Chapter 138: The Fat Girl that Big Bull Likes

Due to them being held up and wasting too much time. Qin Yu and Big Bull only arrived at the foot of the mountain Zheng Yangzong was located at when it was already dark. 


However, arrived at the Zhengyang Mountains didn’t mean that they had arrived at Zhengyang Sect. The Zhengyang Mountains were one of the mountain ranges within the Qiongxi Country. It was a mountain range that stretched on for thousands of li[1]. Where the Sect was in the mountains, both of them did not know. 


Fortunately, it was currently when Zhengyang Sect would have an intake of disciples so there were quite a few people going to there. 


To a Transformation Realm cultivator, the nighttime didn’t pose any problems. However since it was nighttime after all, and they were in the mountains so they both recognized the fact that it’d become much more bothersome to progress. 


So, the both of them ended up fumbling around in the dark. Walking and stopping over and over. This lasted until midnight, and they still could not find the direction that the Zhengyang Sect was located in. 


“Motherf*cker. Where the f*ck is this Zhengyang Sect? How much farther do we have to walk?” Big Bull stopped atop a crooked tree with a mouth full of complaints. 

“Stop saying so much nonsense. Let’s go, there are people ahead.” Qin Yu calmly walked past Big Bull, continuing up the mountain. 


“There are people ahead?” Big Bull was excited for a moment, “So you mean that we’ve arrived?” 


“I don’t know. We’ll know after we go up and take a look.” Qin Yu didn’t turn back to look at Big Bull as he continued walking forward. His speed was somewhat faster than before. Big Bull also hastily picked up speed to catch up. 


Both of them walked for approximately the time it takes to brew a cup of tea before suddenly discovering that there was no more road ahead of them. In front of them was a steep cliff. Looking down from above, the bottom was so deep all that could be seen was a plane of darkness.


“Who are you all?” Suddenly a voice came from behind the two.  


They didn’t expect there would be people here, and not just a few either. There was at least ten of them. They were all resting atop a ten foot long out jutting piece of the rock wall. 


“That doesn’t matter, who are you all?” Big Bull’s coarse tone returned their question with another question. Because his voice was so loud, it caused all ten of them to wake up. 


They all sat up or stood up, looking towards the two with unhappy gazes. They had been sleeping soundly when they had been awoken by loud noises. None of them were feeling very happy, let alone considering how unhappy Big Bull’s words made them. 


They asked him who they were, and he replied with a ‘We are ourselves’, this was basically saying rubbish. 


“We are ourselves.” Out of the ten people, a young man with clear white skin that looked like he was the young master of an aristocratic family replied to them with a cold sentence. 


“A stinky white face, motherf*cking nonsense.” Big Bull shouted. 


“Who are you cursing? Motherf*cker you were the one spouting nonsense just now.” The handsome young man was even more unwilling to go down without a fight. ‘Whoosh’ he stood up and said in a despising tone, “Uneducated village bumpkin.” 


“You dare curse me?! I will cripple you!” Big Bull’s eyes grew large with anger. His silhouette flashed and he charged over with an explosion. The handsome young man still hadn’t reacted when his neck was grabbed. A hand just like steel pliers grabbed onto his neck and lifted him up into the air. 


He wanted to shout out loud for help but nothing came out;  He wanted to breathe but he also could not. His face very rapidly became pale white then turned pitch black. His eyes seemed about to burst out of their eye sockets. 


The handsome young man was just at the initial stage of Immersion Realm. Not to speak of Big Bull’s Transformation Realm cultivation, just from his physique which was twice his size, strangling him to death was as easy as strangling a duck or chicken to death. 


“Hold your hand.”


The young man looked like he was about to be strangled to death soon when a tender voice sounded. A girl stood in front of Big Bull. 


Somewhat fat, white skin, her face was round and she was rather cute while her body seemed to be full of power and imposingness. 


