Chapter 133: The Reunion of Family


Chapter 133: The Family Reunion


Qin Yu and his company followed Wu Lao into a wooden room that was very clean and peaceful. Beside the window laid a wooden bed, and in it, under a very thick blanket, laid a person. That person was Qin Yu’s mother.


“Darling!” When Qin Wu saw her, he shouted out loud and charged forward without regard for anything. Qin Yu also hastily ran forward while shouting loudly, “Mother!”


Mother Qin, under the duress of their loud shouts, slowly opened her eyes. Through the dim light, she saw Qin Wu’s familiar face. Immediately, her body shook, and from some unknown place, she gathered the strength to throw off the blanket and sat up abruptly. Then, with both hands, she hugged Qin Wu extremely fiercely, so much so that he felt great pain. 


“Wu-ge, it’s you. Are you alright?” Tears dripped down Mother Qin’s face as she asked anxiously. 


“It’s me, darling! I’m fine. I’m still alive.” Qin Wu also couldn’t hold in his tears anymore when he grabbed onto one of Mother Qin’s hands. 


“It’s good as long as you’re fine… fine…. No! Your arm! Where’s your arm?!” Mother Qin couldn’t feel Qin Wu’s left hand, and she let out a scream. The place where his left arm was supposed to be was now only an empty sleeve. 


Qin Wu held in his tears and gave her a light smile, “It’s fine. I just lost one arm. I’m alive so it’s fine. Oh, right. See who came as well. C’mere Yu’er.” 


“Mother.” Qin Yu called out loudly as he knelt down next to her bed.


She quickly raised her head. When she saw the face that she had been dreaming of seeing every night and day for the past year, her whole body began to tremble uncontrollably. 


“Yu… Yu’er. You’re here? Are you real? I’m not dreaming, am I?” She couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing was real. 


“F*ck, this isn’t a dream. This is the reality. This really is Yu’er.” Qin Wu’s tears rolled down his face.


“It really is Yu’er. Yu’er…. Mother missed you to death… sob…”


In the next moment, mother and son hugged each other tightly and cried bitterly together. 


Behind them, Qin Zong and Wu Lao watched as the mother and son pair cried together. They knew that it hadn’t been easy for them to have this family reunion. Hence, they quietly retreated from the room and left the whole family alone. 


That night, it was most definitely Qin Yu who cried the most. It was the night that he cried the most. Qin Yu himself also didn’t know how much he had cried. But he dared to swear that he had let out all the tears that had been left unshed for so many years.


Of course, this night was also one of their little family’s happiest nights. 


After crying, it was time to turn the bitter tears into happy ones. Their family had gone through many tribulations and hardships but finally, they could peacefully reunite. 




On the second day, when the sun had broken past the morning fog to cast its rays down upon the little mountain village, Qin Yu got out of bed.


After he left the house, he discovered that because the little wooden house he lived in was close to where Wu Lao lived, he was actually living in the highest place in the village. 


He walked to a large rock outcropping at the edge of the cliff. From there, he looked down and saw the entire village. 


In the entire mountain hollow, there were 30 plus wooden houses scattered about. Some were small, some were large, and in the morning mist, they appeared slightly indiscernible. The paradise-like scene gave the viewer the feeling of peace and serenity. 


He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. People who lived here must be very happy; There was no threat of outsiders causing massacres or chaos. There was only peace and tranquility.


“Qin Yu.” Behind him, Qin Zong voice traveled through the air. 


Qin Yu turned around to face Qin Zong with a smile, but he didn’t say anything. He then continued to enjoy the rare experience of peace and quiet. 


Qin Zong strolled over to Qin Yu’s side and stood shoulder to shoulder with him. He looked down, smiled and said, “This place isn’t bad. Our Qin family will settle down here temporarily.” 


“Yea, really not bad at all…” Qin Yu replied in a soft voice. He had no interest whatsoever in the Qin family’s situation.


