Chapter 116: The Qin Family’s Dread

“Is Qin Yu done for?” 


The scene sunk into silence as everyone stared rigidly at the far away collapsed buildings, their eyes filled with shock.


The Qin Family’s Frozen Soul Miracle cultivation manual really wasn’t ordinary. The entire house was destroyed with a single punch. With that, it was no wonder that Qin Yuandao was able to become the first Spirit Realm cultivator of Luosang City.




Just as everything fell quiet, a wail filled with grief echoed across the horizon, scratching at everybody’s hearts.


Qin Wu knelt on the ground, crying bitterly as he faced the sky with lung breaking howls.


“Oh Heavens, please open your eyes. What have I, Qin Wu, ever done to deserve such a punishment to befall my family. Why! Why!”


Qin Wu sobbed as he shouted at the skies. The Heavens however, remained silent.


“Humpth, Qin Wu, it’s over. The gods won’t answer you.” Behind him, Qin Biao snorted coldly. “Your son killed my son, so I want your whole family to be buried with him.” 


“Qin Biao, you bastard!” With a sudden burst of strength, Qin Wu got up and turned around. His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Qin Biao rigidly, who could not help but take a step back.


“All of this is because of you, everything is what you’ve done!” Qin Wu yelled furiously. 


“Qin Wu, this is your own family’s sin. I’ve done nothing, all of this is what you have brought upon yourself!” Qin Biao shouted back in reply.


“You bullshitting bastard!” Qin Wu roared as if he had gone mad. He gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists until his nails were digging into his palms, “Don’t think Laozi doesn’t know anything and that nobody knows about what you were actually doing. You and your son were jealous of my Yu’er and plotted against him at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. You crippled all the meridians in his body and after he miraculously recovered, you and Qin Chong wanted to kill him again!” 


Qin Wu took a step forward with each sentence he spoke, coming closer to Qin Biao with each one. His eyes were completely red. His blood drenched, threatening appearance was dreadful, making him appear like a malicious spirit that had come from hell to haunt Qin Biao.


Qin Biao stepped back unconfidently faced against Qin Wu’s fierce questioning and shrieked: “You’re talking crap, that all has nothing to do with me! Qin Wu, you’re about to die yet you still want to slander me like this- go die!”


Qin Biao’s killing intent exploded out as he kicked out ruthlessly,  sending Qin Wu flying far away, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. This time, he wanted to kill and silence Qin Wu.


“Qin Wu, you and your son can die together today!” Qin Biao ruthlessly howled as he striked forth with a fierce fist. 


“Stop!” In the moment between life and death, a shout rang out with a boom. A figure dashed forward in an instant, blocking Qin Biao’s punch. 


A loud ‘bang!’ rang out as Qin Biao was forced to retreat, staggering back a few steps until he was finally able to resteady himself. 


“Fifth Elder, you……?” After Qin Biao steadied himself, he realised that the one who had blocked his blow was Qin Zhan. He was secretly angry but did not dare to show it. 


“Old Fifth, what do you mean by this?” An unhappy voice sounded as Qin Chong appeared in front of Qin Biao with a cold face in an instant. 


“Third brother, there are some things I want to understand first.” Qin Zhan’s face did not change as he spoke. 


“What’s there left to be understood? Qin Wu had clearly just slandered me- don’t tell me you also believe his nonsense?” Qin Chong shouted furiously. 


“It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not, the truth will naturally be found after investigating. If you want to kill him, the truth must be made clear first.” Qin Zhan’s face still didn’t change as he replied. His words had already made it very clear that if Qin Chong did not provide evidence, he would not let him kill Qin Wu. He was secretly protecting Qin Wu.


Qin Chong naturally also knew Qin Zhan’s intentions and the fury in his heart grew even stronger as he yelled: “Old Fifth, don’t try making trouble with me here. Qin Wu must die today!” 


“Third Brother, tell me which crime he committed that makes you two want to kill him so badly. According to the family rules, you cannot execute another from the Qin Family unless they have committed a capital offense. What mortal crimes have he commited?” Qin Zhan exposed a sneer. 


“He…….” Qin Chong choked off. He wanted to say that it’d make sense even if Qin Yu got the death penalty since he killed Qin Fang and Qin Biao, but Qin Wu obviously did not kill anybody.


“He offended the Grand Elder, so of course he deserves to die.” Qin Biao promptly declared Qin Wu’s crime.


“Is that so? Then how did he offend the Grand Elder?” A voice echoed from behind them, questioning Qin Biao. 


Qin Chong and Qin Biao turned their heads around. When they saw the family head, Qin Zong approaching them, their faces turned unsightly.


“Family head.”


In any case, Qin Zong was currently the Qin Family Head. They still needed to be courteous on the surface, so they all called out to Qin Zong in greeting.


  Qin Zong walked over, his eyes fixed on Qin Biao icily, causing his heart to tremble slightly.


“Qin Biao, you said just now that he offended the Grand Elder. Tell us, how did he offend the Grand Elder?” Qin Zong asked coldly, a strange, indiscernible emotion flitting past his eyes.


Qin Biao immediately replied, “He……” 


“Shut up!” Qin Chong interrupted Qin Biao with a shout, a scowl on his face. Qin Biao jumped in fear before suddenly understanding that he had almost fallen into Qin Zong’s trap. 


The only time Qin Wu had offended the Grand Elder was many years ago when Qin Yuandao was carrying out a love affair with Qin Chong’s mother, resulting in the birth of Qin Chong. This event was somebody absolutely nobody could talk about in the Qin Family, and even more so with so many poeple watching. It also couldn’t be talked about in private, although it would if it was made sure nobody could here.


