Chapter 123: Qin Yuandao Dies, Luosang City Falls

Qin Yuandao stared at Qin Yu's blood blade with his eyes. He had believed that Qin Yu was wielding the terrifying Blood Devouring Demonic Blade, but this turned out to be false. Qin Yu was merely wielding an ordinary blood blade.


"So it's finally my turn?" Qin Yuandao gave a grieved smile. He shifted his gaze away from the blood blade and slowly turned around. He cast his gaze at the land of the Qin Family once again. This was the place that bore and raised him.


He looked at each of the familiar buildings, and at each of the familiar plants and trees. He had personally commanded the construction of some of these buildings, and he had personally planted some of these saplings. The buildings experienced countless years since then, and the saplings of the past had already grown into giant trees that reached the skies. Perhaps, they too will perish and die along with him today.


No, they were the heart and blood of the Qin Family's ancestors. They were his heart and blood. How could he just let them be destroyed?


"Qin Yu, are you really going to destroy the Qin Family?" Qin Yuandao's old voice was mournful as he faced Qin Yu and asked.


Qin Yu's footsteps stopped before Qin Yuandao. He was ice-cold, and his voice was even more so, "You're someone who is about to die. Why do you care about these things?"


"Qin Yu, I have nothing I can say about you killing me, but you shouldn't forget. Whether or not you want to admit it, the blood of the Qin Family ultimately flows through your veins. Furthermore, the others from the Qin Family share no animosity with you. They only dealt with you in the past due to my orders. It has nothing to do with them personally."


Even in his last moments, while facing death, Qin Yuandao still wished to save the Qin Family. He didn't want the Qin Family to perish along with him.


"Qin Yu, what Esteemed Father says is correct. The Qin Family's blood flows within your body." Qin Zong struggled as he got up. He gasped for breath as he said, "As the family head, I am unable to shed responsibility for your tragic experiences. If you must kill people to be appeased, I will represent the Qin Family and receive death. I hope you won't cause trouble for others. Too many people have died in our Qin Family today." Qin Zong saw the corpses that lay everywhere, and his expression was utterly pained. These were all the elites of the Qin Family, after all.


Qin Yu swept a glance at Qin Zong, his expression as indifferent as ever. From his perspective, these people had wanted to kill him just now. If he hadn't retaliated and killed them, he would have been the person that died. If he had died, these people probably wouldn't have lamented the death of a member of the Qin Family. Instead, they would have clapped their hands in celebration for killing the Qin Family's demon.


Of course, Qin Yu still maintained a bit of respect for Qin Zong. Qin Zong had treated Qin Yu decently in the past. He had looked favorably of him and expending great efforts in nurturing him. Also, Qin Zong was powerless when it came to the matters that happened to Qin Yu subsequently. Even if all of this was disregarded, just based purely on the fact that Qin Zong had saved Qin Wu and his wife, Qin Yu had no choice but to feel a bit of gratefulness within his heart.


Qin Yu would pursue both gratitude and grudges. He could kill without blinking an eye when it came to his enemies, but when it came to those who did him kindness, he would repay that drop of kindness as if it were a gushing spring.


Therefore, he wouldn't kill Qin Zong.


"Qin Yu, as long as you don't annihilate the Qin Family, I will give you the secrets to the ultimate art of the Qin Family, the Frozen Soul Miracle. How about it?" Qin Yuandao threw out a condition that he thought to be extremely enticing.


Frozen Soul Miracle?


Qin Yu's eyes slightly congealed. Frankly speaking, he wasn't lacking in cultivation manuals. His brain contained quite a few profound cultivation arts. However, it was very regretful that those techniques were too high level. It was impossible for him to cultivate them with his current strength, and he couldn't display his strength with them.


Frozen Soul Miracle just so happened to be an amazing cultivation manual suited for his current strength in cultivation. The most important thing was that this divine technique had something particular about it. It was able to unleash attacks of frost.


Typically speaking, one needed to comprehend the spiritual power of water to the eighth level or higher in order to congeal water into ice. From here, one could unleash frost attacks. However, Frozen Soul Miracle didn't require its users to comprehend the spiritual power of water in order to do this.


If one cultivated this divine manual to the peak, and he gained the efficiency from combining the ability to congeal water into ice with the spiritual power of water, he could double the power that could be unleashed. This might would absolutely be hard to imagine. At this stage, the Frozen Soul Miracle would truly be called a divine art.


Frankly speaking, Qin Yu was stirred emotionally by the Frozen Soul Miracle.


Qin Yuandao was someone who had lived for quite some years. It was impossible for him to not see the changes within Qin Yu's expression. He didn't say much else. With trembling hands, he took a yellow ring from his withered finger. He gently placed it on the ground to the side. His desolate voice slowly spoke, "Qin Yu. This is this storage ring that symbolizes the Grand Elder of the Qin Family. The secrets to cultivating the Frozen Soul Miracle lie within. You can take just the Frozen Soul Miracle, or you can take the entire ring. Everything is up to you alone."


"Another thing. I apologize to Su Yinxue. She is yours now." He didn't expect to remember Su Yinxue at the very end. He didn't expect a hint of guilt toward this girl to be born from his heart. "Her father, Su Xiongfei is in prison. You should let him out and let father and daughter reunite. If you feel like it, when you see her, bring my words of apologies to her."


Birds cried in grief when they were about to die, and people speak benevolently when they were about to die. There was no other idiom that could describe the current Qin Yuandao any better. Of course, Qin Chong's display made him completely disheartened.


"Third little brother and his wife, I am sorry to both of you. I have come to apologize to you." Qin Yuandao's eyes closed, and bubbling could be heard from within his lips. Then, watery blood came gushing out of his mouth. He left this world by suicide.


