Chapter 117 Transformation into a Blood Demon

Qin Yuandao reacted swiftly under Qin Yu’s assault, immediately jumping more than 30 meters away, escaping with the skin of teeth and barely keeping his life. 

He wasn’t a Spirit Realm Master for nothing. If it had been anybody else just now, they definitely would have been blown to pieces. 

Although he had made a close escape, there were still two cuts across his body. The wounds were deep as blood poured out. Even the white of his bones could be seen from the cuts. 

“That was close.” Qin Yuandao was drenched in cold sweat, his heart still palpitating from the lingering fear. But of course now there was no time to stand there in fear. He took out a small pill and swallowed it before sealing off an acupoint to stop the blood loss. Then, he stared at Qin Yu in terror.

At this moment, Qin Yu grasped the Blood Devouring Demonic Sword, his body covered in blood. His eyes burned with an almost demonic fire, sparking with bloodlust as his killing intent filled the air. Right now, he was a blood demon.

“A spirit tool, it’s actually a real spirit tool…” Qin Yuandao stared at the Blood Devouring Demonic Sword in Qin Yu’s hand and trembled. At that moment, his heart turned cold with fear.

He really hadn’t expected for Qin Yu to have actually possessed a real, genuine spirit tool and for him to be able to show such a strong degree of power with it. What was even more unexpected for him was that Qin Yu hadn’t died under his Frozen Soul Godly Fist and dodged the attack, concealing himself within the ruins to mount a sneak attack on him.

If it wasn’t for his luck and strength, Qin Yu would have already died. 

Qin Yu was very sinister. In the end, exactly how many inheritances did he receive, how many trump cards did he have, and how many spirit tools does he have?

He wanted Qin Yu to tell him the answer, and he especially wanted to have them.

But at this moment, Qin Yu had already become a slaughtering blood demon that was killing in a crazed manner. He could neither respond or give him anything.


Qin Yu’s killing intent was rumbling as thick bloodlust filled the air. 

Where ever his sword passed, blood would flow and corpses would remain.

Everywhere the Qin Family disciples were shouting in despair and fleeing in disarray. However, nobody could escape the bloody scene. Each and every one of them were sliced down. In a flash, ten corpses lied in the house’s ruins, blood soaking into the earth. 

When the new group of Qin Family disciples who had come as reinforcements saw this scene, all of them, including the Qin Family elder amongst them, stopped. They stood there, frozen as they stared at the blood soaked Qin Yu with absolute terror.

Their gazes then moved to the still bleeding Qin Yuandao. All of their hopes were placed on his shoulders. If even Qin Yuandao could not hold Qin Yu back, then today would be the day of the Qin Family’s destruction.

Qin Biao and Qin Chong were the most frightened amongst the crowd. They knew clearly that they were the ones Qin Yu loathed the most. Especially Qin Biao- just now, it had precisely been him to dragged out Qin Wu to threaten Qin Yu, causing him to turn into a crazed, slaughtering devil.

Right now, Qin Chong even had the urge to throttle Qin Biao. If it weren’t for him seizing Qin Wu to stop Qin Yu, he probably would’ve long left the courtyard and none of this would have happened. 

But who would’ve thought that Qin Yu still had such powerful killing strikes within him, even managing to wound Qin Yuandao.

“Everyone of the Qin Family, listen- today, will be the day of your destruction. Hahaha…” Qin Yu laughed as he slaughtered. He pointed his blade at the remnants of the Qin Family, causing them to shiver and turn deathly pale with fear, retreating with all they could. 

“Qin Yuandao, Qin Chong, didn’t you want to kill me? Come then, hahaha!” Qin Yu continued to laugh crazily as he dragged his bloody blade over. 

“h-He’s coming, what do we do?” They retreated even more frantically. 

“Nobody run, or nobody will survive!” The still healing Qin Yuandao released an angry shout, scaring several of them into immediately stopping their steps. They did not dare to defy the Grand Elder. 

“Where are the Seven Elders?” Qin Yuandao called loudly. 

“Here!” They all shouted and stepped forward. However, two of them were missing. Qin Zhan had left and Qin Lai had already died in Bao Ding City, leaving only them three left.

Nothing could be said about Qin Lai’s death and now Qin Yuandao could guess that the one who had killed him may have very been Qin Yu. Qin Yu had the strength and the reason to. Back then, his biggest regret was not confirming his life or death.

Of course, now it was already too late to regret. He was also furious at Qin Zhan; at such a critical moment, he wasn’t here. Was he a deserter?

But even if he was a deserter, they had no time to discuss it now. First, they had to hold off Qin Yu.

“Set up the Seven Stars Array to block him for a while so Laozi can recover.” Qin Yuandao clenched his teeth and ordered. 

The five were startled upon hearing the order. The Seven Stars Array needed seven people, so how would they do it with only five?

“Qin Zong, you’re in charge of those two points. Qin Biao, come and take over this point. Qin Chong, you’re in charge of commanding.” Qin Yuandao also knew they were lacking people and immediately appointed them positions. 

Qin Zong’s face changed slightly. Why did he have to be in charge of two points and not Qin Chong? However, this was the Grand Elder’s command and he could only follow.

Qin Biao jumped in fright when his name was called, even thinking he had heard wrong or that Qin Yuandao had made a mistake. He was the one who Qin Yu loathed most. Wouldn’t going up just be like asking to die?

"Old... Old Master. I... I must go up and fight too?" Qin Biao asked Qin Yuandao, trembling as he pointed at himself. He could hardly believe his ears.

"Yes, you! You've been trained in the Seven Stars Array. Who else can go besides you?" Qin Yuandao answered, his face emotionless.

