Chapter 124: The Fall of Qin Zhan

Qin Wu looked towards Qin Zhan’s broad back. He had already guessed the truth of the matter. At this moment, the rims of his eyes turned moist, and tears of emotion slowly dripped from the corners of his eyes, “Fifth Elder, it was you who saved her again, right?”

“Ha…” Qin Zhan bitterly laughed in shame, “At the time, when I received the news that Qin Biao discovered the place where you guys were hiding at, I rushed over immediately. Regrettably, I was still late, and you were carried away by Qin Biao. Your wife was left burning on a rock under the sun, and she was dying. Fortunately, she still had one breath left, so I was able to save her. Now, I will take you to reunite with her. Her health is too poor; if you don’t take care of her, she will soon meet her end.”

“Fifth Elder, I…” Qin Wu’s voice was choked with emotion, and he was almost unable to speak, “I, I don’t understand. Everyone in the Qin Family wishes for my death, yet why do you and the head…”

Qin Zhan smiled, “Qin Wu, not everyone is the same as Qin Chong and Qin Biao. There are many others, including me, who detest people like them. However, these people do not dare to speak out, and they can only harbor their anger secretly. Even the head and I could only help you guys secretly. Ah, I am ashamed that we can only do this much. The rest depends on you. I hope that you can live well.”

Just as Qin Wu finished saying these words, an urgent sound of hooves suddenly came from behind.

“Yah, giddyup…”

On the mountain road behind them, two figures riding on swift horses flew towards Qin Zhan and Qin Wu, swirling up a cloud of dust that filled the sky. From their clothes, it could be seen that the riders were a man and a woman.  

The one riding in front was a young woman dressed in red. The woman grasped a long whip in her hand and lashed hard as she urged the horse to run as fast as possible. She was rushing behind Qin Zhan with a speed almost as fast as lightning.

“Don’t block this lady’s road, get lost!” In the blink of an eye, the woman was about to hit Qin Zhan’s body. She shouted furiously, and with a curl of her whip, she ruthlessly lashed hard toward Qin Zhan.

The crack of a whip rang out crisply. The whip ferociously lashed onto Qin Wu, who was being carried on Qin Zhan’s back. Qin Wu cried out with a painful scream.

Qin Zhan rapidly dodged, and he barely avoided the fierce horse that recklessly dashed over. However, he was also lashed by the woman’s whip, and he was angered to the point that he bellowed at the back of the two riders, “Both of you, watch where you’re going! Are you seeking death?”

It would have been better if he did not scold them. As soon as he finished scolding, the two horses neighed as their riders forcibly reigned in their bridles. The fierce horses were abruptly pulled back in the midst of their swift galloping, and they lifted their front hooves up high above the ground, almost in a perfectly straight line.

The man and woman were very strong, and although the hot-tempered horses reared up upright, they were still effortlessly controlled like before, and the horses’ heads were turned around forcibly. 

The woman dressed in red raised the whip in her hand as she shouted out severely in her tender voice, “Who did you just scold? Who did you say was looking for death?”

Qin Zhan was in the middle of a fit of anger, and he roared back at once with a furious voice, “I was talking about you guys.”

In any case, he was also someone who was older than them. This pair of man and woman looked like they were only in their twenties. Especially that woman, who seemed to be in her early twenties. Hence, he could be considered their elder.

A stately elder was unexpectedly bullied by this insignificant little girl. Anyone would throw a fit, not to mention Qin Zhan with his frank temper. He couldn’t even bear to see others who were innocent be bullied, to say nothing of the fact that he is the one being bullied right now.

“Are you guys blind? Didn’t you see this elder carrying a wounded person on his back? If you just pushed through while barging and shoving around instead of reducing your speed or walking slowly, then forget it. However, you actually went so far as to use your whip to lash us ruthlessly? Preposterous! Didn’t your elders teach you how to conduct yourselves?” Qin Zhan scolded them again in a fit of rage.

“Junior sister, let me help you give that old codger a lesson.” The man urged his horse forward as he unsheathed a long sword from the horse’s back.

