Chapter 128: Rescue

The two girls, Su Yinxue and Yi Fei, both hid in the innermost corner. Su Yinxue was not a martial arts practitioner, so she could only take shelter in a safe place. Yi Fei knew martial arts, but she was unwilling to raise a hand against the people from the underground city. After all, they were her own people.


“Why should I believe you?” Hei Lang asked while looking at her strangely. How could a girl who wasn’t even a martial arts practitioner know if Qin Yu would be able to return alive from Qin Yundao’s clutches?


Even if he did come back alive, how would he get back in here? Breaking through the large dwarf army outside would prove difficult.


Therefore, no matter what they said, Hei Lang and his group held little hope for Qin Yu’s return.


“I’m confident he won’t leave us behind,” Su Yinxue answered firmly. 


“Alright then, I hope you’re right,” Hei Lang said calmly, too lazy to argue with her. “Take care of yourselves, they’re about to attack again. This time, I’m afraid…”


He looked out at the assembling mass of attackers, and the expression on his face grew grave. This time, there were horned demonic beasts mixed in with the dwarves. Their large pointed horns were, needless to say, going to be used for striking the walls. He hoped the walls would be able to withstand the bombardment of the beasts.


“Mo Yu, protect the two girls.” Tie Shou also recognized the severity of the situation, and he immediately ordered his last remaining apprentice, Mo Yu, to protect the girls. Then, without hesitation, he opened all of the storage chests and took out the best weapons before letting Hei Lang and the rest each choose one to use. Afterward, he picked out a weapon for himself.


They moved toward the entrance.


Outside, the assembled dwarf army hollered as they attacked. At the command of the tamers, the beasts roared and charged forth while kicking up a storm of dirt and dust.


Seeing the drove of beasts that charged toward them with enough force to topple the mountains and overturn the seas, the expressions on the guards’ faces changed.


“Looks like we’ll be fighting to the death today. Kill one to protect our capital, kill two for profit. Kill!” Tie Shou took the lead and charged forth while swinging a black broadsword. 


The fierce blade tore through the air and instantly decapitated the head of a beast—as expected of the treasure he kept at the very bottom of the chest! The beast died with a tragic howl, and it was trampled to mush by the horde of beasts charging in from the rear.


“Kill, kill, kill…”


Hei Lang and the others joined in, and they swept up the beasts in a storm of flashing knives and swords. Together, they were several times stronger than Tie Shou, and they were also equipped with top-notch weapons. Their momentum was astonishing. Countless beasts fell under their attacks.


The dwarf army rushed in from behind the beasts in much greater numbers. When they reached a certain distance, the beasts split to two sides, leaving the middle empty. They focused their attacks on the walls while dodging Hei Lang and the guards’ attacks.


Soon, the dwarves met with the guards at the front of the entrance. Loud screams, shouts, and roars filled the air, but the guards were unfazed. What scared them were the constant booms from the walls under the beasts’ incessant blows. Each time a beast roared, the storage room shook. The shaking became more and more intense until finally, the sturdy walls began to crack. Sand and stones rained down.


The beast tamers noticed the change and redoubled their efforts, signaling the beasts to strike the walls with even more force. Some began to bleed, but only when their horns were broken were they finally called to withdraw to make room for another wave.


“Master Tie, is there really no other way out?” Hei Lang asked as he continued to attack from atop a pile of dwarf corpses, his body bathed in blood.


“We can only fight to the death and hope for Qin Yu’s return. Why hasn’t that boy come back yet?” Tie Shou was also covered in blood that belonged to both himself and his enemies. After a while, he had to run back behind Hei Lang and the others for a short respite. He gasped for air as Hei Lang gave a miserable grin. 


Hope for Qin Yu’s return? Even if he was still alive, wouldn’t he just flee after seeing the battle? 


“I never thought I, Hei Lang, would die like this, but I hope my sacrifice will be worth it. Lord, I will pay my last respects to you here today.” Hei Lang roared, raised his weapon, and charged deeper into battle. “Kill!” The others followed and were soon swallowed by the flood of dwarves.


Tie Shou looked in the direction of the castle and sighed. “My King, I, Tie Shou, will also pay my last respects.” Afterward, he prepared to dive into the battle, but out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw a surge of blood fly into the air, and a glinting blade amidst the dwarf army.


At first, he was stunned. Then, he began to laugh wildly and almost started to dance with joy. “Haha! The boy’s here! At last, he’s here!” 


