Chapter 115: Qin Yuandao's Fury

“Damn, why hasn’t Qin Zong brought people over yet.” Qin Chong shifted the target of his rage to Qin Zong. As the family head, if Qin Zong brought out a group of experts, these people definitely wouldn’t be able to escape.


Qin Biao ground his teeth hatefully when he heard Qin Chong mention Qin Zong, “Second Uncle, don’t count on him. He wouldn’t bring trouble upon himself for our sake. In my opinion, his time as the Family Head is almost about to be over. If your Grandfather, the Esteemed Ancestor doesn’t act, then I’m afraid that the Qin Family will be ruined under his hand.” After speaking up to here, Qin Biao didn’t forget to flatter Qin Chong a little.


“That can be talked about later, right now we should think about the Esteemed Ancestor. Sun Yinxue was taken by somebody and they might’ve escaped through the crowd.” Qin Chong’s face was unsightly. Right now, he was too worried to think about that.


“Second Uncle doesn’t need to worry about that. Su Yinxue’s father is still in our hands. She is a very filial daughter, so she definitely won’t be able to just run away,” Qin Biao laughed evilly.


Qin Chong’s frown disappeared when he heard Qin Biao’s words, “You’re right, the young would not be able to run away without the old. As long as her dad is in our hands, she won’t be able to run. Now, we just need to focus on killing Qin Yu.” 


Speaking of Qin Yu, the two both turned to look at the stage, where one elder and one youth were dueling. At this moment, the area around the stage was already vacant. Only the Qin family members and corpses were remaining there. There were a few who stayed to watch, but they were exceptionally strong, and they weren’t afraid of being hurt. It wasn’t easy to see a Spirit Realm cultivator fight, and it was possible that they could get a sudden epiphany and achieve a breakthrough from watching the two. 


But the more they watched, the more apprehensive they grew. In the end, the target of their focus was no longer Qin Yuandao, but Qin Yu.


The two had already crossed swords more than ten times. Qin Yu, who was only an initial stage Transformation Realm cultivator, had managed to hold his own against a Spirit Realm master without falling behind. This was simply freakish. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t dare to believe it.


Although Qin Yu was using an incomplete spirit weapon and held a huge advantage, he ultimately could not compete with the large age and cultivation disparity between him and Quan Yuandao. If anyone else was in his place, they wouldn’t have been able to last for nearly as long, even if they did hold the incomplete spirit weapon. 


Qin Yu didn’t just have the incomplete spirit weapon. His sword art was also powerful, and his footwork techniques were swift and unpredictable. Furthermore, the only technique of his that the Qin Family knew about was ‘Rushing Thunder Palm’, and even that had already superseded the Qin Family’s realm of understanding. His other techniques were completely unknown to the Qin Family.


Why did he have such powerful sword moves and such fantastically bizarre footwork? The only explanation was that he had gotten some sort of heaven-defying inheritance from an expert. Inheritances were something countless cultivators coveted, even in their dreams. Qin Yuandao's gaze even turned a bit greedy as he looked at Qin Yu. Everyone was thinking of one question, “How could they get Qin Yu’s inheritance?" Thinking up to here, a flame lit in his heart. Nevermind Qin Yu’s other inheritances, just the incomplete spirit weapon he held was enough to make others go crazy.


Those were all reasons why many were unwilling to leave. They wanted to wait for a chance to snatch it.


Qin Yuandao yelled. He wasn’t worried in the slightest as he shot forward with a Frozen Ice Palm that froze the sky with a dreadful power. Qin Yu was pressured into retreating, and he pushed his sword techniques to the peak. The moves of “Sword Startling Rainbow” were linked up and executed fiercely. Although it couldn’t bring about the same power as Qin Yuandao’s strikes, they were able to break through Qin Yuandao’s strikes, causing him to become furious. 


Under the eyes of so many people, he, a Spirit Realm cultivator, and one of the older generation, still haven’t defeated a mere teenage Transformation Realm cultivator after ten moves. It really made him ashamed. 


After the two parted once more, Qin Yuandao did not immediately launch another attack. He stood on the broken fragments of a wooden table as he stared at Qin Yu, the expression on his face continually changing between astonishment, bafflement, and confusion. He started to become interested in Qin Yu, to the point where he even laid down the matter of Su Yinxue.


“Qin Yu, it’s only been a few days since I last saw you, but you really gave this old man a big surprise.” Qin Yuandao’s voice was icy and imposing.


Qin Yu wiped away the blood rolling from his lips and grinned coldly, “Old bastard, if you want to fight, then fight. Don’t speak so much nonsense.”


“You’re already wounded, how much longer can you fight for?” 


Qin Yu’s injury wasn’t light. Because his Golden Silk Armour had already been turned into rags by Qin Yuandao in Bao Ding city, he had nothing protecting him at all now. Fortunately, he had already perfected the ‘Refining Qi’ stage and could speed up his recovery. 


His tongue slipped out to lick a bead of blood running down his face, and his lips formed a cold, arrogant sneer, “I’ll continue fighting until I die.”


“You have no reasons to do this.” Qin Yuandao’s face actually eased, revealing a consoling expression. His voice was one of unprecedented contentment, “Qin Yu, it definitely was not easy for your cultivation to reach the stage you are at today. I believe it would be a pity to kill you, so I can give you one more chance.”


“Huh, what happened?” Qin Chong and the others who were standing by and waiting were startled. Everything would’ve been over and done with if the Esteemed Ancestor just killed Qin Yu, so why did he have to give him another chance?” 


Qin Yu also thought it was odd as a strange smile appeared on his face. It was part mocking and another part disdainful.


“If I didn’t guess wrong, a very able elder must’ve passed their techniques onto for you to get to where you are now. If you agree to give us the techniques you’ve inherited, I will not only forgive your previous mistakes, but I will even welcome you back to the Qin Family and nurture you carefully. How about it?” 


