Chapter 13: The Showdown Between Geniuses

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 13: The Showdown Between Geniuses

Those who were already dumbfounded grew even more shocked and the most astonished was Qin Zhan. He fixed his eyes on Qin Yu rigidly, as if he was looking at a monster.

Just now, Qin Yu’s speed was fast. Too fast. It was so fast that even an expert like him could not even follow his trajectory. What movement skill was that? But that couldn’t be! Didn’t he turn into a cripple? How could he have such a fast movement skill?

Qin Biao was also astonished. He slowly turned his head, staring at Qin Yu’s indifferent face behind him. His eyes were filled with both amazement and unwillingness.

“You. You actually…!” Nobody knew what he wanted to say because afterward, his vision turned dark and he directly fell over, causing numerous cries of alarm from the crowd.

Qing Yun pulled her sword out from Qin Biao’s shoulder and also retreated a few steps back in fright, her beautiful face turning pale.

Qin Zhan shouted a command. “Quickly! Somebody carry him out for treatment!” The Qin Family members immediately obeyed, diligently carrying Qin Biao out.

Now there were only two people left in the center, Qing Yun and Qin Yu.

“Qin Yu, you took advantage of me again! How shameless!” Qing Yun clenched her teeth. Her phoenix eyes that were filled neverending resentment glared angrily at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was baffled. What did she mean by taking advantage of her again? Had he taken advantage of her before?

He thought hard but no matter whose memory it was, he couldn’t remember ever taking advantage of her. Could it be that not all his memories were recovered? This was also a possibility. After all, when he had been beaten into an idiot, his brain had been inflicted with serious damage, so he couldn’t do anything about it if he still didn’t have some of his memories.

“Miss Qing, I’ve forgotten about what happened before. As for this time, I don’t think it would count as taking advantage of you, right? It was you who acted first. What does it have to do with me?” Qin Yu calmly said.

It would have been better if he didn’t say anything. As soon as those words exited his mouth, Qing Yun erupted. “You actually dare to say you forgot about it?! Even if you forgot about it, this Miss hasn’t! Now give me your life!” Cyan sword light exploded as she swiftly struck toward Qin Yu.

“Cloudtrack Phantom!” Qin Yu’s figure changed into a phantom and disappeared from his original spot. The attack only hit thin air.

“Bastard! If you have the ability, then don’t dodge!” Qing Yun shouted angrily and formed an even stronger sword light with the Azure Edge Sword, as she attacked in Qin Yu’s direction.

*Swish* *Swish* The swords echoed, each one moving faster than the other. Each strike was filled with matchless power. All of the surrounding people stared in shock and trepidation. But each time, Qin Yu slipped away like a ghost leaving only an afterimage as he wandered on the edge of the sword, narrowly evading each killing strike every time.

“Enough!” A loud shout shook everyone who was present as Qin Yu jumped out of the fight. He stood in the windy night. His clothes were torn and he appeared to be stuck in a difficult situation. Qing Yun’s sword speed was as fast as lightning. It was incomparable to an ordinary person’s speed and was extremely powerful. Even though he was using a body movement art like Cloudtrack Phantom, he still found it somewhat difficult. After all, Cloudtrack Phantom still wasn’t completely developed.

Qing Yun stopped attacking and pointed her sword at Qin Yu with a sneer. “Well aren’t you good at dodging? If you have the ability, then just continue to dodge! Hmph!”

“Qing Yun, you’re going too far! This Young Master will fight with you!” No matter who it was, they would inevitably get angry. Being forced to be cut into a sorry figure by a little girl made Qin Yu angry.

“That’s what this Miss desires! Take out your sword then! This Miss doesn’t want to take advantage of you!” Fighting spirit surged through Qing Yun’s body. Her aim was to force Qin Yu to attack.

“Sword!” Qin Yu shouted to the person behind him. It was inconvenient always carrying the sword he had crafted yesterday. Since Wang Murong had a space ring, he just stored it in there.

Wang Murong took out Qin Yu’s sword and emerged from the crowd. Her entrance immediately attracted everyone’s gaze.

Noble, elegant, and graceful beyond compare. Her soft as water face carried a faint smile, causing others to become carefree and relaxed, and filled with boundless infatuation.

Compared to the cool and elegant Qing Yun, she had a different sort of grace and charm.

The majority only paid attention to her beauty, but for some of the seniors like Qin Zhan and Lu Jing, they also took note of her things and the strong aura of a cultivator around her body.

The initial stage of Immersion Realm? How was this possible?

Their hearts shook intensely. She didn’t even seem to be seventeen, yet she was already a master at the Immersion Realm? It was simply unimaginable.

Immersion Realm was a completely new realm. They had all lived for so long, yet none of them ever heard of or even saw a person reach Immersion Realm before the age of twenty. This young lady still seemed like she had a long way to go before she turned twenty. Somebody reaching Immersion Realm at the age of twenty was already monstrous ah! She was a monster amongst monsters!

Who was she? How did Qin Yu know her? And why was she holding Qin Yu’s sword? Was she somebody from Luosang City? Since when did Luosang City have someone like her?

This time, Lu Jing and Lu Wushuang’s faces were somewhat unsightly. Lu Jing had just been talking with Qin Biao earlier about how wonderful it had been that his daughter had not been engaged with a cripple like Qin Yu.

