Chapter 114: Saving Su Yinxue

"Block them, Qin Chong!" Qin Yuandao saw that the situation was spiraling out of control, so he let out yet another furious roar in a direct order to Qin Chong.


Qin Chong had already gathered people to rush toward the exit, having heard Qin Yuandao's order the first time. Right now, he was even more active than Qin Zong, and he appeared to be the most active of the bunch. This was because Qin Yuandao had secretly promised that he would let Qin Chong take over Qin Zong's position as the head of the Qin Family in the near future.


"Elder Brother, are we going to stop them?" Qin Zhan faced Qin Zong and asked.


Qin Zong looked at the chaotic exit and saw that Qin Chong had already gathered people to rush through. He slowly shook his head, and a trace of bitterness could be seen on his face as he said, "It's none of our business anymore. Perhaps, the Qin Family won't be any of my business in the future as well."


"Elder Brother, how can you say such things. You are the head of the Qin Family. How can it be none of your business?" Qin Zhan's face was filled with bewilderment and confusion.


"Old Fifth, don't tell me that you can’t read Esteemed Father's intentions?" Qin Zong sighed in disappointment and frustration. "Well, this is fine too. I can use this chance to go and take a walk outside. Let's just let the Qin Family be handed to Qin Chong."


"Handing the family over to Qin Chong!? Humph, it's just a matter of time before the end of the Qin Family if the Qin Family is given to him," Qin Zhan said indignantly. "I really don't understand what is going on in the head of the old man. To be doing these things… These things…" He really wanted to criticize Qin Yuandao for doing all these stupid things, but he ultimately didn't dare to speak his thoughts out loud. The Grand Elder's power wasn't something he could carelessly provoke.


"Well, let's go. In any case, nobody would dare to change a decision made by Esteemed Father." Qin Zong turned around upon speaking, and his frustrated silhouette quickly disappeared at the end of the corner of the building.


Qin Zhan didn't leave immediately. He focused his gaze on Qin Yu and observed him for quite a while before departing.


At the exit, the flood of people was blocked up. Qin Chong had made it in time.


"Stand still, everyone. Esteemed Father has an order. Nobody is allowed to leave." Qin Chong's strength already reached the stage of the Transformation Realm, having spent some time under Qin Yuandao's special care. The sound of his loud shout surged in a wave, its power strong and firm. Countless people were jolted still in an instant, and the exit to became peaceful for the moment.


"Seal off the exit, Qin Biao." Qin Chong loudly gave the order, and Qin Biao immediately brought people to form a human wall at the exit. His men wielded weapons as they stood there, killing intent rising from their bodies. This terrified those who wanted to rush outside, causing their expressions to turn ugly.


They didn't know what the Qin Family specifically wanted to do, but they could tell that the situation was far from good by looking at the rising killing intent of these fellows. Could it be that these fellows planned to exterminate every last one of them? Was the Qin Family going to have everyone stay behind?


"Elder Chong. What is the meaning of this? Does the Qin Family want to kill every last one of us?" Someone shouted this question at Qin Chong at this very moment.


Qin Chong looked at the person who spoke. It was a middle-aged man who Qin Chong didn't recognize at all. A total stranger. It was quite normal for Qin Chong not to recognize the man, though. The people who came here today were from all over the city. It was impossible for Qin Chong to be familiar with all of them.


"Yeah, yeah." With someone standing out and speaking, there were immediately others who joined in the heckling. "We are all guests of the Qin Family. Is your Qin Family not scared of being the laughing stocks of the world by treating guests this way? No one would dare deal with your Qin Family in the future if you do so."


"That's right. Let us go." Many more people began to join in the clamoring.


"Calm down and relax, everyone." Qin Hui hurried to explain, for he didn't dare to offend all of these people. "Everyone, listen to me. The Esteemed Father surely has a good reason for having everyone stay behind. Everyone can relax. You are all guests of the Qin Family. We absolutely will not cause harm to you all."


"Bullshit." A muscular man made his way out of the crowd. His face was covered with fury, and he even carried a person on his back. This person's body was wrapped entirely in an ordinary changpao. Only her head was sticking out.


