Chapter 107: Heavenly Wolf Guards

Chapter 107: Heavenly Wolf Guards

After the door was cut open, a few burly men with thick beards and sideburns rushed in.


Su Yinxue saw the man being led by them and could not help but cry out, “Dad!”


This man was none other than the Su Family’s master and Su Yinxue’s father, Su Xiongfei. Two days ago, the Su Family had been tricked by Su Wen and they were ambushed by Qin Chong and the others. As a result, they had been almost completely wiped out. He had only survived with an inch of his life.


When a father and daughter reunite, it should have been heartwarming. But right now, in the current situation, Su Xiongfei just felt endless rage.


“Xue’er, why are you here? You bastards, release my daughter!” Su Xiongfei’s tiger-like eyes widened in fury as a bestial roar echoed out from his throat.


“Settle down. Kneel before our Grand Elder.” One of the burly men shouted. He tried to push Su Xiongfei down and force him to kneel, but Su Xiongfei’s back remained straight, and he refused to budge by a single inch.


“F*ck, get the hell down!” One of them shouted angrily and forcefully kicked the back of Su Xiongfei’s calf. Su Xiongfei could no longer stand up straight and was forced to fall to his knees.


“No, don’t hit my father!” Su Yinxue wanted to rush over but she was stopped by Qin Yuandao who was beside her. 


“Shi Lan, your father’s life is currently in your hands. Right now, you can either nod your head or shake your head. If you shake your head, your father will die. If you nod, your father will live and tomorrow, we shall be married.” Qin Yuandao’s words were a direct threat.


“What are you saying? You want her to marry you?” Su Xiongfei raised his head to look at Qin Yuandao’s appearance and laughed loudly, “How could a freak like you be worthy of marrying my daughter? When you look in the mirror, you probably piss yourself out of fright at your ugliness-”


Pa! A resounding slap echoed crisply in the air as Qin Yuandao struck him and interrupted his words, swiftly and fiercely.


Su Xiongfei shouted in pain. Some of his teeth had been knocked out and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood.


The furious slap of Qin Yuandao, a Spirit Realm master, was not something that he could endure.


“Dad! Dad…” Su Yinxue cried loudly with grief and hastily grabbed Qin Yuandao’s arm pleadingly, “I’m begging you, don’t hit my father. I’ll marry you, I’ll marry you, so don’t…” 


“What did you say? You agree?” Qin Yuandao was filled with excitement and he released a booming laugh, “Hahaha…! Good, wonderful, you’ve finally come around, Shi Lan. How great!” Qin Yuandao continued to laugh, the grin on his face nearing insanity. 


Su Yinxue wept while he laughed. Her body fell limply to the floor, and her tears fell like rain. 


“Somebody come and write down some invitation cards for Laozi. Tomorrow morning at 9, Shi Lan and I shall tie the knot, and we welcome everyone to come and attend the ceremony. Everyone from the Qin Family is to work throughout the night to get the wedding ready for tomorrow. Failure will not be allowed!” Qin Yuandao dashed out and shouted loudly. With his strength, his voice easily echoed throughout the Qin Family Manor, and everyone could hear it clearly. 


“Yes!” Everyone from the Qin Family reacted really quickly and immediately went to arrange the wedding. If it was the Grand Elder’s order, then nevermind tomorrow morning, they would find a way to get it done even if he wanted it tonight. 




In Tie Shou’s Craftsmen Shop, Qin Yu had just finished his shower and meal. He was about to head off to the forbidden area of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. 


“Qin Yu, I’ve already prepared a fast horse for you. The latest you’ll reach the mountain is by midnight.” Tie Shou had personally led out a fine steed from a stable inside the shop. 


“I’m not worried about how long it’ll take to get there, I’m just worried about how long it’ll take to come back.” Qin Yu accepted the horse’s reins and frowned. 


