Defiant Martial God Chapter 112: Wrecking Qin Yuandao's Wedding

Pa! Pa! Pa!


“Ah, ah…” 


Inside the Qin Family dungeon, the ear-piercing, crisp snaps of a whip could clearly be heard. Every time the whip snapped out, it would soon be accompanied by a scream of pain.


Inside the jail cell, a man was bound on an iron frame. His clothes had been reduced to rags by the whips and his body was covered in blood and welts. This man was precisely Qin Yu’s father, Qin Wu. 


Grasping a hard whip in his hand, Qin Biao flogged Qin Wu in a hysterical manner. His voice was filled with anger as he roared, “Speak! Speak! If you don’t tell me, Laozi [1] will whip you to death!” 


Pa! Pa!


“Ah…” Qin Wu shouted in pain. He clenched his teeth, “Qin Biao, you bastard! If you have the guts to whip this Laozi to death, then do it! If you think you can pry anything from my mouth, you’re dreaming! Hehehe!” Qin Wu suddenly released a bout of crazed laughter, causing Qin Biao to gnash his teeth in fury as he continued to strike out with the whip.


“Ah——!” Qin Wu continued to let out low shouts of pain. He did not want to shout, but the sharp pain made it unbearable. Right now, he was nothing more than an Origin Realm cultivator, so it would be impossible for him to endure the beating of the peak Immersion Realm cultivator Qin Biao. For him to still be alive was already very amazing. 


But ultimately, he still could not bear Qin Biao’s thrashing, and he blacked out.


“Uncle Biao, he fainted again.” At the side, Qin Mu pitched up, his voice gloomy, “I really didn’t expect this guy to be so resilient. We’ve been beating him for the entire night, but he still won’t open his mouth.” 


“F*ck.” Qin Biao threw the whip on the ground and shouted in frustration, “Since he won’t say it, then he can just die! Find a place to deposit his corpse.”


“Uncle Biao, today probably wouldn’t be good. Today’s the Grand Elder’s special day. It would be extremely inauspicious to kill somebody on the same day.” Qin Mu brought up awkwardly. 


Qin Biao paused and pondered for a bit before realizing it was pretty true. He did not have the guts to offend the Grand Elder- it was taboo.


“Then, let’s allow him to live a little longer. However, I absolutely will not allow him to live comfortably.” Qin Biao gritted his teeth with rage as he shouted, “Use cold water to wake him up and continue beating him! Don’t let him go a single moment without pain.”


“Yes.” The subordinate immediately acted according to orders. 


“Uncle Biao, let’s leave this to them, we should go up and help out. Today is our esteemed ancestor’s most important day. If nobody sees us, then… it wouldn’t be good.” Qin Mu spoke up cautiously. 


“Yeah, let’s go.” Qin Biao was also tired of beating him and didn’t want to stay in the damp, filthy, underground jail cell. He turned around, leaving the men behind to continue whipping Qin Wu. 




Outside, the Qin Family’s training field had now become a wedding venue. Because there were too many guests, all the tables for the feast were placed closely together. The festive area wasn’t just limited to the training field; it also spread into other areas as well. Everybody in Luosang City with even the slightest prestige was all here. From this, one could clearly see how powerful Qin Yuandao’s status was.


The festive noises of the feast gradually became softer as time passed by. Currently, it was already 9 am. 


The city master, Ouyang Cheng, would conduct today’s marriage rites. When the clock struck 11, he walked up to the elevated martial arts stage at the front of the training field.


The stage that had originally been used to display martial arts was now being used as a wedding stage. Eye-grabbing crimson lanterns that symbolize good fortune hung everywhere, and red carpets were fully rolled out on the floors. 


“The hour of fortune has arrived. May the bride and the groom step forward.”


Ouyang Cheng stood on the stage and called out in a loud voice. The noisy field immediately grew quiet as everyone stood up and raised their heads to look at the stage.


