Chapter 12: Ruthless Attack Aimed to Kill

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 12: Ruthless Attack Aimed to Kill

Azure Edge Sword was the most famous sword of Luonan City’s Qing Family. Who would’ve thought that it was actually given to this girl? Dugu Ao was in trouble now.

The appearance of the sword brought a drastic change to Dugu Ao's expression. The glinting edge of the sharp sword tore through the air and lunged towards Dugu Ao who hastily pulled out his own sword to deflect the blow. Although the silver flash of his sword was also equally imposing, its power still fell short of the Azure Edge Sword.

Both of their cultivation levels were at the apex of Origin Realm. They were both on the edge of breaking through into Immersion Realm. In such a situation where both their strengths were equal, the quality of their weapons became the most crucial factor in determining victory and defeat.

The Azure Edge Sword was extremely sharp. After a dozen rounds, Dugu Ao’s sword was directly chopped in half. He even had a few tears in his robes. In the end, he was defeated and met the same fate as Qin Zhao. [1. Unrelated Side Note: Lmao ultimate cannon fodder XD 3 sentences]

Of course, his defeat still looked a bit better than Qin Zhao’s. At least he made Qing Yun unsheath her sword and lasted for a dozen or so strikes. Furthermore, everybody could clearly see that it was Qing Yun’s sword that caused her victory. If he also had such a sword, the victor would be unknown.

Now that even Dugu Ao had lost, there was naturally nobody left in Luosang City who could fight her. This also indicated that when the decisive battle of the Martial Examination happened at King City, Luosang City would definitely be at a disadvantage to Luonan City.

“You keep on calling other people trash and always trample others underfoot, but in the end, this is all you’re worth!” At this moment, an apathetic voice suddenly echoed as a dark, cloaked figure slowly walked toward the center.

His thin figure was prominent through his coarse and dusty clothing. He wore a shabby bamboo hat and the most astonishing thing was that nobody there could sense the person’s cultivation. It was almost as if he was just an ordinary person. This person’s clothing and aura wasn’t any different from the country folk in the streets.

But if he wasn’t a cultivator, then how could he come here? Furthermore, he even dared to enter the battling ground and boast so shamelessly, mocking the number one genius of Luosang City, Dugu Ao.

This person was not some stranger, in fact, it was Qin Yu. As someone who used to be Xie Di, he had plenty of ways to conceal his own aura so others could not tell his cultivation level. Originally, he didn’t want to fight, but with a certain someone repeatedly calling him out and others continuously mocking him as a piece of trash, he wanted to come out and prove who was actually the true trash here.

Dugu Ao who was just about to step down angrily turned around. His eyes widened as he glared angrily at the figure. Dugu Ao couldn’t tell who it was due to the low bamboo hat covering the figure’s face and the fact that it was evening. However, he could tell that the person was just an ordinary villager.

“Where did a vulgar ruffian like you come from, daring to mock this young master?” Dugu Ao shouted angrily. A surging killing intent emitted from his body.

A boor that didn’t have any cultivation actually dared to ridicule him, the number one genius of Luosang City? Did he think he was easy to bully? Although he was defeated, he was not somebody that could be so easily ridiculed.

“Qin Yu, you’ve finally come out!”

Qin Yu was just about to retort back to Dugu Ao when a shout interrupted him, also startling all the surrounding people.

“Huh? Qin Yu? Where’s Qin Yu?”

Those who knew Qin Yu all stared at Qing Yun who had just shouted loudly in amazement. She was staring rigidly at the grey-robed figure who had just arrived.

“That’s Qin Yu? It’s a mistake. It must be a mistake.” Those from the Qin Family all shook their heads in denial. There was no way he could be Qin Yu. Moreover, nobody brought Qin Yu with them when they left the Qin Family Manor. If that cripple came here, he would only be a burden so nobody wanted to take him.

But Qing Yun was staring at him unwaveringly, insisting he was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was also somewhat surprised. How did this girl recognize him? He was dressed like this with his aura concealed. He even deliberately changed his voice slightly. The Qin Family had all been fooled yet how was this girl not? Was a woman’s sixth sense really that strong? So it turns out having the ire of a woman was actually this terrifying.

