Chapter 126: Two God Killing Seniors


Chapter 126 Two Seniors Killing God


When Qin Yu heard Su Xiongfei’s swearing, he took a glance at him, and a thought surfaced in his heart, “As if it wasn’t your fault, you old man.”


“Youngster, wait here. Let me go and try to reason with them. This is going to be a life-threatening attempt at breaking out, not a trip to visit relatives.” Su Xiongfei abandoned Qin Yu and charged towards the practice field by himself, leaving behind a whistling wind. Even though he had been locked up in prison, he was treated to good food and drink by Qin Yuan during the last few days, and he didn’t meet much adversity. Thus, he was still strong. 


However, Qin Yu wondered if there was something wrong with the brain of this old man. The Su family's extermination was in large part due to the Qin family. It would be alright if he hated the Qin family. Hence, Qin Yu couldn't understand why he was so enthusiastic when it came to helping the Qin family breakout.


“Qin Yu, this Su Senior is…? At the side, Qing Yun, who had kept mum the entire time, couldn’t help but ask a question. 


Qin Yu shook his head, “Every person has their own personality and beliefs. We have no way to understand their actions, just like how I don’t understand yours. Why did you still want to come at such a time?”


While speaking, Qin Yu looked towards the battle happening at the Qin family’s main gate. The underground city’s army was charging forth in waves. When he saw the Qin family’s people fall one by one, his expression scrunched up a bit.


He was worried that something would happen to Qing Yun while he was leading such a large group of people to slaughter their way out. After all, when the time came to kill their way out, weapons have no eyes[1], and anything could happen. 


A trace of bitterness appeared on Qing Yun’s face when she heard Qin Yu’s question. She was upset as she thought, “Why do you think I’d come here for! You fool, don’t tell me that you have no idea why?” However, Qin Yu did not overlook her bitter expression.

    Qin Yu didn’t say anything. He walked over slowly and then softly held onto her small hand. 


Qing Yun turned stiff. At that moment, she didn’t know how to respond correctly or how to react. She could only let Qin Yu hold onto her small hand. 


“Young Lady Qing, In the future, I will call you by the name Qing’er.” Qin Yu suddenly spoke in a very soft voice. 


“Mmhm.” Qing Yun was currently drawing a complete blank in her head. She absentmindedly nodded her head and made a sound of confirmation so quiet that even the buzz of mosquitoes could drown it out. 


“Qing’er, in a moment you must be careful. I’ll give you this sword.” Qin Yu let go of her hand. In his hands was a sparkling dark blue sword. 


Qing Yun’s eyes were attracted by the azure rays of light, and they quickly locked onto the Remote Azure Sword. 


Qin Yuandao used this weapon before. This was the Remote Azure Sword, and it was an incomplete spirit weapon. 


“This… is for me?” Qing Yun asked in an unbelieving tone. 


“What? Afraid that I’m tricking you?” Qin Yu smiled warmly, “In Bao Ding City, I said before that I’ll give you a better sword, and now I’m going to fulfill that promise.” 


Fine, I’ll accept it then.” Qing Yun’s cold and elegant countenance let out an inkling of a smile. She was like a frost covered flower that had its icy cover suddenly crack. The revealed flower bloomed atop of the earth, and immediately, all living things seemed to have lost their luster. The only thing left under the heavens was her stunning beauty.


At that moment, Qin Yu became somewhat absent-minded. 


When Qing Yun took the Remote Azure Sword, she discovered that Qin Yu was staring at her somewhat absentmindedly. Her face reddened slightly from embarrassment, which further increased her stunning beauty by adding a layer of bashful cuteness. 


“NO! I don’t want to die!” Suddenly, a desperate howl broke the beautiful atmosphere that surrounded the two. 


“Older brother, I’m coming to save you!”


“Don’t come over here, younger brother! Help me take care of my wife and kids.” 


His wretched cry was drowned out by the iron hooves of the Devil Beast Calvary that surged in. At that moment, the edges of the Qin family’s defensive line collapsed.


“We can’t hold them anymore! Quickly inform the family head. We require support!” Someone’s hoarse voice rose up from the din. 


“We can’t hold them back anymore, retreat!” 


As soon as a few people left the line, the shaky defense line immediately crumbled. Both sides of the main gate collapsed in a loud rumble as dense ranks of Devil Beast Calvary rushed in. 


“Ah! Run as fast as you can! Ah!” 


Miserable shrieks and screams suddenly came from all four directions. The skies above the Qin family seemed to have been torn apart as the hearts of everyone in the Qin family were shaken. The ones who couldn’t outrun the dwarves were quickly stomped into piles of flesh on the ground. 


The furious flood of dwarves seemed to be unstoppable. Everywhere they went, they left a trail of annihilation. 


There were some of them who discovered Qin Yu and Qing Yun, especially when she was stunning and beautiful beyond comparison. A group of Devil Beast Calvary immediately started yelling excitedly as they charged towards the two. 


Qin Yu turned his gaze toward the bloodthirsty mounted dwarves, and a light smile shone on his face. 


“Afraid?” He lightly quipped. 


The young girl shook her head, a trace of a smile reflected in her warm, limpid eyes, “Not afraid.” 


“Ok, just leave the Azure Edge Sword in my care and use the Remote Azure Sword.” 




Qing Yun gave the Azure Edge Sword to Qin Yu, and he put it into his space ring. With the Remote Azure Sword in one hand, Qing Yun’s petite figure suddenly let out rolling waves of ice cold murderous intent. In just a second, she had turned into an ice-cold female goddess who could not be blasphemed.




The mounted dwarves closed the distance between themselves and the pair, and the closer they got, the more they discovered how stunning Qing Yun was. Thus, their shouts became more and more excited. 


