Chapter 105: Father Qin Is Seized, and Mother Qin Is to Scorch in the Sun


Within the cattle shack, Qin Wu just finished simmering the herbal medicine that had been gathered from the mountains. The medicinal soup was poured into a broken bowl, and Qin Wu gently blew on the steaming bowl as he gave it to Mother Qin.


"Mother of my child. Let us drink this medicine. You will feel better after drinking it," Qin Wu gently said. He endlessly stirred with the shabby ladle in his hand as he blew away the steam that rose from the bowl of medicine.


"Ai…." Mother Qin let out a sigh of sorrow. "Wu-ge, there's no need to work so hard. This is just how my body is."


"Mother of my child. How can you say such things? How can your body get better if you don't drink medicine? How can go look for Yu-er with a weak body?" Qin Wu donned an unhappy expression.


Mother Qin's pale lips gave a grieved smile. "Wu-ge, you should go look for Yu-er instead of me. Leave me be. As long as Yu-er is fine, I can die contently with eyes closed." A teardrop fell from the corner of her eyes as she finished speaking.


Qin Wu looked at Mother Qin's tear, and he thought about the child who he hadn't heard news from in over a year. His nose ached, and he nearly shed tears as well. However, he needed to endure it. Right now the mother of his child was weakened to this degree. They would both have a mental breakdown if he were to shed tears right now.


"You can't say such things. Don't talk about dying. Don't worry, neither one of us is going to die. We can go find Yu-er together once you are better. Okay, the medicine is getting cold. Come and drink." Qin Wu placed the ladle to Mother Qin's mouth.


Mother Qin helplessly opened her mouth in a mechanical manner and drank down the medicine.


She drank the bowl of medicine very slowly. It took quite a while before she was able to drink it all. The good thing was that she drank it completely, not leaving a single bit to waste. Qin Wu stood up in great satisfaction. He walked outside and tossed away the dregs remaining at the bottom of the bowl. He suddenly seemed to sense something just when he was about to turn around and return to the cattle shack, causing him to instantly stop his footsteps. He turned to gaze ahead toward the boundless and vast wild plains.


There was a screaming sound, and a gust of wind blasted by. The tall wild grass was lifted and sent swaying all over the place, letting out rustling sounds.


"So it's just a wind-causing ghost." Qin Wu relaxed, turned around, and returned to the cattle shock.


However, unbeknown to him, a group of people was moving in the underbrush and had already gotten close to this cattle shack. Qin Biao and the others formed this group of people.


"Pay attention everyone. The cattle shack is just five hundred feet ahead toward the left." The scout at the vanguard stopped his footsteps, letting out a warning.


Qin Biao also stopped his footsteps. He revealed an evil smile with his lips. "Hehe. There is no need for us to stay hidden with the distance being this small. Let's simply rush them. Go!"


Qin Biao took the lead and was the first to rush out from within the underbrush. As his feet trampled upon the wild grass, he flitted across toward the close cattle shack like a flying man.


The people behind them acted the same in succession. The wind screamed as they flitted over the grass, pursuing the footsteps of Qin Biao ahead. They were akin to wolves and tigers as they threw themselves toward the cattle shack.


Qin Wu, who had just entered the cattle shack, heard the bizarre sounds behind him. He turned his head to look in haste, and his complexion immediately changed.


"Not good. They are here. We need to go quickly, mother of my child." Qin Wu yelled as he rushed to Mother Qin side. He picked up Mother Qin's weak body. Mother Qin's body was already quite light, having been ill for so long. She was so light that Qin Wu felt an off-sensation the moment he carried her. He felt that he carried not a person but a bundle of rice straws.


"Who's here, Wu-ge?" Mother Qin gasped as she asked.


"People of the Qin Family. We are leaving." Qin Wu had already flitted his way out the other side of the cattle shack as he answered.


"No, Wu-ge. Just leave me. Run with haste by yourself and go find Yu-er." Mother Qin shouted with urgency.


"I won't just abandon you. I won't be able to explain things to Yu-er in the future if I abandon you," Qin Wu said loudly. He transformed into a gale of wind as he leapt out. He trampled upon the wild grass and flitted toward the distance.


In the back, the arriving pursuers saw Qin Wu as he dashed and fled. They were a bit stunned, especially Qin Biao. Qin Mu, who followed closely behind, couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, "Biao... Uncle Biao, isn't Qin Wu a cripple? How can he use qinggong?"