Chaos reigned in the rear of the dwarf army as a sudden flood of red blood, like the devil’s mouth, devoured their lives. 


“Hahaha! Kill! You little midgets, I’ll kill all of you!” Tie Shou was suddenly filled with strength, as though he had been shot with chicken blood. Brandishing his broadsword, he charged into the chaos and began to slaughter.


Hei Lang and the others also noticed Qin Yu’s arrival, and Hei Lang was especially surprised. Not only did he not die or flee after seeing the battle, he even killed his way in. Hei Lang was even more surprised when he saw how terrifying Qin Yu’s method of killing was. One slash and blood would fly into the air, followed by countless corpses falling to the ground.


This, what kind of demon is this?


As a member of the Heavenly Wolf Guards, Hei Lang had seen his share of powerful experts, but it was his first time seeing someone as demonic as Qin Yu.


Qin Yu’s arrival signified a disaster for the dwarf army. His sword arts were especially suited for large scale chaotic battles and combined with his high cultivation level, made him an unstoppable force against the expertless garrison. Very soon, they regrouped with Tie Shou.


Behind him was Qing Yun, Su Xiongfei, and the Qin Family cultivators led by Qin Zong. They joined in on the slaughter and completely devastated the dwarves besieging Tie Shou’s group.


“Master Tie, are you alright?” Qin Yu asked urgently after rushing over. 


“Hahaha… good! Qin Yu, this old man knew you would come back!” Tie Shou laughed in response, completely disregarding his injuries. “Rest assured, I’m fine. I’m still alive.”


“Alright,” Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and he was glad that he hadn’t arrived too late. “Where’s Su Yinxue?”


“Inside.” Tie Shou wiped some blood off his face and pointed to the back of the storage room.


Before Qin Yu could react, Su Xiongfei broke in from the back of the group and bellowed, “My daughter’s inside?” 


Tie Shou stared in astonishment at the large bearded man. His eyes were sharp and his body was covered in blood. He looked every bit like a ferocious giant.


“You are?”


“This old man is Su Xiongfei, Su Yinxue’s father.” Su Xiongfei continued to bellow, “Tell me quick, how is my daughter?”


“Father, I’m here.” A snow-white figure suddenly ran out, cutting Su Xiongfei’s bellow short.


“Xue’er.” Su Xiongfei dropped his blade with a bang and flew over to envelop her tiny figure in his arms. Then, he began to sob.


“Xue’er, you’re safe… you’re safe. If something were to have happened to you, how would I explain to your dead mother? Thank god, wuwu…!”


His sobs were loud and booming, but when the rest of them looked at him, they lowered their gaze and almost wanted to kneel. 


Who would’ve thought that such a fierce and boorish man was capable of crying like that? Compared to him, countless women would be ashamed to the point of wanting to kneel in worship.


“Wuwuwu… Father, stop crying. I’m glad you’re safe too… wuwuwu…” The father and daughter pair stood there and hugged each other while crying loudly.


Tie Shou cleared his throat and turned to Qin Yu, “So, Qin Yu… We can’t continue standing here and watching them cry like this. The situation’s urgent, and we must leave as soon as possible.” He sighed and thought to himself that this Su Xiongfei really was a strange man.


Qin Yu nodded. “Mhm, we need to get out as soon as possible.”


“I have tunnels here that we can leave through.” This time, Tie Shou remembered the tunnels.


“Tunnels?” Qin Yu was pleasantly surprised. “That’s great, where are they?”


“Over at the stables. Follow me.” Before he left, he looked over at Su Xiongfei and Su Yinxue and said, “Hey, hey. Stop crying, let’s get out of here first. Then you two can cry, okay?” Then, he turned around and guided the group to the stables.


When they reached the stables, Tie Shou removed a thick heap of straw and pushed aside an inconspicuous stone slab, revealing a tunnel wide enough for two people to pass through at a time.


“Old Tie, you’re brilliant.” In his excitement, Qin Yu directly called him “Old Tie” instead of “Master Tie” like he had been doing.


Tie Shou was originally happy to have been praised, but hearing a young teenager call him, who was a Grandmaster, Old Tie, he felt somewhat gloomy.


“Quick, everyone, leave the city from here,” Qin Yu called out loudly.

Qin Zong and the others sprung into action and began to direct the survivors through the tunnel.

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