Chapter 101: An Unwilling Death

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 101: An Unwilling Death

Qin Lai wasn't willing to accept such a thing. He shook his head like mad.

"No. No. How can I die by your hands like this…I refuse to accept this. I refuse to accept this."

He could accept being struck to death by a single palm from a powerful expert or dying in a large battlefield. However, he absolutely couldn't accept dying this way. He was actually about to die by the hands of an Immersion Realm cultivator who was seriously injured.

There was a saying that an unexpected death, akin to a boat capsizing in a ditch, would lead to one passing away wide-eyed, with many remaining grievances. In Qin Lai's case, the ditch in which his boat capsized was extremely tiny, so he would die with his eyes bulging wide open with discontentment.


The unwillingness and fury that filled his heart transformed into a roar like that of a wild beast. The sound surpassed that of thunder, and internal energy from his entire body came thundering and surging out, forming a berserk wave of qi that blasted out in all directions.

Qing Yun and Qin Yu were closest to the wave of qi and they bore the brunt of the impact. As they cried in alarm, the two were blasted far away.

Qing Yun was better off. She was able to quickly react after she was sent flying, and she firmly stabilized herself with her feet as she landed. However, Qin Yu was screwed. He smashed into the ground, and large amounts of blood came bubbling forth from his mouth once again.

"Qin Yu!" Qing Yun screamed as she saw Qin Yu's condition. She threw herself over to him. "H-How is your body? Don't move. Don't say a word…quick! Eat this medicine."

Qing Yun was flustered as she fished out a few medicinal bottles from her bosom. She found the medicinal pills for treating injuries and stuffed them all into Qin Yu's mouth.

Qin Yu swallowed the medicine, along with his blood, down his throat. A loud thud could be heard up ahead just as he finished swallowing. Though Qin Lai was far too unwilling to die, he still fell to the ground. Blood continued to bubble forth from his wound, instantly dying the ground beneath his body red.

"Qin Yu. Qin Yu…you. You…"

He was unable to swallow down his fury. He gnashed his teeth in anger and there was a vicious expression on his face. His hands dug deep into the earth. He raised his head and stared at them like a furious beast. He glared so ferociously that his eyeballs were practically about to break out from his eye socket. If it was possible, he would have his eyeballs shoot out in a deadly attack and kill Qin Yu. Unfortunately, this was impossible.

He hated. He hated Qin Yu. And he hated his own negligence even more.

"I refuse to accept this. I hate this. I hate this!"

"Even if I turn into a vengeful ghost, I won't let you go! I will—"

Bubble bubble. The blood that bubbled forth from his chest clogged up the words he was about to say. The blood dribbled out of his mouth, dying a large portion of the earth red.

Gasp. He used all his strength to open his mouth, still wishing to speak. However, he could only let out wheezing sounds from his throat. In the end, while he was still feeling unwilling and hateful, his head smashed to the ground with a thud.

"Ha, he's finally dead." Qin Yu open his mouth and was about to laugh, but this caused his wound to reopen. Blood nearly sprayed out of his mouth again.

"Don't talk. Concentrate on healing." Qing Yun said solemnly.

"Ha!" Qin Yu didn't speak any further after chuckling. He began to sit and heal himself. His Refined Qi began to circulate in his body with all its healing energy, crazily treating his injuries. He did this in an extreme manner, causing his body to faintly glow with white light.

At the same time, the Earth Spirit Pearl within his sea of consciousness began to bleed out and exhaust itself once more, transfusing energy into Qin Yu's body and helping him recover from his injuries.

If the Earth Spirit Pearl were a person, it would only lament. It had just recovered its vitality over the course of the year. It never expected that it would have to exhaust itself again. This was truly quite painful.

As Qing Yun watched Qin Yu heal, she discovered that there was both a white glow and a black glow on his body. This caused her to be quite startled. Just what sort of object was within Qin Yu's body for him to be able to glow with different colors of light?

