Chapter 139: Cultivating the Frozen Soul Miracle

Chapter 139: Cultivating the Frozen Soul Miracle


On the second day, when the sun finally penetrated through the thick fog, and struck the rock wall, everyone resting woke up one after another. Even Qin Yu who had been assiduously cultivating opened his eyes. 


Even though he didn’t sleep that night, his mind was completely refreshed. There was no sense of tiredness whatsoever. As it turns out, cultivating on this mountain the spiritual air was much more abundant than the bottom of the mountain. So much so that even though he had cultivated an entire night, he wasn’t tired but looked even more energetic than before. 


Qin Yu finally understood, no wonder Zhenyang Sect wanted to set up their sect here. This place was a very good place to cultivate in. 


“Hey, are there people on the other side? We are here to participate in your sect’s disciple recruitment. Please let us come over.” 


A few short-tempered people walked over to the edge of the cliff and shouted towards the other side. 


Qin Yu looked at the other side for a moment before closing his eyes, continuing his meditative state. In his surroundings, if one were to look carefully, one could see a thin layer of frost atop the leaves. This was the effect of the Frozen Soul Miracle after a night’s cultivation. Of course, this kind of small effect was far from anything useful. 


The people at the edge of the cliff continued yelling and shouting. More and more people joined them in their cacophony but it was unfortunate that even when they had yelled till their throats were sore, there wasn’t even an inkling of a response from the other side. 


Facing this kind of situation, there was someone who got infuriated. That person was Big Bull. 


“Hey! Are you all dead? Must be true because there’s not a single breath coming from over there!” 


Big Bull’s voice was normally already quite loud, and this time his voice was also carrying his anger. So he was even louder this time. After his thunder-like shout, echoes of himself started surging back in all directions. 


Everyone jumped into the air from shock, then looked at Big Bull with shocked expressions on their faces. They were all thinking in their hearts, “You motherf*cker, you’re looking for death! Why are you dragging us into this? This is the Zhengyang Sect! If you talk like that are you not cursing yourself to a short life? Even if they don’t take your life, you still left behind a bad impression of yourself. Who would be willing to take you in as a disciple?”


There was only Big Bull who would dare speak this way, even if others had a hundred times his guts they still wouldn’t dare to speak the same way. 


“Brazen, who dares curse my Zhengyang Sect!? You’re looking to die!” At that moment there was suddenly a reply from the other side, his voice suddenly crashing into them from the other side. 


Zhengyang Sect’s people really came looking to apply retribution. That scared the people around Big Bull into retreating quite a few steps away from him, to draw a clear cut line between him and them. 


They all had come to enter the Zhengyang Sect. If they had an offense to their name before they even entered… one can imagine the outcome. 


Thus, there was no one who wanted to be involved with him. Included amongst that list was Bai Li who had seemed to be on pretty good relations with Big Bull the night before. That fat Bai Feng even gave him a supercilious look before walking the furthest away. 


“Haha, look. As soon as I called them they replied. Incredible right?” Big Bull was actually completely ignorant of the seriousness of the situation. Unexpectedly he scratched his head, and in a satisfied manner, laughed happily. 


“Idiot.” The group all looked at him like he was an idiot. If it wasn’t that this guy was huge and had the strength to back up his image, they probably would’ve tried to go over and capture him. Then they would’ve given him to the Zhengyang Sect’s people as a tribute.


‘Hong hong hong.” 


Below the edge of the cliff, from the fog came ‘hong hong’ sounds. The sounds immediately attracted the attention of everyone and they all looked down into the fog. 


Seeing the thousand meter plus distance between one end of the drawbridge to the other, the people there couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. Having this kind of natural fortress, as long as they put away the drawbridge, even if an army with thousands of men and horses were to come, they would have no way to attack the Zhengyang Sect. 


“Ai, Qin Yu. What are still doing there? Let’s cross the bridge.” Big Bull still had a bit of conscience, he remembered to call Qin Yu.