"Esteemed Father, don't!" Qin Zong yelled in sorrow as he heavily knelt on the ground. Heartbroken, he grieved.


From his perspective, from the perspective of the Qin Family, Qin Yuandao was still the emblem of the Qin Family, regardless of what he did. He was a monument. He was once a god.


With this emblem fallen, with this monument toppled, with this god fallen, how could the head of the Qin Family not be sorrowful?


He was not the only one. The other members of the Qin Family had all hid due to fear a moment ago. At this time, they walked out one by one and entered the field. They walked before Qin Yuandao and silently knelt.


There were young people. There were old people. There were women, and there were children.


The god of this generation of the Qin Family had fallen. Luosang City's outstanding character of this generation had fallen. This was a proclamation that the era of the Qin Family had ended.


Qin Yu was expressionless as he swept his gaze past the kneeling people. He had no choice but to admire the old codger's prestige and status within the Qin Family.


However, all of this had nothing to do with him. He had already given up all hope with the Qin Family. He was no longer a member of the Qin Family. Aside from his own parents, the life or death of the members of the Qin Family was no business of his.


He gave a callous glance at the corpses that sat beside him. Qin Yu picked up the ring on the ground and forcefully transfused it with a strand of his internal energy. He took out the Frozen Soul Miracle from within. Then, he threw the ring beneath Qin Zong's foot.


"I leave this to you. Consider this repayment of the favor you did for saving my parents." Qin Yu spat out with a callous voice. He stared at Qin Zong with a complicated gaze, "Where are my parents?"


Qin Zong didn't answer Qin Yu immediately. He was deep in sorrow as he picked up the storage ring, which was the symbol for the Grand Elder of the Qin Family, with a trembling hand. Tears bloomed within his eyes.


"Ai…" It was a long sigh, and his grief could not be spoken. However, things have reached this point. He was also powerless. The Qin Family still needed his continued support.


Qin Zong did his utmost to get up after putting away the ring. He was the strongest apart from Qin Yuandao, and he hadn't competed in a life or death struggle with Qin Yu in the intense battle just now. Naturally, Qin Yu didn't try to kill him. It was only because of this that Qin Zong remained alive. He sustained the lightest injuries as well. Thus, he was already able to get up and walk after healing for a short period of time.


"Qin Yu. Only Old Fifth and I know the location of your parents. Old Fifth is not here. I will personally take you there, okay?"


Qin Yu wasn't totally expecting that Qin Zong would offer to take him there personally. A ripple emerged in his callous eyes, but soon, his eyes returned to normal.


"Okay, let's go." Qin Yu didn't argue. It was important to see his parents. However, as soon as he was about to move out, a rumbling wave came from outside. It seemed a massive army was heading their way.


"What the heck?" Every member of the Qin Family was greatly alarmed.


There was a loud rumble, and the Qin Family's gates were knocked open. All the members of the Qin Family had terror in their eyes as they saw the enormous and fearsome demonic beasts charge in.


The few cultivators that guarded the gates of the Qin Family didn't even have the time to understand what was going on when they were drowned by the flood of demonic beasts. They were trampled into meat pancakes as they screamed.


Luosang City had fallen.


The demonic beast legion of Underground City had reorganized outside the city before unleashing an attack upon the city guards. The city guards had never encountered combat before, and Ouyang Cheng had suffered in the hands of Qin Yu and was now lying half-dead in the city mansion in recuperation. This made it so that the city walls lacked a leader, like a flight of dragons without a head. It was essentially impossible to organize an effective defense. It was because of this that the city gates were blasted open by a single attack, leading to the fall of Luosang City.


The berserk and blood-thirsty demonic beast legion charged into the city and engaged in a scene of crazed slaughter.


They killed upon the sight of any human. It didn't matter whether the victim was the elderly, women, or children. Their policy was simple — kill them all. Of course, they would leave the beautiful and young women as spoils of war.


Luosang City shed blood on this day. Luosang City wept.


Outside Luosang City, at a place far away, on a tiny path between the mountains, Qin Zhan carried Qin Yu's father, Qin Wu, and walked forward step by step.


"Fifth Elder. Where are you taking me?" Qin Wu saw no end to the mountain road ahead. He asked, gasping for breath.


Qin Zhan raised his head to look at the mountain road ahead. He laughed and said, "We're almost there. I am taking you to a very safe place."


Qin Wu sighed in disappointment and frustration. There was sorrow filled in his voice. "Fifth Elder. There is no need to work this hard. You can put me down."


"What are you up to?" Qin Zhan didn't understand. "If I let you down at this place, Qin Chong and the others will find you, and you will die."


"Die, eh? Hahaha…" Qin Wu laughed in sorrow. "My wife has died. My son has died too. What meaning is there for me to continue living? Just let me die. In fact, there was no need for you to save me in the first place."


He believed that Qin Yuandao had cut off Qin Yu's path to life when he struck him with that terrifying fist back then. Therefore, he was certain that Qin Yu was already dead. Qin Wu had also left before he could see the events that occurred afterward. Naturally, he didn't know that Qin Yu hadn't died back then.


Qin Zhan also believed that Qin Yu most likely had no chance to live. He was very clear on how ferocious Qin Yuandao was.


Qin Zhan thought about how a genius such as Qin Yu had died by the hands of Qin Yuandao and he felt endless lament. The two people appeared to be deep in sorrow, causing the atmosphere to be a bit sad.


Some time passed before Qin Zhan spoke in a whisper, "Qin Wu, I can empathize with your current emotions. Qin Yu's unfortunate encounter has also made me lament in pity. However, you cannot die. What will your wife do if you died?"


"My wife?" The jolt ran through Qin Wu. "Didn't Qin Biao –?" Qin Wu suddenly stopped speaking. It seemed as if he guessed something.




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