Chapter 122: Killing Qin Biao, Slaying Qin Chong

Chapter 122: Killing Qin Biao, Slaying Qin Chong


In the past years, there were quite a few people who died in the hands of Qin Yuandao due to this taboo. The older generation who knew about this matter were practically all dead, and there were very few people in the younger generation who knew about this matter. Even those who knew of this matter didn't dare to reveal even an iota of their knowledge. No one wanted to die, after all. If Qin Wu hadn't caused havoc at that time and pushed this matter out into the open, this matter would've gradually been forgotten by the Qin Family.


Right now, not only had Qin Yu pushed it out into the open, he even spoke it out loud, word by word, in front of Qin Yuandao. The legends say that a white scale, the size of a palm, is located beneath the neck of a large dragon. This is the weak point for said dragons, for this scale is the location of the main artery from the dragon's heart. Not only had Qin Yu touched this scale, but he was also about to viciously tear it off in a bloody mess.


Therefore, any and all of the observers were able to imagine the level of fury that existed in Qin Yuandao's heart. However, Qin Yu could not care about Qin Yuandao's fury at this time. His young face carried contempt. He continued speaking, "Your love affair led to the birth of the bastard, Qin Chong. When the affair had been revealed, your little brother couldn't bear to cause you trouble. The end result was death from anger. Your little brother's wife felt remorse and shame. She knew it was impossible for them to show their faces to the people in the world, or to the Qin Family. Therefore, they committed suicide by hanging themselves. You single-handedly caused the tragedy of those people."


The atmosphere sunk into a bizarre silence after Qin Yu finished speaking. Qin Yuandao didn't say anything further. He knew he couldn't stop Qin Yu. He knew that he could only let Qin Yu tear off this scar with blood.


A cold wind blew from the distance, screaming as it passed by. It lifted up Qin Yuandao's long hair, which had turned completely white. For a time, he looked even more aged.


"Are you done talking yet?" Some time passed before Qin Yuandao slowly raised his head. His lifeless eyes gazed at Qin Yu, and he let out a weak sigh from his lips.


"I am done. I don't know if you still have something to add." A sinister sneer could be seen on Qin Yu's face.


"Ha ha ha." Qin Yuandao raised his head and gazed into the vast sky. He let out a hoarse belly of laughter, but his laughter was that of sorrow. Old tears rolled down his wizened face. "A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. I, Qin Yuandao, have only made this one mistake in my entire life. In these years, I always wanted to completely erase this matter and let it forever become a secret. It is because of this matter that I've killed many people without care for the method. It is a pity that in the end, this matter has been laid bare by you, causing my efforts and the blood I spilled in these years to be wasted."


"Hmph, Qin Yuandao, if you don't want anyone to know about something, don't do it in the first place. When you made such a dirty mistake, did you believe that killing several people would be able to conceal the matter?" Qin Yu coldly snorted.


"Yes, I did. However, I was unable to keep it hidden in the end." Qin Yuandao lamented. "However, I never expected that the person who would cause all my efforts to vanish into thin air would actually be a member of the younger generation, one of my grandsons. Qin Yu. You are great. You are worthy of being one of the last two generations of Qin Yuanqiao. Back in the days, he had lost to me in the struggle to become the family head. However, my entire life's work has been outdone by one of his later generations. This is retribution. This is none other than retribution. Hahahaha."


Qin Yuandao continued with his loud laughter. He laughed until tears streamed down.


"Whatever, in any case, things are now unavoidable. I really don't have anything to say now." He slowly turned his head after saying these words, and he gazed at Qin Chong who was close by. A hint of gentleness and benevolence, one of a father towards his son, could be seen on his face.


"Chong'er, I've always wanted to make things up to you as your father these years. That is why I protected you in all sorts of places. I allowed you to be rash, and I even wanted to help you claim the seat of the family head. What a pity. In the end, I am unable to fulfill your wishes. As your father, I am deeply ashamed." Guilt was written across Qin Yuandao's face.