“No need, this lady must personally whip him to death.” The woman bit down on her pearly teeth, and her eyes glinted ominously. Abruptly slamming down her foot, she loudly shouted, “Yah!”

The spirited horse neighed as it charged towards Qin Zhan. Within the smoke and dust, the long whip turned into a viper and brought with it the swift and fierce sound of wind, as it madly lashed out to attack Qin Zhan.

“What a vicious woman.” Qin Zhan cursed in rage as he hastily leaped to the side. As he was carrying Qin Wu on his back, he was unable to strike back, and he was left with no other choice but to evade.

“Fifth Elder, hurry, put me down.” Qin Wu called out urgently.

“Okay.” Qin Zhan jumped to the side, and swiftly put Qin Wu by the side of the road under a big tree, and exhorted him, “Lie down here and don’t move. Let this elder teach that little girl how one should conduct oneself.”

“Hmph, do you think you are fit to lecture this lady? Die!” The woman was very indignant, and she lashed out with her whip to attack again.

This time, Qin Zhan did not retreat but advanced instead. Charging forward, his hand directly went to grab that whip.

“By using your bare hand to grab this lady’s whip, you stepped onto the road to death yourself.” The woman dressed in red exposed a dark, ruthless sneer.

Right before he was about to come into contact with the whip, Qin Zhan also finally realized that something was wrong. He hastily withdrew his hand with a rapid speed and retreated backward.

He only noticed it just now, but the whip was not a horsewhip. Rather, it was a weapon that was very difficult to deal with. The top of the whip whooshed past him, and he suddenly saw that densely packed barbs exuded from the edges. Fortunately, he had withdrawn in time, or his hands would have been mangled.

In addition, what made him even more shocked was that the woman was in the initial stage of the Transformation Realm.

This was the first time he had seen such a young expert in the Transformation Realm, and it really amazed him quite a bit. Also, it was not just her, but the young man in the back was also in the Transformation Realm.

Fortunately, he was an experienced person who had been in Transformation Realm for many years, and he had ample experience in actual combat. Therefore, he had been able to react swiftly and narrowly dodge that whip. However, looking at his appearance, he appeared to be in a difficult situation.

“Hmph, old codger, now you know this lady is not to be trifled with.” The woman in red proudly looked at the sorry figure of Qin Zhan as she let out an evil laugh.

The grand head of the Qin family was sneered at by a little girl. Qin Zhan was so angry that his face reddened. He roared out the Qin family’s ultimate skill, the first form of the Rushing Thunder Palm -- Power Like Rushing Thunder. 

A loud bang rang out in the air. With his decades of skill, when he sent out this palm attack, he was able to make this kind of noise. In the Qin family, he was considered someone who had perfected the use of the Rushing Thunder Palm. Compared to Qin Yu’s Rushing Thunder Palm, however, the distance was simply too great. Only the palm strike used by Qin Yu could be called Rushing Thunder, as it was something that created true thunderclaps when struck. 

As for this palm of Qin Zhan’s, its sound can’t be compared with the true Pushing Thunder Palm. However, with the power of the Transformation Realm behind his attack, its vigor was not weak. It was not something that the young woman in the initial stage of the Transformation Realm could withstand.

The red woman’s complexion changed in an instant. At the same time she lashed out with her whip, she also shouted out simultaneously, “Senior brother, help me.”

The young man in the back had long been prepared to show his hand, and he had only been waiting for the command. As soon as he heard her shout, he immediately leaped into the air. The slash of his long sword drew dazzling rays of light in the air as he violently attacked Qin Zhan.

In the next moment, Qin Zhan fought a battle of one against two, and he fought hand-to-hand with this young pair.

Over the course of the fight, Qin Zhan became more and more apprehensive as he battled, and more and more curious about the origin of these two people. Both of them had very high martial skill, and could only be said to be weaker due to their lack of experience in actual combat.

