Chapter 102: Burning Down the Su Family Manor.

Defiant Martial God

As Qin Yu looked at Qing Yun’s anxious face, a calm smile appeared on his pale face: “I’m okay. I’ll be fine after resting for a while. You should quickly go and see how the Su Family senior is.”


“Ai…youngster, there’s no need to waste any more of your energy.” 


Su Yunhai, who was seated silently, suddenly released a sigh, startling the two for a moment before they burst into excitement.


“Senior, you’ve woken up! Quick, support me up.” Qin Yu was filled with excitement and he slowly made his way to the Su Family elder with Qing Yun’s support.


Su Yunhai opened his eyes and observed the couple near him. He shifted his gaze to Qin Yu and asked, "You’re that Qin Yu, right?” 


Earlier, when Qin Yu left the crowd to face off against Qin Yuandao, Su Yunhai was still alive. He had personally watched Qin Yu fight, and hence he knew that the youth in front of him was Qin Yu. 


“I am Qin Yu.” Qin Yu nodded. 


“You are still alive?” An expression of surprise was revealed on the aged face of Su Yunhai. After being struck deep into the earth by a Spirit Realm Master, it was a miracle for him to have survived. Nobody was clearer than him regarding the might of a Spirit Realm cultivator. Even he would probably not have survived if he was slammed into the ground like that, much less Qin Yu. At best, he would end up barely alive and struggling at death’s door. However, Qin Yu was just an Immersion Realm cultivator, so how…?


Su Yunhai had no idea how Qin Yu managed to survive. 


Qin Yu’s smiled at Su Yunhai and explained, “Senior, I’m wearing the Golden Silkworm Armor. Look.” Qin Yu lifted his robes and revealed the Golden Silkworm Armor that he wore underneath. 


But when Su Yunhai saw the Golden Silkworm Armor, an expression of surprise appeared on his face. The Golden Silkworm Armor was covered in rips and tears. Some areas were in tatters and were barely held together with just a thread, revealing the skin underneath.


Qin Yuandao’s strike had truly been ruthless. The Golden Silkworm Armor that was normally impenetrable by anything had been turned into rags by his single palm strike.


Although it was ruined, the Golden Silkworm Armor had still been an enormous boon to Qin Yu and prevented him from being swatted to death. At the very least, it managed to block half of the force behind Qin Yuandao strike. Qin Yu had to bear the other half himself.


Of course, if it wasn’t for him cultivating the “Secrets to Eternal Life” and the help from the Earth Spirit Pearl, even half of Qin Yuandao’s strike probably would’ve been too much for Qin Yu to bear. 


It was fortunate that he had so many life-saving techniques at hand. Otherwise, he definitely would have died today. 


“Youngster, although your treasured armor had some effect, if it wasn't for your strength, you would still have died. Your constitution really makes this old man astonished.” Su Yunhai sighed. 


“Senior, I only survived by luck.” Qin Yu smiled and did not want to explain too much. It would be best if only he knew the secrets of his body. 


“This sort of thing can’t be done just by luck.” Su Yunhai slowly shook his head, “But you can’t disregard that luck played a big factor indeed. This old man just doesn’t understand. Under such a situation, why did you still come out? Don’t tell me you aren’t afraid of death?” 


“Sighhh.” Qin Yu released a long breath, “Who doesn’t want to live? However, a proper man must do what has to be done. If I hadn’t come out earlier, I would live with guilt for the rest of my life. Over time, the guilty conscience could turn into a heart demon [1. Think of it as a Qi Deviation: messing up due to extreme emotions in cultivating and falling to the path of a demonic cultivator/dying depending on the novel] and influence my future. My path will be doomed for failure and I won’t ever be able to become truly powerful. If I want to become somebody truly powerful, then even if the outcome is death, I have to stand up and face it courageously.” 


Although Qin Yu’s voice was not very loud, every word he said shocked the hearts of Qing Yun and Su Yunhai. 


The road of a cultivator was difficult and becoming somebody truly strong was even harder. If you did not have the willpower and courage to face death in the eye, it will be impossible to become truly strong. 


Qin Yu’s heart for cultivation was something that others couldn’t be compared to. 


“You’ve really astonished this old man by saying these words at such a young age.” Su Yunhai’s hoarse voice spoke slowly, “In fact, you don’t need to feel any guilt. The Su Family’s incident never had any relationship with you.” 


“No relationship with me?” Qin Yu was startled as he looked at Su Yunhai doubtfully. 


“Right, no relationship with you.” With an aged and hoarse voice, Su Yunhai briefly explained the whole story. 


Now that he knew the real story, the dazed look on Qin Yu’s face gradually eased as his heart flashed with understanding. 


“Qin Yuandao is simply too shameless.” Qing Yun angrily said from the side. 