Qin Yu once again opened his eyes then let out a breath of cold air. It seemed as if the air itself was about to freeze. 


Not only was his breath cold, his entire body gave others a very cold feeling. So much so that when he walked past through the group, they all started to shiver uncontrollably. They couldn’t help but get out of his way as they stared at him with eyes filled with shock. 


“Qin Yu, you’re finally here. Let’s cross the bridge.” Big Bull proclaimed loudly, and he was about to step onto the bridge when Qin Yu stopped him. 


“Stop, why are you so rushed? There are people coming over.” Qin Yu was speechless in the face of Big Bull’s lack of brains. He was somewhat worried due to what Big Bull had done. Would it affect his plan to kill in the Zhengyang Sect? 


Before he found the person he must kill, he must conceal his strength. But this plan of keeping a low-profile… just looking at Big Bull’s appearance, what even is low-profile? Wanting him to be low-profile was very extremely difficult. 


Big Bull stopped after hearing that, his big eyes looked onto the other side of the bridge. It was only then that he discovered two figures coming over from the fog. 


“Creak creak……” 


The two caused the bridge to shake softly as they walked over. This caused the bridge let out a rhythmic creaking sound.


Their speed was very fast, and had on indignant appearances; They were very murderous-looking. It was clear that they had been infuriated by Big Bull’s yell just now. 


A person that wanted to enter their sect dared to act so unbridled in front of their door, how could let this go so easily? 


Seeing the two coming over with such a murderous aura, everyone tactfully retreated even further from Big Bull. At the same time they put on deferential expressions in the direction of the bridge. It was only Qin Yu who stood close to Big Bull, his expression was cold and indifferent. 


Big Bull stood straight at their end of the bridge, with an out of the loop sort of appearance. He looked over at the people standing far away, especially that fat Bai Feng who stood the furthest. His black face was full of puzzlement. 


“Who was it just now that was being impudent!” 


Both of the people that came over the bridge were youngsters over the age of 20. They were both Immersion Realm cultivators, one was at the mid-stage Immersion Realm and the other was a late-stage Immersion Realm cultivator. 


Twentyish years old Immersion Realm in the mid and late stage. If this was in the outside world they would absolutely be considered elites. However, here, they were just errand boys. 


The two had not reached the end of the bridge when the late-state Immersion Realm male let out a sharp shout. The shout he let out was just like thunder. The ears of the people at the end of the bridge were all filled with a buzz, their faces becoming perfect pictures of shock. 


Out of all the people here, the majority were twenty and older. However their strengths only went up to the early-stage Immersion Realm. Most of them were still Origin Realm Cultivators. As far as Bai Li, who was a peak-stage Immersion Realm cultivator, he was 30 years old and he couldn’t be used as a comparison to the twentyish year olds. 


These people all dared to come take part in the disciple recruitment of Zhengyang Sect. They were all people in the outside world that had pretty good strength and aptitude. Especially the few who were in the early-stage Immersion Realm, they had thought they were above everyone else. However, seeing these two men around their own age having far surpassed them already, they understood that the so called talent they had was actually just flatulence. 


As such they couldn’t help but lament, sect disciples really were sect disciples. Their strengths were too strong. This caused them to be even more certain that they wanted to enter and obtain the sect’s strength. They were even more excited about how their futures could be after getting into the sect.


“What? Are you all mute? Weren’t you all very good at shouting earlier?” The late-stage Immersion Realm young man let out an angry voice, he had already almost reached the end of the bridge. 


“Senior disciple, don’t waste your breath on them. If nobody dares to speak then we should just throw them all down the cliff.” Following behind him was the mid-stage Immersion Realm cultivator. His eyes were malicious and a dark and fierce cloud seemed to pass through his face. 


