Chapter 100: If You Want My Death, You Too Must Die Before This Laozi

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 100: If You Want My Death, You Too Must Die Before This Laozi

"Qin Yu." Qing Yun, who was amongst the crowd, buried her face in her hands as she wept. It was as if her heart had lost something very important in this very instant. It made her heart feel quite pained. The pain was so much that it was able to cause her, a cold and indifferent woman, to lose control and shed tears like a flood.

However, she restrained herself from rushing out with all her effort. At the moment, a chill that was as cold as the dead engulfed her heart that was feeling intense pain. Her fingertips dug deep into her tender and delicate skin. Blood flowed out, but she did not feel any pain. Within her heart, she swore with resentment, "I, Qing Yun, cannot exist together with the Qin Family. I will kill every one of you that I see!"

She released an icy cold killing intent, causing the surrounding air to grow cold. The people who she stood around her suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. They hastily turned their heads in fright and looked around. They couldn't help themselves from shivering the moment they saw the ice cold killing intent that exploded forth from the eyes of the cold and elegant woman beside them. They quickly pulled a few steps away. For a time, the space around Qing Yun was empty.

"Is he dead?" At this moment, someone from within the crowd asked a question.

"You're wasting your breath. He is certainly dead." Someone else immediately answered with disdain. "Only an imbecile would ask such a question."

"You are the damned imbecile. How do you know he's dead? Were you able to see him breathe his last from this far away?" The person refuted in refusal.

"You really are an idiot. How about you let that old monster smack you with a palm? Give it a try, and let's see if you live or die?"

"I…" The person choked on his words and was speechless for a time. If he had been the one up there, he would certainly be smacked to death.

"Truly an idiot." Countless people cast gazes of disdain and ridicule at him, causing his face to turn red from holding himself back. In the end, he lowered his head in embarrassment. Even he felt that he was quite an idiot this time around. It was so obvious, yet he had still doubted that Qin Yu had died. Even masters of the transformation realm would be smacked to death by that strike, let alone cultivators of the immersion realm.

Qin Yuandao and Qin Lai felt the same as these people. They did not have the slightest doubt that Qin Yu was dead.

After easily killing Qin Yu, Qin Yuandao turned around, knocked Su Yinxue unconscious, and struck the last breath out of Su Yunhai.

Then, he turned around, and his deep and dark eyes radiated with a terrifying glow that shot at the spectating crowd.

With a rumble, the spectating crowd all pulled back in fright.

"Listen to this Laozi everyone. From henceforth, the Su Family no longer exists. Every property and item of the Su Family now belongs to my Qin Family. If anyone dares to move even a single blade of grass, I will exterminate their entire clan!" His voice was like the cry of thunder, rumbling and exploding above the crowd, shocking them and causing their blood and energy to surge. There were some ordinary people who didn't cultivate, and the shock caused them to bleed from the seven orifices of the head as they toppled to the ground. It was unknown whether they lived or died.

Curiosity killed the cat. These people had come around to spectate out of curiosity, resulting in their tragic end.

"You guys should have had your fill of watching. Get lost for this Laozi right now!"

As soon as he roared "get lost", it was as if thunder scorched the plains. The weaker cultivators spat out blood from their mouths due to the shock. They bolted away in fright. Soon, the densely packed crowd of spectators dispersed chaotically. They fled frantically in different directions far into the distance. They feared that they would simply be shocked to death if they were a moment too slow.

Within the crowd of fleeing people, there was a slim figure who wore a black robe that covered his body from head to toe. This person didn't seem to be affected. He wasn't like the others, bolting away in terror. Instead, he moved with tranquility and left calmly.

"So he turned out to be in the Spirit Realm. He's way too powerful. Time is of the essence for me, Zhu Zhike. I must quickly make a breakthrough, otherwise, the Zhu Family will likely become the next Su Family."

The figure mumbled to himself as he left calmly. Though his footsteps were tranquil, his heart was heavy. An intense feeling of crisis was oppressing him.

