Chapter 134: A Race!


Chapter 134 Qinggong Competition


“Yun’er, what’s the situation over there?”


“Qin Yu, the situation has changed. I have to hurry over to the Zhengyang Sect, and I’m unable to come and find you anymore. I’m sorry.” Qing Yun’s voice was apologetic.


“What happened?” Qin Yu asked anxiously. He was confused — Qing Yun had just gone to tell the Qing Family to escape, so how did she suddenly get pulled over to the Zhengyang Sect? 


The Zhengyang Sect was also the first place Qin Yu wanted to go to. He had to avenge Qin Wu and Qin Zhan immediately. It wasn’t his nature to procrastinate on such things. 


“Something happened to my third brother, Qing Chen, so I have to get there as fast as possible.” Qing Yun sounded really worried.


Originally, Qing Yun and Qing Chen were going to go to the Zhengyang Sect together. But then, Qing Yun ran into Qin Yu while they were staying in Bao Ding City, and a bunch of other things happened after that so Qing Chen was left alone. 


Qing Chen was unhappy because Qing Yun cared more about a stranger than she cared about her own brother. Hence, he departed for the Zhengyang Sect by himself in a fit of fury. He didn’t care about whether Qing Yun wanted to go or not.


“What about your Qing Family? Did they manage to escape?” 


“They just managed to escape Luobei City yesterday, and they are all safe. Alright, I can’t talk anymore. I have to hurry. I’ll see you soon.”


Her voice disappeared from the Sound Transmitting Stone. 


“Yun’er, Yun’er.” Qin Yu called her two more times, but after receiving no reply, he could only put the stone back helplessly. 


“Hehe. Hey Lil Bro, who were you speaking with just now?” Big Bull just so happened to have walked over, and a silly grin was plastered on his face. 


“Nobody. Let’s go.” Qin Yu was in a bad mood and hence he paid him no attention. 


“It’s nobody just because you say so? Stop looking at me with such a grumpy face.” Big Bull muttered unhappily as he ran to catch up, “Where are we going to now?” 


“The Zhengyang Sect.” Qin Yu’s reply was simple. 


“Where’s the Zhengyang Sect?” 


“You’ll know when we get there.”




During the whole journey, one person asked questions non-stop, and the other answered him until finally, they exited the labyrinth. Big Bull never stopped talking, and he asked about this and that as he was filled with curiosity towards the outside world. 


Qin Yu really didn’t expect for such a manly-looking man to be so similar to a gossiping young girl who would never stop talking. He really regretted his choice — if he had known that Big Bull would be like this earlier, he never would’ve brought him along. The incessant chatter was about to annoy him to death. 


“Haha! Qin Yu, let’s have a competition to see who can reach the mountain first.” After leaving the labyrinth, Big Bull immediately blurted out a challenge. He wanted to show Qin Yu just how strong he really was by racing through the seemingly never-ending mountains and hills, “Of course, my Middle Transformation Realm cultivation is a bit higher than yours, so it wouldn’t really be fair. Therefore, I’ll only use 80… no, 70 percent of my strength.” 


“Sure. Let’s start.” Qin Yu didn’t feel like talking and just answered him directly. 


As soon as Qin Yu answered, Big Bull started to dash forward. Woosh! Despite his enormous, bear-like body, his speed techniques were perfect, and he was as fast as the wind.


Qin Yu saw his figure flash by, and he couldn’t help but be startled as he watched a great distance form between them. According to common sense, the movement techniques of those with larger bodies weren’t the most impressive. After all, they were too heavy. But this bull’s speed was so incredible that it defied his expectations. It was even better than those with a thin body type. What kind of movement technique is he training? 


While he was standing there in a daze, the other party had already ran far ahead. 


The next moment, he also dashed forward while using the spiritual nature of wind. His entire body fused with the wind, and he looked both graceful and agile. 


Up ahead, Big Bull still had no idea that Qin Yu was gaining ground behind him, and he let out a proud laugh, “Hehe, compared to me, Big Bull, you’re still inferior.” 


He had just spoken when a harsh burst of wind came blowing from behind him. 


“Is it a storm?” Big Bull thought that the blast of wind was from the mountains instead of Qin Yu chasing after him. This was because he had not detected any living aura. Instead, he had only detected the wind.


Qin Yu, who was fused with the wind, rushed past him, causing his hair and robes to flutter madly in the air.  To Big Bull’s astonishment, he found that Qin Yu had not only caught up with him, but he had also even overtaken him. 


Big Bull howled, and his voice caused the mountains to shake. Not only had Qin Yu caught up to him, but he was even being beaten by Qin Yu. It was unbearable. He accelerated his speed even further, and he used even more spiritual power as it went from 70% to 80%, 90%, until all his strength was unleashed. He was so fast that not even a remnant image could be seen. 


“Impossible, impossible, how could I be beaten by him? Impossible! Argh!” Big Bull howled madly on the entire journey. His voice boomed like a clap of thunder, startling countless birds out of their hiding places.


Qin Yu stood at the food of Yan Mountains, calm and confident as he waited for Big Bull to arrive. 


The next moment, a streak of light came flashing as a figure appeared next to him. It landed on the ground like a hurricane and filled the air with dirt. 


“Huff, puff…” 


Big Bull gasped for breath beside Qin Yu. Just now, he had been rushing forward with all his strength, and he was now completely drained. 