Qin Biao rejoiced secretly, glad that Qin Chong had stopped him in time. Otherwise, if he wasn’t careful just now and said something that he shouldn’t have said, the consequences afterwards would be too horrible to contemplate. There were still people apart from the Qin Family watching, and quite a few of them held formidable power in Luosang City.


“What, you can’t say it? If you can’t say what Qin Wu is guilty of, you two have no right to kill him.” Qin Wu’s face was calm, showing the presteige of a family head.


An ugly expression appeared on Qin Chong’s face: “Family Head, it doesn’t matter what either of us say. Wait for the Grand Elder to return and have the Esteemed Ancestor decide.” Qin Chong was helpless and could ultimately only rely on Qin Yuandao.


“Alright, then we’ll wait for the Esteemed Ancestor’s decision.” Qin Zong also didn’t object, “But even if the Esteemed Ancestor returns, what Qin Wu said earlier about you two setting up Qin Yu will still have to be investigated.”


“Investigated?” Qin Chong sneered disdainfully, “We’ll see who's right. Qin Biao, we’re going.” They left angrily after speaking. Qin Chong knew clearly that Qin Zong was still the family head and without Qin Yuandao’s support, they could not say anything.


“Yes.” Qin Biao hastily ran after Qin Chong, rushing in Qin Yuandao’s direction. A sinister light glowed in his eyes as he strided past Qin Wu.


Qin Zhan sighed as he watched Qin Chong and Qin Biao rush in Qin Yuandao’s direction, “Da Ge, it would’ve been better if I had done it. You didn’t have to get involved.”


Qin Zong smiled, his voice calm: “Old Fifth, even you dared to step forward so if I, the family head, hid away, it’d only make me appear like a coward. Then, I would’ve lost all and any power I might’ve once had.” Qin Zong paused after saying this, gazing at the collapsed house far away before sighing again: “Old Fifth, I know what you want to do. Take him away, I’ll deal with everything else.”


“Da Ge, how could I do that, you…….” 


“Don’t say any more. Hurry up, there won’t be another chance once the Esteemed Ancestor comes back.” An anxious expression was on Qin Zong’s face: “Don’t worry. I’m still the Family Head, nothing will happen to me. At most, I would just be stripped of my position, but that’s inevietable anyways.” 


“Alright. Da Ge, you must take care of yourself. I’m going.” Qin Zhan didn’t say any more and directly picked up the injured Qin Wu before flying away. 


“Old Fifth, this is all I can do for you.” Qin Zong watched Qin Zhan’s figure fade into the distance and gave a long sigh. He started walking towards the collapsed house as well. At the very least, he wanted to see Qin Yu’s corpse one last time. 


A few of the Qin Family members had already started clearing through the remnants of the house, creating a walkway to the centre of the house. 


In the centre was the imprint of a fist, forming a hole so deep that the bottom wasn’t even visible. It was the masterpiece of Qin Yuandao’s earlier Godly Soul Fist.


A few people ran to the side to take a look only to suck in a cold breath one after another. It was simply too terrifying how a single punch of Qin Yuandao’s could make such a deep pit.


Qin Yu had been smashed deep into the earth, and was probably nothing more than ground meat. 


“You guys go and find his corpse.” Qin Yuandao stood at the side, ordering the few at the sides to find Qin Yu’s corpse.


“Yes.” The Grand Elder’s orders couldn’t be disobeyed. A few immediately scurried down. The ones that carried ropes stood at the edge of the pit, helping the others down with the ropes.


Qin Yuandao stared into the pitch black depths of the pit, feeling like something was wrong. Was Qin Yu really dead down there?


But even if he didn’t die from the impact, how would he survive his punch? This was impossible, how could Qin Yuandao doubt his own strength. Even if he did, he didn’t doubt the strength of Frozen Soul Godly Fist. 


There was no way the final, finishing blow of a grand Spirit Realm master would be unable to finish off a Transformation Realm master- it would be absolutely shameful if he didn’t. But in order to avoid repeating the same mistake as last time in Bao Ding City, he had to at least see the corpse before leaving at ease.


Everybody’s eyes were fixed on the pit. Qin Yuandao suddenly felt his back turn cool, causing his body to tremble a little. A dangerous feeling emerged from the depths of his heart. 


“What happened?” Qin Yuandao turned around in astonishment. The moment he turned around, his pupils shrunk as his figure was swallowed up by rays of crimson light. 


The blood-red colors were reflected in his pupils as the rays striked the ruins around him. A blood red saber appeared as even more crimson light swirled around. In the twinkling of an eye, the surroundings had become a world of blood red.


“Blood— Shadow— Absolute—Kill!”


Two intertwining rays of crimson sword qi teared through space as it striked forth aimed to kill.


“No——!” A fearful scream echoed against the threat of death as Qin Yuandao’s heart flashed with a burst of understanding. Every nerve in his body was pushed to his limits, allowing him to sober up in a flash. As he screamed in terror, he ruthlessly grabbed one of the Qin Family members standing near him and threw him at the crimson sword qi while retreating back frantically.


A ‘snap!’ sound rang out. The disciple who had been thrown out didn’t even understand what was going on and had just started screaming when he was already teared apart by the rays of sword qi, his flesh and blood flying everywhere.


The two intermingled rays of crimson qi did not slow down in the slightest as it continued to chase after Qin Yuandao’s figure. 




A blood curdling scream echoed in the air, causing everybody from the Qin Family to tremble. That was the Grand Elder screaming ah. In their hearts, the Grand Elder was akin to a god. Seeing their god screaming was like watching the sky fall down to them.


The next moment, a dreadful feeling emerged from the depths of their hearts. It felt as if it was grabbing and squeezing at them, causing fear to spread into every cell of their body.

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