After Qin Yuandao since everyone scattering, he turned around and he stared at the unconscious Su Yinxue with his treacherous gaze. An expression of boundless shock was revealed on his ugly old face. "She's to similar. She simply a carbon copy. You look exactly like Shi Lan back in the day. She is gone, so you will take her place. Hahaha!"

Qin Yuandao let out a laughed heartily as if he were mad, causing Qin Lai by his side to feel fear in his heart. Qin Lai was really scared that Qin Yuandao was laughing himself into a lunatic.

He hadn't turned into a lunatic, but he was doing things like a lunatic. His laughter faded away, and he carried Sue Yinxue in his arms. He faced Qin Lai and said, "I leave this place to you. Tomorrow, Qin Chong's people will hurry their way here and rendezvous with you. Tell them to properly handle the Su Family's property. Remember, don't spare a single member of the Su Family. Okay. I am going to head back and complete my long cherished wish of many years. Hahaha!"

It was another deranged hearty laugh that resonated through the highest of clouds. As he laughed, his figure transformed into a berserk hurricane, and he surged toward the distance. Smoke and dust scattered all behind him, forming a long dragon of churning smoke and dust.

Qin Lai watched as Qin Yuandao slowly disappeared within the surging cloud of smoke. He was stupefied in place for quite some time. He found it quite unexpected that the Grand Elder would become mad for the sake of a single woman.

Of course, that was the Grand Elder's business. It was none of his business. Right now his mission was to guard this place of the Su Family. He would not let a single person move even a blade of grass of the Su Family.

This job was very easy. With Qin Yuandao having shocked the souls of everyone here with his powerful might, it was guaranteed that no one would dare to provoke Qin Lai.

As for the people of the Su family, their strongest — Su Yunhai and the few masters of the transformation realm — had already been eliminated. At the same time, the people at the peak of the immersion realm and of the middle of the immersion realm were eliminated as well. The strongest of the Su Family were now likely those of the initial immersion realm. Before a master of the transformation realm, these people were nothing but the ants of ants.

Right now, Qin Lai had a main job to do, and that was to enter the Su Family and kill all of them such that no one remained. However, he had one thing he needed to do before this job.

It had to do with Qin Yu. He needed to dismember Qing Yun's body to a million pieces. Only then would he vent the hate in his heart from last night.

"Even if you are dead Qin Yu, this Laozi will make it so that you will die without a corpse intact." He spoke with hate. He raised the sword in his hand and walked to the location where Qin Yu's body was lying down.

Qin Yu lay within that enormous palm print. He moved not an inch within that sunken earth.

"Laozi will first cleave off your head, separating it from your dead body. This way you will go to hell as a headless ghost." Qin Lai roared as he raised his sword. He was about to cleave down upon Qin Yu's skull.

"Stay your hand!" A cute voice suddenly exploded forth. Within the shout, an azure sword light rended the air, causing an assault of screaming rumbles.

Qin Lai's eyebrows shot up. There was actually someone who dared to ambush him. There was someone who wasn't scared of retaliation from the Qin Family?

"How brazen." Qin Lai roared. His sharp sword, which had been about to cleave down on Qin Yu, spun around. His body turned as he slaughtered toward the azure sword light that attacked him.


And ear piercing sound of sword meeting sword rang forth. Sparks bloomed with radiance within the noise.

The two people split apart after the exchange. Qin Lai glared with fury at the person who attacked him. He never expected it to be a young lady of dark clothing. This cool and elegant woman had distinctive features.

This young lady was none other than Qing Yun.

Qing Yun hadn't walked far. She had been constantly hiding not too far in the distance, prepared to retrieve Qin Yu's corpse. She never expected Qin Lai to be this vicious to actually want to destroy Qin Yu's corpse. It was because of this that she disregarded everything and came slaughtering upon him.