That's right. Qin Wu was utilizing none other than qinggong. Only a cultivator could use qinggong.


"It looks like he can also cultivate." Qin Biao answered as he gave chase. "I finally understand how Qin Yu, a cripple, was able to suddenly cultivate back then. They must possess an exceptional cultivation manual that can help one reconstruct the meridians and refine the fleshly body, allowing a cripple to turn into a genius of martial arts."


"An exceptional cultivation manual...." Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and the color of greed was revealed on his face. "Uncle Biao, we need to obtain this exceptional cultivation manual and see if it can really reconstruct the meridians and refine the fleshly body."


"Rubbish. Of course it can." Qin Biao responded without a trace of politeness.


"Ha. They're cripples, yet they're able to reconstruct their bodies to become geniuses. For cultivators like us, who aren't cripples, wouldn't such people become super geniuses after the reconstruction?" Qin Mu was quite emotionally excited. A flame ignited in his heart as he thought about his chance to become a super genius.


"You know all of this, yet you're still talking. Just hurry and chase after them." Qin Biao roared in excitement. His footsteps increased in speed, and the same flame burned in his heart. The flame was so hot that his entire self nearly began to burn.




Streaks and streaks of human shadows whistled over the underbrush, flitting across the tips of grass, each trying to outdo the other.


Qin Wu's stamina began to deplete up ahead. The pursuers behind him began to quickly close the distance.


Indeed, he really could cultivate. He was no longer a cripple who could not cultivate, but this wasn't due to him cultivating some exceptional cultivation manual. Instead, it was due to Qin Yu rectifying his meridians back then. There were all sorts of reasons that led to Qin Yu not telling Qin Wu the truth of the matter during the time, and it was only in the past half year that Qin Wu discovered his ability to cultivate.


When Qin Wu discovered that he could cultivate, his reaction could be described as being wild with joy. He was excited and happy for three days and three nights, after which he began to cultivate like crazy. He had accumulated much cultivation knowledge in the past, so his knowledge of theory could be said to be quite abundant. It was because of this that cultivation was no difficult matter for him.


His progress went quick, and he already reached the peak of the origin realm. It took him nearly half a year to walk this path that others would likely need several years walk.


Unfortunately, he got fell in a predicament during the critical moments of breaking through to the immersion realm. He couldn't improve no matter how much he cultivated. He could only give up for the time being. He had started cultivating too late, after all, for the best time to start cultivating was that around the age of eight, and it was best not to exceed twenty years of age. The meridians and constitution of the human body was already solidified past this period of life. It was very hard to make great growth past this age unless one's meridians and body were reconstructed.


It was impossible for a cultivator of the peak origin realm to outrun the people behind him while carrying another, let alone the experts that Qin Biao had brought, who were all in the immersion realm. In addition, Qin Biao was a master who had long since been at the peak of the immersion realm.


Qin Biao became quite depressed every time he thought about how long it has been since he was at the peak of the immersion realm and how he was unable to become a master of the transformation realm. He knew that his aptitude was limited and that it would be very difficult for him to enter the transformation realm without an exceptional cultivation manual or heaven-defying fate. He thought about how Qin Wu likely possessed an exceptional cultivation manual, one that could reconstruct the meridians and the body. Qin Biao dreamed of none other than such a thing.


He would do anything to become a master of the transformation realm. Though this hope was tiny, he needed to fight for it, and this caused his pursuit to become even more ferocious.


Qin Wu was finally stopped by such a crazy pursuit, falling into the enemy's encirclement.


"Hahaha, Qin Wu. Let me see you run. Let me see you and the mother of your child run. Haha…." Qin Biao watched as Qin Wu fell into the double encirclement, blocked every time no matter the direction he charged. Qin Biao laughed heartily in great delight.


"Qin Biao, you bastard. What the hell are you doing?" Qin Wu glared, his eyes bulging wide. He really wanted to charge up to and tear this bastard to shreds, but unfortunately he didn't possess the ability.


"The hell am I doing? Ha. You actually don't know what the hell I'm going to do?" Qin Biao laughed savagely. "I want you dead. Of course, if you are willing to hand over the exceptional cultivation manual that you cultivated in, I will leave your corpses intact."


"An exceptional cultivation manual?" Qin Wu was puzzled, but he roared, "Laozi has no exceptional cultivation manual!"


"You don't?" Qin Biao sneered as he drew closer he with a footstep. "Tell me, if you don't have an exceptional cultivation manual, how have you been able to cultivate? Don't tell me that the heavens have granted you, a cripple, with this ability."