The Seven Stars Array was the linchpin of the Qin family. Only core members of the family could be trained to use this formation. Qin Biao had been included in the list of core members, so he'd had the opportunity to practice it. In the past, he was proud of being one of their number, and liked to posture to impress others. Now, he hated that identity. What a pity that his hatred was useless in this situation.

"Yes, yes, but I'm not strong enough, I...I...I..." Qin Hao still didn't want to walk straight to his own death.

"No more nonsense from you. Come here, this is all your fault." Qin Chong rushed over and grabbed him, dragging him to the front and yelling, "Into formation! Kill!"

Before them, Qin Yu, who had already forced his way over was met with six people charging forward in an attempt to kill him. "Ho." He let out a whoop of exhilaration as loud as thunder, causing the very ground below them to tremble with its force.

In the next moment, a reddish light surged and the crash of bloody waves could be heard as the terrible Blood Sabre cleaved the sky. The void was slashed open and it engulfed the six men standing before it.

"Seven Stars Return, Seven Swords As One. Kill!"

A huge sword rushed into the sky. It split the waves of blood with its awesome power, and struck towards the Blood Sabre.


The collision of sword and sabre resulted in shockwaves that shook the ground. Even the mountains swayed. That clash of the two weapons pierced through the clouds, ringing throughout the entire city of Luo Sang.

Outside the Qin Family Home, although many had just escaped from the building, most of them of them had not gone far. Being extremely curious about the result of Qin Yuandao and Qin Yu's challenge, all of them waited outside the Qin Family Home for news.

However, even now they had not seen the slightest hint of the so-called result. All they could hear as they waited was the increasingly terrible sounds as their fight progressed. People could not help but wonder at Qin Yu's strength. Even after such a long time, Qin Yuandao, a Spirit Realm Cultivator was still not able to defeat him.


Outside Luosang City, there was a group of people towards it from the direction of Luo Bei City. 

Anxiety burned in Qing Yun's heart. She was so impatient, she wished she could force her horse into flight. With each passing moment, her unease grew and she felt that she might have been too late.

"Reporting to My Prince and Princess Consort, we have arrived. Luosang City is just ahead." Li Sanqi, the captain responsible for this particular team, pointed at the towering city before them and yelled in excitement.

Qing Yun could see it as well, naturally. She was brimming with excitement even more intensely than he, and commanded loudly, "Faster! Let's enter the city."

"Wait a moment, everyone stop!" The chilly voice of an elderly woman could be heard from the carriage behind them.

Hearing this voice, everyone tugged on the reins of their horses immediately and stopped in their tracks.

Qin Yun asked urgently, "Madame, why are we stopping?"

"That's right, Madame, what... what is the matter?" Prince De, Mu Xingde panted out his question after her.

"Both of you, look in the direction of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain" The old lady in the carriage replied coldly. She was very dissatisfied with Qing Yun's rude tone.

Everyone was startled for a moment, but turned to look in the direction of the mountain right afterwards. It was some distance away, but everyone could still see the rolling clouds of dust on the horizon.

“There looks to be a big dust cloud up ahead. It might be from a calavary squadron.” The guards captain Li San guessed. 

“They seem pretty fast.” A person shouted as a look of shock appeared on the others faces. 

Ahead of them, the giant surging dust cloud got closer and closer. They heard the loud rumbles and felt the ground shake beneath them. 

"Demonic Beasts" A sharp-eyed person spotted the huge monsters in the smoke. "Many Demonic Beasts!"

"No. That is a Demonic Beast-riding calvary. Heavens, where did they all come from?" All the guards went pale and their horses shifted uneasily on their feet.

Through the clouds of dust and smoke in the air, the clanging of iron hooves on stone echoed.

That calvary rushed forwards at a rapid speed on their demonic beasts into the sights of Qing Lan and the others. When they all finally managed to see those demonic beasts and their riders clearly, everyone was shaken to the core.

There were too many, too many so densely packed and spreading out as far as the eye could see. One could neither see the limits nor the periphery of this army.

"Which...which kingdom has sent out this army? Do they intend to go to war against Qiongxi?" As a member of the royal family, Mu Xingde certainly did not want Qiongxi to be swallowed by another. If their kingdom were to fall, his position as a prince would be worthless.

"My prince, there are no other countries located within Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Could it be that they leaped over the Mountain and marched all the way here?" Li San interjected.

"You idiot. Can the Mountain be crossed so easily?" Mu Xingde replied sharply.

"Yes, yes this subordinate is an idiot." Li San lowered his head and did not dare to say anything else.

"My Prince, this is not the time for arguing over such things, we need to report to Wang Cheng and have him mobilize his soldiers to defend against this army immediately, otherwise, this will really be the end of Qiong Xi." The old lady in the carriage said. Although she was sitting in the carriage and did not see anything, with the strength of her abilities, she was more aware of the situation than anyone else even without having to look.

"Right, right, right. The soldiers, the soldiers." Mu Xingde regained his senses and hurriedly echoed her.

"My Prince, you need to send someone to report to Wang Cheng while we enter the city." Qing Yun said urgently.

"Ah, have you gone mad?" Mu Xingde exclaimed, and then tried to persuade her, "My dear, wouldn't going in at this time be practically begging for death?"

"Princess Consort, even if you don't fear for you life, you must think for the Prince and the lives of all these guards." The old lady in the carriage said coldly. "It's over for the city of Luo Sang. Let us return."

"No!" Qing Yun screamed and raged, "I shall go without you all. And if I die, I will die with him!" 

It seemed as if Qing Yun  had really gone mad. She whipped her horse like a woman possessed and rode like the wind for Luo Sang City.

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