"The Azure Edge Sword. You are of Luobei City's Qing Family." Qin Lai had never encountered Qing Yun before, so he didn't recognize her. However, the Azure Edge Sword had a reputation outside, and Qin Lai had experienced in this sword for himself before. This was a sword passed down from generation to generation within the Qing Family. It was because of this that he was able to determine that Qing Yun was of the Qing Family.

"Humph. So your Qin Family wants to trail in the footsteps of the Su Family as well?" Qin Lai asked in fury.

Qing Yun's face grew cold. She replied in fury. "He is already dead, and you still won't let him go?"

"That is my business. It is none of your god damn business. A trifling cultivator of the immersion realm actually dares to appear before me. Do you believe that my Qin Family wouldn't dare make a move against you because you are of the Qing Family? Listen. Today Laozi will first exterminate you. Then he will exterminate your Qing Family on another day. Just cast me your life!" Qin Lai roared as he pounced upon her in crazed slaughter. He swung out with his sword, releasing a terrifying sword-light that's instantly enveloped Qing Yun.

"Nine forms of the Azure Edge Sword! Die!" Qing Yun could only rely on the Azure Edge Sword and its nine forms to fight against Qin Lai. Though Qin Lai possessed injuries, he was still a master of the transformation realm. She, a cultivator of the immersion realm, normally wasn't a match for him.

Were not for the fact that Qin Lai was injured. The single exchange of blows would have sent her, a jade beauty, to death.

The two people fought intensely, during which none noticed something particular about Qin Yu who lay embedded in the earth. His body was giving off a black radiating glow.

"Die die die!" Qin Lai attacked in a crazy storm. His sword-light blotched the sky and covered the earth. His might was a torrent that overflowed the heavens as he suppressed Qing Yun, causing her to retreat little by little.

"Hehe.... It's time to end this. Die for me!" Amidst the mad roar, Qin Lai unleashed his most powerful attack. The eye piercing sword-light penetrated through the void, stabbing upon Qing Yun's pupils and covering her line of sight. This made her eyes see an illusion of dizziness.

"No —!" Qing Yun screamed as she struggled, but it was all futile. Qin Lai sword already locked deathly upon her. It was impossible to escape.

"Am I going to die like this?" In her final moments, she gave up all attempts of resisting. Her beautiful eyes closed as she waited for the instant when death would arrive.

"Perhaps it is also fate for me to die together with you." The young lady's delicate and cute lips actually revealed a hint of a smile. It was a smile that faced death.

But it was the most bizarre thing. Before death could claim her, she felt Qin Lai's sword press against her throat, yet it made no motion in its next step.

Could it be that this scoundrel felt that she looked beautiful and suddenly had protective feelings for the fairer sex engender in his heart?

She only realized that this was not the case when she opened her eyes. Instead, her eyes saw a very bizarre scene. A bloody tip of the blade was protruding out from the front of Qin Lai's stomach. The dark red blood, thin as water, came bubbling out from within the slit created from the blade.

How was this possible?

The bloody blade. She was far too familiar with this bloody blade. It was none other than the blade that Qin Yu often used.

Was it Qin Yu? How was this possible…? She didn't dare believe it.

Qin Lai and was the same, not daring to believe it as well. He gazed in shock at the bloody blade that penetrated his stomach. His face contorted, and he really wanted to know the identity of the person who stabbed him from behind. The person had grasped the time for an ambush at the perfect moment, and the person had done it such that not even gods nor demons realized it. Was it a ghost?

He slowly turned his head, and he saw that delicate face he was all too familiar with. In this moment, his pupils instantly dilated, and the muscles of his face spasmed in waves after waves.

Qin Yu. It was actually Qin Yu. He didn't dare believe it, but these were the facts.

"Y-You… You're supposed to be dead… Right?" Qin Lai squeezed out these words from his throat with difficulty.

Qin Yu's lips split into a grin. His mouth was filled with scarlet red blood, but he didn't care. He still smiled with delight all the same. "It isn't as easy as you think to kill me. If you want my death, you too must die before this Laozi. Hehehe...."

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