There was something that made her even more amazed. Beneath the alternate flickering of the two different colors of light, she was able to see Qin Yu's weak aura gradually stabilize with her naked eye. His deathly pale complexion gradually regained hints of color.

This sort of healing technique was far too mystical.

It was fortunate that Qing Yun was the person beside Qin Yu. If it were any other cultivator, it would be hard for them to not feel greedy. Such a cultivator would force Qin Yu to spill the secrets of this technique.

Qing Yun faithfully guarded him by his side. She waited for him in silence.

Outside of Bao Ding City, there was a large pavilion on the road leading to Luosang City. This pavilion was a rest spot for travelers.

Qin Yuandao just happened to walk into this pavilion, carrying the unconscious Su Yinxue. Inside, there was already someone who arrived earlier and was waiting for Qin Yuandao. It was none other than Su Wen. He had taken a shortcut.

"Esteemed Father." Su Wen hurriedly stepped forward in a deferential bow when he saw Qin Yuandao.

Qin Yuandao nodded his head in response. He placed Su Yinxue on a chair inside the pavilion with utmost care. It looked as if he was afraid of waking her up.

Su Wen swept a glance at Su Yinxue. A particular look flashed in his eyes. It was truly a pity that a beautiful, tender, and lovely flower had actually fallen into the hands of an old ox. Su Wen only dared to feel this pity within his heart. This old ox was none other than Qin Yuandao, after all. Su Wen didn't dare to let out even a fart in front of him.

"Because of me, these past few years have been tough for you, Qin Hui." After he placed Su Yinxue down, Qin Yuandao turned to speak to Su Wen.

Su Wen was overwhelmed by the favor that Qin Yuandao gave him. He hastily spoke deferentially. "It is my duty to serve the Qin Family. It hasn't been tough at all."

"Excellent. No wonder this old man looked favorably upon you back in the day." Qin Yuandao rubbed the short beard on his chin. He praised, "I will remember the meritorious service that you have done this time. Return back to the Qin Family after dealing with the remaining members of the Su Family. This old man will promote you to the First Elder of the Qin Family."

"Thank you, Esteemed Father. Qin Hui will certainly execute his task with all his effort." Su Wen was emotionally stirred. He finally obtained the appropriate reciprocation after laying low as an insider for many years.

"Esteemed Father, I have already killed everyone inside the Su Family’s compound. As for their leader Su Xiongfei and the others who were away at the time, I have used a sound transmission stone to tell them the situation over here. At this moment, they should be rushing back at top speed. We can ambush them midway through their journey and wipe them out in one go."

"Excellent. Convene with Su Xiongfei and the others a step earlier and draw their people into our circle of ambush."


Su Wen accepted the order. He was about to turn and leave, but he suddenly turned his body back to face Qin Yuandao. "Esteemed Father. I need to talk to you about Qin Yu. We need to take preventive measures against him. If we allow this man to grow, he will certainly become a nightmare for us in the future." Su Wen had personally witnessed Qin Yu's terrifying combat power. He had seen Qin Yu kill Qin Zhao and cleave Du Lang apart. These were all fights where Qin Yu emerged victorious against those above his cultivation realm. Moreover, it looked as if Qin Yu didn’t reveal his full strength during those times. Qin Yu was far too demonic.

"I wanted to capture him last night, but Su Yinxue did her utmost to stop it. That was the only reason why I failed." Su Wen felt a bit of regret when he spoke.

"That unworthy child has already been eliminated by this old man." Qin Yuandao smiled with content.

"Huh." Su Wen paused for a moment. He had left before he could see Qin Yuandao smack Qin Yu into the ground with a palm strike. He didn't know what occurred after, and he never expected that Qin Yu would be disposed of this quickly.

Since Qin Yu had already been disposed of, there was nothing left for Su Wen to say. Su Wen gave a courteous bow toward Qin Yuandao before quickly disappearing into a cloud of dust in the distance.

Qin Yuandao didn't stay for long. He lifted and carried the unconscious Su Yinxue and quickly disappeared at the end of the road ahead.

