Chapter 137: Refined Skin


Chapter 137: Refined Skin


The red and black blade light disappeared together with the wind. It seemed like everyone had stopped breathing for a moment as they all stared breathlessly at the two figures who were locked in combat.


All the dwarves that were still alive looked nervously towards their general. 


“You are not my match.” Wu Tuo was the first to break the silence. Hearing these words, the dwarves all let out a sigh of relief. It seemed like it was their general’s victory. 


However, immediately afterward, Qin Yu said something that caused all of them to be stumped for words. 


“You really were strong. Unfortunately, both your arms and your blade were too short. 


Qin Yu had a wound on his waist. If the blade had gone in any further, it would have taken his life. He was very lucky. The dwarf Wu Tuo’s arm length and blade length were short, so he managed to dodge a calamity. 


Wu Tuo shook for a moment and his face turned pale white. Two intersecting wounds could be seen on his stomach. Even though they weren’t very deep, all of his chest armor had been ripped apart.


Wu Tuo reached up and touched the intersecting cuts. There was blood rushing out of them. 


“General!” The dwarven cavalry hastily rushed over. They dismounted from their devil beasts and made a protective circle around him. There were even a few dwarfs that were so angry that they held onto their weapons as if they were about to charge at Qin Yu. 


Big Bull roared like a lion and rushed behind Qin Yu while wielding his club. His pair of bull-like eyes stared fiercely at the group of dwarves. 


“Brother Big Bull, I’m coming to help you.” A relaxed voice followed behind. It was Li Jiuyang who claimed to be from the Zhengyang Sect. 


After Li Jiuyang joined in the fight, several other cultivators also joined them. In but a short moment, Qin Yu was surrounded by more than ten cultivators.


“General, what do we do?” The dwarves were trying to get Wu Tuo to give out instructions. The current situation was looking rather grim. 


“Support this General onto my steed. Go.” Wu Tuo gave out his order. 


The dwarves were frightened. They didn’t realize that their general had been injured so heavily! He couldn’t even mount his steed! They had to leave. 


“Go.” The group of dwarves decisively carried out the order. One of the strongest dwarves helped Wu Tuo onto a devil beast, and the rest of them remounted. 


“You want to run? It won’t be that easy!” Big Bull held onto his club and roared as he charged after them. 


“Block him! Let’s go!” 


Two of the dwarves stayed behind to cut them off while the rest quickly mounted their devil beasts. The beast made rumbling noises as they stomped away.


”Damn dwarves, have a taste of my club!” Big Bull raised his club high up and then brought it down ruthlessly in the direction of the two dwarves. 


Both of them were late stage Transformation Realm experts. So upon seeing the club falling down on them, both of them hastily raised their blades together to block.


Although their cultivation was higher than Big Bull by a rank, Big Bull's physique was considered monster-like when compared to the rest of humanity. So, to these dwarves, he seemed like a mountain. His club was even more terrifying, and it was actually even thicker than the dwarves' waists. When the club smashed down, both of them blocked it, but they were shaken so hard that the web between their thumb and forefinger went numb. One of the blades even directly broke apart and flew away. 




Both of them no longer dared to stay around, and after only blocking their opponents for a moment, their devil beasts turned around and began to flee madly. When a devil beast ran at max speed, their speed was definitely at least onefold faster than humans. Big Bull was unable to catch them, so he just hollered and howled at their backsides. 


"Hahaha! Wimps. The next time we meet, I will crush you all to death!” Big Bull raised his club up high, then turned around and returned in a triumphant manner. 


“Ha, Qin Yu, I made them retreat… Eh? What’s wrong with you?” Qin Yu suddenly fell over, and Big Bull was so scared that he shouted loudly in a panic. He hastily put away his club and ran over worriedly. 


Qin Yu didn’t fall to the ground as Li Jiuyang came in to support him in the nick of time. 


“Little Brother, are you ok?” Li Jiuyang asked worriedly as he looked at the wound on Qin Yu’s waist. His eyebrows scrunched up and he said, “Sit here properly, here are some of Zhengyang Sect’s unique healing pills. 