“Miss Qing, he can’t be Qin Yu.” Dugu Ao turned around, the tone of his voice firm.

“You’ve already lost so what are you being so noisy for? Scram!” Qing Yun didn’t give Dugu Ao the least bit of face.

“You! I…!” Dugu Ao’s face turned extremely unsightly.

“What? You still want to fight?” Qing Yun’s killing intent increased sharply as she pointed the Azure Edge Sword at Dugu Ao, the light from the sword blossoming again.

This woman seemed like an irreproachable, cool and elegant fairy with a fiery temper. Her motto was: if you say fight, then fight. There wasn’t a single extra word in between. She was simply a madwoman who only had a mindset for battle.

Right now, even Dugu Ao’s weapon was destroyed and he was left completely helpless with no way to fight back. He could only swallow his belly full of rage and glare at Qin Yu fiercely before leaving angrily with a swing of his sleeves.

Now, only Qin Yu and Qing Yun remained in the middle.

“Qin Yu, don’t think that by dressing up like this and changing your voice, this Great Aunt won’t recognize you! [2. “Great Aunt” is the most arrogant way to refer to oneself]. Even if you turned into dust, this Great Aunt would still be able to recognize you! Don’t talk nonsense and take out your sword!” Qing Yun pointed her sword at Qin Yu, her gaze burning with overflowing anger. Everyone could sense the surging animosity radiating from Qing Yun and they couldn’t help but wonder, what exactly did Qin Yu do to her for there to be such resentment?

Qin Yu let out a bitter laugh and took off his hat, throwing it to the side. At this moment, his true appearance was exposed to everybody. That familiar refined and handsome face, who else could it be but Qin Yu?

The people of Luosang City were all dumbstruck. In the Qin Family group, Qin Biao and Qin Zhan were even more dumbstruck. Qin Yu? It was really Qin Yu! Why did he come here? How did somebody with no cultivation come all the way here? Ten Thousand Beast Mountain wasn’t a place ordinary people could just come and go as they pleased.

“Qin Yu? Who allowed you to come? You’re still not leaving? You don’t even have any cultivation! Are you courting death?!” Qin Zhan stepped out and shouted loudly at Qin Yu. His strength amplified his voice, making it sound like a boom of thunder at night. For those who were weaker, his voice even left a buzzing echo in their ears.

“That’s right! Even if a cripple like you wants to die, you should at least not come out and throw away our Qin Family’s face!” Qin Biao immediately followed. Just now, having his son get slapped on the face was already enough to make him angry. Now, somebody came just in time for him to vent his anger.

Qin Yu’s icy gaze shot toward Qin Biao. He opened his mouth, his voice filled with contempt. “Lose the Qin Family’s face? Who was it just now that lost the Qin Family’s face and lost our entire Luosang City’s face? And you still want to talk about me?”

Qin Biao’s face warmed up. A burst of both embarrassment and anger welled up inside him. Qin Yu, a mere cripple actually dared to talk to him like this. Preposterous!

“Let’s not talk about my family’s Qin Zhao, after all, he’ll always be stronger than a cripple like you!” Qin Biao’s words were filled with contempt as he emphasized the word “cripple,” as if he was afraid everyone present was not aware that Qin Yu was now a cripple who couldn’t cultivate.

“Old bastard! Shut up for this Laozi! Just wait for this Young Master to make you pay!” When Qin Yu’s words came out, everybody from the Qin Family was startled. This included Qin Biao, who just stood there and didn’t respond until a long time after.

“What did he call me just now? He said I was an old bastard?!” When Qin Biao finally reacted, he flew into a rage.

The world of cultivators has always had a strict hierarchy. This was especially so in some of the older families of cultivators. In the Qin Family, Qin Biao had a higher seniority over Qin Yu. In addition, with Qin Zhao occupying the “number one genius” seat, his status became even higher. Nobody dared to disrespect him and Qin Yu was a cripple from the younger generation. Yet, today he had actually made him lose face in front of so many people, calling him an old bastard! It would be a miracle if he didn’t go mad with anger.

