Chapter 131: The Departure.

Chapter 131: The Departure. 


“Su family head, I’m also curious about that person. It seems like he hasn’t gone back to the Qin family before.” Qin Zong spoke apologetically. His reply disappointed both Su Xiongfeng and Qin Yu. 


“Didn’t return to the Qin family?” Su Xiongfeng was somewhat doubtful, “If he didn’t return to the Qin family, where in the world did he go?” 


Qin Zong shook his head helplessly, “At the time I was being pulled here by Qin Chong. Was he not with you all? How could I know?”


Su Xiongfeng turned somewhat absentminded for a moment as he thought back carefully about the circumstances at the time. Su Wen, that scoundrel, really didn’t follow them back. 


“Su family head, I have a guess. Perhaps, the great elder had arranged some plans for him. However, we have no way of knowing what exactly these plans are.” For this matter, Qin Zong was also helpless. Qin Yuandao was already dead, and whatever he had arranged for Su Wen to do, only the two of them knew. 


“Anyways, don’t worry about it. As long as he comes back, I will personally bring him over to apologize, and I will let you handle everything.” Qin Zong sincerely replied. 


Su Xiongfeng exhaled heavily, “Alright. I will wait for your good news.” 


“Senior, don’t worry. I won’t let that scoundrel off that easily.” Qin Yu walked over and pitched in a comment. He had promised the Su Family’s Grand Elder, Su Yunhai, that he would kill Su Wen. 


Since Qin Yu decided to speak up, Su Xiongfeng decided to give him some face. 


“Youngster, Laozi trusts you.” Su Xiongfeng turned around and faced Qin Yu, “If you have time, come find Laozi at Bao Ding city. When the time comes, let’s drink a few rounds.” He loved drinking alcohol. Thus, when he met a person with a pleasing character, he would drink with them till they’re drunk. 


“Senior, there will definitely be opportunities in the future. However, I must implore that Senior leave Bao Ding city as quickly as possible. These dwarves will definitely not be satisfied with just Luosang City. It shouldn’t be long before Bao Ding City becomes their next target to assault.” Qin Yu spoke in a worried tone. 


“Many thanks for the reminder. Laozi understands.” Su Xiongfeng once again cupped his fist, “I’m sure we will meet again someday. Xue’er, let’s go.” 


“Yes, father.” Su Yinxue made a sound of compliance, but she didn’t immediately walk away. Rather, she walked up to Qin Yu, “Yu… Qin Yu. Thank you for saving me and my father this time.” 


Qin Yu’s lips curved slightly to form a faint smile, “Don’t mention it. This is what I ought to do. It’s fine as long as you guys are alright.” 


“En, then… then… I hope to see you again someday in the future.” As she departed, although she felt like there were many things she wanted to say to Qin Yu, in this situation and time, she didn’t know what to say. She could only force out her goodbyes and then silently leave with Su Xiongfeng. 


As she stared at Su Yinxue’s figure while she was leaving, Qing Yun unexpectedly felt a trace of uneasiness. She could not figure out why she felt this way. 


In the wake of Su Xiongfeng and Tie Shou’s departure, a few people in the crowd who were not from the Qin Family but depended on them disappeared into the night.


In the end, there were only the Qin Family’s people left. There were at least two hundred people, and at this moment, they were all dependant on Qin Zong, the family head. Wherever Qin Zong goes, they would follow.


“Qin Yu, I…” 


Just when Qin Zong was about to bring everyone into the mountains, Qing Yun became hesitant. 


Qin Yu looked over at Qing Yun, and he asked with a sincere voice, “Do you want to go with me?”


“I…” Qing Yun wanted to agree, but there were just some things on her mind that she couldn’t let go of, “Qin Yu, I’m going back to Luobei City. My family is there, I’m worried that the dwarves would mount an assault on Luobei City. So I…” 


Qing Yun’s words caused Qin Yu to remember that Luobei City was very close to Luosang City. If they moved at a rapid pace, they would reach the city in just half a day. If nothing changes, the underground city’s army should rest the night in Luosang City, and it is probable that they would assault Luobei City on the next day.


Facing this kind of dangerous situation, Qing Yun’s words reminded the Qin family of how absolutely necessary it had been to evacuate from the city. However, if Qing Yun goes to Luobei City, she would be facing great danger. What if the underground city’s army surrounds Luobei City? Then what? In fact, no one could guarantee that those bastards wouldn’t just advance tonight. 


To ensure that nothing goes terribly wrong, Qin Yu ought to accompany Qing Yun back. But… he had to go find his mother, and Qin Wu also needed an appropriate resting place. Qin Yu was unable to cast off his identity and ignore his responsibilities. 


“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.” Qing Yun was scrutinizing him and saw that he was worried for her. Hence, happiness burst out from within her heart. 


“Family head, give me two Sound Transmitting Stones.” Helpless, Qin Yu turned his head around to look at Qin Zong. 


Although the Sound Transmitting Stones were rather rare, and they were considered treasures, Qin Zong just so happened to have some on him. Qin Yuandao had previously stashed them in his ring as part of his hoard of treasures.


Previously Qin Zong wanted to hand Qin Yuandao’s treasure stash to Qin Yu to hand it over to Qin Zhan. However, he couldn’t give it to him, so Qin Zong still held onto the ring. 


“Here.” Qin Zong wasn’t miserly, and he immediately took out two Sound Transmitting Stones and passed them over to Qin Yu. 


Qin Yu took the two rhombus-shaped silver white stones and left his imprint inside. He handed one of them to Qing Yun and spoke in a serious tone, “If anything happens, use the Sound Transmitting Stone to inform me.” 


