Chapter 11: Face Slapping

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 11: Face Slapping

The moment the girl appeared, all the eyes of the men were attracted to her. Qin Zhao who stood the closest was even more fascinated. Lu Wushuang was nothing in comparison to her.

When Qin Yu finally broke through the crowd and saw the cool and elegant young lady, a name emerged from his mind: Qing Yun. The powerful Qing Family of Luonan City’s young female genius. Last year, when he was on Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, the two had come here for practical training and ended up encountering an unpleasant conflict. The two had a big fight and in the end, Qin Yu won along with “taking advantage of her.”

Actually, it couldn’t exactly be considered “taking advantage of her.” The fight was very brutal, so both of their clothes were torn up. Their weapons were also broken. It didn’t matter if a man’s three areas were exposed [1. His chest and genitalia.] but a woman’s private parts were a different case. When she left, Qing Yun pointed at him with anger and shame, vowing that she would definitely dig his eyes out the next time she saw him.

Qin Yu determined Qing Yun’s current strength with a glance. A year ago, their strength was both at the late stage of Origin Realm and today, a year later, Qing Yun was already at the apex of Origin Realm and was very close to breaking through to Immersion Realm.

Apart from her prowess, she also had a sharp slender azure sword. Based on what Qin Yu saw, that sword was definitely not ordinary. If Qing Yun had used this sword last year, the winner may have not been Qin Yu.

Her strength paired with that sword made her virtually undefeatable against the Immersion Realm or lower stage cultivators that were present.

“You! Scram and call Qin Yu over!” Qing Yun commanded, her voice cold as ice. Apart from the despise and disdain in her eyes towards Qin Zhao, there was only a chill.

Qin Zhao woke up from his infatuated state and sensed the other party’s cold gaze. He couldn’t help but tremble, a trace of fear present in his heart.

But as a man and the victor who was just acting arrogant, he naturally could not fear a woman. Thus, he thoroughly hid his fear in his heart and exposed a serious expression on his face. “Miss, you wish to challenge me? Fine, I’ll give you a chance. Please announce your name. This young master won’t fight a nameless girl.” He had not seen Qing Yun before so he didn’t recognize her.

“Challenge you? Do you have the qualifications for this Miss to challenge you? Scram!” Qing Yun shouted angrily as her palm struck out with a loud bang.

“Zhao’er, be careful!” In the crowd, Qin Biao cried out in fear. Qing Yun’s attack was too sudden and fierce.

Qin Zhao was at the apex of Origin Realm so he wasn’t one to be trifled with. He reacted in an instant, striking out with a palm of his own.


Their palms collided, creating a muffled noise. Qin Zhao felt a fierce and violent power that tried to oppress him. It pushed against him with unstoppable force. A series of thuds rang out as he frantically withdrew.

In contrast, Qing Yun stood there without moving an inch.

“Hahaha! So this is Luosang City’s genius? He couldn’t even hold his own against a girl. Hahaha…!”

At this moment, the citizens of Luobei City took this chance to laugh heartily. Although Qing Yun wasn’t somebody from Luobei City, they naturally wouldn’t miss the chance to mock Qin Zhao’s misfortune. After all, Qin Zhao had just made Luobei City’s people lose so much face.

Another person took the chance to make fun of him. “What genius? All I see is a piece of trash! Haha…!”

The citizens of Luobei City all took turns to shout, as if the one who had won was actually from their city.

Somebody from Luosang City immediately retorted with a shout. “It’s not even people from your Luobei City, so what are you shouting for so shamelessly?!”

“Haha! Yep we’re still cheering, what’s wrong with that? If you have the ability, come and bite me! Come! Come!” hooted the citizens of Luobei City crazily. “Luosang City’s talents are all trash, trash, trash, hehe!! So what if I cheer? Come and bite me ah!”

“Shut up!” Qing Yun released an angry shout as her elegant figure turned around, coldly sweeping her eyes through the Luobei City crowd. The raging, burning flames seemed to cool down somewhat.

This woman was very cold, her aura overbearing.

The people of Luobei City who had just been shouting trembled and shut their mouths one by one. They didn’t dare to say anymore. The scene immediately quieted down and all they could hear was the crackling sounds of the fire burning, as well as Qin Zhao’s heavy breathing.

Qin Zhao stood back up, gasping for breath. He raised his head to look at the girl again. He was shocked by her power and also somewhat angry, after all, he had been humiliated in front of so many people and was jeered at as a piece of trash. Right now, he was the Qin Family’s number one genius, so how could he not be angry?

“What strength does a surprise attack show? Take out your sword. Let’s have an upright and just fight.” Qin Zhao sensed her strength just now and knew that if it was a fist-to-fist fight, he definitely wouldn’t be able to win. He could only try using weapons instead.

“Here!” Qin Biao threw him a sword to use, hoping that with this sword, his son could return face to the Qin Family of Luosang City.

Qin Zhao caught the sword and immediately struck. He didn’t say any more nonsense as he loudly shouted, “Heaven’s Sword Flowery Flash!” His sword was like a viper as it shot in for the kill.

“Heaven’s Sword Flowery Flash” was a top notch sword art that was passed down the Qin Family. Once it was released, a sword could change into ten thousand swords, flickering with sword light. It hid the skies and covered the earth, leaving them nowhere to hide. The special thing about this sword art was the fact that only the talents of the Qin Family could learn this.