Qin Chong's body trembled. Then, he shook his head repeatedly.


"No. No, you are not my father. You aren't. I am not a bastard. I am not a bastard!" He wasn't willing to accept the identity of a bastard, and, at this time, he wasn't willing to admit that he was Qin Yuandao's son. "Qin Yu, don't you believe this old fool's rubbish words. How can such ugly looks produce a son that looks like to me? He has no relations with me."


"It was this old fool who wanted to kill you and your parents. I heard this from his orders and actions. There is also the deception from Qin Biao. Both father and son are the ones causing you trouble.


"All this has nothing to do with me, Qin Yu. This is all their mistake. I beg you to see the light. We are both from the Qin Family, after all. Don't kill me. As long as you spare me, I will do whatever you want. I am okay with doing anything. I can even let you become the family head."


Qin Chong's display caused everyone to be in an uproar. For a time, Qin Yuandao's entire face turned as pale as paper. His withered body trembled in sorrow.


This was none other than his son. His blood-related son.


"Oh, that's right, Qin Yu. It was me who stopped Qin Biao in time when he was about to kill your parents. I had Fifth Elder rescue them. This insured the lives of your parents."


Qin Chong even calculated this deed of his with no shame.


"Qin Chong, you are quite shameless." Qin Zong cursed loudly. He was very clear about the matter that had happened. Qin Chong was clearly about to kill Qin Wu back then. It was Qin Zhan and Qin Zong who had stopped him in time. Now, Qin Chong was shamelessly saying that he himself had saved Qin Wu. How could such a shameless person exist?


"My parents have been rescued." Qin Yu's body shivered. Then, ecstasy ran through his heart and mind. He had believed that Qin Wu was already dead, which was why he was about to kill people in his craze. It was for revenge.




With Qin Yu at the scene, Qin Biao suddenly let out a howl of laughter that reached the highest of clouds. He was even able to laugh at such a time.


Qin Yu's face turned cold. His ice-cold gaze fell onto Qin Biao's body. He spat a dark and chilling question out of his mouth, "What are you laughing for?"


"I am laughing at Qin Chong's shamelessness. I am laughing at Qin Chong's weakness. I am laughing at Qin Chong’s depravity. I am laughing at Qin Chong's cowardice. Hahaha." Qin Biao continued to laugh heartily, but his laughter suddenly came to a screeching halt. He yelled sharply at Qin Chong. "I looked down upon you, Qin Chong. People can be vicious and merciless, but they cannot be as contemptible as you. They cannot be as shameless as you."


"Yes, what you all say is correct. It is all my fault. It was me who stirred up all this trouble." It was as if Qin Biao turned into a completely different person. He was suddenly full of courage. Perhaps it was because he knew that he would be killed without a doubt, as it was impossible for Qin Yu to let him go. In any case, he might as well erupt with a bit of pitiful courage in the face of death.


"For all my life, I curried favors and schemed. However, what did I end up with in the end? My only son has died tragically, and my most trusted people have betrayed me. My family is in ruins, and people are dead. People are rebelling, and friends are deserting. Right now, even I am on the road to ruin. Haha. So it turned out all of it was for nothing." His laughter was filled with sorrow.


"Qin Yu, I am filled with hate. I am unwilling. I am unable to understand why I fall by your hands time and time again. Just what sort of demon are you?"


With a myriad of varying expressions, Qin Yu replied, his face seemingly smiling, "You don't need to know what sort of demon I am. All you need to know is that those who harm me won't have a good ending. You are such an example."


"Since you are unwilling to explain why, I have no other choice as well. In any case, before I die, I want to understand something." He gazed at Qin Zong, who was beside him. "Family head, before I face my death, can you tell me the truth of the matter? Back when Qin Chong was about to bury Qin Wu and his wife, wasn't it you and Fifth Elder who rescued them and placed them in the cattle shack for safety?"