However, Qin Zhan was weaker as he was not currently wielding any weapons. When he came out, he was in a hurry and forgot his weapons. His martial skill was also quite a bit inferior to the two, but he surpassed them by relying on his ample experience in dealing with enemies, as well as his cultivation realm that was also higher than the two by a rank.

Therefore, both sides battled for quite a while, and actually fought to a tie.

“Junior sister, this is not the way to continue. Our time is limited, and we cannot continue delaying here.” In a gap between the fight, the man used a code to transmit sound to the woman in red.

The red-clothed woman communicated back to him, both furious and in a hurry, “Then what should we do? I didn’t expect this old codger to have some skill, so troublesome.”

“Junior sister, have you seen that person in the back?” The man sent out a sinister gaze towards Qin Wu lying down in the rear.

The corners of her mouth showed a hint of evil laughter as the woman in red replied, “Yes, I understand. Kill!”

The two coordinated with each other and unleashed their strongest moves. The young man’s long sword transformed into densely packed flashes that fanned out in the shape of a blossom, which crazily leaped out with a desire to devour Qin Zhan.

Qin Zhan did not dare dismiss it, and he retaliated with heavy fists that created fierce winds whenever he struck. He continuously dispersed the dense flashes of sword light that came over. However, at this moment, a red shadow flew over from the side. A long whip whistled by, and it ferociously lashed towards Qin Wu who was lying at the back.

“Despicable!” Qin Zhan bellowed and abandoned the young man. He turned around and sent out a fist toward the red-clothed woman.

The woman in red had anticipated that Qin Zhan would turn around to save that man, and she had prepared her response long ago. As light as a feather, she moved slightly to the side. With a sweep of her hand, the whip that had been lashed away rapidly flew back around. A sharp pointed spike popped out of its tip, and it thrust towards Qin Zhan’s head with a strange curve.

At the same time, the young man flashed past Qin Zhan’s side and directly attacked Qin Wu.

“Disgraceful thing, shameless.” Qin Zhan bellowed unceasingly. His abundant experience in dealing with enemies allowed him to instinctively move his head to the side by a hair. The red-clothed woman’s whip slashed past his scalp, and a few hairs were sliced off by the sharp tip of the spike. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he narrowly escaped.

He didn't have time to completely understand the danger he was in just now. His large hand turned into sharp claws that furiously slashed at the young man. He was already too late to stop the young man's attack, and could only make this kind of move of besieging Wei to rescue Zhao, so as to force the young man to give up on Qin Wu and turn around to save himself. If the young man insisted on killing Qin Wu and didn't turn back around, Qin Wu definitely wouldn't survive. However, the young man would also have his entire back hacked to bits.

The young man's real objective had never been Qin Wu. Qin Zhan's course of action was played exactly to his intentions. Qin Zhan only saw his long sword swiftly reverse, before it drew a semi-circle in the air and swept towards Qin Zhan's claws. At the same time, he sent out a lightning-fast attack with his left hand towards an opening in front of Qin Zhan. A red mist blew furiously towards Qin Zhan.

"Old codger, you can die now!" Behind him, the red-dressed woman shrieked with an evil laughter. Her long whip madly disrupted the space between them, and it venomously curled around Qin Zhan's neck from behind him.

"Fifth Elder, be careful…!" Behind them, Qin Wu did all he could to send out a frantic shout. 

"Ah, my eyes!" Qin Zhan's eyes were critically injured by the red mist. Both of his hands flew up to cover his eyes as he let out a terrifying wail.

"Die!" The red woman's whip wrapped around Qin Zhan's neck, and she pulled it malevolently.

Qin Zhan's head flew off of his neck, and blood shot up into the air.

"N-no, Fifth Elder!" Qin Wu fell into despair as he cried sorrowfully, rolling down from the tree’s roots and onto the road. He threw himself over and wailed in pain.

“Who are you? Why must you kill Fifth Elder, why, why?"

Qin Wu crawled up from the ground and lifted his head. A grieved and indignant howl came out of his mouth. He glared with his eyes wide open, as visible red veins weaved back and forth. His eyes transmitted overflowing rays of hatred.

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