Chapter 118: A Showdown of Spirit Weapon Against Spirit Weapon


Seeing his own princess leave without a care for her life and hearing her speak of dying together with another man caused Prince Mu Xingde to feel furious and anxious at the same time.


"You come back here for this prince, Qing Yun. You are this prince's woman. If you want to die, you will die with me, and I will not die! Ptooey!" Mu Xingde howled with fury as he looked at Qing Yun's back, far off in the distance. He then snarled to his subordinates, "You pieces of trash. The heck are you all doing just standing here frozen? Go grab Laozi's princess back."


"Your Highness, this…" Li San was a bit hesitant. The current situation clearly shows that the chance to grab Qing Yun back was long gone.


"What is this? You dare defy orders?" Mu Xingde whipped out the sword he carried. He looked sinister.


"Your Highness, this subordinate does not dare. This subordinate will go grab your princess back at once." Li San nearly fell off from his horse from fright.


"Forget it. There's no need to go anymore." The voice of the old woman rang out from within the carriage. Her voice sounded old and raspy, and it was hard on the ears. But to Li San's ears, her voice sounded like music. How excellent! He didn't have to go anymore. Mu Xingde might not listen to other people, but the old woman's words carried a lot of weight.


Sure enough, the sinister expression on Mu Xingde's face faded away, and it was replaced by depression and anxiety. "Grandmother. She is none other than this king's princess. How can I just let her go? I…"


"Your Highness. You may be able to keep her body, but you cannot keep her heart. Right now, time is of the essence. Qiongxi is in danger. We need to inform the capital post-haste. You must not wrong the nation for the sake of a mere woman." The old woman spoke with sincerity and honesty as she urged, "Let us go then. We will be too late if we dally any longer."


“Sigh!” Mu Xingde let out a deep, hateful sigh. Then, he helplessly said, "All right then. Let's go back. Move out!"


After the order was given, the troops, who came here in a hurry, turned back onto the road they came from and hurriedly made their way back to the capital.




At Luosang City, a few city guards listlessly leaned against the city gates. Their heads tilted up to the skies as they yawned. They looked like they hadn't slept on the previous night.


Trot trot… A horse-rider quickly rushed here at this time, setting off clouds of dust that filled the air. The hooves of the horse caused the ground to thump.


The sound shocked the muddled and sleepy city guards awake. They forcefully roused their energy and stood up straight. They opened their eyes and gazed off into the distance, only to see a young fairy-like woman riding a horse that destroyed the ground as it approached.


"Wow, what a beautiful girl." A slurping sound came from the mouth of one of the guards. Drool came flowing out in a long stream.


"Hurry up and close the city gates. Enemy forces have come to attack!" The young lady quickly rode through the city gates at lightning speed. She left behind those words, before instantly making her way past the gates.


The city guards only returned to their senses after Qing Yun's beautiful image completely faded from their lines of sight.


"Uh, did she just say that enemy forces have come to attack?" A city guard asked another guard next to him.


"I think so," The other guard answered. "She's even told us to close the city gates."


"Ha. What kind of joke is this? Why the hell would enemy forces attack this place? This is Luosang City. Not even birds want to shit here. Nobody wants this place, even if it's for free. Only those who have nothing better to do would spend resources to attack us."


"Something's not right. I think I hear something."


These soldiers were very weak in strength. It was only now that they heard the sounds of an enormous army galloping over.


The gate guards grew silent as they strained their ears to listen.


"There isn't anything. You've gone stupid. Where do you hear the sound coming from?" A guard spoke.


A different guard threw himself down and plastered his ear to the ground. He listened for a while before his complexion suddenly changed. He leaped back up at lightning speed and loudly yelled, "Hurry up the watchtower!" As soon as he finished speaking, he ran toward the city gate tower.


The other people didn't understand what the heck this fellow was doing, but they immediately followed him due to their curiosity.


They climbed up the watchtower, and their line of sight was broadened substantially. It was at this instant that they saw the rolling clouds of dust about to assault them.


"Is that a dust storm?" Someone stupidly asked.


"Storm your f*cking head! Quickly close the gates! It's an enemy attack!" The leader of the guards finally discovered what was wrong. He used the energy of cursing to let out the loudest of shouts.


The city gates turned chaotic after he shouted.


"Messengers, hurry and inform the City Lord. It's an enemy attack! The rest of you should go ring the alarm bell."




The city guards followed the commands of the leader of the guards and began to bustle about.




