Chapter 110: The Annihilation of the Qin Family Is Nothing for the Sake of a Beauty

In Luosang City, the Qin Family was to hold the wedding ceremony of Qin Yuandao throughout the night. It was a major event, and because there were many guests attending tomorrow, the entirety of the Qin Family needed to work day and night to properly prepare for it.


The governor of the city, Ouyang Cheng, personally made an order for the sake of currying favor and winning over the Qin Family; the entire city was to celebrate Esteemed Father Qin's big wedding together. Luosang City would not sleep this night. The city government sent soldiers, and even assigned civilians, to sweep the entire city clean, wash the roads with water, and adorn the sides of the major streets with lanterns and colored banners throughout the night. This was to create a festive atmosphere in the entire city.


However, the people of the city weren't aware of the calamity that was about to befall them. They weren't aware that Luosang City was on the eve of destruction, one where rivers of blood would flow.


To the north of Luosang City, Luobei City was holding a wedding banquet on this very night as well.


The wedding banquet was being held in the most influential place in Luobei City—King De's Mansion. Luobei City was part of King De's fiefdom.


Old King De had died just a few months ago. His successor to the kingship was Prince De, Mu Xingde.


After Mu Xingde succeeded the throne, he immediately married the seventh princess before his old man's skeleton had even become cold. On this night, he drank until he was dead drunk, and he was carried into the bridal chambers.


Within the bridal chambers, the bride was dressed in red from head to toe. She quietly sat by the bed, her head covered by a veil. There, she waited for the groom to tear off her veil and subsequently engage in the pleasures of intimacy like fish meeting water. Then, she would be proclaimed a true woman.


Endlessly, the bride clenched the corner of her clothes and loosened her grip. She gripped tight and loosened, repeating this over and over, revealing her nervousness and restlessness at this time.


The door to the room was pushed open with a creak. The groom, Mu Xingde, was accompanied by an overwhelming smell of alcohol as he was helped into the bridal chambers.


"Hahaha, Your Highness. We can only take you this far. The matter that remains is for you alone." The person who supported Mu Xingde released him, left the room with a foxy smile, and closed the door shut.


"Haha… here I come, darling." Mu Xingde chuckled lewdly, and the odor of alcohol swept toward the bride.


"Ah…." The bride was pushed down by Mu Xingde onto the bed. She let out a cry of fear, and she gripped her veil tightly with her hands, preventing it from falling. It was as if she was extremely scared of Mu Xingde seeing her face.


"Qing Yun, my beautiful. Do you know just how long you have made me think of you? It has been many years since I've first wanted to press you below my body and see just how cute you look when you pant. My wish is finally fulfilled today. You are mine. No one can steal you away from me now. Ha ha…." The alcohol flared within Mu Xingde, and he began to tear the clothes of the bride. He ferociously pressed his large mouth down on her.


"Ohhhh…." A moan was released from the lips of the bride. She quickly pulled the curtains of the bed, preventing the light from shining on the bed. The two rolled onto the bed in the dark, and they began to crazily tangle themselves together. Soon, the large bed shook fiercely while creaking, accompanied by the deep and heavy panting of ecstasy from both male and female.


To the side of the large bed was a screen. At this time, a beautiful and youthful figure walked out from behind it. This person was the real Qing Yun.


"Sister, what will you do if King De finds out that he has been tricked?" A worried voice came from within Qing Yun's body.


Qing Yun had a complicated look in her eyes as she gazed toward the two figures entangled behind the curtains of the bed. She sighed in her heart, "Let's talk about future matters in the future. This is the most I can do right now. If there truly comes a day when the truth of the matter is revealed, I will bear all responsibility."


"Ai…" It was a faint sigh. "Sister, if only Qin Yu can understand that only Chun Hong, that lass, has been wronged in your painstaking efforts this time."


A hint of guilt emerged on Qing Yun's face when Chun Hong was mentioned, but for the sake of the person in her heart, she could only bury this guilt deep to the bottom of her heart.


It was unknown how long it took, but the large bed gradually stopped its rocking as the man behind the curtains of the bed let out a shout. The room gradually quieted down.


A bit more time passed before Mu Xingde's snores could be heard. The man had already been quite drunk, and after a round of intense and stimulating combat, Mu Xingde was truly tired. He had simply fallen asleep.




"Your Highness, Your Highness." The bride gently called out twice from the large bed. She quickly put on her clothes after confirming that Mu Xingde has already fallen deeply asleep, and she made her way out from the bed's curtains.


Though the girl's facial appearance was quite ordinary, her figure was quite decent. The moment she came out from behind the bed’s curtains, she saw Qing Yun, who had walked out from behind the screen. She hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Miss…"


"Shhh…" Qing Yun quickly made a shushing gesture before beckoning the girl to gently come over.


The bride quietly tiptoed to Qing Yun, and Qin Yun quickly pulled her behind the screen. She spoke apologetically, "Chun Hong, I have wronged you. I am sorry."


"What are you talking about miss? I should be thanking you," Chun Hong whispered. There was not even an iota of being wronged on her face.


"Thank me?" Qing Yun couldn't understand why she should be thanked.


"Yeah, miss." Chun Hong immediately continued. "I never thought that I, a little servant girl, would actually have the fortune to get intimate with a king. What do you think? If one day, I were to become pregnant, wouldn't I be carrying the seed of a dragon?"


"Uh…" Qing Yun choked on her breath and started sweating fiercely. "Chun Hong. Only the girls who get intimate with the Emperor will have a child that can be called a dragon's seed."


"Oh really." Chun Hong's excited expression suddenly stiffened. She was clearly a bit disappointed, but another thought quickly came to her mind. "It's okay if my child is not a dragon's seed. My child will be a king's seed at the very least. Hee hee, the status is just as grand."


