Chapter 108: The Changes in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Qin Yu paused and answered with another question, “If we attack tonight, would you know where they’re keeping Su Yinxue?”


“I…” Tie Shou was speechless. How could he possibly know where Qin Yuandao hid Su Yinxue?


“The Qin Family is huge. Taking advantage of the chaos to save somebody but not knowing where they are is equivalent to running around like a headless housefly. It’d be good if we find her, but if we were detected by the Qin Family, we would be inadvertently alerting the enemy and it’ll be hard to get another opportunity again.” Qin Yu continued after seeing Tie Shou’s silence.


“Maybe you think the cover of the night could give us some protection and hide us, but Qin Yuandao is a Spirit Realm cultivator. Maybe if he wasn’t, this could help us, but he already is one. With his cultivation base, do you really think that the night could shield us? On the contrary, his hearing and vision at night would be far superior to ours. If we end up fighting hand to hand, the night would actually end up being a disadvantage for us and an advantage for him.”


“Huh.” Tie Shou felt his face burn red with shame. He didn’t think that despite his age and experience, a young person’s thinking would actually be more deep and meticulous than his.


“With Qin Yuandao’s current status, every renowned person in Luosang City will definitely attend the wedding tomorrow. When the guests are numerous and the dragons and fish are mixed together [1] the Qin Family won’t have the time to examine each attendee. At that time, we will be able to sneak in easily.” Qin Yu analyzed the advantages of attacking tomorrow, “After infiltrating the wedding, we won’t have to go through all the trouble of finding Su Yinxue. Since it’s a marriage ceremony, the bride and the groom will naturally be there so, we can just go and directly save Su Yinxue.”


Tie Shou rubbed the stubble on his chin as he nodded, “Qin Yu, your plans are really good. I feel a bit inferior to you now as the senior. However, facing off against Qin Yuandao directly during the wedding tomorrow seems a bit difficult.” He was still afraid of Qin Yuandao. 


“Don’t tell me you think we won’t have to face Qin Yuandao if we go at night time?” Qin Yu’s face turned icy, “That old dog isn’t somebody who we can just sneak around. We have to face him. At that time, I will be the one in charge of stopping him. Your job is just to save Su Yinxue.”


“I think that the moment the bride and the groom arrive would definitely cause a big stir. At that time, I can dash in and fight against Qin Yuandao. When we start fighting, it would definitely turn chaotic, and with so many people running around in confusion, the Qin Family would not be able to manage it even if they had more people. They won’t be able to be in control for a short while and during that gap, you guys can rush in and bring her out safely.”


The Heavenly Wolf Guards seemed to have an easy job since Qin Yu gave the hardest job to himself. However, would it really be so easy? Tie Shou did not dare to believe that.


“Alright, let’s prepare for tomorrow separately now.” Qin Yu said all that he had to say and didn’t want to dawdle here any longer. He directly strode out of the room. 


He did not need anyone to guide or entertain him as he went back to his room alone and shut the door completely. He had completely sealed off his room from the rest of the building, appearing as if he was about to do something that could not be seen by others.


After pulling down the shutters tightly, he jumped on the bed and sat down. He shook his hand and a crimson light blossomed, immediately casting a red glow all around the room. The Blood Devouring Demonic Blade appeared in front of him, shaking slightly. 


Qin Yu’s gaze sharpened as he stared at the blade motionlessly as if he was expecting something to happen. He naturally wasn’t appreciating the beauty of the blade, but rather, he was studying it.


The Blood Devouring Demonic Blade would be one of the biggest things that he would rely on in the future. If he used this spirit weapon while he was in the Transformation Realm against the Spirit Realm Qin Yuandao, nobody would be able to predict who would win.  However, in an all-out battle, he would definitely at least be able to injure him, if not outright kill him.


Unfortunately, this blade was a bit strange. Originally in the Slaughter Array, when he and Mu Rongrui had been fighting, the sword had already begun to show its strange properties. Thus, he needed to thoroughly study the weapon now so that there wouldn’t be any unexpected mishaps in a critical moment tomorrow. This was also one of the reasons why he did not want to attack tonight. He needed time to study the blade. As for how much he can glean from just one night’s worth of research, that would all have to depend on his own luck.


Outside, Tie Shou, who was just about to return to work, suddenly felt a surge of oppressing spiritual qi rumbling behind him. The qi actually had the effect of causing the bloodlust in one’s heart to surge, causing Tie Shou’s heart to jump as he swiftly turned around.


