Chapter 113: The Shock that Qin Yu Brought


Su Yinxue saw Qin Yu and wanted to run to him when she was grabbed by Qin Yuandao. His eyes were cold as he instructed somebody from the Qin Family, “Somebody come and bring her into the bridal room.”


“Yes.” A few women immediately carried out Qin Yuandao’s order and went to pull Su Yinxue to the bridal room.


“If you guys touch a hair on her head, I’ll kill you!” Qin Yu’s killing intent exploded and surged forward oppressively. The women suddenly felt a burst of cool air and started trembling. None of them dared to move.


“Shameful.” Qin Yuandao roared, scattering Qin Yu’s oppressive aura and allowing the women to move.


“Qin Yu you bastard, you even dare to crash this old man’s wedding!” Qin Yuandao yelled at Qin Yu furiously, his killing intent clear as he dashed up. Every step he took was filled with power, causing the stage to immediately tremble. His aura caused everybody to buzz with astonishment. So this was a Spirit Realm master. 


Qin Yu stood where he was and laughed loudly, “Ha, a wedding? You old bastard, don’t you feel ashamed calling this a wedding? You’re pissing on your own face [1]. You’re both ugly and old, and you look like a deformed freak. Do you really think you’re worthy of being married to-”


Qin Yu had directly and viciously pointed out all of the flaws of the Qin Family’s respectable Grand Elder in a public area. This caused Qin Yuandao to fly into a rage.


“Bastard, shut the hell up! Die!” 


Qin Yuandao could not restrain his anger and he struck out with a palm strike that radiated cold energy. Ice crystals formed in the air as he charged at Qin Yu.


“Winds, retreat.” 


“Cloudtrack Phantom, dodge!” 


Qin Yu didn’t dare to cross swords with Qin Yuandao directly. After all, his opponent was still a Spirit Realm cultivator. While his fighting strength was stronger compared to others in the same realm, he still couldn’t compare to a Spirit Realm cultivator that was one realm above him. Therefore, he could only rely on his movement skills and use all his strength to dodge.


His speed was extremely fast, but Qin Yuandao wasn’t slow. The instant he disappeared from his original location, cold air already whizzed by and crushed his remnant image. The explosion it caused destroyed the stage and even injured a few people below it. 


Chaos erupted. The ones standing close to the stage nearly lost their soul from fright as everybody screamed. 


“Run, run for it!!” 


The crowd went crazy as the ones near the front instantly bolted off frantically. 


Because there were too many guests today, the field was packed with people. The tables for the feast were placed right next to each other. If there was a disturbance or riot, the whole thing would collapse. As people struggled to run away from the battle, all the foodstuffs and the tables fell. 


Although the people at the front were frantically running away, there were simply too many people around, and so, they couldn’t escape far. The chillingly icy air was already sweeping past them. The next moment, countless people were eroded by the icy air. The stronger ones could still struggle for a little, but the weaker ones directly keeled over and turned into cold corpses. 


When the crowd saw them die, everyone became even more frenzied. They tried to flee desperately, only to crash into others in the crowd. Under the threat of losing their lives, there were even some who directly attacked those blocking their way. Screams, roars, and wails echoed piercingly in the air. 


The scene was in complete and utter chaos. 


Qin Yuandao saw how the guests all turned frenzied in an instant and he was startled for a moment. When he had struck just now, it was purely out of anger, and he hadn’t tried to control his strength. As a result, his wedding banquet turned into a completely ruined scene of chaos.


“It’s time to act.” 


Qin Yuandao was still in a shocked haze when two figures rushed out of the crazed crowd. They were extremely fast, and they flew to Su Yinxue, who was still standing on the stage, and snatched her away. 


Qin Yuandao cared a lot about Su Yinxue, and he had long thought of her as his woman. Now that somebody wanted to steal his woman, he naturally wouldn’t tolerate it. “Get the f*ck out!” He furiously roared and shot forward immediately with another fierce palm strike. This time, he didn’t use any icy techniques out of fear of injuring Su Yinxue. 


