Chapter 121: Qin Biao’s Cries

The dead Qin Biao could still scream? Everyone was stunned.


“He’s still alive?” Qin Yuandao and the others turned their heads in succession and looked at Qin Biao in shock.


He was hugging his broken leg and howling miserably.


“Son of a bitch, you faked it? I’ll kill you!” Qin Chong was the angriest of them all. When the Seven Stars Array was launched a moment ago, Qin Biao had been the first to die, causing the entire array to collapse. While engaged in fierce fighting, the rest of them had assumed he was the weakest one in the group, so his death was expected. Who would’ve thought he was actually faking his death and deceiving them? Unfortunately, he had failed to deceive Qin Yu.


If the cowardly Qin Biao had persisted, perhaps the Seven Stars Array would not have collapsed so quickly. It might’ve been able to trap Qin Yu, or at least injure him. Yet, because of Qin Biao, this bastard, all of their efforts went to naught. 


Therefore, it was no surprise that Qin Chong wanted to kill him.


Unfortunately, when Qin Chong tried to stand up, he realized he only had one leg left and could not walk at all. He could only throw himself on the ground powerlessly, as he glared furiously at Qin Biao.


“Qin Biao, you’re not bad at faking death, but you’re still a little lacking. Hehe…” Qin Yu laughed with a sound so evil that Qin Biao started to tremble in fear.


He endured the excruciating pain and cried bitterly, “Qin Yu, I was wrong… don’t kill me, I know I was wrong. Spare me, please…” he whimpered.


“You were wrong?” Qin Yu continued to laugh. “Then tell me, what did you do wrong?”


“I-I-I…” Qin Biao stuttered and was unable to respond.


“What, did you forget what you did wrong? Let me help you remember then.” The smile on Qin Yu’s face suddenly vanished.


“Ah, no, no!” Qin Biao watched with horror as Qin Yu lifted one foot and set it on his other leg.


Drenched in cold sweat, Qin Biao stammered, “I remember, I remember now. I shouldn’t have gone against you. I shouldn’t have hurt your parents. I know I was wrong, I’ll never do it again!”


Qin Yu revealed a vicious smile and lowered his foot, stepping sharply on Qin Biao’s leg, and he turned a full circle with his foot.


Crack! Another crisp snap rang out, and the bone was shattered to pieces.


“Ah!” Qin Biao let out a blood-curdling scream that was even more terrifying than the one before. The other members of the Qin family felt their hairs stand on end as chills ran down their spines and fear spread wildly to their hearts.


Demon. Qin Yu had become the demon in their hearts.


As they listened to Qin Biao’s screams, they couldn’t help but tremble violently.


Then in the midst of his screaming, a man rushed out and charged at Qin Yu’s lot, yelling, “I want to report, I want to report Qin Biao, I want to accuse him of his crimes!” 


Everyone turned to the man in shock. It was Qin Mu, who Qin Biao had been planning to help train vigorously. He wanted to report Qin Biao’s crimes?


Their hearts trembled as they suddenly realized how cruel the human heart could be. After all, Qin Mu should’ve been the last person to want to report Qin Mu, not the first.


However, those who understood him well enough were unsurprised. Qin Mu had always been a “clever” person. 


When Qin Yu was the Qin family’s genius, Qin Mu had followed and showered him with flattery day and night. When the Qin family abandoned Qin Yu, Qin Mu had been the first to step forward and ridicule him for being a waste before turning to Qin Biao and his father.


Now that Qin Biao’s father was dead and Qin Biao himself was on the verge of death, if Qin Mu didn’t immediately step forward to accuse Qin Biao of his crimes and express his loyalty to Qin Yu, it would be too late. 


Qin Biao continued to scream until he finally stopped and was able to catch a breath from the intense pain. He glared fiercely at Qin Mu, the anger on his face clear as day. It was as if he wanted to charge over and tear Qin Mu apart.


“Qin Mu, you heartless and ungrateful bastard! You’re going to report laozi for what?!” he roared.


Out of fear of getting too close, Qin Mu stopped four or five feet away from Qin Yu and pointed in righteous indignation at Qin Biao, “Master Yu, I want to report everything this shameless coward has done to you!”


Qin Yu stared at Qin Mu coldly without saying a word. He was waiting to see how Qin Mu, the real shameless coward, would perform. 


