ground piece by piece. Her snow white, amorous skin, and muscles that were hidden underneath were exposed to the crowd of spectators.

“Ah—!!!” Losing her mind from panic, Qing Yun threw away her sword without a care. She used both her hands to rigidly hide her body, sheltering it from the scenes of springtime [1. Scenes of springtime = an erotic sight] that were on the eve of spilling out.

“Qin Yu! You shameless scoundrel! I hate you!!!” Qing Yun shouted, her voice hoarse as she cursed at him. She sobbed as she rushed into the darkness.

“Yun’er!” Qing Liyuan shouted loudly from the back of the crowd. However, as a male, he felt too embarrassed to directly go up to her. All he could do was turn to holler at someone from the Qing Family.

“What are you still standing here for?! You’re still not going to go find her?!”

“Yes.” A few women in the Qing Family finally reacted before they hastily chased after Qing Yun at top speed.

“EH? It was you who wanted to fight with this Young Master, so what does it have to do with me?” Qin Yu had an innocent expression on his face.

To be honest, he hadn’t intended to tear apart Qing Yun’s clothes. Just now, he was anxious because he didn’t want to kill Qing Yun. He did not have the heart to allow such a beautiful and fragrant flower to perish like jade. That’s why he tried to control the sword qi’s attacks as much as possible so it wouldn’t kill her. However, an attack was still an attack, so there were still some sword qi strikes that tore apart Qing Yun’s clothes. Not injuring her was already considered very good control. If it was somebody else, it would be simply impossible to achieve such precision.

Qing Liyuan saw that his daughter was alright and calmed down slightly. This naturally couldn’t be Qin Yu’s fault. From beginning to end, it was Qing Yun herself who was always shouting to fight Qin Yu. Now that she was defeated, there was nobody he could blame.

For Qin Yu to have not killed Qing Yun was already being lenient. Besides, if Qing Liyuan really wanted to act against Qin Yu, he would have to face Qin Zhan who was also not a force to be reckoned with.

In the end, Qing Liyuan didn’t dare to do anything against Qin Yu. He picked up the Azure Edge Sword Qing Yun left on the floor before turning his head to glare fiercely at Qin Yu. “Rascal, at least you’re tactful. If Yun’er met with a sudden death, this Laozi would have fought you til his last breath.”

“Li Yuan Xiong, even if your daughter was killed here today by Qin Yu, you can only blame her for not having enough skill. Besides, from beginning to end it had always been your daughter wanting to fight and now that you’ve lost, you want to forcefully stick your nose in? Are you giving us, the Qin Family any face at all?” Qin Zhan’s tone was somewhat menacing.“

“Qin Zhan, you…!”

“Let me say it this way. Everyone here was watching, did I ever say anything false?”

“Hmph, I [2. Here Qing Liyuan uses “Lao Fu” to refer to himself. “Laofu” is a way for old men to refer to themselves.] won’t lower myself to argue with you.” Qing Liyuan knew he was in the wrong. He slipped the Azure Edge Sword into his sleeves before returning to the Qing Family ranks as he loudly ordered, “Everyone back to the tents!”

The Qing Family was the number one family in Luonan City. They were also the strongest group from Luonan City to train here. All the other powers were headed by the Qing Family so when the Qing Family dispersed, they naturally followed suit and left.

The citizens of Luobei City saw that there was no more excitement and also immediately dispersed.

In an instant, only the citizens of Luosang City remained. At this very moment, everyone from Luosang City hadn’t fully recovered from the shock caused by the recent battle between Qin Yu and Qing Yun. The looks they were giving the legendary “cripple” was similar to the looks they would give a monster.

Naturally, there were some people who wouldn’t dare to look at Qin Yu. Qin Zhao lowered his head and slightly sneaked back before gradually slipping into the darkness behind.

Lu Wushuang noticed Qin Zhao sneaking away and opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but nothing came out. She didn’t chase him so she just stood amongst the crowd, occasionally casting furtive glances toward Qin Yu’s direction.

“Shuang’er, let us depart.” Lu Jing himself also found it embarrassing to face Qin Yu and led the Lu clan away. When he left, he felt regret and hatred. He regretted not marrying away his daughter to Qin Yu. And he hated the Qin father and son pair for causing his downfall.

Now, Lu Wushuang and Qin Zhao were already officially engaged and all of Luosang City knew this, so it would be difficult to back out. Even if he was able to annul their engagement, who could guarantee that Qin Yu would look after Lu Wushuang? He had a girl who looked prettier, had a better temperament, as well as having far better martial arts skills compared to Lu Wushuang. So how could he possibly care about somebody as insignificant as Lu Wushuang?

In the silence, Lu Wushuang couldn’t help but ask Lu Jing, “Father, how did that Qin Yu suddenly restore his martial arts and become even more powerful?”

Lu Jing halted his footsteps, allowing the others to go ahead of him. In the darkness, there was only Lu Jing and his daughter.

“Shuang’er, Father is incapable of answering this question. If you want the answer, then you’ll have to depend on yourself.” Lu Wushuang didn’t understand. “Depend on myself?”

“If you were to restore your relationship with Qin Yu, then wanting to know everything about him wouldn’t be a problem,” Lu Jing hinted.

“Restore our relationship? How is that possible? Qin Zhao and I are already engaged. All of Luosang City knows of this matter.”

“Engagements can be annulled, Father can take care of this matter. The important part is learning how to win the heart of Qin Yu. You’ll have to depend on yourself for this. Naturally, Father will not force you. This is for your own future, so you must decide on your own. What Father wants to tell you is to remember your Mother’s words: Men rely on fists to conquer the world, and women rely on men to conquer the world. If you want to become a phoenix amongst women—a women among women—and have the world at your feet, then you must conquer the most formidable man.”

After saying this, Lu Jing had no more words to say and continued walking, leaving Lu Wushuang behind to carefully ponder over his words.

Lu Wushuang halted where she was, her mind repeating Lu Jing’s words. Women rely on men to conquer the world. Conquer the world!

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