Under everybody’s fervent, awaiting eyes, a few flower boys and girls cleared the road. Qin Yuandao, garbed in a crimson red brocade, led a delicate figure, who was similarly dressed in red, through the crowd. He escorted the red-veiled bride slowly up to the stage.


The crowd exploded with congratulations upon seeing the arrival of the bride and the groom. Many of them were lying through their teeth, saying all kinds of corny words like they were the ideal couple, a match made in heaven, etc. 


Ouyang Cheng stood on the stage and lowered his hands in a shushing gesture to the crowd.


“May the bride and the groom perform their bows.” Everyone’s voices settled as Ouyang Cheng cleared his throat and called out, “First! Bow to the heavens and earth.”


“Second! Bow to the parents.”


“Third! May the bride and groom bow to each other.”


Throughout the entire marriage rites procession, the bride’s actions appeared very stiff and unwilling. However, she still ultimately bowed whenever she was supposed to.


“Congratulations to the bride and the groom!”


This sentence made everyone break out into congratulatory cheers.


One by one, they walked up to the stage and bowed, and they used their loudest voices and chorused, “We wish for Esteemed Gentleman Qin and the Bride to experience joy and happiness. May your love be eternal, and may you grow old together!”


Respectful congratulations and good wishes filled the scene. The crowd went wild, and the sounds of celebration shook even the skies.


“Now that the well wishes have been sent, the marriage ceremony is finished!” Ouyang Cheng waved his hand down as his voice boomed across the field, “The bride and the groom may now enter the bridal chamber.”


“Stop!” All of a sudden, an angry shout rang out like a clap of thunder, stunning everyone and causing some to jump in fear.


Those who weren’t afraid had faces filled with shock. Who had such big guts that they actually dared to look for trouble at Qin Yuandao’s important event?


“Who dares to be so audacious? Get the f*ck out!” The person from the Qin Family in charge of maintaining order shouted at the crowd. 


“Laozi doesn’t understand what you mean by that. Why don’t you show me how?” An arrogant voice echoed out as a black figure soared out of the crowd like a shooting star. He arrived in front of that man in an instant. 


His speed was simply too fast. The protection officer still hadn’t even reacted when a thunder-like roar echoed out. By then, the first move of Rushing Thunder Palm, Power Like Rushing Thunder, had already struck him. 


The protection officer screamed in pain as he flew off the stage.


“How brazen!” At the side, Ouyang Cheng shouted angrily as he released a palm strike at the shadowy figure, one that was aimed to kill.


“Cloudtrack Phantom, dodge!” The black figure left a remnant image. His original body had long moved away, and Ouyang Cheng’s palm strike hit nothing but thin air, causing a loud boom to echo. 


“You—!” Ouyang Cheng was still a Transformation Realm cultivator, so missing his strike in front of so many people would naturally cause him to feel somewhat humiliated. After he felt the black figure dodge behind him, he hastily turned around. He wanted to attack again, but when he saw the familiar face in front of him, he immediately stopped in shock. 


“You… Qin Yu?” Ouyang Cheng’s face was filled with disbelief.


“You haven’t died?” At the back, Qin Yuandao also spoke with shock. At the Su Family gates in Bao Ding City, he had personally swatted Qin Yu to death. Yet, how was he now standing in front of him perfectly fine?


“Qin Yu, he is Qin Yu.” This time, everybody was in an uproar, and discussion spread like wildfire. In particular, all those from the Qin Family were especially shocked. 


“Didn’t Qin Yu die? How come he was still alive? A few days ago, the Grand Elder definitely said that he had killed Qin Yu. Was he lying or just joking?” 


A faint smile was on Qin Yu’s face as he faced Qin Yuandao. With a disdainful voice, he mocked, “Qin Yuandao, you haven’t even died, so why would I die?” 


“How audacious, Qin Yu. Do you really think the Grand Elder’s name is something you can call upon so lightly?” Ouyang Cheng shouted angrily. 


“Who do you think you are? Get lost!” Qin Yu actually shouted back.