Spirit Realm masters were, after all, Spirit Realm masters. Even though it was a simple palm strike, it still possessed a dreadful amount of power. The two flying to rescue Su Yinxue had just reached her when Qin Yuandao’s palm was already descending on them.


The people from the Qin Family who were in charge of protecting her also immediately rushed up behind her while a portion of them split up to attack the two. 


“Die.” The two were well coordinated and split up. One went to face Qin Yuandao while the other went against the rest of the Qin Family members. 


A loud bang sounded. The one who went against Qin Yuandao simply could not endure the strike and his body exploded. The stage was showered by a rain of blood. 


“Rainbow Startling Sword!” Qin Yu was behind Qin Yuandao. His sword shone as he plunged it into his back. The sword he was using was half a spirit tool and was the one he had taken from the assassin back at Bao Ding City. 


The power of the half spirit weapon together with his technique shrouded the entire stage in light from the sword’s luster. 


Qin Yuandao ignored Qin Yu’s attack, and he continued to try and kill the other figure. He had already defeated all of the Qin Family guards and he was aiming to take away Su Yinxue. 


“Go die!” Qin Yuandao howled as he rushed forward.


That person also didn’t dodge. Instead, he grabbed the panicked Su Yinxue without hesitation and threw her forcefully somewhere inside the crowd while shouting, “Catch!” 


His voice had barely fallen when Qin Yuandao’s palm struck his back, causing another rain of blood to fall. Fortunately, Su Yinxue was already up in the air and Qin Yuandao could no longer catch her. His mission was fulfilled and he could die without regrets. 


Another person immediately flew up to catch Su Yinxue before disappearing into the busy crowd.


“Bastard!” Qin Yuandao was seething in anger as he fiercely tore apart the corpse. He wanted to chase after him within the carnage, but at that moment, Qin Yu’s attack arrived. 


“Huh?” Qin Yuandao suddenly felt a threat. He hadn’t thought that Qin Yu would have such power. He had no choice but to stop chasing and block. 


“F*ck off!” Qin Yuandao didn’t even turn his head as he struck out with his hand, causing the crowd to personally experience how terrifying a Spirit Realm cultivator really was. If it was somebody else, they probably wouldn’t have a chance to do anything before being skewered by Qin Yu’s sword, much less attack. Qin Yuandao’s reaction speed was not something a Transformation Realm cultivator could compare to. 


If another Transformation Realm expert replaced Qin Yu here, it would probably end up in a case of trying to steal the chicken only to lose the eggs too. Qin Yuandao’s strike was too dangerous. 


But Qin Yuandao’s opponent was Qin Yu, and Qin Yu also had an incomplete spirit weapon. 


The sword and the palm collided. Not only did the sword not tremble and break, it even sliced through Qin Yuandao’s flesh like butter. 


“Agh! Damn you!” Qin Yuandao snarled furiously as he frantically pulled back. In an instant, he was ten meters away, so even if Qin Yu wanted to attack again, he couldn’t. 


“You, you actually have an incomplete spirit weapon?” Qin Yuandao stood ten meters away, his eyes fixed on the sword in Qin Yu’s hand. A raging blaze burned in his eyes as blood dripped from his palms onto the ground. He was injured by a mere youth that hadn’t even reached the age of twenty. He was even his great-grandson in terms of seniority. He never thought that this would be possible. 


Right now, the training field was still in chaos, and many people were busy trying to move away from their fight. However, there were still a few people paying attention to the stage. When they saw that Qin Yuandao was wounded by Qin Yu, they were both shocked and amazed. At that moment, the name Qin Yu was firmly engraved inside their hearts. 


“Sigh, what a pity.” 


In a corner of the training field, the Qin Family head Qin Zong watched the chaotic scene helplessly. All he could do was mediate and help clear a way out so that as many people could leave as possible. He gave another helpless sigh as he watched Qin Yu and Qin Yuandao face off against each other at the stage. 