Qin Wu was stunned. So it turns out that this was the reason why Qin Biao believed he possessed an exceptional cultivation manual.


"There's more. Your child was a cripple back in the day as well, but he suddenly was able to cultivate later on, and he became much stronger than he was in the past. How will you explain this?" Qin Biao asked with a loud shout. The blazing flames in his eyes were already raging and burning, and expectation was written all over his face.


Qin Wu looked at the feverish expression of Qin Biao and was first stunned for a moment before laughing heartily. "That's right. Laozi does possess an exceptional cultivation manual. However, you are just dreaming if you think you get it. That is, unless you let us go. Who knows. Laozi might be happy enough to impart with you a tiny little bit."


"As expected, you do possess an exceptional cultivation manual."


Qin Biao was even more fanatical now, and the fanaticism was not limited to solely him. Qin Mu and the others became quite fanatical as well.


"Hehe. Do you think I'm a three-year-old kid? Do you think I'm that easy to trick? You think I can find you after I let you go? It took Laozi over a year to find you this time around, and Laozi doesn't want to spend another year searching." Qin Biao smiled evilly when he finished, and his complexion suddenly darkened as he faced Qin Mu and the others. He roared, "Go and seize them. Laozi wants them alive."


"Yes." Qin Mu and the others understood. They charged over fanatically, for they too wanted that exceptional cultivation manual.


"Get lost!" Qin Wu roared fiercely. He charged at someone toward the back, and his foot ferociously kicked toward this person blocking his way. But what happened was quite regretful. The person completely ignored Qin Wu's little bit of strength and simply grabbed his leg. Then Qin Wu was fiercely thrown into the underbrush.


The husband and wife were separated at this time, falling to different locations.


"Mother of my child." Qin Wu yelled loudly for Mother Qin. He quickly crawled up the moment he fell to the ground, ignoring the sharp pain with his body. He was about to rush over, but a fierce kick flew over, and he was sent rolling back to the ground.


"Forget about me, Wu-ge! You need to go quickly! Go quickly!" Mother Qin cried powerlessly, tears flowing from her eyes.


"Seize him for me." Qin Biao didn't care whether Mother Qin was crying or laughing. He flitted over as he ordered the capture of Qin Wu."


Two people rushed upon Qin Wu. One person grabbed Qin Wu shoulder and hand with unwavering grips, causing Qin Wu to be unable to move a single step.


"Bring him back for interrogation by torture. Laozi doesn't believe that he will provide the exceptional cultivation manual obediently." Qin Biao made another order very sinisterly.


"Yes." The people who escorted Qin Wu said nothing further as they dragged him away.


"Wu-ge! Wu-ge...." Mother Qin shouted himself horse as she wailed. She was already quite weak, and now she was expending a lot of strength. She could only shout a few times before suddenly coughing, and there were even traces of blood that could be seen when she coughed. She was coughing blood, and this indicated that her life had likely reached its limits.


"Uncle Biao, let me kill this woman." Qin Mu whipped out his sword with a swish. He was about to rush up, but Qin Biao's shout stopped him.


"Look at her. You're just giving her an easy end if you kill her. You will be helping her."


Qin Biao's words caused Qin Mu to have a sudden realization.


"Hehe. You're right. Uncle Bao's knowledge is just as far reaching as always." Qin Mu spoke with flattery before asking, "Then how will we take care of her?"


Qin Biao raised his head to gaze at the scorching sun above his head. His face revealed a sinister smile. "Carry her to a place where the sun is hitting dead on. Laozi wants her to roast alive and become human jerky."


Qin Mu's heart clutched, and a cold chill went down his spine. How ruthless. Of course, he didn't dare to express this on the surface. He needed to praise this idea.


Qin Wu, who was dragged up ahead, heard Qin Biao's words. He let out a furious roar of hysteria. "Qin Biao, you animal! You utterly heartless beast! You don't deserve a proper death! Not a proper death at all! You will face judgment–"


"Hahahaha!" When faced with Qin Wu's cursing, Qin Biao's laughter turned even more crazed and delighted. "Judgment? I welcome it! Who can unleash judgment on Laozi? You? A cripple? Hahaha!"


The arrogant laughter could be heard far and wide, and the wild laughter echoed all over.


In the end, Qin Wu was forcefully taken away, while Mother Qin was carried to a bare slab of stone where the sun was the most vicious. She was to undergo scorching from the sun's rays.

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