Outside the doors of the Su Family, Qin Yu's aura finally stabilized after approximately an hour of healing. However, he would need a substantial amount of time to completely recover from his injuries. It was already a miracle for him to stabilize his injuries in such a short period of time.

Qing Yun saw Qin Yu open his eyes and stop his healing process. She hastily asked in pleasant shock, "Are you alright? How do you feel?"

Qin Yu gave a gentle smile and nodded his head. He used his hands to prop his body off the ground and stood up. Qing Yun quickly gave him her arm for support and helped him get up.

"There isn't anything majorly wrong with me. It's just that they…" Qin Yu gazed toward the corpses of the Su Family that laid on the ground, and a hint of guilt flashed on his face. In the end, he was unable to save them.

When she saw Qin Yu's expression, Qing Yun tried to comfort him. "Qin Yu, don't think too much. You have already done your best."

"No matter how you spin it, I have involved all these people, yet I am unable to save them." Qin Yu let out a sigh.

"Qin Yu, matters have already come this far. There's no point in thinking too much. We can still help retrieve their bodies. At the very least, we can't let the Qin Family leave the bodies to be displayed in public. We can't let such cruelty happen," Qing Yun quietly said.

"Okay, let's go." The two first walked toward Su Yunhai's corpse.

Qin Yu squatted down and was about to move Su Yunhai's corpse, but he suddenly stopped the moment his hand touched Su Yunhai's body. His complexion changed.

"What's wrong?" Qing Yun asked curiously when she saw the change in Qin Yu's complexion.

"He is still alive." A tinge of pleasant shock was present in Qin Yu’s voice.

"What? He is still alive?" Qing Yun found it hard to believe.

"Hurry. Help him inside. I will try healing him." Qin Yu didn't have the time to explain things to Qing Yun. Saving the man was of the utmost importance.

"Okay." Qing Yun didn't ask too many questions. She and Qin Yu worked together to half carry and half support Su Yunhai into the Su Family's compound.

They entered the compound, and the corpses that lay strewn all over the place caused the two to stop their footsteps. They were quite baffled. Just who was it who killed these people?

Qin Yuandao’s slaughter didn’t spread to inside the compound. He had just left with Su Yinxue, and Qin Lai didn't even have the chance to come inside before he was killed. Aside from these two, could there have been a third person who entered the compound and slaughtered the people inside? Who was that person?

Of course, Qing Yun and Qin Yu didn't have the time to think about who the person could be. The most important thing was to save Su Yunhai. They continued walking ahead after a momentary pause.

There were many rooms in the Su Family's compound. The two people chose a random room to burst into, and they placed Su Yunhai atop a rug. Qing Yun supported him to sit up properly, then Qin Yu sat behind him, and pressed his palm on his back. He began circulating his energy to heal Su Yunhai.

"Qin Yu. You are already injured. Exhausting your energy this way to heal him… Will that…?" Qing Yun was a bit worried that Qin Yu's body wouldn't be able to sustain it.

"It's nothing. I can do it." Qin Yu gave Qing Yun a comforting gaze, and his energy began to surge as it transfused into Su Yunhai's body.

Though it was nothing, Qing Yun was still quite worried.

This time the healing process didn't last very long. Qin Yu was unable to continue after half an hour. Sweat seeped from his forehead, and his complexion was pale.

"That's enough, Qin Yu. Quickly let go." Qing Yun let go of Su Yunhai and quickly pulled Qin Yu apart from him.

Qin Yu's body tilted the instant he separated from Su Yunhai. He fell to one side, unable to control his body. Luckily, Qing Yun supported him in time.

"Qin Yu. Are you okay? Quickly eat these medicinal pills." Qing Yun took out her medicinal bottles in a fluster once more, but when she opened them up, she realized that all of the medicine had already been eaten a moment ago.

Qin Yu saw just how anxious Qing Yun was, and his pale face revealed a tranquil smile. "It's nothing. I will be good once I rest for a while. Quickly go see how Senior Su is doing."

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