Ouyang Cheng was the grand and stately city master, yet he was actually spoken back to by a young brat of the Qin Family. Naturally, he was mad. His face darkened as his voice turned vicious, “You’re courting death! Today, this City Master will pass judgment on you in place of the Qin Family. Die!”  


Ouyang Cheng was in the middle of the Transformation Realm, and he struck forth with all his strength. His powerful aura surged as great gusts of winds emanated from his body.


“Hmph, Qin Yu’s finished. The young always overestimate their own strength. They don’t understand how powerful somebody can be.” Somebody in the crowd muttered disdainfully. But the next moment, something happened that made everyone’s mouths drop.


“So the grand and stately City Master actually wants to go run around as the Qin Family’s dog. You don’t have the qualifications to be the City Master. Qin Yu was furious, and he shouted, “To Surge Like a Gathering Storm. Die!”


The wind whistled as black clouds of qi surged forth. Behind the clouds, claps of thunder boomed as a palm strike struck out forcefully. 


“What, he actually wants to meet Ouyang Cheng in a direct, face to face battle? Ouyang Cheng is a cultivator at the middle stage of Transformation Realm. Does he want to die?!” The crowd was filled with shock.


Under everyone’s amazed gazes, a boom resounded as the two palm strikes clashed together. Waves of qi surged as a strong gale buffeted the crowd. The two figures separated.


Qin Yu was still standing on the stage. Ouyang Cheng had fallen in the same way as the protection officer from the Qin Family earlier; he was blown off the stage.


“How, how could this be possible?” Everyone’s mouths dropped wide with astonishment, their eyes round with shock.


“T-transformation Realm, he’s at the Transformation Realm?!” Some people’s voices shook as they shouted out Qin Yu’s cultivation realm.


At this moment, everyone was examining Qin Yu and they found that he really was at Transformation Realm.




The crowd erupted. Qin Yu was currently only 18 years old. An eighteen-year-old Transformation Realm cultivator… was this even possible?


They didn’t dare to believe their own eyes and accept the truth.


An eighteen-year-old Transformation Realm master. This truly made those who were in their seventies and eighties, yet only at the peak of Immersion Realm, feel ashamed.


What was even more difficult for everyone here to accept was that Qin Yu’s power at Transformation Realm was abnormally strong.


Many people could see that Qin Yu’s cultivation base was at the Transformation Realm, but it was only at the initial stage of the Transformation Realm, as if he had just broken through.


Using common sense, his cultivation still shouldn’t be completely stable, and he would probably not be an opponent for an ordinary Initial Stage Transformation Realm cultivator. What he just did overturned common sense completely.


However, Ouyang Cheng was somebody at the middle of the Transformation Realm, and he was somebody who had been at that level for many years too. However, he wasn’t able to withstand a single blow from Qin Yu before being blasted off the stage and coughing up mouthfuls of blood. He was probably only barely alive, and even his seat of City Master would be unstable now. This all really did not conform to common sense.


They did not know that in Qin Yu’s eyes, the Transformation Realm that they called was nothing more than a fake. His Transformation Realm cultivation is how somebody truly at the Transformation Realm should be like. 


It wasn’t just the onlookers. Even Qin Yuandao was shocked by Qin Yu’s strength. In fact, he was even more amazed than the others.


A few days ago, he and Qin Yu had just fought in Bao Ding City. At that time, Qin Yu was only in the late stage of Immersion Realm. But a few days later, he not only survived, but he even turned into a Transformation Realm cultivator. It was simply ridiculous. Since when was reaching Transformation Realm so easy? Fine, so what if he was a Transformation Realm master? However, even his fighting strength was so freakish. Even the middle stage Transformation Realm cultivator Ouyang Cheng couldn’t withstand a single fist from him.


“Qin Yu!” Hearing the sounds of fighting, the bride Su Yinxue pulled off her veil and exposed her breathtakingly beautiful face. But at this moment, not many could take the time to appreciate her beauty as almost everyone was staring at Qin Yu.

1. arrogant way to refer to oneself

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