Chapter 136: The Legendary Blood Blade Youth

Chapter 136: The Legendary Youth with the Blood Blade


The dwarven cavalry leader didn’t expect that Big Bull would actually do exactly as he said and at such ferocious speed at that. Even though he was at the apex of the Transformation Realm, it was already too late for him to block Big Bull’s charge, and so he could only abandon his mount by jumping out. 


Bang! A boom rang out as Big Bull’s fist ruthlessly smashed against the demonic beast’s head. Guts and blood splattered into the air. 


“Awoo!” The demonic beast howled in pain and reared up before its enormous body collapsed down on the ground, causing a cloud of dust to spray up. A deep indent could be seen on its head, and blood gushed out of it violently. 


“Preposterous! Kill him!” The dwarven leader landed on the ground right beside his mount. The expression on his face was ugly as he watched his mount die violently, and he yelled at his soldiers to attack.




They rushed forward, howling as they followed the order and charged at Big Bull with their spears ready. 


“Coming here’s good.” Big Bull shouted excitedly. He waved his hand and a black club appeared in his grasp, “Hey Qin Yu, you’d better move away a bit! If you get hit, I won’t be able to help you. Now die!” 


Big Bull dashed forward, but he didn't forget to give a warning shout to Qin Yu, who was standing far away. 


Qin Yu smiled forcefully, thinking: You should say that to yourself instead. He still didn’t act and just stared at the opposing peak Transformation Realm cultivator.


The way Big Bull swung his club was just like how the wind blew around dead leaves. The two forerunners of the corp were immediately blown away by the club.


The club continued to swing broadly, sweeping away, pounding and smashing dwarves until it was covered in blood. “Hahaha, how satisfying, how satisfying. It’s my first time getting to fight so much.” 


“Everybody under the late stage of the Transformation Realm, retreat.” Several late stage Transformation Realm experts shouted an order for the weaker ones to step aside. The weaker ones would only be throwing away their lives while hindering the battle.


Within the hundred man troop, there were ten late stage Transformation Realm cultivators. These ten began to surround Big Bull, pulling him into a serious predicament. 


“Hmph, using masses to defeat the few. Do you really think my Qiongxi Country has nobody? Die!” Suddenly, a man jumped out of the crowd, his robes fluttering in the air. Sword light blossomed as he entered the battle.


“Late stage Transformation Realm.” The leader frowned when he saw the cultivator enter the fray.


Big Bull was originally under a lot of pressure but with an additional person by his side, the pressure immediately decreased greatly. He howled as he brandished his club with even greater ferocity, and with every strike, he created a gale. Even if it was a late stage Transformation Realm expert, they would still have to be careful.


If it was one on one, nobody would doubt that this guy could bypass cultivation levels to fight with somebody of higher cultivation. They really had no idea where such an amazing talent popped out from.


Big Bull frowned deeply as he continued to fight. He had underestimated how powerful the Underground People really were. There was somebody extremely powerful amongst them.


“Hey, I’m called Big Bull. Thanks for helping, what’s your name?” Big Bull asked as he fought


“Li Jiuyang of the Zhengyang Sect. I am honored to be fighting alongside Brother Big Bull, but the enemy simply has too many soldiers. We need to find a way to escape.” Li Jiuyang replied loudly.


“Yeah, all they know how to f*cking do is use their numbers. Scram for Laozi!” Big Bull cursed as he shouted, and he directly swept open a clear path with his club.


“Li Jiuyang, you go first.” Big Bull was very loyal to his friends. Although he knew that he could leave first, he rather let his new friend escape the danger first.


“Yes.” Li Jiuyang wasn’t overly polite, and he rapidly flew out from the gap in the army. ”Brother Big Bull, come out.”


“I’m coming.” Big Bull also swung his club again and dashed out.


The leader, who had been watching the battle on the side, curled his lips into a ruthless cold smile when he saw that Big Bull was about to rush out of the encirclement. With lightning speed, he struck out fiercely with a palm strike. 


He was fast, but another person was even faster. A gale of wind blew as the sound of thunder clapped loudly in the air. A palm strike swung fiercely toward the dwarven leader’s waist. 


“Bastard.” The leader was furious and was forced to swiftly dodge away, allowing Big Bull and Li Jiuyang to escape the encirclement. 


After he dodged, he looked up to see a young, delicate looking youth who was standing not too far away while staring at him coldly. It was Qin Yu. 


“Qin Yu?” After Big Bull escaped, he suddenly saw Qin Yu dash up and couldn’t help but cry out as he hastily ran to Qin Yu’s side with his club, “Hey, why did you come? You’re not strong enough, you can’t beat him. Let me do it.” 


“You’re even less of a match for him.” Qin Yu said indifferently. 


“Merely an initial stage Transformation Realm cultivator and a mid-stage Transformation Realm cultivator. Neither of you can ever hope of beating me. Today, you will all die!” The dwarven leader clenched his teeth and a black blade appeared in his hand. 


“General, there’s no need to use a sledgehammer on a nut. We’ll take care of them.” The group that was attacking Big Bull previously ran up. Earlier, they had lost a lot of face, so now they wanted to earn it back.