He looked through every single room before finally landing on the guest room Qin Yu was staying in. He could sense that Qin Yu’s room was precisely where the bloodthirsty aura and rolling spiritual qi came from.


Although Qin Yu had shut the door and suppressed the demonic blade’s aura, how could a spirit weapon’s power be fully suppressed by a mere initial stage Transformation Realm cultivator? So naturally, a part of it would still leak out. It was lucky that he was in Tie Shou’s Craftsmen Shop right now, so there would not be many people trying to find trouble. 


“What’s that youngster doing inside there?” Tie Shou’s aged face twitched, filled with doubt. 


“Master, what happened in there?” At this moment, a few of the disciples from the craftsmen shop walked up, their faces filled with amazement. ”Do you want us to go and look?” 


“What go there to look, scram!” Tie Shou shouted angrily, “Go do what you’re supposed to do, there’s nothing here. Whoever dares to talk nonsense again will have their mouth ripped out!” 


The disciples jumped in fear at Tie Shou’s angry voice, not knowing how they offended him.


“What are you still standing here for? Get lost!” Tie Shou released another angry shout. The fierceness of his face and his loud voice caused the disciples to be scared witless.


“Yes, yes, yes.”  The disciples hurriedly ran away.


“Master.” Another voice sounded as a figure came walking in, disregarding the bad timing.


Tie Shou was about to flip out again, but when he saw who it was, he forcefully repressed his anger.


The person who walked in was not one of his disciples, but a girl called Yi Fei. 


Yi Fei was the girl who Mu Rongyue and Qin Yu had saved from the Underground City. Mu Rongyue had left her here to recover and stay under Tie Shou’s protection. Throughout the past year, she had lived her life calmly without any events.


Yi Fei was somebody the Princess entrusted him with, and he was ordered to maintain a good relationship with her. Thus, Tie Shou didn’t dare to storm down on her and had to treat her politely. 


“Oh, Miss Yi, what’s up?” Tie Shou’s face changed faster than a book. Just now, there was clearly a cruel expression on his face. But now, there was a gentle smile on his face, and he looked like a loving grandfather. 


“I heard you mention Qin Yu earlier. Did he really come back?” Yi Fei walked over and asked gently.


“Ah, this… right, Qin Yu did come back.” Tie Shou originally didn’t want her to know about Qin Yu’s arrival, but since she already knew about it, he could only admit it helplessly.


“Can I go and meet him? I want to ask him about Little Yue and why she hasn’t come around recently.” Yi Fei’s face held a trace of loss and sadness. In the world above ground, Mu Rongyue was the only close friend she has. However, she hadn’t visited for more than half a year, causing her to feel a bit disappointed.


“That… I’m afraid that this might be a bit difficult.” Tie Shou’s face turned awkward. “Qin Yu is currently cultivating and cannot be interrupted when he hits a crucial moment or it’d be troublesome if something messes up. As for Little Yue, can it be talked about later? Look, the sky’s already dark. How about you talk to him about it tomorrow?” After the old codger finished talking, a trace of pleading appeared in his eyes as he stared anxiously at the young girl. This was his special skill that he used to deal with Yi Fei. Yi Fei was the type of person that was ridiculously soft-hearted, so as long as he used his eyes to stare at her anxiously and beg a little, she wouldn’t refuse no matter what he said. 


“Alright, then we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” As expected, Yi Fei acted just as she always did and accepted before turning to leave.


The old codger revealed a proud smile as he watched Yi Fei leave. 


Yi Fei returned to her room in disappointment. She had just pushed open the door and stepped in with one foot. Her other foot still hadn’t entered the room when she suddenly halted, her body trembling as she shook back and forth like a pendulum. 


The next moment, a flash of understanding passed through her mind as she swiftly turned around and stared in the direction of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Her previously ordinary eyes suddenly changed as her pupils expanded to two-three times their original size, turning her appearance almost demonic.


Inside those strangely huge pupils, an enchanting flash of blue burned seductively.




At Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, it was already nightfall. The mountains were slowly being swallowed by darkness, leaving only a few dull rays of light to illuminate the surroundings.


On a mountain peak, there were a dozen or so people who had come to get some battle experience. They had just finished a long and arduous battle against a demonic beast, as they finally emerged victorious in the end and successfully beheaded the beast.


“Hehe, we really got a good harvest this time, big bro.” 


The leader was a bulky man who seemed about forty years old, dressed in worn grey robes. He had a tough appearance and was at the initial stage of Transformation Realm. He was the only one at Transformation Realm in the group and the rest were all at Immersion Realm or even Origin Realm.