This skill was meant for the final attack. Qin Zhao wanted to use this sword art to defeat her in one blow. However, he could only turn his sword into three swords and his aura was still unstable. This meant that the move basically had very little destructive power. He would’ve better off just using a powerful strike instead.

But he couldn’t exactly take all the blame. He had just learned the sword art and simply hadn’t mastered even one percent of its essence. The power of this clumsy technique could easily be imagined.

Qing Yun frowned, sensing the unsteady aggressive aura coming from the sword and felt even more disdain. She walked forward step by step, chopping down fiercely with the sheathed scabbard. She didn’t even unsheath her sword, showing her contempt towards Qin Zhao.

With a flash of light, Qin Zhao's sword was cut down with a clang. Before he could react, an ice cold scabbard had been placed around his neck. Next to him was a young lady's frosty beautiful countenance with a gaze full of contempt. “You don’t even have the qualifications for me to pull out my sword! Now get lost!”

A crisp *pow* rang in the air as the sword’s scabbard hit Qin Zhao directly in the face, producing a scorching pain on his cheek. The pain he felt on his face was a trifling matter compared to the unbearable shame that came from the strike.

As they say, one shouldn't hit someone in the face. Qing Yun clearly did this to brutally humiliate Qin Zhao and the Qin Family.

“Defeated? Just like that?” Over at the Luosang City camp, members of the Qin Family were stupefied. This defeat was too sudden. In addition, everyone saw that slap and the perpetrator was even a girl!

The members of the Qin Family could feel their faces getting hot. That slap to the face was akin to an indirect slap to their own. At this moment, their gazes of adoration towards Qin Zhao changed to gazes of indifference and disdain because he had shamed everyone from the Qin Family.

Losing the war could be forgiven, but not when you suffered such a complete and utter defeat. With palm strikes you lost; with swords, you still lost. Is there anything you can’t lose at? She didn’t even unsheath her sword ah!

The people of Luosang City also had unpleasant faces. Here, Qin Zhao was the representative of their Luosang City; face slapping him was also humiliating them.

Therefore, when they looked at Qin Zhao and the Qin Family, their eyes were filled with disappointment and cold contempt. The difference between this and the previous cheers was like heaven and earth.

Members of the Qin Family sensed the disdainful glances from the crowd. They didn’t dare to raise their heads, including those who were just praising Qin Zhao unceasingly. They were all endlessly embarrassed. The Lu Family really found a good son-in-law ah! [2. TL Note: Sarcasm is used here :P]

Luobei City’s people rejoiced in their misfortune even more. If it wasn’t for Qing Yun’s previous deterrence, they would’ve long been roaring with laughter. Even now though, there were still a few voices gossiping in whispers. “What genius? Luosang City’s talents aren’t anything at all!”

Qin Zhao heard the comments and sensed the crowd’s sneers along with all the disappointment gazes. He clenched his fists as his eyes turned bloodshot. He wished he could just find a hole to hide inside and never come out of forever.

“Qin Yu, get the hell over here! Is everyone from the Qin Family trash who refuse to come out and fight?!” Qing Yun shouted sternly as she swept an icy glare over the Qin Family’s encampment.

She had been demanding for Qin Yu to come out many times already. Everyone couldn’t help but guess at what exactly happened between Qing Yun and Qin Yu. Qin Yu had already turned into a cripple and simply had no qualifications to fight with her. Could it be that she still did not understand?

“Miss Qing, it’s impossible for that crippled named Qin Yu to come out and fight,” a voice replied. A proud and aloof, black-robed youth from the Luosang City crowd stepped out with a silver sword in his hand.

Somebody cried out in alarm, “It’s the Dugu Family’s Dugu Ao! He’s one who placed first in the qualifiers!” In an instant, the Luosang City crowd’s spirits rose. Now that Dugu Ao took action, they could hopefully recover the face they had just lost.

Dugu Ao slowly walked into the center, releasing a cold snort as he walked past Qin Zhao. “What are you still standing here for? Haven’t you already lost enough face? The Qin Family’s really getting worse and worse. Qin Yu is now a cripple and the rest of you are even more like a piece of trash.”

“You…!” Qin Zhao raised his head and wanted to retort but when he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything. Under Dugu Ao’s sharp gaze, he was forced to obediently lower his head, gloomily returning to the Qin Family group. He was too embarrassed to even pick up his fallen sword.

“Dugu Ao, I’m not interested in fighting with you. Get Qin Yu to come out!” Qing Yun recognized Dugu Ao and knew about his strength. He was qualified to fight with her but Qing Yun was already set on fighting Qin Yu this time. Nobody else would do.

“Miss Qing, I already said that Qin Yu had turned into a cripple. Even if he’s not a cripple, he’s still only fit to be stepped under my foot. Not daring to fight, are you scared of me?”

“Since you want to fight, this Miss will accompany you to fight. Attack!” Qing Yun was definitely not the type of person that one could provoke. She unsheathed her sword. Her azure blade glimmering as she faced him with her sword, proud and aloof.

“Azure Edge Sword?” Some of the elders in the crowd, including Lu Jing and Qin Zhan, looked at Qing Yun’s sword with surprise.

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