Chapter 127: Breakthrough!

The surrounding dwarves became absolutely terrified of the ‘witch’ and hastily stopped their assault. They scattered off and regrouped further away in preparation to attack Qing Yun like a group of wolves. 


“Yun’er, stop!” 


Qin Yu shouted as he chased after Qing Yun. This wasn’t the time to go berserk. The most important thing right now was to go to Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop.


“I want to kill them all!” Qing Yun screeched in response while dashing forward yet again.


“Come back!” Qin Yu’s figure flickered as he also dashed forward. He grabbed her hand, and shouted with an angry voice, “Wake up! There are plenty of chances to kill them but right now, we have something more important to do, understand?”


Qing Yun seemed to wake up with Qin Yu’s shouts, and her furious rage slowly cooled off as she turned to face Qin Yu. She lowered her head upon seeing the angry look on his face, and she spoke softly, like a child who had made a mistake, “I’m sorry, I, I…” 


“Don’t say anymore, let’s go.” Qin Yu did not have the time to be wordy here and he ran in the direction of Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop while Qing Yun hastily followed along.


Behind him, Qin Zong, along with whoever was left that could still fight, guarded the remnants of the non-combatants in the Qin Family estate. They fought while making their way towards Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop. 


But the crushing thing was that, as Qin Zong’s group made their way towards Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop, there would always be countless other survivors running to join them. Their group was like a snowball that got bigger and bigger. 


The sheer size of the group made it impossible for them to slip by without notice. Soon, the dwarven soldiers gathered up to focus their attacks on them. 


The number of cultivators in the Qin Family that could still fight was limited and they could only protect a few areas at a time. Many of the guards had given up their lives to protect the large number of slow-moving stragglers who refused to give up their knapsacks and belongings.


The densely packed army of dwarves charged forward while waving their swords. Countless humans toppled over their knives, and blood swiftly dyed the streets crimson. 


“Quick, quick, quick!” Qin Zong shouted desperately as he urged the Qin Family members to speed up their steps, “Throw everything away! Leave them all behind and run faster!”


At this moment, when they were faced with a threat to their lives, everyone finally threw away all their belongings and ran as fast as they could. 


More and more dwarves were blocking their way forward. Qin Yu, Qing Yun, and Su Xiongfei became the leaders of the group, and they killed waves after waves of dwarves. But what made them truly fearful was that despite killing so many, everything seemed the same as before. The more they killed, the more frantic the dwarves became, and they charged forward with even greater ferocity. The waves seemed endless and furthermore, it seemed that each horde of dwarves was stronger than the last. 


“F*ck, how are these dwarves so fierce?” Su Xiongfei was at the late stage of the Transformation Realm but he had killed until his hands went weak, and he couldn’t help but shout in anger. 


Qin Yu’s blood saber continued to chop out as he shouted towards Su Xiongfei, “Senior Su, you good?” 


“No problem, charge!” Su Xiongfei howled as he charged forward, blood splashing all over his body. Very soon, he also became covered in blood. 


“I say, youngster, where are you taking us?” Su Xiongfei dashed beside Qin Yu and asked loudly.


“To be with your daughter.” Qin Yu replied as he continued to fend off the hordes of enemies ahead.


“My daughter? Hey explain this to Laozi properly, what do you have to do with my daughter?” Even at such a critical time, Su Xiongfei still insisted on knowing Qin Yu’s relationship with his daughter. 


“I don’t have any relationship with her. It was just a stroke of fate.” Qin Yu explained it like this.


“Rubbish, you’re trying to fool me!” Su Xiongfei charged forward and chopped two of the dwarves in half as he shouted, “If you really had no special relationship with her, then why would you go and crash Qin Yuandao’s wedding before killing a bunch of them!? Hmph!”


“Um…” Qin Yu didn’t know how to reply.


“Qin Yu, they can’t keep up.” Qing Yun suddenly spoke up and saved the awkward Qin Yu. 


Qin Yu turned around and found that Qin Zong’s group had already been encircled by a group of dwarves, and they were crying out in fear. The group of dwarves was ruthlessly slaughtering the completely unarmed and defenseless common people, who could not put up the slightest defense. 


“Kill our way back!” Qin Yu had no hesitation as he swung his blade, bringing forth a wave of blood. He killed countless more dwarves.


Qing Yun and Su Xiongfei did the same as they turned around and followed Qin Yu. Sword qi and remnant images flashed everywhere as they killed their way out. 


Seeing them cut their way back, the dwarves behind them roared and charged forth like a tide to block them. 


“F*ck, these are like rabid sticky dogs!” Su Xiongfei cursed before shouting at Qin Yu, “Youngster, you go help them, Laozi will fend them off.” 


“Yun’er, you go help senior. I’ll be back soon.” Qin Yu shouted an order at Qing Yun. 


“Alright, be careful.” Qing Yun didn’t object and immediately followed Qin Yu’s command to fend off the main forces of the dwarven army. She was the weakest when compared to Qin Yu and Su Xiongfei, but the Remote Azure Sword in her hand patched up her weaknesses. The incomplete Spirit Weapon she wielded was compatible with the nine deadly strikes she had inherited from her Qing Family, so her power was not lacking in the slightest compared to Su Xiongfei.


Qin Yu killed his way back, just to see Qin Zong surrounded by more than a dozen dwarves, including one at the Transformation Realm. Qin Zong was wounded and in great peril. Several corpses of cultivators from the Qin Family laid by his side. 