“Da Ge [2], why are you sighing?” A tall figure stood behind Qin Zong. He was one of the Qin Family’s seven great elders, the Fifth Elder Qin Zhan. With a complicated expression on his face, he also watched the two face off.


Qin Zong didn’t even need to turn his head to know it was Qin Zhan. He released yet another sigh, “Old Fifth, my Qin Family produced a little monster as well as a Spirit Realm master. Such a thing could be said to be an achievement that had never before been attained in our several hundred years of history. But now, they’re enemies, and they’re fighting each other with the intent to kill. Say, isn’t this more of misfortune rather than fortune?” 


Qin Zhan understood Qin Zong but didn’t know how to reply. 


“If the two could get along and both work hard for the sake of the Qin Family, just think of how prosperous our Qin Family could be! Alas, what a pity.” Qin Zong continued to sigh in despair, “I’m incompetent as the family leader. All I can do is watch on helplessly as the two kill each other, and I can’t do anything to prevent it.”


“Da Ge, this shouldn’t be blamed on you. If anyone deserves to be blamed, it’s Qin Chong. I was also muddled. I’ve always favored that youngster Qin Yu. If we gave him time to develop, it would only be a matter of time until he surpassed our Grand Elder. Unfortunately…” Qin Zhan could only sigh powerlessly. 


“Everyone of the Qin Family, listen up. Seal off the exits. Nobody is allowed to leave, nobody!” At this moment, Qin Yuandao order to the Qin Family boomed across the skies. It resonated in the air and vibrated in everybody’s eardrums. 


Qin Zong and Qin Zhan were both startled when they heard the order, “What does the Grand Elder want to do? Does he want everyone to die?” 


Qin Yuandao did not want them to die. He had yet to become so unbridled. All the guests present today were important figures in Luosang City. If all of them were killed, the Qin Family wouldn’t be able to continue on. He just wanted to detain everybody so that he could find Su Yinxue. 


Su Yinxue had been snuck into the crowd by the mysterious man and could not be found. Qin Yuandao’s gaze had swept through everybody present, but it was impossible to find her in such a chaotic and frenzied scene. It was as if she had completely disappeared. 


With Su Yinxue’s crimson bridal clothing, she should’ve been easy to spot. However, he still couldn’t find her. 


This time, he finally realized something was wrong. Everything today was definitely something Qin Yu and his group had orchestrated beforehand. They had long prepared everything and cleanly divided up the work, developed a clear plan, and trained for it. They had definitely thought of throwing the crowd into chaos prior to all of this so that he could not find her. He just didn’t understand how a trifling youngster like Qin Yu had such a powerful force backing him. 


But Qin Yuandao could only helplessly order for all the exits to be sealed and to force everybody to stay behind. He would then have the Qin Family check over each and every person. 


Qin Yu continued to face off against Qin Yuandao. He stared at Qin Yuandao rigidly, neither attacking nor retreating, His job was to delay him for as long as possible. If Qin Yuandao didn’t attack him, then he wouldn’t attack either. He believed in the Heavenly Wolf Guard’s strength, and he believed that they would definitely be able to get Su Yinxue out. They would do so even at the price of their lives, so he trusted them completely. The two who had died under Qin Yuandao’s hand already proved how determined they were in completing their mission. They would succeed or die trying. These were the Heavenly Wolf Guards!


But when the crowd heard Qin Yuandao’s order, things actually got even crazier. They rushed at the exit even more desperately, afraid that it would soon be blocked off. If they didn’t escape now, they could die here. 


The members of the Qin Family who were supposed to guard the exit originally wanted to step up and stop them, but they were instantly drowned by the huge oncoming surge of people who were desperate to get out. 


“Qin Chong, block them.” Qin Yuandao saw the situation getting out of hand and released another angry roar as he ordered Qin Chong directly.

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1. not literally here, face as in pride, dignity, reputation, etc that sort of thing

2. Literally means older brother, but it’s also a way to refer to older men of the same generation

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