When Qin Yuandao said this, everybody suddenly understood. So it turned out that he wanted the techniques inherited by Qin Yu.


Only Qin Yu himself knew that the techniques he had weren’t ones that somebody else had passed onto him, but ones he made himself.


“Mistakes? Can I ask what mistakes I’ve made?” Qin Yu sneered.


“You…” Qin Yuandao opened his mouth to speak only to find that he really didn’t have anything on Qin Yu. 


“At Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, you humiliated your Elder Brother Qin Zhao’s Fiancee and offended the elders. After that, you killed Qin Fang in the Martial Exam, and later, you killed Qin Zhao in Bao Ding City. Your crimes are so many that the bamboo slats have been exhausted, yet you still have the face to ask where you are wrong?” Qin Chong shouted angrily at Qin Yu. 


“Ha, just continue adding on these ‘crimes’.” Qin Yu laughed loudly before coming to an abrupt halt, his face darkening. His voice rang clear in the air, ”Qin Chong you old dog, you should be clear about what really happened at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. You used Lu Wushuang as an excuse to kill me. Don’t think that everybody is blind and couldn’t tell your schemes apart. As for Qin Fang and Qin Zhao, it was they who wanted to kill Laozi first, so of course, I should be allowed to counterattack. Could it be that they’re only allowed to kill me but I’m not allowed to kill them?” 


“Furthermore, what huge, ginormous, appalling crimes did my parents commit? You all actually wanted to use such an inhumane method like burying them alive to kill them! You people, who are worse than dogs and pigs, aren’t even worthy to live in this world. Tonight, I will definitely kill you all!” 


When he remembered how his parents had almost been buried alive by Qin Chong, Qin Yu’s rage ignited as killing intent exploded from his body, 


“Hahaha…” Qin Yuandao laughed loudly, “What an arrogant youngster, daring to speak conceited nonsense like killing an elder of the Qin Family right in front of me. It seems you really want to die. Since you can’t differentiate between right and wrong, don’t blame me for being merciless.”


“When did you ever have any f*cking mercy?” Qin Yu cursed with contempt.


After being cursed by somebody who was a junior like his own great-grandson and being treated with disdain, Qin Yuandao was so furious that even his hair stood up.


“You disgraceful bastard! Such an unfilial son, I will definitely kill you today and clean up the Qin Family. Frozen Soul Godly Fist! Die!” Qin Yuandao’s robes rose into the air as a cold chill filled the air around him. His fist made a boom as it struck through the air, casting snow and frost everywhere. Space itself warped against his fist, freezing everything around it.


“Thousand Blades Setting Sail.” Qin Yu roared the most powerful shout he ever had, as the sword in his hand chopped through the wind. The sword qi immediately formed a thousand other swords that whistled through the air to meet that terrifying fist. 


“Boom, boom…” 


The sword qi and godly fist collided and issued countless booms. The sword qi was frozen, then destroyed by the fierce fist.


But as a hundred swords were frozen, another hundred immediately shot forward to take its place, unceasingly striking at the godly fist. Each time it did, the power of the fist grew a little weaker.


“It’s time to withdraw.” Qin Yu saw that there was already almost nobody left in the training field, meaning that Su Yinxue had successfully been rescued. He didn’t need to continue risking his life to exchange blows with Qin Yuandao. He was a Spirit Realm cultivator, and he was not somebody who he could face now. 


If he didn’t leave while Qin Yuandao was delayed by the materialized swords, when would he leave?


“Winds, retreat!” 


The speeds of the winds were fully put into use. His body was like the winds and his figure became like a phantom as he flew away from Qin Yuandao with astonishing speed.


“Qin Chong, Qin Biao, someday I’ll definitely come back and take your dog lives.” Qin Yu’s voice floated amongst the winds, “I won’t be playing with you mutts anymore. Next time I see you will be the day you die.” 


“It won’t be so easy to run away.” Qin Yuandao shouted furiously, “Frozen Soul Godly Fist!” He rushed forward once more with the attack. This time, he was truly furious and the strength he displayed was even stronger than before.


However, he was still a step late. Qin Yu’s mastery over the winds was more skillful than ever and he had long retreated far away. The fist could not match his speed at all, and it destroyed nothing more than the remnant images he had left behind.


“Argh!” Qin Yuandao shouted furiously, his eyes red as he chased to kill. If he really let Qin Yu escape intact, then where would his face go? Where would the Qin Family’s face go?


Qin Yu saw the frustrated and furious Qin Yuandao chasing him and grinned amongst the winds, “Old Mutt, you’re too slow. See you later!”


He, the Grand Elder, had just been called an old mutt that too slow. He was so furious that he was close to being driven mad.


“You son of a b*tch, I’ll tear you apart!” Qin Yuandao went mad as he pushed his speed to the absolute, breaking through all the remnant images. 


“Qin Yu, look at who that is.”


Just as Qin Yu was about to disappear from his sight, a loud shout rang out. In that split second, somebody appeared in Qin Yu’s sight. It was the body of a man drenched in blood, and that man could not be any more familiar. It was his own father, Qin Wu.


“Dad.” Qin Yu’s whole body quivered, and he stopped in the sky stiffly.


The moment he stopped, Qin Yuandao already arrived. He grinned nastily, “Son of a b*tch, go die! Frozen Soul Godly Fist!” 


“No, Yu’er, run!”


From below, Qin Wu saw his son being swallowed up by the bright lights of the enlarged fist, and he released a heart tearing lung splitting cry. However, his shout was completely useless.


From afar, a loud rumble sounded. Qin Yu, along with the house he was standing on, was completely blown apart by the fist. The building collapsed and his figure fell.

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