Qin Zong was feeling somewhat awkward, and he couldn’t help but force a bitter smile, “Qin Yu, don’t tell me you really hate the Qin family? After going through this disaster, those who ought to die have died, and those who didn’t deserve to die have still died. Are you still unable to let things go?” 


“Family head, there are some things that won’t change even if a few people die. You don’t need to say anymore.” Qin Yu’s tone was cold and resolute. Qin Zong felt depressed in his heart. 


“Sigh…” After letting out a long sigh, Qin Zong could only give up on trying to persuade Qin Yu. He quickly changed the topic, “Then, what plans do you have for the future?” 


“After a while, I will take my parents and leave. We will go and live our lives.” 


“Qin Yu, I know this is your own decision. I don’t have the right to say anything. But, there are some things I have to say.”


“I am absolutely certain that you are definitely someone who won’t be satisfied with being mediocre. Your road ahead is still long, and it will be chock full of danger. If you bring your parents by your side, wouldn’t you be bringing them into danger all the time? Since that’s the case, why don’t you let them stay here? This way, you can be at complete ease while you travel on your own path. I believe that there’s no other place that is safer than here.” 


Qin Yu was silent as he stood still.  


Qin Zong’s words were conscientious and had a lot of reason to them. He couldn’t deny his words at all. However, he had reunited with his parents after so much trouble, so how could he just throw them away like that?


Yu’er, the family head is right.” Suddenly, the familiar voice of his father came from behind his back.


Both of them quickly turned around, and they saw Qin Wu and his wife supporting each other as they walked over. 


“Dad, Mom. Why did you guys come over here? Why aren’t you resting more?” Qin Yu walked over in a few steps and asked them with deep concern. 


Mother Qin reached out to hold onto Qin Yu’s hand. Her face was full of kindness as she looked at her son. Then, in a gentle voice, she said, “Yu’er, last night, me and your father had a very long discussion. He had a lot to tell me. Your father is right. To be a man, one must have great strength. Only in this way can one take care of the people behind himself. Protect your future wife and children.”


“Yes Yu’er, don’t be as useless as your father. There’s nothing I can do. I caused you all to have to endure hardships together with me.” Qin Wu continued where Mother Qin left off and began to reflect on his own life. Because of his lack of strength, his wife and children were subject to humiliation and tribulation. His heart was filled with pain and shame. Strength. He had personally experienced the pain of being a man without strength. He didn’t want his son to have to walk the same path as him.


“Of course, on the martial path, your mother and father have no way of helping you. You can only rely on yourself. What your parents can do is not to be a burden on you.” Qin Wu continued. 


“Dad, what are you saying? How could you guys be a burden on me?” Qin Yu was displeased. 


“Yu’er, don’t say anymore. I know what you’re thinking.” Qin Wu forcefully cut off Qin Yu’s words, “If you really don’t want us to become your burdens, you can be at ease and go take the road ahead of you. Your Mother and I will stay here. If you ever have the chance, remember to come and see us. Both of us really like this place.” 


“Hahaha, Brother Wu’s words are very reasonable. It seems like this Old Xiu doesn’t need to say anything.” Along with the friendly laughter, Wu Lao walked over while being supported by a pair of crutches. Behind him was the mountain-like silhouette of a tall, robust and strong young man called Big Bull. Last night, it wasn’t too obvious, but in the daylight, they discovered that his skin was really dark, almost like a large black bull.


“Young Hero Qin, what your parents said isn’t wrong. Your journey forward needs to be undertaken by yourself. It is better and safer for your parents to stay here.” Wu Lao was all smiles as he walked to the group. 


“Clan Chief.” 


“Wu Lao.” 


They all hastily rushed to greet the old man. 


Wu Lao returned their greetings before resting his gaze on Qin Yu. His deep pupils still carried an unfathomable smile, “Young Hero Qin, do you think what I said is true?” 


Qin Yu let out a bitter smile. Since even his parents had spoken, what else could he do? At least, if they stayed here, he could be much more at ease. The place was protected by this old man, who had a strength that even Qin Yu couldn’t fathom. Within Qiongxi Country, there was almost no one who would dare to come and mess around here. 