At the Qin Family, Qin Yu engaged against six opponents by himself. He had annihilated the seven-star formation after going through a period of chaotic close combat fighting, and the remaining six people were no exception; they were all blasted away soon.


Qin Yu had the might of the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. How could a mere seven-star formation that was teetering on the edge of destruction withstand him?


"It's now your turn, Qin Yuandao! Die for me!" The vicious glow in Qin Yu's blood colored eyes exploded in a bright radiance, and the demonic blade turned into a bloody gash that pierced into the horizon. It headed toward Qin Yuandao, who was still healing, and came cleaving down at him in a rumble.


Qin Yuandao underestimated the might of the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. He believed that he just needed a bit of time before he would be able to recover from his injuries with his strength of the Spirit Realm and a few precious medicinal pills. At the very least, he believed he would have recovered half his combat strength. However, he was still in the process of healing himself after all this time. The wound caused by the Blood Devouring Demonic Blade wasn't something that could be easily healed.


When he saw that the enormous blade of blood was about to swallow him whole, he had no choice but to give up on healing himself. He let out a furious roar, and deep-azure sword-light flashed in his hands. A deep-azure longsword materialized out of thin air. Qin Yuandao possessed a dimensional ring of his own. He was the only person of the Qin Family with a dimensional ring.




Qin Yuandao suddenly stood up, and his sword faced the enormous blade that cleaved down with ferocity.




Blade and sword collided, and the deep-azure sword-light explosively clashed with the blood-red blade-light. The rumbling explosions were world-shaking, and the spirit weapons generated air currents that surged in berserk waves and blasted in all directions. Anything that the waves touched were crushed, be it human or not.  The people closest to Qin Yuandao were simply lacerated by the waves. Flesh and blood splattered everywhere.


"Spirit weapon." Qin Yu saw the deep-azure longsword in Qin Yuandao's hands, and his eyes focused a bit more. "No, it's an incomplete spirit weapon, and it's a top-grade incomplete spirit weapon." This incomplete spirit weapon was much stronger than the one he had seized from Bao Ding City.


When spirit weapons clashed, their might was naturally exceptionally terrifying.


This spirit weapon was called the Deep Azure Sword. It was the Qin Family's treasure used for subduing enemy clans. The Grand Elder of the Qin Family held control of this weapon through successive generations, and only high-ranking members of the family knew its existence. The lower-ranking members didn't even have the qualifications to know, and thus Qin Yu didn't know that the Qin Family possessed such a clan-crushing spirit weapon even though he came from the Qin Family.


Since this weapon was a precious treasure used to crush clans, it would never be used unless absolutely necessary. This was why Qin Yuandao never used it until now, for he never had a need to. It was only now that he was forced to use it.


However, an incomplete spirit weapon was not a true spirit weapon. This weapon was incapable of being placed on par with Qin Yu's Blood Devouring Demonic Blade. It was because of this that when Qin Yu's demonic blade pressed upon the Deep Azure Sword, Qin Yuandao was unable to maintain steady footing under the torrent of berserk energy. One of his legs bent, and he knelt heavily on the ground.


Qin Yu's two hands gripped the shaft of his blade tightly. The blood-colored edge gnashed as it pressed ferociously down. Qin Yuandao also grit his teeth, and relied on his old life in his half-kneeling state to raise the Deep Azure Sword over his head and hold-off the bloody blade from cleaving down.


Unfortunately, Qin Yuandao was already injured, and the injury he suffered from was no typical injury. He had only just stopped his wound from bleeding, but the wound immediately reopened from his current display of strength. The blood came flowing out once more, and the stream of blood was growing fiercer and fiercer.


"Hehe, old dog. Get your just deserts." Qin Yu's lips pulled into a sinister smile. His strength increased, and waves and waves of power pressed down on Qin Yuandao such that he was nearly unable to breathe.


Qin Yuandao was resentful. He was hateful. If he had been in his peak state, if he hadn't been injured by the sneak attack a moment ago, it wouldn't have mattered that Qin Yu held a true spirit weapon and that he held an incomplete spirit weapon. The difference in realms was normally not something that weapons could overcome. Qin Yuandao would have been able to slay easily Qin Yu and seize Qin Yu's spirit weapon for himself.


Unfortunately, the world didn't have room for that many if's. His underestimation of Qin Yu, his ignorance, and his arrogance had allowed Qin Yu the chance to successfully land the sneak attack.