“That year when you competed in the family tournament and became the genius of the family, you were valued and prized by all, and Qin Biao was dissatisfied. He and his father were jealous of you and hated you, so they secretly plotted to beat you when you went to participate in the practical training at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, reducing you to a cripple and a fool…”


Qin Biao was so angered that he yelled as hard as he could, “Shut up! Qin Mu, you son of a bitch, shut up!”


“The one who should shut up is you.” Qin Yu lifted his foot and delivered a heavy kick right at Qin Biao’s mouth, filling it with mud and blood.


Qin Mu took Qin Yu’s kick as a sign of encouragement and continued with more vigor. He detailed every part of how Qin Biao and his father had maimed Qin Yu. These details had, of course, been disclosed to him by the father-son duo themselves. 


By the time he finished, Qin Yuandao and Qin Chong’s faces had turned grey and their expressions ugly. Qin Chong couldn’t help but yell at Qin Biao, “So everything was caused by you, Qin Biao! Motherfucker!”


If it weren’t for Qin Biao, perhaps Qin Yu would still be the genius of the Qin family. With him, the current Qin family wouldn’t be heading for destruction, but glory.


Unfortunately, everything was destroyed by Qin Biao.


“Hahaha… hahaha…” Having been betrayed, Qin Biao’s heart greyed, and he laughed desperately. He knew he would not be spared. If Qin Yu didn’t kill him, then Qin Chong definitely would. Crippling the Qin family’s genius and causing the fall of the family? No one would want to spare him, Qin Yuandao included. 


Qin Yuandao was feeling regretful and depressed. In truth, his involvement in dealing with Qin Yu had been entirely spurred on by Qin Biao and Qin Chong. As for what the two had done and why they wanted to deal with Qin Yu, he had not cared enough to ask.


Of course, in his determination to kill Qin Yu and his family, Qin Yu’s father had played a major role. Qin Wu made a scene in the Qin family and violated Qin Yuandao’s taboo, angering him to the point of wanting to kill his family. 


It could be said that he had been passively involved the entire time, but in the end, he was still guilty.


Thinking that he, the superior head of the family, had been led by the nose by a group of juniors and kept in the dark until now, he was so angry that a mouthful of sticky blood rushed up his throat and out of his mouth, spraying the ground in front of him red. 


Afterward, he lifted his head and looked gloomily at Qin Mu. 


“You, what else do you know?”


Qin Mu was frightened by his expression. Although the old man was about to die, he still had his dignity and prestige.


“O-Old Master, I-I also know…” Qin Mu stammered but failed to produce a response.


When Yuandao noticed his fear, he slightly softened his expression. He prompted gently, “Don’t be afraid and tell me. I’ll take responsibility.”


Assured, Qin Mu gathered his courage and immediately found his way over. “To answer Old Master’s queries, I also know that last year, during the practical training at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Lu Wushuang accused Master Yu of humiliating her. As a result, Qin Biao and his father, as well as the Lu family, used it as an excuse to kill Master Yu. Elder Chong also took part in it, he…”


“That’s enough,” Qin Yuandao suddenly interrupted, startling Qin Mu. Being the clever man he was, he soon realized that he had made a big mistake—mentioning Qin Chong in front of Qin Yuandao.


Quickly realizing the severity of the situation, his expression collapsed in fear, “Old Master, forgive my loose tongue, I…”


“You can go to hell now.” Qin Yuandao released a palm, striking the pit of Qu Mu’s stomach and sending him flying five feet away. He died without so much as a scream and instantly stained the ground red beneath him when he landed.


Although the old man was on the verge of death, he was still a master of the Spirit Realm and could easily kill a low-level cultivator like Qin Mu.


“Old Master, you…” Qin Chong’s expression was ugly as he looked at the dead Qin Mu. This was clearly a case of murder to do away with the witness...


Qin Yu, on the other hand, spared Qin Mu’s body an indifferent glance before turning his cold gaze to Qin Yuandao. Then he opened his mouth and said, as if talking to himself, “When I was a child, I overheard a secret from my parents. Qin Yuandao, that year you engaged with your siblings in sexual affairs…”


“Shut up!” Qin Yuandao roared madly, turning to glare at Qin Yu with a piercing gaze.


That was the greatest stain in his life and his ultimate taboo. He had only one method of dealing with those who touched it, whatever the reason—kill.


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