"Qin Biao, your mouth is filled with venomous slander. You were the one who was about to bury them alive back then, not me." Qin Chong was flustered and exasperated as he roared. Motherf*cker. This son of a b*tch was about to drag him down together in death. It would be a wonder if Qin Chong wasn't mad. Qin Chong still wanted to live. He still wanted to live if there was even a shred of hope.


Qin Biao took note of Qin Chong's roar regarding this incident, and he merely sneered in response. It was enough for him to say what he had just said. As for what would happen next, Qin Yu would be the sole judge of that.


Qin Zong let out a sigh, "Yes. You were being far too excessive back then. Me and Old Fifth were unable to take it. That was why we secretly made our move. Qin Biao, if you have a next life, I hope that you'll act as a proper person in the next life. Do not continue to walk the same trail you did in this life." Qin Zong closed his eyes. His entire face was filled with helplessness and grief. As the family head, the Qin Family had fallen into today's state due to Qin Biao's actions. It didn't matter even if Qin Biao was killed, it was all the Qin Family's grief.


"Many thanks to the family head. Qin Biao will remember this." Qin Biao's voice trembled for a moment before he gazed at Qin Yu with a wooden face. "Qin Yu, I know that it is impossible for you to let me go. I have wronged your family far too many times. Therefore, I really don't have anything to say. Give me a quick death."


"Excellent. You are finally acting like a man right before death. Die." Qin Yu raised his hand and fiercely smashed it on Qin Biao's skull. The force of his palm pierced through Qin Biao's brain and turned it into mush. Dark red blood flowed from his lips, from his nose, from his ears, and even his eyes. Soon, Qin Biao's entire face turned into a terrifying bloody face.


Seeing how terrifyingly Qin Biao died, Qin Chong's heart trembled fiercely. Cold sweat erupted from all over his body.


Qin Yu retracted his hand upon killing Qin Biao. His deathly footsteps faced Qin Chong as he walked over.


With a plop, Qin Biao's body fell to the ground. He wasn't playing dead this time. Instead, he had truly turned into a bloody corpse.


Qin Biao fell to the ground, scaring Qin Chong. Qin Chong's heart pounded fiercely along with the plop. He saw Qin Yu and his deathly air as he walked over, scaring him as he became more ashen-faced.


"Don't. Don't kill me. I do not want to die. I really don't want to die." When faced with death, Qin Chong's potential exploded with a force never imagined. He was suddenly enlightened, and he stood up with a single leg. He suddenly leaped into the air.


The distance his leap covered wasn't short. It was approximately forty or fifty feet. However, all of his struggles were in vain. No matter how he jumped, Qin Yu would always stand before him. His deathly pair of eyes stared at him, causing him to sink into boundless terror.


A loud plop rang through the air. Qin Chong finally collapsed while helplessly struggling He knelt before Qin Yu. He wailed as he begged for forgiveness, "Qin Yu, I am not like the others. I know when I am wrong. Please spare this old life of mine. No matter how you spin it, you are a member of my Qin Family. We all possess the same blood."


Qin Yu remained unmoved. There was only a sneer of disdain on his face.


"Qin Chong, had you known that things would come to this, you would not have acted like this. It is already too late right now."


"No, Qin Yu. Listen to me. I really had no intention of harming your parents. Everything was ruined by Qin Biao, that bastard, and Qin Yuandao, that old fool. It has nothing to do with me. You have no reason to kill me."


"Do you think I am an idiot? Just die. Blood Shadow Definite Kill."


Blood-light surged and erupted. Streams of blood crossed and tore the curtain of bloody light, as Qin Chong's body was ripped apart.


"No." Qin Chong's corpse exploded loudly amidst a scream of despair. Blood and flesh splattered across the air, spraying out and falling in all directions.


Qin Yu was just like the god of death at this time. He ignored the blood and flesh of Qin Chong that rain down. He raised his blood blade and walked with deathly footsteps toward Qin Yuandao.


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