"Qin Yu, must you kill an old man?" Qin Yuandao gritted his teeth as he resisted, barely squeezing his voice out of his throat.


"I'm going to kill none other than you, an old dog. Aren't you high and above me? Don't you consider yourself unequaled in this world? Aren't you arrogant and conceited? I bet you never thought you would get your just deserts." The bloody glow upon Qin Yu's body grew denser and denser. It was as if his entire person was glowing with light, and his light dyed Qin Yuandao into a bloody man.


"Think about this, Qin Yu. No matter how you spin it, you too come from the Qin Family. You and I possess ties of close blood. Based on family seniority, I am your great-grandfather. Killing me is the disgraceful action of patricide. The heavens forbid it, and you will be reviled by all beneath the heavens." Qin Yuandao had no choice. He could only use the morality of familial ties to persuade Qin Yu in an attempt to have Qin Yu let him off this one time.


"Old thing, you think you are worthy of being my great-grandfather? You think you are worthy of speaking of familial ties? When you had Qin Chong bury my mother and father alive, when you were about to kill Laozi, you didn't think of familial ties. Why is that? Do you think that saying such useless words would have an effect now? Let me tell you. It has been a long time since Laozi has been a member of the Qin Family. Killing you is the same as killing a dog. DIEEE!" Qin Yu roared with killing intent. His berserk power rumbled as it infused upon the demonic blade and crazily bombarded at Qin Yuandao's last line of defense. 


Qin Yuandao's old face was tensed and ashen. He grit his teeth so hard that they creaked without end, but he still persevered. He hadn't become a spirit realm master out of nothing. His strength was truly out of the norm, and this allowed him to forcefully resist the crazy bombarding pressure from Qin Yu.


As the two gritted their teeth in this standoff, a corpse behind them suddenly moved. It slowly raised its head and gazed toward Qin Yu and Qin Yuandao's location. This was Qin Chong. He wasn't dead yet.


Qin Chong saw Qin Yu's blade gradually suppress Qin Yuandao's sword. The edge of the blood-color blade was pressing closer to Qin Yuandao's skull, bit by bit. At this very moment, his anxiety was as intense as a ferocious flame.


If this was the end of Qin Yuandao, then this would be the end of everything. The first thing that came to Qin Chong's mind was to get up immediately and go help. He would take advantage of the two's complete focus on their standoff to strike Qin Yu in the back.


However, he discovered something when he was about to get up. One of his legs was gone. Beneath the bloody mess was a mere stump.


"Ah... my leg!" Qin Chong was unable to accept the fact that he had lost a leg. He let out a scream of despair. As a cultivator, losing a leg meant that he was a cripple. He didn't want to be trash.


"I'm going to kill you, Qin Yu! I'm going to kill you!"


All of this was thanks to Qin Yu. He hated Qin Yu.


"You pieces of trash. What are you doing standing there stupidly and doing nothing? Hurry up and help the Grand Elder kill that piece of shit!" Qin Chong had discovered that quite a few cultivators of the Qin Family were just standing and watching while shaking in their boots and not daring to go kill Qin Yu. He was so furious that his lungs were about to explode. He was even more furious about the fact that no one dared to approach even after he gave the order. Qin Yu's current appearance was that of a bloodthirsty demon. Even the Grand Elder was incapable of stopping Qin Yu. Like hell these cultivators of the Qin Family would dare approach.


"What are you all scared of? The Esteemed Father has him pinned right now. He is in no position to be going after us. You all can easily kill him! Hurry up and go!" Qin Chong yelled from the bottom of his throat.


This howl caused a few people to snap back to reality. Qin Chong was right. Right now, Qin Yu was standing off against the Esteemed Father. Qin Yu could not spare a moment's distraction. This was a good chance for the rest of them to make a move.


"Let's go together, everyone! Kill him! Avenge our fallen brethren! There was finally a powerful cultivator of the Immersion Realm who took the lead. He raised his war blade up high and roared as he charged over.


"Die!" With someone taking the lead, the bold immediately followed. Thus, a dozen or so people formed a combat formation. Their killing intent boiled as they charged into the field of bloody light. The charged at Qin Yu, who was in the middle of competing against Qin Yuandao in pure strength.


"Esteemed Father! We have come to help you! Die!"


The dozen or so people's eyes were scarlet red as they roared. Blade-light and sword-shadows filled the world of bloody light at the next moment.

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