“Blood Shadow Definite Kill!” 


Raging crimson strikes of sword qi charged forward while intertwining, and they crashed into the group of dwarves, including the Transformation Realm dwarf. The group was torn apart, and the surrounding dwarves were so afraid that they leaped in fear. While they were staring in shock, another blood red wave charged toward them. 


“Qin Yu, you finally came.” Qin Zong’s burden was finally lifted as he sighed with relief. He staggered backward, seemingly about to collapse.


Qin Yu dashed up to support him and asked worriedly, “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine! Quick, save them!” Qin Zong struggled to stand straight and shouted hoarsely. 


Qin Yu turned his head, and he saw the dwarven soldiers berserkly slaughtering the fleeing crowd. He saw the copses that laid everywhere, the watery blood trickling down to the ground, and he heard the mournful screams of the women and children. He was infuriated, and a red tint filled with bloodlust appeared in his eyes. He released a roar filled with grief and fury. Man and blade merged into one, and he turned into a killing machine as he pounced at the dwarven soldiers.


Blood rained everywhere as screams filled the air. At this moment, all he could do was kill, kill, and kill, until all the dwarves he could see were dead.


Qin Zong saw Qin Yu violently keeping back the dwarven army and he hastily gathered up the remaining survivors and directed them to escape. 




Here, a group was dashing through Tie Shou’s Craftsman Shop, which had already been encircled by the dwarven army. 


The buildings surrounding the workshop had already been destroyed. Almost all of Tie Shou’s disciples had died in their attempt to resist the dwarves, leaving only Mo Yu alive. 


Tie Shou was helpless and he could only bring Mo Yu and the remaining three Heavenly Wolf Guards who were guarding Su Yinxue, along with Yi Fei, into hiding in the Weapon Storage Room. Since it held all his treasured creations, it was very strongly fortified. 


But unfortunately, the people of the underground city had already discovered Yi Fei.


Yi Fei was already viewed as a monster in the Underground City, especially by the Yi Family who especially loathed her, and wished for her death. The higher echelons of the Yi Family had sent out a decree: Whoever killed the monster Yi Fei would be heavily rewarded. 


Because of this, the dwarves pursued them into Tie Shou’s Craftsmen Shop relentlessly. They even used their fiercest demonic beasts to ram into the storage room door. The continuous strikes left the door tattered, and it was an inch away from falling apart until finally, a gap was broken through. The gap encouraged the horde of dwarves to charge through, screaming and howling as they struggled in.


The Three Heavenly Sky Wolf Guards could only forcibly try to fill the gap, and they killed wave after wave of enemies.


Fortunately, the three were very strong and they were all Transformation Realm masters. But in the end, their numbers were too little and under the berserk, life-risking attacks of the dwarves, the three all suffered wounds. If this continued, under the endless bombardment of the dwarves, they would surely lose sooner or later.


“Master Tie, we can’t continue this way. We have to think of a plan to escape.” After killing another bunch of dwarves, the Three Heavenly Sky Wolf Guards retreated to snatch a breather. The middle-aged black-clothed man, who was the leader amongst the three, spoke up to Tie Shou. 


Tie Shou’s face was dejected as he paced back and forth for a few rounds before finally stopping, “Hei Lang, there is a path that was specifically designed as a preparation for the worst. This old man had stealthily crafted a tunnel over the course of a dozen years, to allow people to sneak from the shop to outside the city.”


If it was like that, why didn’t you say it earlier?!


Hei Lang’s face was filled with exasperation but right now, they were under Tie Shou’s command and they had to obey him. It wouldn’t be good to scold him, so he could only say, “Tunnel is good, let’s hurry up and go.” 


“However, the tunnel isn’t here, it’s in the stables. We have to kill our way out from here to there.” Tie Shou’s words made everybody’s hopeful eyes suddenly darken, and some of them even almost fainted from hearing the news.


What joke was this? It would already be quite a feat for them to hold their advantage here. They were surrounded by soldiers and cavalry. If they went outside, they would’ve immediately been drowned in an endless tide.


Hei Lang really wanted to pummel Tie Shou. If the tunnel was in the stables, then, to begin with, why didn’t they run there instead of coming here to die?!


Tie Shou himself was also filled with endless regret. Earlier, they had been too hurried and he forgot. Only now did they realize what a huge mistake he had made. 


Could it be that they could only wait here for their deaths? No, his heart still held a thread of hope.


“Hei Lang, let’s wait for a little while. Maybe Qin Yu will catch up soon.” His hopes were placed on Qin Yu. 


Hei Lang and the others were startled when they heard Tie Shou mention Qin Yu. 


Hei Lang stared at Tie Shou, his voice unsure, “You think Qin Yu can still come back alive?” 


They really weren’t confident that Qin Yu, an initial stage Transformation Realm cultivator of the younger generation, could return alive after facing off against Qin Yuandao. It was already a miracle for him to have stalled Qin Yuandao so they could successfully bring Su Yinxue out. 


Hei Lang wouldn’t forget. Out of the five of them, two of their comrades had directly been killed by a single strike of Qin Yuandao’s palm without the slightest resistance. The two were both at the middle stage of the Transformation Realm. 


But with a mysterious source of confidence, Tie Shou nodded firmly, “I believe he can come back alive.”


“I also believe so.” Su Yinxue piped up. 


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