Tie Shou was also aware of this problem. Qin Yu was going to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain alone, and he could spur on the horse to get there as fast as he wanted. However, the problem was transporting the hundred thousand Godly Soldiers. Although they were called Godly Soldiers, they were really just lumps of rock. With so many stone statues, it would probably be impossible to reach Luosang City in a day, even if you traveled all day and night. 


This meant that the fastest Qin Yu could come back would be the morning of the day after tomorrow.


“Master Tie, I’ll have to trouble you with something. You must make sure that nothing happens to Su Yinxue before I return.” Qin Yu told Tie Shou as he mounted the horse. 


“Don’t worry, I’ll pay close attention to the Qin Family’s movements.” Tie Shou had just finished talking when he spotted a figure rushing towards them. It was his disciple, Mo Yu. 


“Master, Master, something happened!” Mo Yu shouted as he ran over with a red invitation card in his hand. 


“Mo Yu, what happened?” Tie Shou ran up and asked. 


“Master, look at the invitation cards sent out by the Qin Family.” Mo Yu presented the red invitation letter in his hands. 


Tie Shou glanced through it and an odd light appeared in his eyes. “Huh, a wedding? Who’s getting married?” 


“It’s their Grand Elder, Qin Yuandao.” Mo Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead as he replied. 


“What?” Qin Yu heard that they were mentioning Qin Yuandao’s wedding. He jumped off the horse’s back and rushed to the two’s side. 


“Tomorrow morning at 9, Qin Yuandao and Shi Lan will tie the knot.” Tie Shou had already opened the marriage invitation, and a queer look appeared on his face. Was this a late bloomer’s love? He couldn’t believe Qin Yuandao still wanted to marry at his age. With Qin Yuandao’s age, if he wanted to marry somebody, he should just do it. Why would you want to invite so many people to attend the wedding? To get laughed at? Of course, with his current status, there would be nobody who would dare to laugh at him. 


“Who’s this Shi Lan? Wasn’t the woman he brought back called Su Yinxue?” After reading through the letter, Tie Shou asked with confusion. 


“Master, I asked around and found that Shi Lan is precisely Su Yinxue. It’s not clear why he calls her Shi Lan. Maybe she has two names?” Mo Yu’s tone was unsure.


“Shi Lan, Su Yinxue… let me see.” Qin Yu did not care about being polite and directly took the invitation card out of Tie Shou’s hands, his face unsightly. 


Tomorrow morning at 9. There was not enough time to get the Godly Soldiers from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. 


“Qin Yu, what are you planning? Maybe I could try and stall the Qin Family tomorrow morning and you try to return as quickly as possible?” Tie Shou suggested. 


Qin Yu shook his head, “The current Qin Yuandao is very different from before. He isn’t somebody that you can stall. Furthermore, how could you stall a marriage?” 


“This…” Tie Shou had nothing to respond with. “Then, then what are you going to do?”


“Master Tie, how many people do you have?” Qin Yu suddenly asked, his voice serious. 


“My workshop has about twenty or so people.” Tie Shou didn’t understand what Qin Yu was asking for. Could it be that he wanted to drag all his men to risk their lives against the Qin Family? God, all of these twenty or so people were Spirit Tool Refiners with weak cultivation. Taking all these people to go against the Qin Family would just lead to their deaths. 


Qin Yu naturally wasn’t that stupid. Taking these people from the craftsmen shop would just slow him down and act as nothing more than cannon fodder in the battle against the Qin Family. 


“Master, I’m not talking about these people. I won’t say it, you know who I’m talking about.” Qin Yu stared at Tie Shou. The strange smile on his face caused Tie Shou’s heart to leap. 


Tie Shou had been hiding in Luosang City for over ten years now and had definitely done some things here. In order to act in Luosang City, the twenty or so weak craftsmen here was not enough to do anything and were just there to fool people. Qin Yu guessed that Tie Shou definitely had some sort of elite force that could back him up.


Tie Shou’s face changed from one expression to another before ultimately changing to a bitter, helpless smile as he said, “Fine, follow me. Mo Yu, continue to watch the Qin Family and report back immediately if anything happens.”


