Chapter 125 A Difficult Battle With the Qin Family


The man and woman put their weapons away. They strolled over to Qin Wu and stared at him dismissively.


The lady in red was the first to speak, “That old fellow was practically begging for his own death. Is there a need to ask why? How absurd. Let me tell you this, anyone who offends me will meet the same end.” 


“This is too much. It was you who first bullied us!” Qin Wu yelled. He could not understand. This young lady dressed in red seemed so bright and adorable that he never would have thought that she had such a cruel and tyrannical nature. 


“Hohoho!” The lady in red roared with laughter. “That’s right. So what if we bully you? What can you do about it? Who asked you to be so useless and weak?”


“You…both of you…!” Qin Wu gritted his teeth, but he was helpless. Compared to them, he truly was a worthless person who was unable to do anything at all. He hated his powerlessness, and he hated that he was so useless.



“Well? You’re furious, aren’t you? Do you want vengeance? Very well. I shall wait here for you to come and take your revenge.” There was a derisive smile on the lady’s face which made her seem even more wild and arrogant. “I, the young lady before you, am Zhengyang Sect’s Lu Mei Hong, and this man is my senior, Mu Yang. Come seek me out at Zhengyang Sect if you can. I’ll be waiting for you.” She laughed wildly again.



Junior Sister, stop wasting your breath on this worthless thing. Let’s be on our way as soon as possible.” The man named Mu Yang reminded her. “Or perhaps I could just kill him for you?”


“No need. I’m still waiting for him to seek me out for his revenge. Just take an arm of his, that’ll count as leaving him a little thing to remember us by.” Lu Mei Hong cackled as she turned back to her steed, leaving Qin Wu to Mu Yang.


A cruel smile spread on Mu Yang’s face as he drew out his sword and chopped down. 


“Ah----!” Qin Wu’s arm flew into the air, blood spurting wildly, as he screamed in pain. 


“Remember to take revenge on us. Hmph… Hahaha.” Mu Yang laughed loudly as he mounted his horse. In the next moment, a sharp whinny broke through the air as the pair of horses galloped away, their hooves seemingly flying. Soon, they disappeared from the end of the mountain road, only leaving behind the sound of their arrogant, unbridled laughter, and Qin Wu, who lay sprawled in the middle of the road, unconscious. 


Junior Sister, stop wasting your breath on this worthless thing. Let’s be on our way as soon as possible.” The man named Mu Yang reminded her. “Or perhaps I could just kill him for you?”

“No need. I’m still waiting for him to seek me out for his revenge. Just take an arm of his, that’ll count as leaving him a little thing to remember us by.” Lu Mei Hong cackled as she turned back to her steed, leaving Qin Wu to Mu Yang.




Luosang City. The Qin Family estate was filled with mournful cries and terrified screams that echoed into the sky without end. [1]


“Stop them! Kill a way out through these dwarves!”


The moment the dwarves rushed in on the backs of demonic beasts, the Qin family’s army was thrown into chaos. It was only through the utmost efforts of Qin Zong in deploying and organizing the army that they finally managed to stop the Devil Beast Cavalry’s charge. Furthermore, they even managed to push the Devil Beast Cavalry back. 


The Devil Beast Cavalry might have looked terrifying but the ‘soldiers’ riding on top were contrarily boosting the confidence of the Qin family’s army. It was because the danger these soldiers posed was simply too inconsequential; they felt just like dwarf children. 


How could a group of stately seven-foot-tall men not defeat a bunch of dwarf children? Thus, as the Qin family fought on, they became braver, and in an outburst of strength, they pushed all of the Devil Beast Cavalry out. The Qin family’s cultivation was still nothing to scoff at. Even though Qin Yu had killed quite a few experts, especially those of the Transformation Realm and above, who were nearly all annihilated, there was still a few high-tier elites that were left. 


Moreover, the first wave of Devil Beast Cavalry that charged wasn’t very strong, and they were repelled very easily. 


However, after repelling that wave, greater numbers of stronger Devil Beast Cavalry rushed over. They were densely packed, and soon, the Qin family sunk into a bitter and desperate battle. 


Qin Zong commanded the Qin family’s army whilst also directing all of the Qin family’s members into the inner courtyard. During a lull in the battle, he went and released Su Yin Xue’s father, Su Xiongfei from the prison and left him to Qin Yu. 


“Qin Yu, you guys should hurry out. But remember, wherever you are, I want you to remember. The blood that flows and surges in your veins is of the Qin family. This is something you’ll never be able to change.” Qin Zong voice was deeply serious and desperate. 


It could be said that the Qin family today was plagued by misfortune. After having gone through Qin Yu’s slaughter, now they suddenly have to experience the **** of the Devil Beast Cavalry. They were exhausted both mentally and physically. [TLN: The asterisks were in the raws, I can only imagine what it’d be.]


Qin Yu had visited the underground city before. Hence, he could tell with a single glance that the Devil Beast Cavalry had come from the underground city. However, he didn’t expect that they would attack the overworld. This attack was really quite ferocious. 


From the viewpoint of the inhabitants of the underground city, the people above ground were all of a different race, and they would definitely not be merciful towards people from another race. So, it was clear that doomsday was here for Luosang City, and nobody could shift this destiny; the only route left for them was death. 


“Then let’s go together. Without you leading the way, it’ll be impossible for me to find my parents.” Qin Yu was facing Qin Zong as he spoke. His words seemed to be selfish, but within his words was his desire to save Qin Zong.


Qin Zong replied with a calm smile; one that held traces of despair. 


“Qin Yu, when you leave Luosang City, keep going north. There should be a mountain called Yan Mountain. Your parents are on the mountain, in a place called Framed Hollow. It’s a little difficult to find, but with your strength, finding it is a foregone conclusion. It’s only a matter of time.” 