Sweat poured. A waterfall of sweat.


Qing Yun really hadn't understood that these sort of thoughts filled this little lass's mind. The girl had refreshingly agreed to this matter without the slightest hesitation back then. Could it be that she had done so for the sake of a dragon's seed or a king's seed like she was saying now?


"There's more, miss. Thank you for letting me taste the feeling of being a woman. That feeling is really really quite decent." Chun Hong looked like there was more she wanted to say.


"Uh…" Qing Yun felt her face become a bit red, yet Chun Hong, the person involved in the actual act, didn't seem to be going red at all.


"Okay, Miss. I should be going now. The remaining matter is for you to do alone." Chun Hong was quite sensible. She knew that she had finished her task and that it was time for her to leave.


"Okay. Thank you Chun Hong." Qing Yun sincerely said. "I…"


"Why are you saying thanks, Miss. I am your servant. I am willing to do whatever you wish me to." Chun Hong interrupted Qing Yun's words. "Okay, I'll be going now. You be a bit more careful."


Qing Yun then helped Chun Hong to carefully and quietly leave the room.



A rooster's call marked the dawn of the second day.


Qing Yun sat before a dressing table, gracefully combing her beautiful hair which flowed like clouds. She pretended that she had just gotten up from bed and was grooming herself.


"Ahhh." Mu Xingde finally woke up as he lay on the large bed. He firmly stretched his body and let out a very loud yawn.


After he finished yawning, he saw the red mark on the bed, and he recalled the major battle that happened last night. A lewd smile immediately emerged on his face, and a certain part of him immediately became excited. He prepared to make war yet again, but there was no longer a target of war on his bed.


"Where is my beautiful?" Mu Xingde quickly pulled open the curtains of the bed and caught sight of Qing Yun at the dressing table as she conscientiously combed her hair.


Those graceful movements, the beautiful hair that flowed like clouds, and the beautiful side of her face made Mu Xingde gulp down a mouthful of saliva. He gently got up from the bed and quietly tiptoed like a thief to approach Qing Yun from behind.


It was as if Qing Yun was totally unaware that someone was behind her. She continued to comb her beautiful hair just as before.


Mu Xingde realized that Qing Yun hadn't detected him when he walked behind her. His mouth kept on producing saliva in his excitement.  He got into a stance of an eagle about to pounce a chicken. Then, he suddenly pounced upon her, and he shouted from his lips, "I have come my beautiful, my darling!"


There was the loud sound of a crash. A tragedy had occurred. Qing Yun, who had been nicely sitting before the dressing table, suddenly disappeared without a trace. Mu Xingde pounced upon nothing but thin air and collided into the dressing table, causing it to topple. His entire body fell down together with the dressing table.


After the loud sound of falling to the ground, Mu Xingde let out a grimacing moan of pain as he rolled on the ground.


"Oww. That really hurt. Owww…"


Qing Yun stood to the side. Her voice was as bright and refreshing as a sunny and cool day. "What is up with you today, Your Highness? Why are you rolling on the ground this early in the morning?"


"Hey, beautiful. If you have the time to watch me make a joke of myself, you have the time to quickly help me up!" Mu Xingde yelled.


Qing Yun could do nothing but pull him up from the ground. As a cultivator who was at the apex of the immersion realm, it was not a problem for her to pull Mu Xingde up.


Mu Xingde patted the dust off his body after getting up. He spoke, displeased, "Beautiful. You are mine. Why are you avoiding me?"


Qing Yun's face darkened when she heard his words. She said seriously, "Your Highness, don't forget about the agreement between us. Last night was a special case. From henceforth, I won't let Your Highness touch even a hair on my body before Your Highness fulfills your side of the agreement."


"Huh? Agreement?" Mu Xingde was confused for a time.


"What is wrong? Did your highness forget?" Qing Yun's face turned cold, revealing extreme dissatisfaction.


"What sort of joke are you playing at? The great and grand me has a mouth of gold and words of jade. I am as good as my word. How can I forget?" After Mu Xingde finished speaking in a very haughty manner, he faced outside and roared loudly, "Li San, get the hell in here for Laozi."


Following this roar, a man with a slim figure and a vulgar appearance knocked on the door and entered the room. Just one look and anyone could tell that this fellow was a no good henchman.


"Ah, hello Your Highness. Hello princess…"


"Less with the freaking useless words. How goes the thing I had you arrange yesterday?" Mu Xingde shouted coarsely.


"Relax, Your Highness. Everything has been prepared appropriately. You can set off immediately. It all waits upon Your Highness and the princess."Li San answered fawningly.


"Okay, leave now. The princess and I will arrive there immediately." With a wave of his hand, Mu Xingde had Li San get lost.


"Yes yes. The little me announces his withdrawal." Li San withdrew with a bow.


"Did you hear that, beautiful? Everything is already prepared." Mu Xingde faced Qing Yun and spoke with pride.


"Much thanks, Your Highness." Qing Yun conveyed her thanks with great difficulty before emphasizing, "Your Highness, you must ask Grandmother Jiang of the mansion to accompany us. She is a master of the spirit realm and has been for many years. Only she can deal with Qin Yuandao of the Qin Family."


"I know this well and clear. Masters of the spirit realm naturally need to be dealt with by other masters of the spirit realm. Relax, beautiful. I will make sure you are satisfied no matter what you want. For your sake, annihilating a trifling Qin Family is nothing." Mu Xingde spoke quite domineeringly. Highborn silk-pants like him wouldn't even blink their eyes when it comes to annihilating a family like the Qin Family for the sake of a beauty's favor.

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