Seeing the girl in front of him, Big Bull’s ‘bull eyes’ flew up and shot out ten thousands of light rays. Immediately his hand loosened. ‘Ji ba’ the handsome young man fell from his grip onto the ground. He laid there with white foam coming from his mouth. 


Big Bull was lazy to take another look at him, his eyes were only gazing at the fat girl. That blacked face actually seemed to have some bashfulness in them, his hand started scratching the back of his head once again. His lips curled into a bashful smile, “Hehe, young lady what’s your name? I am Big Bull.”


“Big Bull is it? How can you be so coarse and crude? Wanting someone’s life from such a small incident.” The girl was filled with loathing. 


“Eh…. this um, um…….” Big Bull seemed to be very anxious, he didn’t know how to solve this dilemma he was in. 


“Young lady, how is he related to you all?” Qin Yu walked over, took a look at the young man still spitting white foam then spoke in a cold, detached tone, “Which family is this young master from? Heng. An influential family’s young master is only like this, messing around outside. If he’s so lacking in strength he shouldn’t be acting so unbridled and arrogant. If he were to die like this then no one would know.”


“Hey! How can you speak like that? You look much more refined that this black skinned bastard how can you have less reasoning than him? It was obviously you guys who were rude first. How can you turn that around and blame us?” The fat girl was full of indignant anger as she spoke. 


“What does that have to do with you, roll!” Qin Yu suddenly exploded, scaring the girl so much she jumped and took a few steps back. 


“Qin Yu, be more quiet. Otherwise you’ll scare the girls.” Big Bull was so anxious he stomped his foot. If it wasn’t because he was still unfamiliar with the fat girl, he really wanted to run over and appease the ‘young girl’ that had been scared into retreating. 


“Younger Sister Feng, be careful!” A slim male hastily ran over from behind. Nervous, he said, “Younger Sister Feng, are you alright?” 


Seeing the slime male come out, the fat girl’s mouth turned flat, “Waaa” and suddenly she started crying. “Older Brother, someone bullied me, Waa waaa, help me kill them.” 


Qin Yu’s face immediately turned colder, murderous aura seeping out of his body. Towards those who wanted to kill his people he had never been polite. 


Feeling the murderous aura coming off of Qin Yu, Big Bull was really anxious. He blocked in front of Qin Yu hastily, and with a friendly voice he said, “Qin Yu, don’t be angry don’t be angry ah! The girl is just talking, obviously it’s not real. Anyway they can’t kill us.” 


A shred of bizarreness flashed through Qin Yu’s eyes. Tonight Big Bull was not acting normal at all. Using his experience of living through two lives, this guy seemed to have taken a fancy to that fat girl? And it was love at first sight?


His taste was really a bit heavy. 


Of course, to people with Qin Yu’s body type, his taste was indeed rather heavy. However, to Big Bull’s type of body, she could still be considered rather slim. 


Big Bull have you never seen girls on the mountain before? Even this kind of girl you……” Big Bull was admiring the beauty in front of him when Qin Yu suddenly appeared, causing him to be at a loss, simply speechless. 


Qin Yu had just finished his words and Big Bull wanted to say something but the slim male walked over. However, he wasn’t coming over to kill people, one could tell by the smiling expression on his face. 


“These two brothers, this one is Bai Li. Just now my younger sister, Bai Feng offended you two. Please forgive me. I apologize to you two for not teaching him well as his older brother.” Right after finishing his words Bai Li cupped his hands and bowed deeply toward the two. 


Bai Li was more than thirty years of age and he was at the peak of the Immersion Realm. In this group of ten-some people he could be considered the strongest expert, his strength and experience were higher than everyone else by a few degrees. 


Just now when Bai Feng wanted him to come kill Qin Yu and Big Bull, he felt it was impossible. He couldn’t see through their strength. Which meant that both of them were very strong. 