Qin Yu was different. He was fused with the wind and borrowing the wind’s power rather than using his own. Thus, not only was he faster, but he was also more efficient.


“Gasp, puff… I say, Qin Yu, what kind of movement technique are you cultivating? How could you actually be even faster than me?” When the fact was placed right in front of his eyes, Big Bull had no choice but to admit defeat. However, he still wanted to know what movement technique Qin Yu was using. 


“Can you still continue?” Qin Yu didn’t answer him and asked him a question instead. 


“Of course I can.” Big Bull thrust up his chest. How could he have the pride to say he didn’t?


“Then, let’s go.” Qin Yu replied indifferently before his body flickered again as he dashed forward. 


“Hey, you still haven’t given your reply to my earlier question! Hey, hey, wait for me!” Big Bull shouted as he chased after Qin Yu.




After two days, Qin Yu and Big Bull both finally arrived at Bao Ding City. 


It would originally take Qin Yu three days to arrive at Bao Ding City from Luosang City on horse, but now it only took them two days by foot, as both of them were using their fastest movement techniques. Big Bull refused to accept the earlier defeat and still wanted to beat Qin Yu, so he ran especially hard during the whole journey. However, he still ultimately lost, and he was now lying against the city wall, unable to move a single muscle. 


Qin Yu was also a bit short of breath. The journey was long and they had both been using movement techniques the entire time. Even if he borrowed the wind’s strength, it still made him very tired. He was only feeling just a bit better than Big Bull. 


After catching a breather at the doorway, Qin Yu wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked towards the gate. 


As far as the eye could see, Bao Ding City was totally empty, and an odd silence permeated the city grounds. The city gates were especially desolate as if all the guards had been slaughtered. 


What happened?


“Let’s go.” Qin Yu made his way to the city curiously.


“Hey, slow down a bit! Huff, huff…” Big Bull panted as he staggered along while trying to catch up. He was extremely tired, and he no longer had the strength to carry that enormous, heavy body of his. Although the faults of his movement technique couldn’t be seen when traveling a short difference, the cons of his heavy body were clear after a long journey. It wasn’t easy for him to keep up, not to mention that Qin Yu’s movement technique was also far superior to his.


Qin Yu ignored him and continued on forward. But the further he walked into the city, the colder his face got. Had this become a ghost town?


“Hey, hey, why isn’t there anybody here at all? After Big Bull caught his breath, he immediately began to ask curiously. His brain shook with the novelty of seeing all the new buildings and architecture he had never seen before. 


“Woah, what a big house! Damn, that’s a huge pub! Ooh, what a nice road…” 


Big Bull was just like a country bumpkin who had gone to town for the first time. He was surprised by every little thing. Fortunately, there was nobody there, or Qin Yu would’ve been too embarrassed to even walk with him. 


However, this wasn’t strange. From childhood, Big Bull had always lived in that small and concealed mountain village. This was the first time he had left home, which was why Wu Lao had Qin Yu bring him along. 


“Hey, there’s an old man there. I’ll go and ask him. It’s such a nice and big house, so how come nobody’s living in it?”


Up ahead on the street, there was an old man who was carrying a bamboo basket and slowly walking into the house. 


“Mister, Mister, wait a moment.” Big Bull shouted loudly, and his booming voice shook the ground. Even though the old man’s ears weren’t good, his voice was clear. 


The old man paused and slowly turned around to look at Big Bull. Doubt surfaced in his eyes, ”Young one, why did you call me?” The old man spoke slowly.


“Oh yeah, Mister, I wanted to ask, why isn’t there anybody here?” Big Bull asked honestly. 


“They’re gone, they’re all gone.” The old man sighed, ”I heard that a dwarven army descended from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and seized many cities while killing humans on sight. The people here have already ran away long ago. 


“Then why haven’t you gone too?” Big Bull asked curiously without the slightest malicious thought. 


“I’m old, I can’t move any more!” The old man laughed hoarsely, his laughter hiding the pain in his heart, “Young one, you’d best hurry and escape. You two are still young, don’t throw away your lives.”


“Mister, would you like to come with us?” Qin Yu joined in the conversation.


The old man raised his head to look at Qin Yu. A trace of a warm smile appeared on his face, “Youngster, thank you, but I’m already halfway into my coffin. Even if I go with you guys, I would still die on the road. It’s better to die here at home.”


Since he had already spoken, it wouldn’t be good for Qin Yu to continue speaking. 


“Mister, don’t worry. I, Big Bull, will definitely protect you. Look at these muscles, I can kill a hundred of those dwarves.” He patted his big muscles and said proudly.


“Hehe.” The old man was amused by how honest Big Bull was. “Young one, they’re more than a hundred. Their numbers are even bigger than thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, they have demonic beasts as mounts. You can’t fight them.”


“A hundred thousand? How many is a hundred thousand?”  Big Bull asked Qin Yu with confusion. For him, he had only ever seen a few chickens and ducks. His mind was simply unable to fathom such a number like a hundred thousand. 


“Very very many.” Qin Yu glanced at him and didn’t know how to explain it to him, so he instead turned to the old man, “Mister, many thanks. Take care of yourself.”


“You too, young one. Farewell.” The old man politely said his goodbyes.


“Let’s go.” Qin Yu called out to Big Bull as he turned to leave. He urgently wanted to find Qing Yun and had no time to dally here. 


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