Chapter 129: Collapse of the Qin Family's Young Generation.


“Old Tie, only you know the way around this tunnel. You and your people can lead the way for the rest of us.” Qin Yu seemed to have put himself in charge.


With so many people here, whether it be due to seniority or family position, it shouldn’t be him taking charge. However, in the martial world, the strong were respected. The terrifying strength Qin Yu had displayed made him their backbone, so even if someone was dissatisfied with his decisions, they wouldn’t dare to voice it.


“Elder Su, take Miss Yinxue and go with Old Tie.”


On one hand, he was saying Old Tie, and on the other, Elder Su. Tie Shou felt even more depressed.


Of those present, who hadn’t heard of Tie Shou? Even the most qualified Qin Zong had to be somewhat respectful to him, yet this stinking brat, Qin Yu, wasn’t even sparing him any face. Even if he wanted to call him Old Tie, don’t do it when everyone was around! If no one was around, he could even call him Little Tie for all he cared.


“You go first, Yun’er.” Qin Yu ignored Tie Shou’s gloominess. 


“No. I’m not going until you’re going.” Although it was a simple sentence, her steely resolution was clear.


“Aish. Miss Qing, you and my daughter should go first. I’ll stay here with this little fellow,” Su Xiongfei reassured her with his loud, booming voice.


“No. If he’s not going, then I’m not going either,” Qing Yun insisted.


He sighed. “Child, you—” he was about to continue when Qin Yu interrupted.


“Alright. Yun’er, you can stay. The rest of you, follow Old Tie.” Time was ticking, and Qin Yu didn’t want to waste any more words. The dwarf army would reassemble and attack again soon, and if they sent an expert this time, none of them would be able to leave.


Truly, he was extremely worried about what was to come. 


Suddenly, the shouts and screams of murder and tragedy resounded again. Someone from the Qin family rushed to the front and frantically reported to Qin Zong, “Family head, this is bad. The dwarves are attacking again!”


“What?” Qin Yu’s expression dropped. “Quick, enter the tunnel,” he urged.


“I’ll go intercept them, the rest of you hurry up and leave through the tunnel.” He flew up and hurried away, waves of murderous intent rolling behind him.


“I’ll go too,” Qing Yun quickly followed, and the two soon disappeared from sight.


Su Yinxue stared at Qing Yun’s beautiful departing figure with eyes full of envy. She was thinking about how nice it would be if she had that same heroic bearing. Right then, she made up her mind to learn martial arts.


“Quick, quick, get into the tunnel.”


After Qin Yu left, it was finally Tie Shou’s turn to take charge. He hollered in all directions and led the people into the tunnel. 


“Xue’er, let’s go.” Su Xiongfei knew how serious the situation was, but he was too worried about his daughter’s safety to think of leaving to assist Qin Yu. He led his daughter into the tunnel.


There were around three hundred people fleeing. Most of them were from the Qin family, but there were also some civilians that they had picked up along the way.


Evidently, two-thirds of the Qin family had died during the evacuation. It was a cruel and tragic fact, but compared to other families, their family had the highest rate of survival in this disaster. For other families, surviving with even just ten family members was already considered fortunate. 


The city manor contained the most people. The number of soldiers, officers, and servants totaled up to thousands. After the disaster, however, less than fifty of them were still alive.


Before the army of the underground city invaded, they were commanded that not even a single ant was to be let out. Little did they know that Tie Shou had dug secret tunnels that hundreds of people could easily escape through.


At this time, in the luxurious main hall of the city manor, three imposing dwarves entered. They were the masterminds behind the disaster, Yi Suo, Wu Ha, and Lamu Da. They were also the heads of the three major families in the underground city.


“Ha, such magnificence. As I thought, the world above is much better,” the fifty-year-old Yi Suo sighed as he glanced around the audience hall.


“Hehehe, you’re right. And now, all of this belongs to us. After all, how could those inferior human beings match such a noble place?” Wu Ha smiled proudly. He was a black-faced man.


Lastly was Lamu Da, whose body was as round as a ball. He cast a contemptuous look at the other two dwarves and snorted, “You’re both too easy to please. What does this place count for? There are plenty of places more beautiful and magnificent than this. We must continue our expansion and conquer more and more beautiful places.”


“Haha… not bad, not bad. As expected, Lamu Da, you are brilliantly far-sighted.” The other two dwarves laughed and agreed.


