Chapter 119: The Fall of the Qin Family

Qin Yuandao saw that a few people had come to help, and a vicious sneer appeared on his ugly face.


“Hehehe, Qin Yu, you bastard son of our Qin Family, let’s see how you’ll die today!” Qin Yuandao released all his strength as he clashed against Qin Yu’s blood sword.


“You really want to die, huh? Now you’re no longer talking about blood ties and familial relationships?” Qin Yu’s eyes were tinted red as he pushed down his bloodlust.


“Talking about familial relations with a bastard son like you is like a joke.” Qin Yuandao wore a sinister smile that grew even wider when he watched the ten swords sneak up and stab Qin Yu. 


“Hahaha, an old dog really is an old dog, go to hell!” Qin Yu released a mad roar. He shot forward amidst the thunder and lightning, and he swung the demonic blade in his hands as he boomed loudly, “All shall die!”




Luckily at that moment, there was a large bang that shook all of Luosang City. The city alarm bells echoed across the city, causing everybody to jump with astonishment. 


The Qin Family members that were fighting hand to hand with Qin Yu were also startled. That group, including Qin Yuandao, paused from instinct upon hearing the alarm.


Only Qin Yu was unaffected. He had lived two lives, and his mindset could not be compared to others. When he was fighting, he was completely engrossed in it, and he would never be distracted by external factors. Therefore, there was no pause in his movements as he continued to kill wildly. 


Due to the distraction of the alarm, Qin Yuandao and the others from the Qin Family reacted a bit slower than usual. Even though the difference was only about 1/10th of a second, it was already enough for Qin Yu.



It wasn’t that they wanted to be distracted, but they couldn’t help but lose control to their own natural reactions. People can only put their focus towards one thing at a time, so when a loud alarm suddenly blared through the city without any warning, it would surprise everyone; except, of course, if you were some sort of freak.


Even Qin Yuandao was surprised by the alarm, and he didn’t react until Qin Yu unsheathed his sword. By the time he started to block, his stomach had already been kicked ruthlessly. The power in the strike forced him to fly backward uncontrollably. He was like a bullet that pierced backward relentlessly. Then with a loud rumble, Qin Yuandao disappeared into the hole underneath the ruins of the house. 


He fell into the deep pit, his fate unknown.


Simultaneously, Qin Yu swept out with his Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. Waves of crimson sword qi surged forward like a flood, akin to a huge monster trying to devour a person.  It attacked forward berserkly, swallowing up everybody in its way. 




Screams of despair rang out amidst the waves of blood, their voices ringing clear in the sky above the Qin Family estates. Their wretched screams caused those from the Qin Family that were still alive to tremble. The people who were still at the scene felt even more afraid.


“I can’t take it anymore!” 


Suddenly, a loud cry rang out as one of the Qin Family disciples standing from afar fell into despair. He threw down his weapons and clutched his head as he ran away into the distance. 


 After one person lost it, everybody else did too. Countless disciples from the Qin Family scattered, their weapons clanging loudly against the floor. The Grand Elder was like their god, and now that he lost and fell from his altar, their pillar of hope had also toppled. Now, they were in complete hopelessness.


“We’re done for.” When Qin Chong saw this scene, a sigh slipped from his mouth. His face was deathly pale. He was in much greater despair than anyone.


Not far from Qin Chong laid Qin Biao, who was covered in blood. His blood-soaked appearance was extremely frightening as he laid there motionlessly. But although he couldn’t have looked anymore dead, his eyes had just peeked open, and he stole a glance in Qin Yuandao’s direction. 


When he saw that Qin Yuandao flying away after being kicked, he hurriedly closed his eyes again and continued faking dead.


In fact, he was the least wounded of everyone here, and he had been lying on the floor and faking death long ago. The blood that covered him was from unknown sources. 


As countless people ran out in despair, their blood splattered everywhere and some landed on him. 


After the waves of crimson sword qi, thin rays of blood red qi stretched across the field, leaving behind a dozen or so mangled corpses. A single move had wiped everybody out; that was the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade’s might. Even the elders were helpless against it, nevermind weaker disciples like them. 


Boom! Boom! Boom!


The alarm bells continued to ring outside, bringing about a sense of urgency. However, it meant nothing to Qin Yu as he continued to slaughter through the field, drenching himself in blood and creating a crimson river. He charged into the house where Qin Yuandao had fallen. 


The next moment, a loud bang sounded from inside the house along with the occasional booms. The house swayed and shuddered before finally collapsing completely with a final boom as two figures came flying out. The difference was that one figure was dashing out, while the other had been sent flying out in Qin Biao’s direction. 


A loud bang echoed as the figure was pounded to the ground, creating a big cloud of dust barely a foot away from Qin Biao, who was scared to the point of trembling. He even almost jumped up in fear before he remembered that he was a “corpse” that shouldn’t be moving about. He forced down his shudders and fear. 


The one who was pounded to the ground was Qin Yuandao and the one that flew out was Qin Yu. 


Qin Yu fell from the sky, his body immersed in a crimson light. A faint blue light pulsated behind the layer of crimson. The two colors were due to the two weapons he held. His right hand grasped the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade while his left hand held the Serene Blue Sword, which he had stolen from Qin Yuandao. 


With two swords, he was even stronger. Those of the Qin Family who were still alive could only shudder in fear. 


Was this the cripple the Qin Family had discarded? The unfilial and useless son? What a joke. The Qin Family all grieved. Such a monstrous talent originally should have been the honor of their Qin Family, yet the result was the opposite and he had become the demon that destroyed the Qin Family. How ironic. 


Qin Zong arduously crawled up from the ground, barely alive.  He leaned against a piece of wooden debris, his heart filled with sorrow. He was the Family Master but now, he was about to watch the Qin Family be destroyed in front of his eyes. Furthermore, it was even about to be destroyed by somebody from his very own Qin Family. The pain and grief in his heart could not be described in words.


“Grand Elder, we were wrong…” Qin Zong watched as Qin Yu walked towards them step by step, like the god of death, and he sighed at Qin Yuandao. 



“Cough, cough...” Qin Yuandao gasped for breath as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was fighting for his breath, and he was afraid that if he stopped trying, he would breathe his last. 



He slowly lifted his head and turned to stare at the blood-soaked figure who was gradually approaching. His twisted face seemed to age 10 years in an instant as a hopeless light appeared in his eyes. “Wrong, huh…”


His voice was hoarse, and a hint of regret could be heard in it, “I, Qin Yuandao, have lived my whole life unhindered, and after great difficulties, I had even become a Spirit Realm Master. Finally, I became a great power and carried the Qin Family to never before seen heights of glory, but who would’ve thought that I’d die like this one day. Dying under the hands of one of my juniors, under my own family. Hahaha… could this be my fate?”



“The Heavens really isn’t fair. I won’t accept this, it’s not fair!” Qin Yuandao raised his head and howled towards the dusky skies, his face warped in grief and indignation.


Clop Clop


As Qin Yuandao roared furiously, the sound of clattering hooves sounded through the Qin Family training field. A figure clothed in green appeared- it was Qing Yun.


“Qin Yu.”


Qing Yun immediately jumped off her horse upon reaching the field and shouted for Qin Yu. But when she saw his familiar figure bathed in blood, her dainty face immediately turned ashen as she struggled to speak, “Blood...Demon…”

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