He jumped out, pointing at Qin Yu fiercely as he bellowed with rage, “You little bastard! What did you just curse Laozi as just now?!”

“Old bastard! Did you not hear it clearly? Then I’ll repeat it one more time! Old bastard! Old bastard!!!”

“You’re seeking death!” Qin Biao was unable to restrain his anger and without considering the fact that Qin Yu was apart of his Qin Family, he directly charged at him with an aim to kill. He struck out with a palm strike, creating a berserk hurricane of explosions.

“Stop!” Qin Zhan shouted loudly, trying to prevent him. But it was already too late. He didn’t anticipate that Qin Biao would actually try to kill somebody from the same family. Although Qin Yu was just a cripple, he was still somebody from the Qin Family. Killing somebody from the same family in front of so many people, was he really not thinking of the consequences at all?

It was not that Qin Biao was not thinking of the aftermath, but because right now he needed to kill Qin Yu. Getting angry just now was only an excuse. When he had originally plotted against Qin Yu, he thought that after Qin Yu was beaten into idiocy, he would be free of worries and nobody would ever be aware of his conspiracy. But unexpectedly, Qin Yu did not turn into an idiot and only lost his memory.

Since he had lost his memory, Qin Biao thought that he would not remember what happened before and felt at ease. However, the sentence Qin Yu said just now: “Just wait for this Young Master to make you pay!” clearly meant that he remembered something.

It didn’t matter what he remembered, striking first meant that he would gain the upper hand. Plus, killing Qin Yu would make his worries disappear forever. Even if the Qin Family blamed him, he could just say that Qin Yu infuriated him, causing him to impulsively kill him. The Qin Family definitely wouldn’t make it hard on him over a cripple, so he could still remain as the father of the Qin Family’s number one genius.

Qin Biao was at the middle stage of Immersion Realm, so for him, killing the powerless Qin Yu was as simple as stepping on an ant.

“Scram! He can only die in my hands!” A cold voice shouted loudly as an azure sword made of qi ripped through the night sky, while the actual sword was fiercely aimed at Qin Biao.

Qin Biao clenched his teeth, his body leaning slightly to avoid both the sword qi and the incoming sword. His palm continued to strike in Qin Yu’s direction. Even if he had to risk his life, he still had to kill Qin Yu.

A muffled sinking sound echoed. Qin Biao’s berserk palm strike ruthlessly struck Qin Yu, his body was sent flying with a bang as he disappeared from his original place.

“Huh? What happened?” Qin Biao was suddenly startled and before he could react, he could only hear laughter before the icy, sharp tip of a sword cut into his body, piercing through his shoulder from behind. The sword was truly fierce. The icy tip of Qing Yun’s sword directly penetrated his shoulder blade, creating a large and bloody gash.

Everybody was once again stunned, especially the Qin Family. They all stared dumbfounded at Qin Biao’s shoulder that had been pierced through by Qing Yun.

Qing Yun unexpectedly hit Qin Biao. To be honest, not only did this exceed everybody else’s expectations, even Qing Yun herself didn’t expect it. Earlier she had only wanted to use her sword to make Qin Biao retreat. After all, Qin Biao was an expert at Immersion Realm and she didn't think that she would actually be able to injure Qin Biao. Yet right now, her sword had actually pierced through Qin Biao’s shoulder.

Could it be Qin Biao would even sacrifice his own life to kill Qin Yu?

Wait, what about Qin Yu? Didn’t he disappear after the explosion from Qin Biao’s palm strike?

Only now did everyone respond, their eyes searching everywhere for Qin Yu’s figure.

Qin Yu was standing behind Qing Yun and Qin Biao’s backs. His expression showed indifference as he looked at the two. It was as if he was only a spectator of their all-out, close quarter fight.

At the moment, the crowd was left speechless. He was the “main offender” who had started everything!

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