For these male underground city dwellers, they wanted to taste and experience the high-quality human girls the most, especially the ones that were both beautiful and had great figures. 


Seeing the feverishly excited dwarves getting closer, Qin Yu let out a cold smile. Crimson light flashed from his palms as he let out a roar.


“Scarlet Blood Sword’s First Form, Blood Piercing Through the Heavens.”


His body rose up from the ground and his blood blade swung in the air once. A horizontal line of crimson sword qi flew through the void and fell onto the ground. The bodies of the dwarves and devil beasts were ripped apart. 


In the blink of an eye, blood spurted and flew everywhere. The screams of people, the shouts of dwarves, all merged into a cacophony that shook the earth. 


“Azure Edge Sword First Form, Traceless Sword.” Closely behind Qin Yu, a tender voice resounded. A beautiful and tender figure leaped into the sky and danced in the sky. The Remote Azure Sword shot out cyan sword qi that tore through the air with hisses to behead their targets. 


The Remote Azure Sword had the strength of an incomplete spirit weapon. Her attack was just as strong as Qin Yu’s first attack. To the mounted dwarves, her attack was just as destructive. 


After these two attacks, the Devil Beast Calvary in front had nearly all been cleared out. The only thing left was the ground covered in dwarf corpses and devil beasts rolling around while letting out pained growls. In an instant, the ground was dyed red with blood. 


Upon witnessing this combined attack, not only were the spectating members of the Qin family shocked, even the legion of devil beasts were shocked, more so than the Qin family members. The army that had been facing in a multitude of directions before all looked towards them one after another. Following the loud call of a leader, the devil beast army very quickly congregated into a powerful legion. 


Just from the speed of how quickly they formed up, one could tell that these were elite cavalry. 




The cavalry, once assembled, let out angry roars. The blades they held up high reflected the sunlight and flickered with cold light. 


Rumble rumble rumble.


The flood of cavalry started their attack, and this time there wasn’t a small amount of them. There were three times the numbers compared to before. Even the earth itself seemed to tremble uneasily under the trampling flood of cavalry. 


“Azure Edge Sword Fifth Form, Waves of Blood Drown the Heavens.” Qin Yu’s blood saber cut out. Berserk waves of blood surged up violently, just like the great waves of the ocean, and roared out as it charged at the oncoming flood of calvary.


“Qing Feng Fifth Sword, Sword Breaking the Heavens.” Qing Yun immediately acted in concert and sent out her attack. Her Remote Azure Sword was like a tempestuous hurricane as it snarled and bellowed at the skies. It brought about a terrifying aura that seemed to proclaim that it will eradicate all. Coming down from the heavens, it met up with the waves of blood and intertwined together, twisting and contorting towards the mass of cavalry ahead. 


It was a massacre. A terrifying massacre. 


This time, the devil beast riding dwarves were too closely clustered together, causing their deaths to be even more wretched. 


Devil beasts and dwarves fell onto the ground. Limbs went flying and blood and flesh shot in all directions. 


This was the best opportunity to slaughter their way out. 


Qin Yu turned around to look at Qing Zong’s direction and let out a shout that resonated with the heavens, “What are you waiting for? Charge!” 


As this shout faded, he no longer bothered with the people behind. The time had come, and he would no longer waste time. He looked to Qing Yun, “Let’s go.” 


“En.” Qing Yun naturally didn’t have much to say. She would go wherever Qin Yu went. 


Their figures were just like killing gods. The crimson strands of sword qi interweaved to create a killing vortex. Wherever the vortex went, life was extinguished mercilessly. 


“They’re too strong! Quickly go inform the commander! We need experts to come and kill them.” The devil beast legion finally realized the terror of Qing Yun and Qin Yu. The living few frantically retreated and the messenger soldiers seemed to have been given life. They ran at their utmost speed to their commander. 


Qin Zong saw the two of them charge out, and he knew that they couldn’t wait for everyone. He immediately called out for the congregated mass to start following behind. 


“Everyone, f*cking throw all your personal belongings away, we’re running for our lives here, do you understand!?” While yelling and cursing, Su Xiongfei brandished a broadsword that no one had any idea where he found it from. After that, he no longer bothered to look after the Qin family as he madly chased after Qin Yu, “Hey, you two youngsters, wait for laozi!” 


Qin Yu stopped moving, turned around to look at Su Xiongfei who was charging over and smiled, “Senior, are you capable?” 


“What kind of joke is that? If laozi is incapable, then who’s capable?” Su Xiongfei waved his broadsword as he let out a lion’s roar. 


“Alright, then let us kill a path out.” Qin Yu waved his Blood Blade and took the initiative to charge out of the Qin family main gate. Behind him, Qing Yun and Su Xiongfei followed closely.  


Outside, the silhouettes of underground city soldiers wreaking havoc could be seen everywhere. The wails, cries for mercy, and calls for help from the commoners of Luosang City were covered up by the wild, beast-like laughter of the dwarves.


A few of the beasts were forcing themselves on a female in the middle of the street. They took off their pants in the middle of the street and crazily did ** to the female. She let out heart ripping wails and lung tearing screams, but these only served to make the dwarves more excited as crazed cruel laughter erupted from them. 


“Go die!” Qing Yun saw this scene, and as a fellow female, she couldn’t help but grind her teeth. Crazy murderous aura burst out from her as the tip of the Remote Azure Sword angrily struck down. In an instant, the few dwarves were all massacred.


After being saved, the woman seemed to have gone crazy. Wailing, she got up and ran her head into a nearby rock. Blood splashed all over the ground. 


Qing Yun was completely infuriated. She screeched as she swung the Remote Azure Sword in a fury, and all the dwarves nearby were continuously **. For a moment, she was just like a witch.

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