“Kill them all! Don’t leave a single one behind!” The leader amongst them spat out a ruthless order. 


The men followed his orders, knowing what he meant. The late stage Transformation Realm cultivators surrounded Big Bull and the others while the rest went to kill the innocent onlookers. 


“Damn, that’s too despicable.” Big Bull’s eyes were round and he was just about to dash up to fight when something astonishing happened. 


“Waves of Blood Overflowing Heavens!” Qin Yu’s blood saber waved and tides of red sword qi surged up, instantly swallowing up all the Transformation Realm cultivators. 


Before the attack was dispersed, he jumped up into the air and attacked with his blood saber once more. This time, he aimed at the dwarven cavalry attacking the common folk. 


“Shadows of Blood, kill!”


The sounds of killing were ear-splitting as the scene became filled with blood.


The dwarven cavalry was just about to dash out when they suddenly felt the sky above their heads turn dark. When they raised their heads to look, they saw a massive crimson wave that was large enough to cover the skies and earth rush towards them. Within the bloody wave were numerous densely packed scarlet blades that glinted like lightning. It warped around sinisterly with power that seemed like it could destroy everything. In that second, their eyes became filled with dread. 




The weaker ones could only shout in despair while the counter attacks of the stronger ones were forcefully and violently repressed.


Many of the onlookers were directly scared to death. This wasn’t killing, it was slaughtering. How could there be such a deadly mass attack?


Dread appeared in the dwarven leader’s eyes. At that moment, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something. A blood saber... in Luosang City, news of a powerful youth with a blood saber had already spread throughout the entire army. 


Could he be that rumored powerful youth that wielded the blood saber?


According to the rumors, the blood saber youth was a monster on a scale never seen before. Despite having a cultivation level at the initial stage of the Transformation Realm, he had killed countless other Transformation Realm experts, including those at the peak of the Transformation Realm. 


But of course, these were all just rumors, and rumors were always exaggerated. Therefore, he didn’t believe that this one youth alone could massacre countless other Transformation Realm experts with just a few sweeps of his sword. 


But at this moment, he finally saw the truth with his own eyes. 


After the bloody qi faded away, the resulting field of corpses was revealed to everybody. Blood dyed the ground red and only a few of the especially strong experts remained alive.


The cultivators at the late stage of the Transformation Realm were lucky and were able to resist the attack. Only one of them had gotten wounded due to his carelessness. However, the tyrannical power present in his attack caused them all to tremble with fear, especially now that the field of corpses left over were visible. 




Big Bull’s face was especially expressive. His club was still raised high in the air, but his body was completely motionless, as if he had been scared stupid by something. His eyes were as wide as bells, and his face twitched with disbelief.


Did Qin Yu do this? Was this all a result of Qin Yu's attack?


The surrounding crowd was all stunned. They stared at Qin Yu as if he were a monster.


The scene suddenly sunk into a strange silence. Nobody spoke and only heavy breathing could be heard.


“You, what’s your name?” The leader’s gaze moved away from the corpses and fixed itself on Qin Yu, his voice calm and clear.


“Qin Yu.” Qin Yu’s face was expressionless.


“Alright, this General will remember your name. Remember this general’s too. I am called Wu Tuo.” Wu Tuo walked towards Qin Yu as he spoke, “You're really the rumored one - very powerful. However, the rumors were still exaggerated. Not a single one of the late stage Transformation Realm cultivators were killed. I wonder what the result would be if we fought?”


“You can try.” Qin Yu tightened his hold on his blood saber. He walked towards Wu Tuo. 


Qin Yu indeed felt pressure battling against the masters who had reached the later stages of the Transformation Realm, especially Wu Tuo, who was at the peak of the Transformation Realm. Wu Tuo's cultivation was three ranks higher than his own. Unless he used the spiritual weapon, he wouldn’t have an easy time getting by. However, spiritual devices aren’t something to be used playfully just like that. There was a possibility that something could go wrong at any time. Unless it was used as a last resort, he must not use it as he pleased.


Plus, there were definitely warriors amongst them. Revealing the spiritual weapon under broad daylight, when everyone’s gazes were locked firmly on him, might lead many to be envious and become crazy over this. He understood the logic that although people themselves are not guilty, a person’s talent might arouse the envy of others. 


He was apprehensive of the people from the Zhengyang Sect. If Li Jiuyang, who was currently leading the people within the Zhengyang Sect, found out that he had a spiritual device as a card in his hand, then in the future, it wouldn’t be that simple to get revenge from the Zhengyang Sect anymore. 


But this was an inevitable battle. He could only face this bravely.


The two walked closer and closer to each other. They stepped on the bloody red soil and walked through the area of corpses. The watery blood flowed under their footsteps.


Drip, drip. The watery blood splashed from the two sides.


“Vanishing Traceless Sword.” Wu Tuo suddenly rumbled. A black beam of light appeared from his sword. 


“Blood Shadow Definite Kill!” At the same time, Qin Yu rumbled too as he unleashed crimson streaks of sword light. 


Black sword qi charged out destructively. 


The crimson sword qi was sharp and decisive, destroying everything in its path. 


The two strong forces met as black and crimson rammed together intertwiningly.



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