“Yeah, we really got a good harvest this time.” The large grey-robed man replied happily before shouting loudly, “Everyone, hurry and clean the battlefield. The sky’s already dark so we need to find somewhere to camp as quickly as possible. Night time in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain can be very dangerous.”


“Got it.” The group immediately replied back and started to sweep through the corpse. The most important thing was to get the demonic beast’s core and then the bones. There’s no need to talk about the demonic beast’s core. Who doesn’t know that it was the most valuable part of a demonic beast? The bones could be used to create various weapons and some of the meat was also harvested to serve as tonight’s dinner.


They had just finished cleaning the field and was about to find a place to set up camp when they suddenly heard a series of strange, thunderous roars.


The roars sounded like muffled thunder. Although they were not very loud, each cry was enough to make the world shake. Amidst these roars, they could feel the ground shake beneath them.


“I-is it a demonic beast?” Somebody asked with fear.


“No, it’s a human voice.” The grey-cloaked man’s tone was certain. He was viewed as the leader of the group and his face was still completely calm. 


“Right, I also thought it was a human’s voice.” Another person with long ears that seemed very sensitive to sounds also spoke up, “It’s a lot of people releasing these noises at once. It seems to be about 10,000, no, 100,000, actually it kind of even seems closer to 200,000……”




The bestial roar echoed once again as they felt the earth shake under their feet. It really did sound like loud booms were sounding from underneath them.


“200,000, it’s definitely 200,000.” The long-eared man shouted with alarm, “The voice is coming from inside the forbidden area, but how could there be so many people inside the forbidden area…”


“You must’ve heard wrongly. 200,000 people? How can there be so many people?” Somebody shouted with disbelief. Although he did not believe it, his face had already turned ashen from fear.


“Don’t make wild guesses. If there’s something wrong, there’ll definitely be treasure. There’s no guessing what treasure it could be. We should take a look.” The big, grey-robed man was very bold and wasn’t afraid like the others.


“Ah?” Some of the more cowardly people were not very willing.


“Riches and glory will always only be found in danger. Are we really so afraid just because of a few shouts?” The large grey-robed man’s voice was annoyed, “Don’t forget why we came to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Wasn’t it to learn through practical experience? What’s the point if you’re too afraid to do anything?”


“That’s right. If you’re afraid, you shouldn’t have come to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.” Some of the other more courageous people also spoke up, “In any case, we should just follow the boss. If there is some magical treasure there, then hehe, big bro here wouldn’t treat us unfairly right?” 


“Of course.” The grey-cloaked figure replied in a loud voice.


“All right, then we’ll all listen to big bro.” Right now, nobody dared to say that they were actually afraid as they didn’t want to be shamed. Now that they’ve talked up to this stage, they could only clench their teeth and go.


The grey robed man led the group into the forbidden area.


After a short while, the group arrived at the boundary of the forbidden area. With their superior eyesight as cultivators, they could clearly see the v-shaped entrance that led into the mountain. A stone tablet was erected inside, and a few eye grabbing words were engraved deeply into the stone: Demonic Yin Qi Forbidden Area. All those arrogant enough to enter shalt die.”


Inside, black qi was surging out in waves.


“Big bro, there doesn’t seem to be anything different there.” Somebody said in a low voice.


“Right, it seems very quiet. Hey, you long-eared person, didn’t you say that there were 200,000 people here earlier? 200,000 people your ass, all you can do is talk big. Those big ears are really useless on you.” Some people immediately began to mock the long-eared man.


“You’re the one that’s talking big!” The long-eared man cursed before replying, “How could Laozi have heard wrongly? I’ve always…” He suddenly stopped speaking as his face changed. “No way…?”


“What do you mean, did you hear something again?” Some people started to jeer at him again.


“I heard…run for it!!” The long-eared man suddenly released a fearful scream as if he had just seen a ghost.


However, nobody responded to his shout and instead just stared at him strangely. Had he gone mad? There was nothing so why would they run?


But very quickly, their strange expressions turned into ones of alarm. A harsh whistle suddenly rang out in the sky, causing them all to look up.


Reflected in their fearful eyes was a black, dotted mass that swallowed up the sky. They looked like locusts as they covered up the skies and the earth. 


No, those weren’t locusts but swords. The sharp edges of the sword light glinted coldly.


“Quickly! Run!”


The grey-robed man was the first to see what the black mass was and a loud, alarmed shout tore out from his throat. The next moment, he had already flown away as fast as he could.

1. large and powerful, good and wicked creatures together

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