“Hey hey, Qin Yu, I’m here. Oh god, please be ok. Otherwise, I’ll have no way of going back to comfort your parents.” Big Bull rushed over and roughly pulled Qin Yu up next to him. With his other hand, he forcefully pushed the pills into Qin Yu’s mouth, completely ignoring if the other party was willing to eat them or not. 


Big Bull was very ferocious in his actions, and Qin Yu had no chance to avoid swallowing the pill. By the time he realized what was going on, the pill had already entered his throat, causing him to choke for a good while. 


“Cough cough cough… You… what did you make me eat?” Qin Yu’s face turned black as he asked in a dissatisfied manner.


“Obviously it’s a healing pill. Don’t worry, you’ll be good right after you eat them. This is our race’s unique pill, it’s really incredible." 


He wasn’t boasting. The Ancient Witch Race’s Pills were definitely not any normal products. 


Qin Yu could feel the pill going down into his stomach. After a moment, the medicinal power of the pill erupted and spread everywhere. He hurriedly got into a meditative stance to absorb the medicinal power. Originally, he could use his “Refined Qi” healing ability to heal his wounds, but this time, he didn’t. This time, he was only going to rely on the medicinal power of the pill that Big Bull gave him. At the same time, he was going to use this opportunity to cultivate up to the second stage of the Secrets of Eternal Life, “Refined Skin”. 


Once “Refined Skin” was achieved, the skin of one’s body would be unbreakable to the sword and spear, and it would be impervious to water or fire.  Now that he no longer has the protection of the Golden Silk Armor, achieving Refined Skin would make his skin indestructible. However, “Refined Skin” was a very painful stage to achieve, as one had to destroy one's own skin, before repairing it using the “Refined Skin” skill. Moreover, the cycle must be repeated many times. 


There are only two ways to have your skin broken and ripped apart. The first way is to have someone else wreck it. Essentially, this was equivalent to receiving wounds from fighting. The second way is to destroy your skin by yourself. To do this, one must have an iron will to counter the inhuman pain. 


No one around him would’ve thought that he would be refining his skill in this kind of time, place, and situation. They all thought that Qin Yu was just healing himself. 


Seeing that he was motionless, who would dare disturb him?


Of course, Qin Yu was able to refine himself at ease in such a place because he had Big Bull as his bodyguard. Otherwise, he would not have dared to act this way. 


The crowd of people saw that there was nothing else for them to see, so they all left and dispersed. In the end, there was only Li Jiuyang left. 


In order to not bother Qin Yu, Li Jiuyang pulled Big Bull to the side and inquired quietly, “Brother Big Bull, is this your friend?” 


“He is my brother. He’s called Qin Yu.” Big Bull laughed honestly as he scratched his head with one hand. “This Motherf*cker’s martial arts is actually stronger than mine.” 


Li Jiuyang was very curious about Qin Yu. He had terrifying strength at such a young age. Both himself and Big Bull were basically demons that could fight opponents of higher cultivation, but Qin Yu was even more demonic. He, an early-stage Transformation Realm expert was able to fight a peak-stage Transformation Realm expert. This was already a three rank jump fight. He had to make friends with these kinds of people, and more importantly, the power behind them. They were even more deserving of being befriended. 


“May I ask which sect you two brothers belong to?” Li Jiuyang asked in a quiet tone. 


“Sect?” Big Bull continued scratching his head, “What is a sect? I don’t have a sect?” 


“You don’t?” A shred of doubt flashed past Li Jiuyang's eyes, “Then you guys… which family clan do you belong to?” After asking this question, even Li Jiuyang himself felt like this wasn’t a possibility at all. After all, there was no way that a clan was able to cultivate such strong disciples. Only sects had this ability. 


“That’s not it.” Big Bull immediately shook his head. This time, his reply was very rapid and decisive. Don’t simply assume that Big Bull was a foolish idiot. At times, he could be very shrewd. He would definitely never say that he was from the Ancient Witch Race. The Clan Head had given him a death order. While in the outside world, anything pertaining to the Ancient Witch Race absolutely must not be leaked out to others. Not a single hair or thread is allowed. Qin Yu was also included in this order. 


Li Jiuyang was even more doubtful now. 


Not from a sect or from a clan? Then, where in the world did these two come from? Are they wandering cultivators? Hmm, this isn’t very plausible either, otherwise, how could they have such strong cultivation? 


