Chapter 104: Prevention Kill

Just as everybody was feeling regret at a life’s as young as Qin Yu’s being taken, something strange happened.


Qin Yu’s leg struck out. The watching crowd were not quite sure because it was simply too fast and the vision of an ordinary person’s was not even enough to catch a glimpse of its shadow. 


As his leg struck out, a screech sounding alike to a dying pig’s rang out, causing everyone’s eardrums to ring. His attacker didn’t even manage to hit the corner of Qin Yu’s robes as Qin Yu’s foot stamped onto his chest, causing his body to fly out straight like a cannonball. 


A hundred meters behind them laid a house. Only a loud ‘boom!’ could be heard as house suddenly shook. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, a big, human sized hole appeared in the wall of that house. The person who was kicked into the house could no longer be seen nor heard, his life and death unknown. Several people screamed on sight.


“Huh, I didn’t think I’d lose so much control over my power like that and destroy somebody’s house because of that. I’m really sorry.” Qin Yu laughed awkwardly, his voice apologetic. 


“Lost control?”


Everyone felt their hearts shake. Cui Damazi’s face twitched. 


At this moment, everyone stared at Qin Yu as if he were a monster and seeing him in a new light. You really could not judge a person by appearances- who knew that this filthy, dirt colored youth was actually such a monster?


Cui Damazi was so scared by the move that he could not help but take a step back, staring rigidly at Qin Yu. 


“Friend, please forgive this Cui’s eyes for being dull. I had eyes but could not recognize Mt. Tai and offended you just now. I beg for your forgiveness.” Cui Damazi cupped his fist and spoke to Qin Yu politely.


He was also a man well acquainted with the ways of the world. Before he had not taken Qin Yu seriously and believed him to be an ordinary youth without the strength to even tussle up a chicken. He didn’t expect that when he acted, an aura of qi was released. Once he realised Qin Yu was a cultivator, he immediately concealed his former hostility.


For him to conceal his aura without a single trace leaking out and have another cultivator be clueless, even a man thinking with his ass could tell that Qin Yu was stronger than himself. 


Therefore, he had no choice but to lower himself and beg for forgiveness with his fist cupped in hand.


“No problem, no problem, I won’t bicker with a dead man.” Qin Yu laughed happily, his smile sinister. 


Cui Damazi’s men felt their hearts shake as their faces filled with dread. What did he mean by ‘won’t bicker with a dead man’- did he already consider them all dead?


“Friend, we never had any conflicts or hatred between us before, so why must you go this far as to kill us all?” Cui Damazi steadied himself and forced his face to appear calm on the outside. In his heart, he desperately thought of ways to escape. His eyeballs turned frantically as he scanned his surroundings, hoping for there to be somebody from the Qin Family so he could call for help.


“Huh, we definitely never had any conflicts or hatred before, but we definitely will soon. So, I’ll kill you guys first before create it. What’s this called again? Oh right, an advance payment, a prevention kill.”


When Qin Yu said this, the faraway watching crowd felt cold sweat coming out from their backs.


Cui Damazi’s face twitched when he heard his reason to kill. Frick, should you not at least choose a less weirder excuse?


Cui Damazi pushed down his rage and said with his face dark: “Friend, how can you be so sure we will have hatred between us in the future?”


“It’s very simple. I hate the Qin Family. I want to kill those in the Qin Family and those who fawn upon the Qin Family.” The smile on Qin Yu’s face faded away as he released a burst of faintly discernible killing intent. A murderous aura soon began to pervade through the air.


“Hehe, friend, opposing the Qin Family is not a wise choice.” Cui Damazi gave a hollow laugh. His hand had already grasped the hilt of his sword and Qin Yu’s killing intent was exposed. The battle was unavoidable. 


Qin Yu laughed heartily: “Becoming the Qin Family’s hunting dog is not a wise choice either.” He stepped forward after he spoke, a deathly, murderous aura surging out. 


“Everyone together, kill him!”


Cui Damazi ordered ruthlessly and charged out as well, unsheathing his sword with a howl. He released all his strength at Immersion Realm and charged towards Qin Yu madly. The rest of the people behind him followed, one by one unsheathing their weapons and rushing at Qin Yu. In this instant, Qin Yu was besieged by sword qi and weapons from all directions. 


“He’s finished!” The surrounding people cried out in surprise. In the end, one would not be a match for many. Under the attacks of so many, the only road for him was death.


However, what happened next made everyone shocked once again.


“Slam…….” A noise sounded as Cui Damazi and a few others fell to the floor. Their arms were still raised as if they were about to chop down at somebody but never got the chance. 


Against the current Qin Yu, they were too weak.


“Cui Damazi died? They all died? What?!” 


A few people shouted out in surprised. In the twinkle of an eye, Cui Damazi and the others all died without a clue why. 


Nevermind other people, the old man Li who was standing almost right next to them did not manage to see clearly. All he saw was Cui Damazi and the others rushing up before collapsing to the ground, as if they had been attacked by a ghost. When he had blinked his eyes and reopened them again to see clearly, the dirt covered youngster had already mounted his horse and rode away leisurely.