The strong prey on the weak in the cultivation world. Strength equals respect. Knowing that the other is strong and still going to cause trouble with them,  that’s basically not wishing to live a long life. So naturally didn’t go over to try to kill them, and on the contrary went over because he was worried they might be angry at his younger sister. The other factor was the murderous aura that Qin Yu let leak out, he was afraid Qin Yu would just go over and start killing. That’s why he hastily rushed over to apologize. 


To Bai Li’s apology, Qin Yu didn’t make a response. Big Bull however replied at lightning speed, “Hehe, Brother Bai is too polite. It should be us who should be apologizing. Just now I scared Young Lady Bai, I am really apologetic. I hope Brother can persuade Young Lady Bai, by all means I don’t want her to be angry at me.” 


“You big idiot.” Qin Yu really wanted to harshly boot Big Bull in his backside. He grew so big and powerful but for a single fat girl he became like a dog trying to gain favor. 


“My younger sister is fine. I hope you two will not blame her for her inexperience and ignorance. This Bai would be very grateful.” 


“Haha, I don’t blame her, not at all.” Big Bull opened his mouth and laughed. 


“Many thanks Brother Big Bull. Then this other brother……” Bai Li looked at Qin Yu. From the discussion he heard between them, he felt that even though Big Bull looked fierce, big and stronger, it seemed like it was actually Qin Yu that was the leader between the two. 


“This is Qin Yu, my brother.” Big Bull was particularly attentive due to the girl so he introduced Qin Yu.” 


“Brother Qin, hope you are well.’ Bai Li cupped his fists and sent his greetings. 


Qin Yu coldly nodded his head, which could be considered a reply. 


With Qin Yu’s cold attitude, Bai Li seemed to be rather embarrassed. However he quickly found a conversational topic, “Eh, you two brothers arrived here in the middle of the night, I suppose it’s to also participate in the disciple recruitment of Zhengyang Sect?” 


“This……” Big Bull stroked the back of his head and wanted to reply but had no way of replying. He still had no idea why they were coming to the Zhengyang Sect. Qin Yu said to come so he just followed along. 


“Yes.” Qin Yu replied, and then asked a question, “Are you all the same?” 


“Haha, yes we are. We arrived here when the sky had already turned dark so Zhengyang Sect had put away the suspension bridge. So we could only wait until tomorrow to continue.” 


“Suspension bridge?” Qin Yu looked at the steep precipice once again, his gaze piercing through the gloomy darkness to discover the cliff they were on was very wide, and the distance to the other side was over a kilometer. 


So it seems like the Zhengyang Sect is located on the other side. Having this kind of natural fortress divider, this is a really good place ah. 


“Yep, suspension bridge.” Bai Li continued Qin Yu’s words, “We have to wait till the day turns bright, because then the Zhengyang Sect will send sect members to let out the suspension bridge. Allowing people to cross. That’s why we are here resting. So, if you two brothers want to rest together for a short while, the sky will soon turn bright and then we can cross the bridge together.” 


“Good good, no problem at all. I am also tired. I really want to rest.. Brother Bai, I will go squeeze in with you all then.” Big Bull agreed at lightning speed. He also purposely yawned loudly, and put on an appearance as if he was very tired. 


“Immature.” Qin Yu shot a look at him. 


“Hehehe…….” Big Bull was continuously giggling, and he giggled till he seemed like an idiot. 


Soon after, Big Bull left Qin Yu. He followed Bai Li over to ‘squeeze in together’, causing Qin Yu to curse this idiot for putting women over friendship.


Qin Yu really didn’t want to squeeze in with others so he found himself a quiet place to rest. Using this bit of time, he took out the secret manual ‘Frozen Soul Miracle’ from his space ring. Then he started slowly cultivate it, and when  he reached some parts he didn’t like, he would just modify it. 


This time he was going into the Zhengyang Sect to kill. The strength of a sect could not be compared to a family clan’s strength. He would probably have to face off against many strong experts. There might even be experts above the Spirit Realm. So he must not waste a bit of time and grab on tight to every second to cultivate more life-saving measures. 


[1] Li: Measurement of distance, approximately 500 meters.

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