“Mhm.” Qing Yun nodded as she accepted the stone, “After all is done, I will come and find you.” 


“Alright, be careful on the road.” Qin Yu was still deeply concerned. 


“You take care of yourself properly… I will go now.” Qing Yun felt reluctant to leave, but the safety of her family was still her priority. She could only turn around and leave. Soon, she disappeared into the dark night. 


Now, only the Qin Family members were left here.


“Qin Yu, let’s go.” Qin Zong patted Qin Yu’s back. He was still looking at the direction that Qing Yun had left in. 


“Ok.” Qin Yu nodded in agreement. While supporting Qin Wu, he followed Qin Zong and walked in the direction of the Yan Mountain Range. The group of people very quickly disappeared into the murky depths of the mountainous woods. 


A column comprised of more than two hundred people trailed behind Qin Zong, and they walked without rest until dusk. They had reached their destination. 


They had arrived at one of the mountaintops in the mountain range. At the top was a hollow cave, and its entrance was shrouded in thick fog. Those who were weak or lacking in martial skills couldn’t see what was in the thick fog at all. 


However, Qin Yu was a Transformation Stage Expert, and he was able to see what was behind the fog. 


In the thick fog was a stone stele, and atop the stele were a few large words: Death to all intruders.


At the back of the stone stele was a forest of ordinary stone stela. They were arrayed in an extremely odd way, and Qin Yu guessed that they weren’t naturally occurring stone stela. Rather, they were placed there by humans to form an array. If they entered the array in the wrong way, it could cause them to wander endlessly, lost without any way to get out. 


The bones of overworld creatures and wild animals littered all over the ground confirmed his guess. They were definitely from people who had entered improperly, and from animals that lived in the mountains. As such, this floor of white bones was created. 


What kind of place was this? Why did Qin Zong bring everyone here? 


Qin Yu felt doubtful, and others also felt the same. 


“Everyone rest for now. Don’t wander around randomly, I’ll go in for a bit and then come back.” Qin Zong was extremely solemn as he left instructions for everyone. Then, he started walking towards the stone stele within the fog. 


He had not reached the stone stele when there was movement from with the fog. A tall and mountain-like human silhouette walked into their sight. 


“Benefactor, y’all are finally here. Old Bull has been waiting for you for a very long time.” The mountain-like silhouette facing Qin Zong spoke in a very clear voice. 


Qin Zong halted as he was stunned for a moment. However, he soon recovered, as if there was nothing strange happening at all. 


However, the people behind him were baffled. What was going on? Why was he calling Qin Zong his benefactor? What’s going on here? He said he had been waiting here for a long time, almost as if he already knew that they were going to come tonight.


“Old Bull, it has been difficult for you.” Qin Zong politely responded then turned around to wave at the people behind, “Everyone, follow me. Follow my footsteps exactly. Don’t take a wrong step. Whatever you see inside, don’t make a fuss. Those who are unable to see the road, hold hands with someone. By all means, do not wander off the path.” Qin Zong emphasized these points with his loud, imposing voice. 


The people behind all stood up one by one and indicated that they had remembered Qin Zong’s words. 


Although Qin Yu’s heart was filled with doubt, this was not the time to question his orders. He could only support Qin Wu and follow behind Qin Zong and that mountainous Old Bull into the thick fog. 


As he had guessed, the stone pillars had something strange going on with them. Some of the pillars would change positions and turn from one side to another when they walked near them. 


Fortunately Qin Zong had instructed them before entering, otherwise, there would definitely be people making a big fuss that could be easily avoided. 


However, some people still ran into problems. One of the ladies wasn’t careful with her steps and stepped onto something, causing her to tumble down onto the ground and leading to a loud commotion. 


“Ah! My foot! Something bit my foot!” The lady shrieked in fear as she quickly used her hand to pull out whatever it was that had bit her. However, when she lifted it up to her eyes for a look, she immediately let out a sound that only a female ghoul would make. 




Her screams were so earth-shattering that they horrified everyone who had heard them.


As it turns out, the thing that had bit her was a sinister-looking skull. The empty eye sockets and the expanse of white bones scared her into collapsing. 


“Ah! AHHHHH!” 


She shrieked as she got up and started running wildly everywhere, as if she had gone crazy, and as if there was something chasing right behind her. Her actions immediately shook the composure of the crowd. Signs of chaos and disorder appeared within the advancing crowd. 


“Nobody move! If you don’t want to die then stay still for Laozi.” Qin Zong’s bellow from the front of the line swept over and suppressed the disorderly crowd. 


Unfortunately, the lady who seemed to have gone insane could not be saved in the end. Under the murky fog that one could not clearly see through, her mad shouts could be heard slowly drifting further from the group, and soon after, her voice vanished. Nobody knew where she had gone. Maybe, she had already turned into a corpse, just another set of bones atop the numerous piles of bones. 


“I thought I told you all not to cause a commotion? Did my words go in one ear and out the other?” Qin Zong looked at the direction the lady had disappeared into. He felt pained, but at the same time, he felt even angrier. He unleashed a loud roar that he had rarely ever made in his life, “Laozi here is talking, so you all better listen closely. The next person to run wildly around and shout randomly is going to end up just like her! Being a part of the bones here is going to be your final fate!” 


The people of the Qin family were all scared into silence by his loud roar, and they were too afraid to even take in a breath of air.  


“Alright, don’t be afraid. As long as you follow the person in front of you, we should soon be out of here.” After Qin Zong finished bellowing, his tone seemed to have calmed down. After placating the crowd of terrified people, he waved his hand and started moving forward again.


One hour later,  the crowd of people finally left the terror-inducing fog behind. What appeared in front of them was a bizarre mountain village. 


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