“Fine, Wu Lao. I’ll have to bother you to take care of my parents.” Qin Yu no longer tried to argue. People who took the martial path must be firm and decisive. It was not in his personality to be a coddling mother. 


“Don’t worry, I can guarantee that there won’t be anyone here that would dare to bully them.” Wu Lao pledged, “However, I have a single favor that I hope Young Hero Qin can help me with. I hope you can promise me just that.” 


Qin Yu was surprised. With this old man’s ability, what could he possibly help him with?


“This Black Bull by my side is more than twenty years old. He’s always been in this little place, and I ought to let him go out to temper himself. So Lao Xiu wishes that he can follow Young Hero Qin down the mountain and gain experience.” Wu Lao told Qin Yu his request. 


At this moment, Qin Yu moved his attention to the Big Bull behind Wu Lao. He looked to be 25 or 26, but his strength was in the Middle of the Transformation Realm. 


A Transformation Realm Expert that was only in his mid-twenties. In the Qiongxi Country, he would be a monstrous genius wherever he went. Qin Yu could see that his Mid Transformation Stage strength was different from others in the same stage. This fellow could definitely take cross-stage fights.


This small village could cultivate this kind of terrifying person. In Qin Yu's eyes, this village's level of mysteriousness went up a few notches.


What kind of people were they? What kind of relationship does Qin Zong have with them?


"Y'all shouldn't worry. Brother Qin has Big Bull here to protect him. No one will dare to bully him." Big Bull didn't wait for others to talk before opening his mouth and talking in a loud voice.


Qin Yu was dumbstruck, but he was laughing in his heart. The intent behind Wu Lao's words was to let Qin Yu bring Big Bull out to mess around. How did it become Big Bull protecting him? Did Laozi let him protect me? Does Laozi look like he's easy to bully? 


"Big Bull, shut your mouth. When you leave the mountain, you must listen to Young Hero Qin. Do you hear me?" Wu Lao suddenly lashed out. 


"Eh." Big Bull put one of his hands behind his head. His black face had the word 'depressed' written all over it, making it obvious that he was unwilling.


"Wu Lao, I'm older than him and my cultivation is higher than his. So, why…?" Big Bull muttered with dissatisfaction.


"You're still talking? You want me to punish you?" Wu Lao's face went cold as a dignified aura started to seep out of him.


"Hehe." Big Bull forced an ugly smile to appear on his black face, "Wu Lao, I understand. You don't need to worry, I will earnestly listen to Qin Yu."


Qin Zong and company heard Wu Lao scolding Big Bull for not wanting to listen to Qin Yu and felt surprised. They felt like Big Bull was being reasonable. He was older and had a higher cultivation than Qin Yu, so it should be Qin Yu listening to him. Why was it the opposite of what they expected? Who knew what the old man was thinking? 


The person in question, Qin Yu was, on the contrary, very calm and collected. He walked over to Big Bull, patted his shoulder and said, "Go back and prepare to leave. We will leave in an hour."


"Mhm mhm, ok ok." Big Bull stiffly replied. If it wasn't because Wu Lao was right beside him, he wouldn't have been bothered to listen to Qin Yu. 


For the hour before they left, it was really only Big Bull who had anything to pack up. Qin Yu didn't really have anything, and he spent the hour saying goodbye to his parents.


Mother Qin’s heart was the most unwilling. They had just reunited with their son, and now they were separating again. It was unknown when she could see his face again. 


When she was facing her son, she was able to hold back her tears. However, once Qin Yu and Big Bull’s silhouettes disappeared into the thick fog of the maze formation, she couldn’t hold her tears in anymore and she burrowed her head into Qin Wu’s chest. She cried for a very very long time.




Inside the maze formation, Qin Yu suddenly felt the Sound Transmitting Stone shake. It was Qing Yun trying to contact him. He hastily retrieved the Sound Transmitting Stone and asked, “Yun’er, what is the situation over there like?” 



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