Yi Suo made a suggestion of his own, “According to the information my family has gathered, the closest cities from here are Luonan and Luobei. I suggest that we dispatch two teams to immediately conquer and occupy those cities.”


“Good suggestion, I agree,” Wu Ha immediately said. 


“I also agree,” Lamu Da echoed.


“Good.” Yi Suo was about to turn around and start giving orders when one of his men rushed in. He knelt down while holding a fist against his bosom, and reported with his head lowered, “Reporting to the three chiefs: we have encountered two opposing experts and suffered heavy casualties. We implore the three masters to dispatch our own experts to the battle.”


The three dwarves frowned. Yi Suo was the first to respond, “What kind of experts, and how heavy are the deaths and injuries? Explain clearly.”


“Answering Chief Yi: there are two experts, one male and one female. The female wields a blue sword, and the male wields a blood blade. The male is especially terrifying. When his blade chops down, none of us can avoid it. Several Transformation Realm cultivators and countless others have already died under his blade.”


“What? Several Transformation Realm cultivators have died under his blade?” Immediately, the expressions on the three dwarves’ faces turned ugly. The others didn’t matter, but the Transformation Realm cultivators were the main forces of any family. Every one of their deaths would weaken the overall strength of the family.


“And, Chief Yi, someone reported seeing Miss Yi Fei,” the subordinate added.


“Yi Fei? That wretched rebel?” Hearing her name, Yi Suo gritted his teeth and a fierce glint entered his eyes. “It seems that this old man will have to go over there personally.”


“Oh? Master Yi, a Spirit Realm Master like you is going in person? Who exactly is this Yi Fei?” Wu Ha asked curiously.


“That wretch killed one of my Yi family members that had the potential of becoming a Spirit Realm Master. Her own biological mother! This old man needs to go deal with her personally. Go!” After saying that, Yi Suo left the hall in a rage.


Wu Ha turned to Lamu Da. ”Master Lamu, let’s go have a look at the expert who killed so many of our Transformation Realm cultivators. Perhaps he is a Spirit Realm Master and would require us to dispose of him ourselves.”


Lamu Da had no objections. “Okay, let’s go.” They took their own men and headed in the direction of Tie Shou's Craftsman Shop.




“Blood of a Thousand Shadows.” 


“Sword Breaking Through the Heavens.” 


Outside Tie Shuo’s Craftsman Shop, Qin Yu’s blood blade and Qing Yun’s blue sword intertwined and turned the area around them into hell.


“Retreat, retreat quickly!”


Countless soldiers from the underground city screamed and desperately retreated in fear.


When the crimson remnants of sword qi disappeared, only corpses were left on the ground. A sea of blood dyed the ground red, making for a terrifying sight.


The dwarves who were still alive looked at the hellish scene in front of them, their faces twitching and their hearts trembling. This time, none of them dared to charge forward again. Even the most ferocious of them, the ones who did not fear death, were struck with deep fear when they looked at the two gods of murder before them.


Dead silence fell, and all sounds of slaughter ceased. The two sides silently confronted each other. 


The dwarf army dared not charge forward, but they didn’t retreat either. They were waiting for their experts to arrive.


“Qin Yu, they’ve all left. You’re the only two left, hurry and leave!” Qin Zong shouted from behind them, breaking the silence. 


Qin Yu did not hesitate. Of course, he knew that the dwarves were waiting for the arrival of their experts. He had to withdraw before that. 


“Let’s go.”


“Mhm.” Qing Yun nodded. 


They spun around and ran for the tunnel.


Some of the dwarf soldiers wanted to chase after them, but they were easily and immediately stopped by Qin Yu when he turned his head and shot them an icy glare.


They rushed to the tunnel, and when they arrived, Qin Zong was waiting for them at the entrance.


“Qin Yu, we need to destroy the entrance,” Qin Zong said.


“Of course. Step aside.” Qin Yu waited until they were a good distance away before striking the top and sides of the entrance with his blood blade. With a roar, the tunnel entrance shook and began to collapse at breaking speed.




Before it collapsed completely, Qin Yu ran in and quickly caught up with Qin Zong and Qing Yun. They swept forward at an astonishing speed.


In order to prevent the dwarves from digging up the entrance, he destroyed the tunnel behind him as he went, filling the space with incessant rumbling and quaking.

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