Chapter 120: The Demonic Blade Rebels

Chapter 120: The Demonic Blade Rebels


In the past, Qing Yun had seen the Blood Demon before with her own eyes. The memory of the Blood Demon within the Slaughter Array was engraved deep in her mind.


The Blood Demon was a killing machine controlled entirely by its blade. It did not have its own thoughts or its own consciousness. There was only slaughter, endless slaughter.


A wave of fear coursed through Qing Yun as she thought of the Blood Demon she witnessed in the past.


She never thought that Qin Yu would willingly fall and become a demon for the sake of dealing with Qin Yuandao. She never thought he would become a human-slaying tool of the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade.


"No… Qin Yu. You can't be like this." Qing Yun was unable to accept the fact that Qin Yu had turned into a demon. She yelled as she charged over to Qin Yu.


The moment Qing Yun charged over, Qin Yu noticed her and turned toward her. A red glow blossomed from his eyes, causing a sudden shiver to run through his body. The Blood Devouring Demonic Blade in his hands trembled, and a bloody glow that was twice as dense and strong as before surged forth. It was so intense that his entire body nearly turned into a mass of dirty blood. His facial features were completely engulfed by the glow.


"No, Qin Yu. Don't be like this. Wake up, you hear me?" Qing Yun shouted as she ran. Tears spilled from the corner of her ice-cold eyes.


"Don't come here!" Qin Yu, who was engulfed by the bloody glow, let out a sharp shout.


Within his shout was a roar that echoed to the highest heavens.




A roar of fury echoed to the skies. The Blood Devouring Demonic Blade was rebelling against him.


At this moment, Qing Yun charged into the bloody glow. Her youthful and beautiful figure immediately turned into a streak of blood.


"F*cktard, get the hell back! Do you want to die!?!?" Qin Yu roared once more. His eyes were scarlet red, and his fierce-looking face was akin to a demon that crawled out from a lake of blood.


Qing Yun stopped her feet. She believed that Qin Yu had yelled at her to stop, but after careful observation, she discovered that something was off. Qin Yu was roaring at the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. The hand that he used to grip the blade was trembling fiercely. The demonic blade was trembling as well. It seemed that blade and man were fighting against each other.


Soon, something came to Qing Yun's mind, and she whipped out the Azure Edge Sword with a slashing sound. Azure sword-light bloomed within the world of blood.


"I'm coming to help you, Qin Yu." As she shouted, her beautiful voice rang melodiously in the air, and she rushed to Qin Yu without a second thought. The Azure Edge Sword bloomed with a brilliant radiance as it cleaved endlessly toward the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. She didn't know whether or not what she did was useful, but she had to give it a shot at least.




That was the last roar that Qing Yun heard from Qin Yu before she lost consciousness. In the next instant, the azure sword-light clashed with the blood-light and blood billowed to the skies. The surging wave of blood roared as it rushed upon her and instantly swallowed her beautiful body.


An unknown amount of time passed before Qing Yun opened her eyes and found herself lying against Qin Yu's warm chest. Currently, energy was circulating within the meridians of her body, healing her injuries.


This was the second time she lay against a man's chest, and the thought caused her cool and elegant face to immediately flush red. She recalled the experience she had back at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. However, it seemed that Qin Yu, this blockhead, had forgotten about that time.


She compared the two experiences and discovered great discrepancies between them. Qin Yu's chest was far warmer than the last time, and he embraced her with even greater strength. Qin Yu now exuded a more masculine air, and it gave her a sense of security. The differences were so great that she suddenly thought she was perceiving things falsely. He felt like a totally different man.


This was none other than an anchor of security that a woman searched for her entire life.


The young woman lay within the man's chest. She gazed at the elegant and handsome face of his that was almost within reach, and she sunk into a wonderful fantasy for a time. Although on the surface, she appeared as cold as ice, emotions that explode within an ice-cold woman would explode with a stronger passion compared to any other women. Such an explosion of emotions would not recede even in death.


No matter how ice-cold she was as a woman, she was still a woman in the end. She needed the embrace of a man. Such a woman rarely looked a man directly in the eyes, and that was because she had never encountered a man who could conquer her.


"You've woken up." Qin Yu lowered his head to look at the young lady that lay against his chest. He found that, after she awoke, her face was flushed red, and she just stupidly stared at him without speaking a word. He had no other choice but to be the first to speak.


"Yes, I have." Qing Yun's face turned even redder, and she hastily struggled to free herself from Qin Yu's embrace. She then stood to the side with her blushing face, her head lowered like a shy little girl. She didn't dare to raise her head to look at the man before him.


Qin Yu watched Qing Yun act like a beautiful and shy young lady. He really never thought that Qing Yun, who was normally ice-cold, would have this side to her.


"I need to handle some matters. Wait for me here." Qin Yu smiled as he circled his hand to Qing Yun's back and gently caressed her long soft hair. Then, he turned and walked in the direction of Qin Yuandao and the others. He had already put away the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade and the Deep Azure Sword, which he had seized from Qin Yuandao, into his dimensional ring.


A gleam of hope had arisen within Qin Yuandao's heart when he saw the bizarre change occurring. From his previous experiences, he could see that there was something wrong with Qin Yu's blood blade. As a spirit weapon that possessed sentience, the blood blade had been trying to consume Qin Yu.


A sentient spirit weapon was an existence that had the chance to become a sacred weapon. No wonder Qin Yuandao was put into such a sorry state. He hadn't lost to Qin Yu. He had lost to that demonic blade.


Of course, none of that was important. The ending was the same whether Qin Yuandao and his people had lost to Qin Yu or to the demonic blade. Right now, Qin Yu had suppressed the demonic blade under his control. Perhaps, only death awaited him now.