Look at him now! Was Qin Yu a cripple? Did Qin Yu lack women?

What was Lu Wushuang worth? Regardless of appearance or class, the young lady beside him was better by far. As for strength, she could easily send Lu Wushuang flying several streets away.

Compared to Wang Murong, even Lu Wushuang herself felt inferior, She was Luosang City’s flower but in front of the true flower, she could only be considered a leaf.

“Your saber.” Under everyone’s eyes, Wang Murong handed the saber to Qin Yu.

“Thank you.” Qin Yu gripped the saber and unsheathed it with a *sha* sound. A bloody light blossomed from its surface as a faint bloody smell pervaded the air, causing the crowd’s hearts to tremble. A trace of horror blossomed in their hearts as they stared at the blood-colored saber.

Qing Yun frowned when she saw the blood-colored saber. Just now, she was focused on Wang Murong and sizing her up as she guessed at the relationship between the two. Now she was attracted by the blood-colored saber in amazement.

What kind of demonic sword was this, for it to emit such bloodlust? She stared at it rigidly and she felt as if her own blood was boiling inside her.

This sword had fused with Qin Yu’s blood, so it had that sort of power.

Qin Yu pointed his sword and loudly shouted, “Qing Yun, make your move. I will defeat you in three strikes!”

Qing Yun stopped staring at the blood-colored saber and steadied her state of mind, as she said with disdain, “Just some shameless boasting.” Then, she immediately waved her azure sword, the cyan sword light blossoming again.

“Miss Murong, step back!”

Wang Murong didn’t need him to say anymore as she swiftly jumped backward. Her body glided easily in the night sky as she slowly landed amongst the crowd. In that split second, many of the youths admired her beautiful appearance, sinking into everlasting infatuation.

“Azure Edge Sword’s first form, Traceless Sword!” A delicate shout rang out as Qing Yun swept through the sky, her graceful appearance forming a beautiful image. Her slender, white hands moved as if she was dancing. She slashed downwards with her sword to create a cyan blade of sword qi that resembled a ripple in a pond. It brought with it a strong hiss that ripped through the air as it sent waves of azure light intended to chop down whatever was in its way.

“Scarlet Blood Sword Art’s first form, Blood Piercing Through the Vast Sky!”

Qin Yu instantly flew up and swung his blood saber, creating a horizontal blade of sword qi that sliced through the horizon, colliding with the cyan blade in midair.

*Slam* *Slam* *Slam*

The wind whistled with deafening noise as they fiercely fought.

All the faces of everyone in the crowd changed. Strong. This was a battle between top cultivators!

“Azure Edge Sword’s fifth form, Whistling Strike to Ninth Heaven!”

Like a berserk hurricane, the azure sword light erratically whistled through the horizon. It brought with it a terrifying destructive aura as it aimed for the kill.

“Scarlet Blood Sword Arts fifth form, Waves of Blood Overflowing The Heavens!”

A huge wave of blood similar to the great tides of the ocean surged up, roaring as it crashed into the fiercely whistling hurricane.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Every time they collided, it produced a noise similar to the explosion of muffled thunder, causing the entire area to shake.

The ones below Immersion Realm all trembled incessantly. Both of their powers already surpassed the boundary of an Origin Realm cultivator. Not only were their weapons extraordinary, but their high-level sword arts were as well. Furthermore, they were both geniuses amongst geniuses. It was a showdown between talents.

However, Qin Yu said that he would defeat Qing Yun in three moves. Right now, two moves had already been used and there was only one move left. Would Qing Yun lose? The probability did not seem very high. The two were evenly matched. It seemed like finishing in a short time was practically impossible.

No one in the crowd believed Qin Yu could actually defeat Qing Yun in only three moves.

“Qing Yun, it’s already been three moves. Now it’s this Young Master’s turn to act!” Ten meters high in the air, Qin Yu’s blood saber whirled. “The ninth form of Scarlet Blood Sword Art, a Thousand Shadows of Blood!”

Of Scarlet Blood Sword Art’s thirteen forms, the ninth form was the strongest one Qin Yu could use with his current strength.

Under the shocked stares of countless people, the dark sky suddenly changed. It was almost like the sky above their heads had been swallowed up by a thick curtain of blood. Inside the curtain, there were countless densely packed swords made of qi that warped together like lightning as it roared. In the next moment, the blood-colored sword qi that covered the skies rained down with dreadful destructive power. It violently came crashing down on the tiny, beautiful figure of the girl below.

This move was absolutely terrifying. All the elders including Qin Zhan were so shocked that their chins almost dropped. He was stunned, unable to comprehend how and where Qin Yu acquired such a powerful skill. The Qin Family never had such a terrifying sword art.

“Yun’er, be careful!” The faces of those from Luonan City changed. A middle-aged man couldn’t help but jump out and release a shout like a clap of thunder.

“Azure Edge Sword’s ninth form, Sword Breaking the Heavens!”

Devastating sword light exploded out from the tip of the sword as it struck back.

The Qing Family’s Azure Edge Sword had nine forms and was also called the Nine Azure Edge Swords. The ninth form was the last and strongest form.

A magnificently dazzling azure colored sword made of qi propelled itself upward, breaking through the top of the blood-colored sword mirage. It rushed toward the reddened sky, seeming to pierce a hole through it.

The sword light flew back down and extinguished the thousands of swords, scattering the blood-red color.

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