He continued, “When you find that place and meet Qin Zhan, give this to him.”


After saying what he wanted to say, Qin Zong threw a ring to Qin Yu. It was the Qin family Great Elder’s space ring. 


It was obvious that Qin Zong was making arrangements because he had already decided to live and die together with the Qin family. 


“As for me, I am Head of the Qin family. The Qin family exists, therefore I exist. If the Qin family no longer exists… heh” Qing Zong didn’t finish his words and let out a bitter laugh.


“Qin Zong, you’re a man. To be a family head is to have this kind of spirit.” Su Xiongfei suddenly spoke out with this sentence; Fully-bearded, tall and robust men were usually straightforward people. “Laozi is someone who detests the Qin family. But detesting the Qin family is different from detesting you as the family head. You are a good family head, even better than laozi. 


Su Xiongfei thought of his own Su family head. It was fine if he didn’t manage to accomplish anything, but he had even become a captive and lived while struggling at death’s door. Compared to Qin Zong, his family head really made one feel ashamed. 


Qin Yu looked at the ring and was about to say something when an elder of the Qin family came running frantically. The person in question hadn’t arrived yet but he had already started yelling and shouting, “Family head! It’s terrible, terrible!”


Qin Zong looked towards the elder. He was the elder that guarded the Qin family ancestral hall. Everyone in the Qin family called him Old Quan.


“Old Quan, what’s wrong? Speak clearly.” Seeing Old Quan in such a frantic state, Qin Zong had a premonition that something big had happened. But as the family head, he still had to act calm and pacify everybody.


Old Quan rushed over while gasping for breath. Even before he had said anything, tears had already started weaving down his face, “Family Head, the Seventh Elder’s life jade slip shattered! And just now, Qin Zhan’s life jade slip also shattered.” Old Quan started crying bitterly. 


“What! Qin Zhan’s also shattered?” Qin Zong was unable to keep his calm, and his face instantly paled. He stumbled back a few steps, but fortunately, Qin Yu rushed up in a single stride to support him. 


Qin Yu complexion at the moment was also not good, and his heart was extremely anxious. Qin Zhan should’ve been together with his parents. Now that something happened to Qin Zhan, his parents should not have arrived at their destination. He must find them now. 


“Family head, now is not the time to be grieving! Quickly bring me to find my parents.” Qin Yu loudly roared. Right now, he had no time to slowly look for them. He must have Qin Zong personally lead the way so that he’ll be able to find them in the shortest amount of time. 


Qin Zong shook a few times before he stood up straight and cried out in anguish, “Old Five!” The moment the words came out of his mouth, tears started pouring out. 


“Stop crying, let’s quickly go.” Qin Yu planned to force Qin Zong to go with him. 


“No!” Qin Zong threw off Qin Yu’s hand, and he cried out, “Qin Yu, I know you are worried about your parents. However, it’s not just you who has parents. A lot of people here also have parents. You care about your parents, but I care about the parents of everyone here. I cannot give up on them. If you want to bring me, you must also bring them along. Otherwise, I’d rather die in front of you.”


“You…!” Qin Yu became aggravated. Was this considered as forcing him? 


“Hey, I say youngster, if you’re a man then you shouldn’t be so emotional. Give laozi a saber and laozi will be at the forefront of the charge.” Su Xiongfei suddenly spoke up in a loud voice from the side. 


Qin Yu choked up and stayed silent for a period of time. He could only accept things as they were. Now he could only risk his life, and even though he didn’t have good feelings for the Qin family whatsoever, his parents were currently in danger, so he must bring Qin Zong out safely. 


On the other hand, Su Yinxue’s problem also had to be addressed urgently. She had been saved by Tie Shou’s men, so she must be at Tie Shou’s shop currently. The underground city’s army had already taken over Luosang City, and currently, the city was covered in wanton slaughter. Tie Shou’s situation would probably be similar to the current Qin family’s. They were definitely being attacked crazily, so he must reach there urgently. 


These two disastrous situations ensured that he could no longer just sit around anymore. Besides, he didn’t want Su Yinxue’s father to have a low opinion of him. 


Thus, he quickly made his resolution. He clenched his teeth as he turned to Qin Zong, “I’ll give you enough time to drink one cup of tea. Have everyone immediately gather together, I will open up the road ahead, and you’ll organize all the remaining people with fighting strength to protect the procession on both sides and keep order. Follow closely behind me. As for how far they can go, that’ll be up to fate.” 


When he saw that Qin Yu agreed to evacuate the Qin family, Qin Zong was elated and immediately said, “Ok, this old man will do just that.” It was like he had taken stimulants as he rapidly turned around and left. 


“Haha…, what a good youngster. You have guts. Laozi approves.” Su Xiongfei grinned widely. However… when Qin Zong gathered everyone into the practice field, he could no longer keep his smile. 


The Qin family was much much bigger than the Su family. Their history was much longer than his Su family’s. The Su family in total only had several hundred people, whilst just in this practice field, the Qin family had close to a thousand people. There were the old and the youngand unexpectedly, there were even a few pregnant women. 


“This…” Su Xiongfei's previous heroic spirit had slipped away, and what replaced it was a face full of bitter hardship. 


F*ck, they were supposed to be escaping, not going to visit relatives or going on a scenic tour! 


This kind of big crowd, he was afraid that they’d squander half a day before they’d even leave the city, not to even speak of the wall of enemies blocking them ahead. There will also be countless pursuing soldiers as they attempt to flee. 


“F*ck!” Su Xiongfei fiercely ripped out a handful of hairs from his beard as a curse exploded from his lips.

[1] 此起彼伏: To rise and fall in succession; No sooner one subsides, the next one arises.

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