“Senior Disciples, this has nothing to do with us. The one who was being impudent was him.” One of the people there couldn't stop himself and stood out, speaking in a loud voice as he pointed at Big Bull. 


Qin Yu swept his gaze onto the person who spoke. As it turns out, it was the handsome pretty boy whom Big Bull had almost choked to death. He had always been harboring angry feelings in his heart, and now that he had a chance to make Big Bull fall, how could he possibly let go of this opportunity. 


Big Bull moved his bull-like eyes over to stare fiercely at the pretty boy, scaring him so much he took a few steps back and shouted loudly, “Senior Disciples! He wants to kill me!” 


“Such big guts.” The late-stage Immersion Realm cultivator let out an explosive shout, he was already standing opposite of Big Bull. Facing Big Bull, he angrily asked, “What’s your name?” 


“I am called Big Bull.” Big Bull replied in a loud voice, not a bit of fear in his expression. 


“Big Bull? Very good, you can become a dead bull then.” The male’s face was full of murderous air, the air around him suddenly erupted with strength. 


“This brother, calm down.” Qin Yu spoke in a light tone and then with a sudden charge, he quickly grabbed onto the palm that the late-stage Immersion Realm cultivator had been about to shoot out. 


The male’s face changed; His imposing manner suddenly rose and he gathered his full strength in his palm, wanting to knock Qin Yu aside. 


Qin Yu’s face carried a slight smile as he rigidly held onto his hand. He couldn’t move at all, and that caused shock to appear in his heart. He was a late-stage Immersion Realm expert yet this youngster who doesn’t even look twenty yet could rigidly hold onto him and cause him to be unable to move. What kind of strength does this youngster have? He couldn’t be a peak-stage Immersion Realm cultivator right? His guess at Qin Yu’s cultivation only went as high as the peak-stage Immersion Realm. As for the Transformation Stage, he could not even possibly believe that Qin Yu was a Transformation Stage expert. 


“What are you doing? You’re asking to die!” Behind the late-stage Immersion Realm cultivator, the malicious looking mid-stage Immersion Realm cultivator rushed up, and struck down on Qin Yu cruelly. 


His hand only managed to strike down half the distance before stopping midair. His eyes became stuck on the spirit stones Qin Yu had taken out. Greedy, twinkling light seemed to spill out of his pupils. 


Qin Yu had taken out some pretty decent spirit stones with his back facing the crowd. He stuffed the spirit stones in the late-stage Immersion Realm cultivator’s bosom and lightly smiled as he said, “These two brothers, I am called Qin Yu. This Big Bull is my friend, his brain isn’t so good so if he said anything wrong I ask you to forgive him.” While speaking he let go of his hand.


It's harder to talk back after they’ve fed you, just as it's harder to push back after you’ve taken from others. Anything else wouldn’t be able to move them. However, top-tier spirit stones were a temptation cultivators couldn’t possibly say no to. 


“Cough cough cough.” He coughed a few times and his angry expression slowly subsided and along with that he gave Big Bull a look, “Because of your friend today, we will pardon you from death. If there’s a next time don’t blame us for being impolite. Hmph!” 


After speaking, he turned around to look at all the people gathered around the end of the bridge. Then he put on an overbearing attitude before speaking in a deep voice, “Everyone. Currently there is a tribal invasion, and the chaos of war has taken over much. To have reached my Zhengyang Sect through the danger, not bad.” 


“Let me introduce myself, I am Zhang Bao. This is my Junior Disciple Huang Yongtan. Now, everyone, follow me.” 


As soon as Zhang Bao finished speaking, he didn’t say another pointless word and turned around and followed the malicious male over the bridge. 


“Go.” Qin Yu called out to Big Bull, and they followed behind the two. The others finally reacted and one after another got onto the bridge, closely following behind. 


They finally had the opportunity to enter the Zhengyang Sect, the powerful and mystical Zhengyang Sect. That caused quite a few of them to be endlessly excited and their expectations to rise the same.

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