“Yes, Master.” Mo Yu accepted the order and swiftly left, tactfully pretending that he had not heard anything between Tie Shou and Qin Yu just now. 


After Mo Yu left, Qin Yu followed Tie Shou into his room. 


Tie Shou shut the door behind them and spoke, his voice serious, “Qin Yu, first tell me what you plan to do.” 


“It’s very simple. Tomorrow, cause chaos during the Qin Family’s wedding, then snatch Su Yinxue away during the disorder.” Qin Yu replied calmly. It seemed like he had already thought of a plan. 


“You…” Tie Shou’s face darkened, “If you do that, there will definitely be a need to face off against Qin Yuandao. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about how strong he is.” 


“You guys don’t have to worry about Qin Yuandao, I’ll deal with him.” Qin Yu’s voice was still filled with calmness, a confident expression on his face.


“Can you handle Qin Yuandao?” Tie Shou’s eyes were wide as he examined Qin Yu as if this was the first time he had seen him. “Qin Yu, don’t tell me you’ve also reached Spirit Realm?”


“Hmph, why would I need to be at Spirit Realm to defeat him?” Qin Yu snorted, “Master, don’t worry.”


Seeing Qin Yu’s confident appearance, Tie Shou also calmed down. Naturally, he couldn’t give an answer immediately. It was a very big deal to have those people move out and it was something meant to only be done as a last resort. Right now, Qin Yu wanted him to order them out, but it was something he had to think over carefully. He needed to calculate if it was worth it to dispatch them. These people were the most devoted force of the Lord.


Qin Yu also didn’t urge him and just waited calmly. He knew that Tie Shou needed time to think.


Tie Shou frowned, his hands clasped behind his back as he paced around the room. He made several rounds around the room before finally stopping in front of Qin Yu. He clenched his teeth and said, “Qin Yu, since you already guessed about the existence of this force, then you should also know how important they are. I can help you, but I have a condition. Regardless of whether tomorrow’s operation is successful or not, so long as you’re alive, you have to eradicate the traitor Mu Tianqi and support the reign of the royal family.” 


“Alright then, we’ve reached an agreement. However, you must do your utmost to fulfill your end of the deal.” Qin Yu also stated his condition. 


Tie Shou smirked confidently, “Don’t worry, once the Heavenly Wolf Guards acts, they either succeed or they die trying.”


Qin Yu was startled. Heavenly Wolf Guards?


The Heavenly Wolf Guards was the most mysterious military group of Qiongxi Country. Unless they took the initiative to reveal themselves, nobody would know who they were and what they looked like. Their numbers were few, but each and every one of them was elites. They were the central force protecting the Royal Family. 


This group does not obey anybody but the King. Only those with the capability to become the true King of Qiongxi Country had the right to command them. 


This secretive military force was passed on from generation to generation. They would only support the heir that the King from the previous generation decided to pass them to, and no one else. 


This was the case with Qiongxi Country’s current situation. Prince Qi currently held most of the power and would probably soon become the King of Qiongxi Country. But if the current regent did not pass the Heavenly Wolf Guards to him but rather somebody else, then regardless of whether he was sitting on the throne or not, he would not get the recognition of the Heavenly Wolf Guards. Rather, they would support the heir that they had been assigned to by the previous King.


The amount of Heavenly Wolf Guards given to Tie Shou by the King was just five people. These five people made up the entirety of his force in Luosang City.


Although they were only five people, these five were no weaker than fifty ordinary Transformation Realm cultivators combined. So long as no Spirit Realm cultivators acted, these five people were enough to shake any power in Luosang City. In the era before Qin Yuandao became a Spirit Realm Master, Tie Shou had been the true strongest power of Luosang City. 


“Heavenly Wolf Guards. Very good.” Qin Yu nodded, and he felt that the name sounded very cool. “Then let us both prepare for tomorrow. See you then.”


“Wait a moment.” Tie Shou called out to Qin Yu who was about to leave, “I want to know why you have to act tomorrow morning during the wedding ceremony. Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to strike tonight?”


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