“So it turns out Su Yunhai had originally been one of Qin Yuandao’s people. That means the people in the courtyard were probably killed by him.” Qin Yu thought of the dead bodies in the courtyard. 


“What’d you say?” Su Yunhai’s pallid face suddenly trembled. He wanted to stand up but ultimately did not have the strength to. Instead, his wound even reopened, causing more blood to leak from his lips. 


“Senior, be careful.” Qin Yu grabbed his hand and sent another surge of qi into his body. 


Su Yunahai’s face was bitter as he sighed, “Qi Yu, don’t waste your strength. This old man’s major organs have already started to break down. Even an immortal wouldn’t be able to save me now.”


Qin Yu had long checked out the situation in his body and knew that he was right. His heart had already begun to break down and even if the “Secrets to Eternal Life” was more powerful, it still would not be enough to save him. It was already amazing for him to still be breathing now. 


“Qin Yu, could you do something for me?” Su Yunhai suddenly grabbed Qin Yu’s hand and clutched it tightly. His state of mind seemed a bit off as his entire body trembled fiercely. 


“Senior, please speak.” Qin Yu felt that something was wrong and hastily replied, “If you need any help and if it’s within my ability, I will.”


“First, save my family’s Yinxue. Second, kill that Su Wen in my place.” After saying this, an ardent hatred appeared in that old man’s eyes.


“Senior, don’t worry. I would do those two things even if you didn’t say it.” Qin Yu clenched his teeth as he replied: “As soon as I have the strength, I’ll rush to Luosang City and settle the bill with Qin Yuandao, that old codger.” A deep hatred also appeared in his eyes. 


“Good. Since you’ve promised, this old man will help transfer some power to you.” After saying this, a dreadful amount of power suddenly exploded from Su Yunhai. This was his dying flash, and it came from combusting the remaining vestiges of power from his life and cultivation. 


A strong outpouring of powerful energy surged like electricity from Su Yunhai’s shriveled hands into Qin Yu’s body. It traveled up his arm like a tidal wave before starting to circulate in his body.


Qin Yu’s face changed drastically: “Senior, you can’t-”


“Don’t talk bullshit. Just take this old man’s two hundred year’s worth of cultivation.” Su Yunhai’s powerful voice boomed without the weakness and hoarseness from before. This was his final show of strength after combusting his power. “I am already a dead man. To be able to give my entire life’s power to somebody like you, I am truly lucky. If the Su Family survives this calamity, please look after them if you can.” 


Qin Yu still wanted to speak, but the powerful, surging waves of energy had already entered his body. He knew clearly that if he did not quickly circulate these waves of energy around his body, his meridians might burst from the enormous power contained within the energy and the consequences of that would be too terrifying to fathom. 


Therefore, he could only sit straight and enter a meditative stance. The energy began to settle in his dantian as his meridians widened and frantically absorbed the vast amount of energy charging in.


Su Yunhai’s two hundred year’s worth of cultivation crowded inside his body, absorbed by a vessel only at the Immersion Realm. It was fortunate that it was Qin Yu. Otherwise, another person’s meridians probably would have exploded by now.


Su Yunhai didn’t have any other choice. He also wanted to slowly transport all of his energy in, but he did not have the time. The combustion of his vital energy was an extremely fast process and so he had to rush all his energy inside Qin Yu as fast as possible. 


The power of Qin Yu’s aura clambered up as huge gusts of wind blew out from where the two sat, forming a small typhoon that whistled madly around them. 


Qing Yun, who was watching nearby, couldn’t help but step back multiple times as the two released all their power. 




Qin Yu’s body released a popping sound as he broke through from the late stage Immersion Realm into peak stage Immersion Realm. 


The energy continued to flow in and his cultivation continued to rise. 


He was quickly arriving at Transformation Realm. Qin Yu had now touched upon the doorstep to Transformation Realm and was soon about to attack the barrier to Transformation Realm. 


Once, twice… 


He failed to break through several times. The violently surging qi boiling in his body had nowhere to go, causing Qin Yu’s body to swell. 


“Qin Yu, you can do it, you have to succeed…” Qing Yun stood near them, her heart anxious. She clenched her fists, her palms sweaty from worry. She was even more worried than Qin Yu. 


Having energy poured into you was not always a good thing. Many times, it was something unfortunate and often ended in death from the qi bursting your meridians. 


“Ah, argh—!”


Suddenly, Qin Yu seemed as if he couldn’t bear it anymore and released a thunderous roar that echoed loudly, reaching even the clouds. All the nearby buildings shook as the air was filled with sand and dust. 




Something in Qin Yu’s body exploded as all the frenzied qi in his body was released, sweeping away everything in its path and completely destroying the barrier that was blocking him from breaking through. 


Transformation Realm. He had finally broken through. 