After that youth’s figure could no longer be seen, the watching crowd walked up one after another to take a look at the corpses. When they saw the corpses, their eyes filled with shock. Each of the corpses had a small, concave imprint of a palm.


“What a powerful youth. Old Li, you’re luck is really good ah. A random noble just saved your life. You should quickly go back home, pack up, and escape with your family to Luosang City until this whole thing’s over with.” A few good intentioned people turned to remind the old man Li. 


“Right, right. Everybody, thank you, and thank you to the benefactor as well.” Old man Li had just come to himself and thanked everyone before hastily returning home. Even if the Qin Family did not come to find trouble with him, there might still be some people who would want to flatter the Qin Family and come after him. For example, people like Cui Damazi.



Outside the city, a group from the Qin Family had just barged out of the city, violently shoving everyone aside. This squadron was led by Qin Biao. 


For the past two days, because of the death of his son, Qin Zhao, his temper had been very bad. Adding on to how the Qin Family became the king of Luosang City, his attitude had gotten even more overbearing and arrogant. 


Qin Biao brought a team of five people. They hadn’t gone far out from the city when they saw a figure flying towards them from the northwest.


“Stop!” All of Qin Biao’s people stopped, turning to look at the approaching aerial figure. 


“Uncle Biao, it’s somebody from our side.” One of the youths, Qin Mu, from the same generation as Qin Yu saw the figure clearly and shouted. Before when Qin Yu was the treasure of the Qin Family, she was the one they had flattered most. When Qin Yu became a waste, she was also the one who they treated worst. 


After Qin Zhao died, Qin Biao no longer had anyone under him. When he saw the smooth and clever Qin Mu, he took him under him and planned to cultivate him as a disciple and also increase his own power in the Qin Family.


As the figure neared, everyone could clearly see who it was. It was the scout they had sent out earlier.


The scout was a short and thin man with very strong qinggong [1. A general form of movement technique normally seen in xianxia. It can make them lighter, allowing them to balance on things like tree branches, lets them soar through the air with OP jumps, etc, lets them move at superspeed, etc]. In just a few movements, he already reached Qin Biao.  


“How did you come here from the northwest?” The man stopped and Qin Biao opened his mouth impatidently. 


The scout hastily cupped his fist, “Reporting to your Excellency, this subordinate has completed his assignment. Qin Yu’s parents are currently living inside an old cattle shack ten kilometers in the northwest.” 


“Really?” Qin Biao felt a burst of excitement. 


It’s been over a year ah. In order to root out Qin Yu’s parents, he had been painstakingly searching all corners of Luosang City and beyond for over a year now. He had even gone to search through Luonan City and Luobei City. However, he never thought that when he had gone so far away to search, they had actually been hiding right under his nose all along. 


“It is absolutely true. If I may, this subordinate guarantees this as something personally seen with my own eyes. Otherwise, this subordinate wouldn’t dare to report this back to your Excellency.” The scout’s voice was resolute and decisive, his tone completely lacking any doubt or hesitation. 


Hearing this, Qin Biao released a crazy laugh. “Hahaha…… great, great! Qin Wu, your son killed my son and now, I’ll let your heads as the parents to accompany Qin Zhao down in hell. Let’s go!” 


With this shout, the killing intent of Qin Biao and the others manifested itself in hurricane like speed as they charged in the northwest like fiends.


Ten meters northwest, somewhere on a level piece of land in the wilderness, grass as tall as a man were flattened down into an unending sea. If a few men crouched there and somebody just took a glance, then it would be hard to discover them.


In the underbrush was a cow shack that had been completely concealed by the overlying grass. From the outside, it could hardly be seen.


At this moment, two people lived inside the cow shack. It was Qin Yu’s parents- Qin Wu and his wife.


The two had already lived there for more than a year. Qin Wu was alright, but throughout the year, Mother Qin had constantly been plagued by serious illness due to excessive worry for her son. Now, she was confined on bed and could not take care of herself, relying on Qin Wu for everything. 


Because Qin Wu had to take care of her, they were forced to live there. Otherwise, Qin Wu definitely wouldn’t stay in such a stupid place and have long gone out to search for his son.


Furthermore, this area was right in front of Luosang City. Although the terrain helped them keep hidden, as the days passed, who could guarantee that they’d never be discovered. 


In the end, it really did happen so. They were already discovered and Qin Biao had rushed over steaming with killing intent.


With the speed of a cultivator, it did not take long for Qin BIao and the others to arrive.


Seeing the neverending stalks of overgrown grass on the plains, Qin Biao turned to the scout: “Where are they?”


“They’re just inside a cow shack there.” The scout stepped forward, “It’s about 2-3 kilometers from here.”


“Very good, show the way.” Qin Biao impatiently ordered the spy.


“Yes.” The scout walked ahead, carefully prying past the tall grass as he reminded them: “Everyone, please remember to be careful not to make a single noise. This plain of grass is very big. If we’re discovered by them, then crouch into the underbrush and it’ll be hard for them to see us.”


‘En.” Qin Biao nodded, before immediately lowering his voice to instruct somebody, “Listen well. Report any and all of his damn movements to me.” 


“Yes.” The scout replied softly and gently sunk down, quietly following behind the scout.

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