Yet, her full head of black hair flowed down like a waterfall and covered her face. It was impossible for anyone to see her facial features. Only by looking at her hair could one determine that the muscular man was carrying a woman.


"You won't cause us harm? You sure put it in such a nice way." The muscular man blasted out these words. He raved furiously, "There are people who died near the stage from the cold palm strike. Are you saying that it is all fake?"


Everyone present reacted the moment these words were roared, causing the situation, which had momentarily calmed down, to ignite once more. The stream of people began to become agitated yet again.


"That's right. That's right. Quickly let us go." The crowd yelled loudly.


"No can do." Qin Chong responded with a calm and collected face. He yielded not even an inch.


It was quite a coincidence. The fierce sounds of combat rang out from behind the crowd once again. The explosive sounds of combat grew louder with each wave. Qin Yuandao and Qin Yu were fighting to the death once again.


Qin Yuandao wanted to come and suppress the situation here in person, but Qin Yu naturally wouldn't let him do what he wanted. Qin Yu wouldn't make a move if Qin Yuandao didn't make a move, but Qin Yuandao did make a move, so Qin Yu immediately made a move as well.


Their fighting caused more wounded and casualties. There were people in the back who let out mournful shrieks. Their screams deeply provoked the hearts of everyone present, and the crowd began to boil.


"My little sister has been injured. She needs to be treated as soon as possible. First, you will let me go!" At the exit, the muscular man who carried someone was tempered now. He roared at Qin Chong.


"No one is allowed to leave without an order from the Grand Elder. Those who defy will be killed without question!" Qin Chong completely unleashed the power of his body, and his murderous intent surged forth. He knew that forceful methods were absolutely needed to control the current situation. The situation would likely spiral out of control were he not to use force. Yet, he made a miscalculation with his plans.


"Motherf*cker! The Qin Family will only be happy when all of us here dies." These words were spoken by the middle-aged man who shouted out in the first place. "Everyone. Brothers and sisters. The Qin Family is acting this viciously. They are the first to act heartlessly, so don't blame us for doing an injustice. Charge for Laozi if you don't want to die! Charge I say!" 


The middle-aged man struck out with a deadly palm at Qin Chong as he roared. His palm generated screaming winds of fury as it rumbled fiercely.


"What?!" Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene. There was someone who actually dared to strike at an expert like Qin Chong in his domain. Very bold.


Qin Chong never expected that someone would actually make a move against him as well. He immediately let out a roar of fury from his chest, and he quickly met the palm with a deadly palm strike of his own.


An explosive sound rumbled out. The two palms collided, and the two people were sent flying.


"Move for me."


After Qin Chong was sent flying, the muscular man who carried someone roared as he flitted out. His two legs were like the wind, and they swept away the members of the Qin Family who were blocking the path ahead. He made a wild dash toward the exit.


"Stop him!" Qin Biao, who guarded the exit, hastily yelled. However, at the next moment, his voice was drowned away by the stream of people that surged over him.


With one person taking the lead to make a move and charge outside, there was no one else who would feel any apprehension in doing the same. No one wanted to die for nothing in this place, after all. Therefore, the stream of people surged up and moved like a hot knife through butter. The members of the Qin Family wanted to stop them, but they were drowned by countless assaults in an instant. They fell down screaming to the ground, and they were trampled under the feet of the chaotic stream of people. They were trampled into indiscernible bloody meat; they couldn't be any more dead.


"Bastard." Qin Chong roared furiously in his exasperation. He had just made his way over here in a hurry, and it was already impossible to stop the crowd of people that rushed out the exit like a flood. The person who had attacked him just now had long since mixed into the crowd and disappeared without a trace. Qin Chong no longer had the chance to find that person, no matter how troubling the matter was.


"We can't stop them anymore, Second Uncle. What do we do?" Qin Biao, his face a bloody mess, rushed before Qin Chong. He spoke with incomparable gloom. He too had been attacked by heaven knows who several times. Fortunately, he had run quite quickly. Otherwise, he would have likely died beneath the feet of the chaotic crowd.



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