Chapter 135: Big Bull’s Strength

Big Bull ran after Qin Yu while shouting out, “Hey, if we leave, what will happen to the old man?”


“This is where he belongs,” Qin Yu answered coldly. “If you really don’t want more of the elderly to end up helpless and with no other choice but to wait for their deaths, then think of a way to annihilate those dwarves.”


“Just who the hell are those dwarves? They’re not even sparing the elderly! Fuck, if they run into me, I’ll slaughter every single one of them!” Big Bull raged as he waved his fists in the air.


Qin Yu gave him three words of evaluation: Silly and naive.


With his current strength, he would be killed instantly if he encountered the enormous dwarf army. Qin Yu paid him no more heed and continued in the direction of the Zhengyang sect. This sect, as Qing Yun had once described to him, was located in the mountains twenty miles away from Baoding City. 


Twenty miles wasn’t very far; if the two of them maintained their previous speed, they would reach the sect within an hour. However, they had to slow down because Big Bull was completely exhausted.


Along the way, they saw several people fleeing north with their families. It seemed that the news of the invasion had already spread to every corner of the southwest.


It was probably Big Bull’s first time seeing so many people gathered at once. He seemed very curious and would occasionally stop to help some of them with their heavy luggage, which made Qin Yu think he was rather cute.




Suddenly, there came a deafening rumble in the distance, and the ground beneath their feet trembled. The large group of refugees slipped into chaos as one by one, they turned their heads to look behind them.


In the distance, a storm of dust could be seen filling the sky. The storm soon became a violent hurricane that swept madly in their direction. Blood splattered and heads rolled wherever it passed.


People scattered in fear, desperate cries tearing from their throats, ”Run! The dwarves are here! Someone save us!”


“The Devil Beast Cavalry is already here?” Qin Yu frowned as his eyebrows furrowed deeply. He stared into the storm and saw that it was actually just a small cavalry of around one hundred dwarves.


The thought was laughable. Ultimately, Qiongxi was a great dignified country, yet it had been pushed into such dire straits by an army of trifling dwarves. Truly, this was sad.


Nonetheless, the cavalry was nothing to scoff at. Over half of the dwarves that made up the cavalry were in the Transformation Realm, and the strongest of them were at the peak. With this level of power, trampling Qiongxi was nothing hard.


“Damn! They’re going too far, I can’t just stand and watch anymore!” With a shaking roar, a huge figure leaped up and charged at the cavalry.


It was Big Bull.


“Big Bull, watch out!” Qin Yu yelled and hurriedly followed. If something were to happen to this big fellow, how would he explain to the old man?


The dwarf cavalry was running wild and killing every person in sight. One dwarf noticed Big Bull and revealed a hideous grin.




He turned his attention away from the fleeing citizens and directed the beast he was sitting on to charge toward Big Bull instead. He intended to first reduce Big Bull to a meat pie before letting the beast trample him underfoot.


The beast released a thunderous roar. Big Bull, unwilling to show weakness, also issued one back. The man and the beast were about to clash. Behind them, Qin Yu was horrified. 


They were both huge, so if they were to clash, the result would be earth-shattering. However, Big Bull’s body was made of flesh and blood, while the beast had a thick hide to protect it. Moreover, it had two great horns on its head. Unless Big Bull was made of iron, the horns would completely run through his body and take his life.


“Big Bull! F*ck, dodge it!” They were moving too fast for Qin Yu to intervene.


Fortunately, Big Bull wasn’t so foolish as to think that he could take on the beast’s horns with just his fleshly body. 


Right before they collided, Big Bull suddenly accelerated. Then, his body flashed oddly before he reappeared again beside the beast.

He let out a great roar and, under several astonished gazes, violently slammed into the beast. The beast howled and was flung sideways. 


“Ack!” The dwarf that was riding on the beast let out a cry before flying into the air.




Big Bull’s move shocked everyone into halting. He just knocked a beast into the air using nothing but brute force? Granted, he was huge, but the beast had been twice as large as him!


With a loud bang, the beast fell to the ground and even slid a few feet across the ground. The impact kicked up a storm of dirt and rocks that sliced the skin of the nearby beasts and dwarves, further leaving striking bloodstains on the ground.