Using a normal person’s reasoning, the cultivation and skill of wandering cultivators were completely unable to match up to the strength of those who come out of clans or sects. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people who want to enter a powerful clan or sect. 


If they had to figure out the path of cultivation by themselves, they would be considered talented already if they managed to reach the Transformation Realm by a hundred years of age. However, both of them were so young, yet they had already cultivated to the Transformation Realm. Li Jiuyang was extremely unconvinced. 


“Then, what kind of place did the two of you come from?” Li Jiuyang was becoming more and more curious. 


“This…” Big Bull exerted all his strength to scratch the back of his head. He dropped his head forward slightly at an angle and thought for what seemed like half a day before he said, “I’m from the mountains.” 


Li Jiuyang’s thoughts froze for a moment. Then, a light flashed in his eyes as he guessed in his heart. Perhaps they were the disciples of some experts cultivating in seclusion in the mountains? This seemed to be the scenario with the highest probability. 


Li Jiuyang wanted to continue questioning Big Bull and get to the bottom of the mystery, and he wanted to ask who his master or teacher was. However, he was stopped by a weird shout that Big Bull made. 


“Ah! I remember now.” Big Bull suddenly hit the back of his head firmly. A loud slapping sound resounded out, so loud that it felt as if Big Bull's head wasn't his at all.


“You just said you were from the Zhengyang Sect right? We were also headed to the Zhengyang Sect.” 


Li Jiuyang was momentarily startled. After he recovered, he immediately said in a pleasantly surprised tone, “You guys want to go to the Zhengyang Sect? I don’t know what y’all are going to do there, but this Li can help you with one or two things.” 


Big Bull wasn't clear on what exactly they were going there for. It was Qin Yu who wanted to go and not him. So, he could only turn his head to look at Qin Yu who was still sitting motionlessly and "healing". 


“It is my brother who wanted to go. He didn’t say what we were going to do there, so I also don’t know.” Big Bull helplessly replied. 


“Eh…” Li Jiuyang looked at Qin Yu’s steadfast manner and another flash of doubt went through his eyes. Does it really take this long to heal? 


He really wanted to walk up and shake Qin Yu awake to ask him for more concrete details. However… he obviously couldn’t do that, so he could only drop the thought. 


“Ah! Brother Big Bull, this Li has some urgent matter to deal with so I must return. I also don’t know when this brother will finish healing. Since the situation is like this, here is a command medal. When you reach the Zhengyang Sect, if you have anything you need just use this to find me.” After speaking, Li Jiuyang then pulled out a three-finger wide pitch-black command medal. 


Big Bull wasn’t courteous and directly took the command medal. After all, it’s easier to do things with an acquaintance to rely on. 


“Good. When I reach the Zhengyang Sect I will definitely go find you.” 


“Haha, Brother Big Bull is so straightforward. Then this Li will first say goodbye. See you at Zhengyang Sect.” 


“Without a doubt, we will definitely see you there.”




After Li Jiuyang left, Big Bull waited by Qin Yu’s side by himself. He sat there and waited till he almost started snoring, but Qin Yu still wasn’t done healing. When he started getting bored, he took out the command medal Li Jiuyang gave him and started drawing circles on the ground. After finishing one, he would draw another, and another, and another. 


“Big Bull, what are you drawing?” 


After god knows how many circles Big Bull drew, Qin Yu’s voice suddenly sounded from next to Big Bull’s ears. He was finally finished.


“Ha, you’re finally done. Motherf*cker, you almost bored me to death.” Big Bull shouted before jumping up. 


Qin Yu saw the command medal in his hands and asked curiously, “What is that?”


“You take a look at it yourself.” Big Bull threw the command medal over to Qin Yu. 


Qin Yu grabbed it and took a look. Inscribed on it were the words: Zhengyang Outer Sect’s Manager, Li Jiuyang. 


“Hey hey. Qin Yu. I’m so incredible, right? I got to know one of the Zhengyang Sect's people. Tell me what you were going to do there, and I can go find him and get him to help you. I guarantee that it will be done without a single hitch.” Big Bull was full of himself as he bragged. 


“Hm, not bad. Hold onto it well. Let’s go.” Qin Yu threw the command medal back to Big Bull and started walking in the direction of Zhengyang Sect with fast steps. 


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