Chapter 130: To Avenge Qin Zhan.

Qin Yu’s strategy worked so well that when the three dwarven leaders arrived, they didn’t find anybody. They unhappily sent out an order to dig, but no matter how and where they dug, they could not find the tunnel that Qin Yu and the rest left in. Ultimately, they could only give up and send people out of the city to find the tunnel’s exit. 


The tunnel was very long, so it wasn’t strange that Tie Shou wasted more than ten years building it, despite having had several hundred people working on it. 


When they came out, the skies were already dark. Fortunately, the moon was not obstructed by any clouds. For this group who had been walking in the dark the entire time, even the faint moonlight seemed bright to them, and it was enough to guide them on their journey.


“Hey, what’s your name? Grandmaster Tie Shou? Where is this?” The ones leading the group at the forefront were Su Xiongfei and Tie Shou. 


Su Xiongfei took the lead as he stepped out from the mouth of the cave and questioned while sweeping his eyes across the mountain range.


“This is the Yan Mountains.” Behind him, Tie Shou walked out and answered. 


Several hundred people shuffled out of the tunnel like a train.


Finally, Qin Zong, Qin Yu, and Qing Yun came out. 


When he saw that both Qin Yu and Qing Yun were both fine, Su Xiongfei dashed up and shouted, “Great job, you really are powerful. Laozi rarely admires others, but you are one of the few that I do.” 


“I’m flattered.” Qin Yu smiled and asked, “Is everybody alright?” 


“You guys at the very back were all fine, so how could we not be fine?” Su Xiongfei grinned as he replied. 


“That’s good.” Qin Yu walked forward and stared at the tall mountain up ahead, “Where is this?”


“The Yan Mountains.” Qin Zong, who was standing at the side, was the first to reply. 


Qin Yu was momentarily startled, “This place is the Yan Mountains? Earlier, didn’t you say that the Fifth Elder brought my Father and Mother here?” When he spoke the last few words, Qin Yu started to get emotional.


“Right, it’s precisely here. We’ll go and meet them now. Hopefully…” Qin Zong was unable to finish his words. Qin Zhan’s life jade had shattered, meaning that he was already dead. Something definitely must have happened.


“Let’s stop dawdling and go.” Qin Yu was even more worried, and his voice was laced with anxiety. 


“Everybody, follow me.” Qin Zong didn’t speak any further, and he led the group through the mountain trail.


The group followed behind Qin Zong. After about a kilometer of walking, Qin Yu suddenly shouted.




Qin Zong hastily stopped and turned to look at Qin Yu with confusion, “What happened?” 


“It reeks of blood.” Everybody’s hearts trembled when they heard Qin Yu’s explanation, and fear crept up their faces. The group of stragglers had experienced far too many bloody events today, and now the thing they were most afraid of was precisely the stench of blood.


Qin Zong carefully sensed his surroundings and discovered there really was a bloody stench.


“It’s up ahead.” Qin Yu became a gust of wind as he disappeared from his original spot, running forward frantically as if he discovered something.


Very soon, Qin Yu discovered a man lying down at the foot of the mountain beside a decapitated arm. He was facing the ground, so his face couldn’t be seen, but for those who knew him, his identity was clear even when only his back was visible. 


“Dad!” Qin Yu shouted loudly as he ran up and supported him up with an arm. Sure enough, it was Qin Wu.


Qin Wu was unconscious, and the blood oozing from his stump had already turned into a black-colored crust. However, he had still lost so much blood that his complexion was as pale as the dead.


“Dad, wake up!” Qin Yu shouted frantically as he pumped ‘Refining Qi’ from the ‘Secrets of Eternal Life’ into him. The true qi poured into his body and reinvigorated every cell and blood vessel in his body. 


Qin Zong and the others dashed forward. 


When Qin Zong saw Qin Wu in Qin Yu’s arms, he seemed to suddenly realize something, and he ran forward with a shout. 


On the mountain, he saw a headless corpse. But although the corpse did not have a head, just the sight of the familiar body was enough for Qin Zong to know that it was Qin Zhan. 


“No, no, Old Fifth! No way…” Qin Zong felt his eyes turn dark for a second as he almost fell over. 


Between their band of brothers, he had always been the closest with Qin Zhan, and they had always had similar temperaments. Additionally, all of the Qin Family elders were now dead. Qin Zhan was the only one remaining, but today, even he had become a corpse. How could the family head, Qin Zong, take it?


Furthermore, he had died a miserable death. His head didn’t even remain with his corpse. 


“No, Old Fifth!” 


Qin Zong threw himself at Qin Zhan’s corpse, and he knelt down loudly with a bang. He continued to wail sorrowfully at the top of his lungs. 


The remaining Qin Family members all flocked to Qin Zong upon hearing his heart-breaking cries. As Qin Zong clutched at Qin Zhan’s corpse, they all stood to the side while silently shedding their tears. A group of older men and women sobbed quietly, and the entire scene was shrouded in a feeling of unspeakable sorrow. 


After a while, someone found Qin Zhan’s head, and he gently put it where Qin Zhan’s neck was. 


Qin Zong released another grieved cry when he saw Qin Zhan’s severed head. 


Another round of sobs came from the crowd, and as this was happening, under Qin Yu’s frantic efforts, Qin Wu finally awoke. 


“Dad, Dad, wake up!” Qin Yu saw that Qin Wu was about to awaken and hastily called out to him. 