“Haah.” Qin Yu happily released a sigh as familiar and strong energy filled his body. He was overwhelmed with emotions.


If somebody else had absorbed two hundred years worth of qi from Su Yunhai, who was on the cusp of the Spirit Realm, disregarding any other factors but cultivation alone, they would have directly reached the late stage Spirit Realm or at the very least, the middle stage of Transformation Realm. 


Qin Yu did not encounter a bottleneck and all he required was energy to break through. This was because he already had a solid foundation and understanding, so after breaking through to late-stage Immersion Realm, Transformation Realm was just two steps away. After peak stage Immersion Realm was Transformation Realm. 


However, Su Yunhai’s cultivation had only barely been enough to let him break through the Transformation Realm and nothing further. According to normal reasoning, he should’ve at least reached the apex of the Transformation Realm. 


This meant he was different from ordinary cultivators at Transformation Realm.


“Qin Yu, you…cough, cough, cough…” 


The sound of coughing suddenly woke Qin Yu up from his stupor and he hastily turned to the direction of the voice. 


“Senior!” Qin Yu called loudly. 


Su Yunhai had just been sent flying against the wall by the waves that Qin Yu had released earlier. His body laid paralyzed in the corner, and he was on the verge of death. In fact, his current appearance already strongly resembled a corpse. 


“Senior, I’m sorry.” Qin Yu dashed up to him. 


Su Yunhai opened his dry lips, whispering hoarsely between gasps: “Y-youngster…you, you really are a monster…creating…such a strong aura...from breaking through…to…the Transformation Realm. Your future…is limitless…don’t forget about…Yinxue…I’m leaving her to you. If…you…have the…chance…d...don’t forget… to avenge…my…Su Family.”


“After…after you leave…burn this…place…down…I don’t…want Qin Yuandao…to obtain…any of the…Su Family’s…treasures…hahaha!”


All the strength in his body had been exhausted with those words. He laughed heartily in Qin Yu’s embrace as his soul left his body. 


Qin Yu could only hold him quietly. Sadness overtook him as he swore in his heart that he would definitely one day kill Qin Yuandao and let the deceased rest in peace. 


“Qin Yu, how’s Senior Su?” Qing Yun walked over. Her face was also a bit pale. she had also been sent flying by the waves of qi earlier and had just gotten up.


Qin Yu felt a burst of guilt when he saw Qing Yun’s appearance and hurriedly stood up, letting go of Su Yunhai. “Sorry, I…”


“It’s fine.” Qing Yun gave Qin Yu a comforting smile. Her voice was low as she glanced at Su Yunhai’s corpse: “Shall we bury him?” 


Qin Yu shook his head, “No, I think it’s better to let him stay with the Su Family. There’s still the corpses outside. Let’s move them inside together.” 


The two moved all the Su Family corpses inside the manor. They ignored Qin Lai’s corpse and let it rot outside. 


The next moment, the Su Family Residence was engulfed in flames. 


The Su Family was an enormous force in Bao Ding City and had a very large number of estates. Each one of them indirectly caught on fire from the main blaze and started to burn. The wind helped intensify the fire and the fire intensified the wind, causing the fire to spread even faster. The burning of the Su Family estates turned the entire sky of Bao Ding City into a bright amber. 


Some people wanted to put out the fire, but when they got closer and saw the intensity of the blaze, none of them dared to. They could only stare with wide eyes as the grand Su Family Manor got destroyed by the blaze. 




Outside Bao Ding City, Qin Yu and Qing Yun each rode a horse as they traveled on the road to Luosang City (they had been given a pair of fine steeds when they had left the Su Family). An enormous blaze could be seen in the distance, seeming as if it would never be extinguished.


“Qin Yu, do you really plan to find Qin Yuandao?” Qing Yun still spoke first. 


“Right.” Qin Yu’s tone was firm, “I have to, for the sake of Senior Su, Su Yinxue, my own parents, and the resentment lingering in my heart.” 


“But Qin Yuandao is somebody in the Spirit Realm, and he still has the enormous force of the Qin Family under him. You are only one person, you’ll…” Qing Yun trailed off and didn’t continue, but Qin Yu understood. 


“So what?” Qin Yu steered his horse around, facing Qing Yun. He used action to show his determination. Nobody could hinder him. 


“MIss Qing, thank you for your aid. If I have the chance again in the future, I’ll express my thanks further. My feud with Qin Yuandao has no relationship with you and it’s enough that I go alone. Someday, we will surely meet again. Farewell!” After 

saying his goodbyes, Qin Yu slapped his horse and shouted, “Ride!” 


The horse felt the slap and immediately sped up, its hooves flying in the air. It galloped fiercely across the earth like a tempest, leaving trails of dust in its wake and slowly fading from view. It left behind a solemn and heroic image. 



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