As the sound of Qin Yu's footsteps grew nearer with every step, Qin Yuandao's heart sunk into the abyss. He felt a coldness that was like ice, desolation, and grief.


"Esteemed Father, let's admit that we were wrong. Maybe he'll let us go." Qin Hui spoke with a gloomy voice.


Qin Yuandao had already sat back up. He slowly turned his head and glanced at Qin Zong. A smile of distressed was revealed on his face as he said, "Wrong? Have I done wrong?"


Qin Zong sighed helplessly when he heard Qin Yuandao’s words. "Esteemed Father, our Qin Family has produced you, a master of the Spirit Realm, and Qin Yu, a genius. This should be all the fortune that our Qin Family has. However, look at our current situation. Our Qin Family has been reduced to this degree. We now face complete annihilation of our family. Shouldn't we be properly questioning ourselves?"


"Qin Zong, are you still blaming this old man?" Qin Yuandao didn't get angry. His wizened voice was gentle as he asked. The him of the past would have long since flown into a terrible rage.


"No, how can I dare to blame you, sir. If I must blame someone, I can only blame myself. As the family head, I can only watch the annihilation of the Qin Family with my eyes wide open. I am powerless. I apologize to the ancestors of the Qin Family." Qin Zong raised his head, and sadness rose from his heart for a time. Tears began to flow out. Men only weep when deeply hurt.


"Qin Zong, whether or not you blame this old man, it is not this old man's wrongdoing that the Qin Family has walked to this stage." Qin Yuandao was unable to think of where he had gone wrong. It was also impossible for him, a grand senior, to admit wrongdoing to Qin Yu, a youth from two generations younger.


"That means that the wrongdoing is mine, no matter how you look at it." A gloomy voice answered Qin Yuandao, and Qin Yu stood before Qin Yuandao. He looked down with a callous gaze at the old man, who had once considered himself unparalleled in this world.


Qin Yuandao shivered, and his heart powerlessly lamented. What ought to come had come.


Since he was going to die regardless, Qin Yuandao felt that there was nothing more to think about. For a moment, he unexpectedly became at peace. Life and death. He would face them all with calmness.


"Qin Yu. This old man admits… that you have won. Therefore, it is meaningless to debate about being right or wrong." Qin Yuandao let out a long and distressed sigh. "The world of cultivation has no sense of right or wrong. There is only strength, and nothing else. If you are strong, then you are in the right. If you are weak, then what does it matter, even if you are right? If others say you are in the wrong, then you are in the wrong. Hmph. Hahaha!" Qin Yuandao let out a belly of laughter after speaking. It was unknown what he was laughing at. 


Qin Yu looked at the ugly face of the old man with eyes that seemed as if he was looking at an idiot. His lips curled into a sneer, "I really feel sorry for you."


Qin Yuandao's laughter came to a screeching halt. He raised his head and looked at Qin Yu with callous eyes. His wizened lips twitched, "You feel sorry for me?"


"Yes. You are very pitiful. Even at death’s door, you don't understand what's the true road of cultivation."


"What? This old man doesn't understand what's the true road of cultivation? You think that you, a kid, knows more than this old man? What a joke."


Qin Yu squatted down. With callous eyes, he locked gazes with Qin Yuandao. He spoke condescendingly, "It is true that the road of cultivation has the aspect of the martial strength that you hold in high esteem. However, who is wrong is not completely determined by strength. On the outside, whatever you do is your own business. What is so lamentable about you lies here. You use this belief of yours to deal with your own people. You have pressured me to walk the road that runs against the Qin Family. Even you were caught in it. You tell me. Are you pitiful or not?"


"I—" Qin Yuandao was cut off.


"You can run unbridled. You can act with arrogance. However, you should go outside to act wildly if you have the skills. You act wild in your own family, in this tiny Luosang City. Whatever skills you have amounted to nothing more than that of a wretched insect." Qin Yu's face was filled with sneer and ridicule.


Qin Yuandao's ugly old face twitched from time to time. Under Qin Yu’s mocking gaze, his face turned ugly to the extreme.


"Hmph." Qin Yu snorted with disdain. He stood up and spoke in a low voice, "I can kill you right now if I wanted to, but I still want you to know a few things before I kill you." After speaking, he walked toward Qin Biao's corpse, which was covered with blood.


Qin Biao, who was playing dead, could clearly hear the sound of Qin Yu's footsteps approaching him. Though he controlled his body to maintain stillness with all his efforts, his heart thumped along with each footstep that Qin Yu took. 


He prayed and begged to the gods and Buddhas within his heart. He prayed and begged to all his ancestors and forefathers while wishing that Qin Yu wouldn't walk over to him. However, it was very sad. Neither god nor Buddha was able to help him. None of his ancestors or forefathers were able to help him either. Qin Yu's footsteps stopped right by his body.


"Calm. I must be calm. I'm already dead. You can't see that I'm alive. You can't see that I'm alive." Qin Biao's heart had already jumped to his throat. Even within his nervousness and fear, he still maintained absolute stillness with his body. He was truly just like a corpse. There was no other way to describe it. His skills at playing dead were absolutely top-notch.


Qin Yu stared at Qin Biao's so-called corpse with cold and dark eyes. His lips curled into a sinister smile. He suddenly raised his foot and ferociously stomped down onto Qin Biao's body.


Crack! The sound of bones shattering to pieces rang forth.


"AHH!" The intense pain of broken bone caused Qin Biao to no longer be able to play dead. He shrieked miserably as the ground in this spot trembled.

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