Qin Wu sluggishly opened his eyes and discovered a familiar face in front of him. It was his son’s face. 


Was this a hallucination? Maybe it was a dream, or perhaps he already died and was now in the underworld. 


“Yu, Yu’er… is that you?” Qin Wu’s tearful eyes shook as he extended a trembling hand towards Qin Yu. 


Qin Yu took his hand and gripped it while nodding emotionally, “Dad, it’s me, Qin Yu.”


“Yu’er, it’s Yu’er! Is this a dream? Am I’m already in the underworld?” Qin Wu couldn’t believe that this was all real.


“Dad, this is neither a dream nor the underworld. You’re still alive and perfectly fine.” As Qin Yu said this, a tear couldn’t help but roll down from his eye.


“I’m still alive?” Qin Wu was still in disbelief as he trembled violently. 


“Right, you’re still alive. We’re all still alive.” Qin Yu grasped Qin Wu’s hand even tighter.


“Good. It’s good we’re alive.” Qin Wu’s tears were falling like rain, “Yu’er, we must take revenge. We must avenge the Fifth Elder!”


“Dad, who was it that dealt the final blow? Whether it’s going through a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, your son will definitely personally kill the murderer and take revenge for us all!” Qin Yu clenched his teeth fiercely.


“A man and woman from the Zhengyang Sect. The man is called Mu Yang and the woman’s called Lu Mei Hong. You must remember the names of those two.” Qin Wu gritted his teeth as he spoke bitterly. 


“I will remember them. Father, don’t worry. One day, I will definitely kill them.”


“Yes, make sure you remember them.” Qin Wu spoke solemnly as he struggled to stand up, “Quick, bring me to see Old Fifth. He died because of me. It was all because of me.” After saying this, Qin Wu also released a sob of grief.


Qin Yu hastily supported Qin Wu and helped him walk towards Qin Zhan.


Qin Wu’s tears plopped down like rain as he stared at Qin Zhan’s corpse. He cried with grief, and his voice sounded even more heartbreaking than Qin Zong’s. After all, Qin Zhan died because of him.


Everyone else just stood and watched quietly, tears rolling down their faces.


After crying for a good while, everybody under Qin Zong’s leadership began to find a good plot of land to dig a burial ground to ensure that the dead could rest soundly. For now, Qin Zhan’s body would be buried here.


Qin Wu forced back his tears as he put in Qin Zhan’s severed arm into the pit. At least maybe then, they’ll be reconnected after death.


After Qin Zhan’s funeral arrangements were done, the next problem was to decide where they should go now. With such a big group, they had to find somewhere safe, or they would inevitably run into the dwarven army again. 


“Qin Yu, your mother was brought to someplace safe by Old Fifth, so we can go there. Where might Family Master Su and Tie Shou be going to?” Qin Zong looked at Su Xiongfei and the others while waiting for their reply. 


“Xue’er and I will return to Bao Ding City.” Su Xiongfei answered. 


“We’ll be going to King City.” Tie Shou also answered before fixing his eyes on Qin Yu, his tone serious, “Qin Yu, I did what you wanted me to do, so don’t forget to fulfill your end of the promise.” 


Qin Yu nodded, “Don’t worry, it won’t take long. I’ll go to King City to find you and Little Yue after I finished my matters.” 


“Then it’s settled.” Tie Shou nodded with satisfaction and then called for his last remaining disciple, Mo Yu, Yi Fei, and the three Heavenly Wolf Guards to leave. Their group borrowed the cover of the night to travel to King City. 


After seeing off Tie Shou and the others, Su Xiongfei also cupped his fist towards Qin Yu as he prepared to leave, “Qin Yu, I’m sure we will meet again one day.” 


Qin Yu cupped his fist towards Su Xiongfei in return, “One day for sure. I wish you a safe journey.” 


“En.” Su Xiongfei nodded heavily before turning to Qin Zong. His face suddenly turned solemn as he said, “Qin Family Master, I know the destruction of my Su Family has nothing to do with you. I, Su Xiongfei, hold my grudges and gratitudes clearly. Furthermore, everyone involved in it has already died so I won’t blame you.” 


Qin Zong was shaken by his words as he hastily cupped his fists, his voice grateful: “Family Master Su, many thanks for your generosity. I, Qin Zong, am very ashamed. No matter what you say, it was my Qin Family that ruined your Su Family. If you ever need anything from me someday, don’t be afraid to ask us. Nobody from the Qin Family will ever refuse you.” 


“I, Su Xiongfei, don’t have anything to request just relying on your words. However, I do request Family Master Qin to leave somebody a message.” Speaking up to here, an angry look appeared in Su Xiongfei’s face. 


Qin Zong saw the anger on Su Xiongfei’s face and could already guess who he was thinking about: “Are you talking about Qin Hui?”


“Right, that bastard that disguised in my Su Family for years pretending to be Su Wen. Laozi must kill him personally.” Su Xiongfei clenched his teeth as he growled. He had learnt about Su Wen’s true identity during his captivity. When Su Wen went to see him during his imprisonment, the Su Family had already been destroyed and had told him everything with glee, almost causing his heart to burst from anger. 


But at that time, he was powerless no matter how much he wanted to rip that beast apart. Now he was free and the first thing he had to do was kill Su Wen. He absolutely could not let that son of a b*tch go free. 


Qin Yu raised a brow upon hearing what Su Wen mentioned. He also really wanted to know where the hell that bastard was.

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