Then, there was another bang as the dwarf also fell to the ground. Blood and foam were bubbling from his mouth.


The people who were fleeing, as well as Qin Yu and the dwarf cavalry, were all shocked and tongue-tied. It took a while for them to react.


In the cavalry, a man in silver armor with beautiful feathers on his head issued an order to form up around him. He was the leader of this cavalry, a Peak Transformation Realm expert.


The scattered cavalry immediately gathered around him, their assembly fast and orderly.


When the cavalry was assembled, the cavalry leader strode forward on his demonic beast and looked down at Big Bull. The word “tyrant” could practically be seen on his face. He opened his mouth, and out came a grating voice. However, none of them could understand what he was saying.


“What the hell kind of birdspeak are you spewing? I can’t understand you, speak human.” Big Bull said loudly, saliva spraying from his mouth.


When the dwarves heard him, their expressions turned angry. To them, their language was “human,” and what Big Bull was saying was “birdspeak.”


“What this general said was in ‘human,’ and what you’re saying right now is birdspeak!” This time, everyone understood what the cavalry leader said. He was fluent in the language of the surface.


"So you do know how to speak in human. Then listen to this: Take your people and scram!” Big Bull emphasized the word “scram” in a roar, showing his strength.


Even Qin Yu couldn’t help but admire his bravery. However, most of the people saw him as a fool courting his death.


Having been told to “scram” by a human from a race they considered inferior, the dwarves immediately burst into rage. Without the command of the cavalry leader, three dwarves rushed out of the ranks and charged over to Big Bull.


Just now, they had witnessed a terrifying show of brute force. Therefore, this time the three of them and their beasts attacked at the same time. They also each held high three knives, and they were ready to kill at any given moment.


Qin Yu stood and watched. He didn’t try to stop them because he knew Big Bull was capable of handling the three dwarves; after all, they were only in the early stage of the Transformation Realm. Even with the help of the beasts under them, they were not a threat to Big Bull.


And sure enough, they were utterly defeated.


“Damn, so weak. You bunch of short melons are way too weak, why don’t you all come up and fight me together?” Big Bull tauntingly pointed at the cavalry leader.


The cavalry leader’s expression turned dark and ugly. He turned around and said something that the people couldn’t understand, then three dwarves and beasts stepped out of the ranks. This time, they were in the mid-stage of the Transformation Realm.


Seeing them, Qin Yu raised an eyebrow and prepared to jump in. He wasn’t sure if Big Bull would be able to defeat them.


"Come, show me how strong you are!” Big Bull charged forward and leaped up. His large shadow enveloped the dwarves. Frightened, they hastily readjusted their array.


"Die!" Big Bull landed and a fight immediately ensued.


As he watched the battle, Qin Yu’s interest grew. As he had expected, Big Bull’s fighting techniques were quite unique. They were different from the typical mid-stage Transformation Realm techniques. Although he and the dwarves were at the same level, he was able to overwhelm them.


After over a dozen exchanges, the three dwarves were pummeled into the ground, just like the first three.


Seeing that Big Bull was so fierce, those who were fleeing gathered around and cheered. Big Bull was instantly fired up. He provocatively hooked a finger toward the cavalry leader. "You, scram out here."


The cavalry leader's face grew dark with anger. His eyes turned red, and he fiercely gritted his teeth. "This general is going to let you die without a burial place."


"I hate people who talk big." Big Bull rubbed his nose with his thumb and shouted, "Let me tell you. Someone who has the ability to kill me hasn’t even been born yet. I can defeat a man as puny as you with one punch.”


A mid-stage cultivator saying something like this to a peak-stage cultivator, it was hard to tell if he was boasting or courting death, but Big Bull was serious.


The cavalry leader threw back his head and laughed. “As a trifling mid-stage Transformation Realm cultivator, you dare to boast in front of this general? Fool!”


"What, you think I’m lying? Then, eat my punch!" Immediately after saying that, Big Bull clenched his fists and roared like a tiger.


“Conquering Fist!”


The shadow of a fist as great as a mountain, fierce as a beast, and overbearing as a tyrant, hurled toward the cavalry leader.




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