Chapter 10: The Fight in the Valley

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 10: The Fight in the Valley

Wang Murong was mistaken because Qin Yu was actually a Sacred Grade Pill Master. At the very least, his knowledge in pill concoction far surpassed Black Grade.

However, she was also right because based on Qin Yu’s current strength, he was only at the lowest level—Ordinary Grade Pill Master. This meant that he had no way of refining the Strength Returning Pill, after all, pill concocting was even harder than tool refining.

But even if he couldn’t concoct it, he knew how to and at his age, that was already shocking. This kind of abnormality could only be discovered and not sought after. Wang Murong rejoiced at how she managed to run into him. Whatever the case, she had to rope him in no matter what. Even if she had to sacrifice her body, she would not hesitate!

Wang Murong secretly decided this in her heart, while giving Qin Yu an enchanting smile that could turn the whole world upside down. She walked alongside him as she asked probingly, “Qin Xiong, with your amazing talent, have you ever thought about joining a bigger power to obtain even higher prospects?”

“This…” Qin Yu was just about to reply when he suddenly saw another spirit grass and immediately ran off with a *whoosh* without saying anything further.

This place really had a lot of spirit grass ah! Although they were low level, they gave enormous benefits to Origin and Immersion Realm cultivators. Somehow nobody knew about these treasures making it more convenient for him. In fact, the former Qin Yu had also gone through here many times but never cared about it before or recognized them as spirit grass, so they were always overlooked.

Continuing further, Wang Murong wanted to get closer to Qin Yu as the journey progressed. However, he never bothered with her. The entire way there, if it wasn’t finding a spirit grass here, it would be finding a spirit fruit there.

Wang Murong was both depressed yet full of admiration towards Qin Yu. It was incredible for him to know about so many different kinds of spirit grasses and fruits at his young age. It was impossible not to admire how he could immediately recount each one’s name and use perfectly.

But because Qin Yu had taken so many sidetracks, a lot of time was wasted. By the time it was dark, they only made it ten miles into Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

When Ten Thousand Beast Mountain got dark, it was filled with unknown dangers and its thick fog grew even denser. The fog originally only lingered at the halfway point but at night, the entire mountain range was completely engulfed by the fog. With the darkness of the night, even a cultivator wouldn’t dare to walk around carelessly. Those who came here for training didn’t dare venture any further, stopping to find a safe place to camp for the night.

Wang Murong followed after Qin Yu’s movements in the dark jungle as she suggested quietly, “Qin Xiong, the sky’s already dark. It would be better if we find somewhere to rest first and continue our travels tomorrow.” It really was getting harder to continue moving forward.

Qin Yu also thought that resting for the night was also a good plan. Hurrying on their journey in the morning would be much safer and faster than hurrying at night.

“Alright, let’s find a safe area. Eh? There’s a fire and the sound of some people over there.” Qin Yu stood on a hill, looking in that direction.

Wang Murong hurriedly ran up the hill and looked toward that direction. She was delighted as she said, “There’s definitely some other people who came up here to train. Let’s go. We should also head over there.”

It was a valley in the shape of a gourd. The area in the valley was very spacious, around the size of a football field.

At the bottom of the valley were large and smaller groups surrounding twenty or so bonfires of different sizes. There were several united forces gathered together. [1. Editor Note: “Forces” as in different groups of people.]

A rough estimate of the number of people surrounding the bonfires amounted to about 400 to 500 people. Not everyone appeared to be from Luosang City, as there were also some who came to train for the Martial Exam from surrounding cities. Along with those who came here to train, there were also people who came to escort them, so there was no lack of experts in the crowd.

Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was in the vicinity of three cities. Luosang City was located east of the mountain while Luonan City and Luobei City were located [2. TL Note: “Luonan City” and “Luobei City” literally mean “South Luo City” and “North Luo City” respectively.] south and north of the mountain, respectively. In Qiongxi Country, these three cities were called the Three Ancient Luo Cities and held a very long standing history.

Due to the proximity of these three cities to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, these cities always produced the most talents.

Ten Thousand Beast Mountain not only supplied them with demonic beasts for practical training but also cultivational resources. In fact, a demonic beast’s demon core was one of the most precious cultivational resources.

Because of the natural cultivational resources within the mountain, the three cities were always in neverending strife. As long as any of them met here, it was inevitable that conflict would occur and this time was no exception.

The martial world of cultivators had always been about strength and bravery. Just a small disagreement could result in using force to speak. Besides, all the people who came for practical training were young and vigorous youths.

The three biggest bonfires were placed together in the center of the valley, arranged in a triangular formation. The center of the formation was brightly lit and two figures were fiercely fighting in that area. The groups around the surrounding three bonfires incessantly broke out in cheers and shouts.

“Go Luosang City! Luobei City, go to hell!”

These were the cheers of those from Luosang City.

“Luobei City is the strongest! Exterminate those Luosang City people!” Those from Luobei City retorted.

There were still a bunch of youths at the bonfire who hadn’t spoken yet. They stood nearby as they watched the bustling scene. They were the people of Luonan City.

“Let’s end it here! You’ve lost!” Amongst the shouts of the crowd, a tall youth howled from inside the formation as he punched out, creating a booming sound. The other slightly shorter youth released a scream as he was sent flying because of the explosion.

“Luosang City wins! Hahahaha…! Luobei City are a bunch of trash!” The people from Luosang City’s side howled crazily in deafening laughter. Everyone from Luobei City was gnashing their teeth from anger as they glared at the tall youth furiously.

This tall youth wasn’t just some random person, he was Luosang City’s number one genius from the Qin Family.

Qin Zhao defeated Luobei City’s cultivator with one move and smiled arrogantly as he stood victorious. He accepted the applause and cheers of the Luosang City group.

“Zhao, you’re amazing!” At this moment, a slender and elegant young lady rushed out from the cheering crowd and sweetly shouted as she ran in front of Qin Zhao. She took out a fragrant handkerchief and under everybody’s eyes, gently wiped the sweat off Qin Zhao’s face.

Seeing this scene, the shouts and cheers from Luosang City grew even louder. 看到这一幕,洛桑城这边的呼叫声更大了。

The young girl was Lu Wushuang and was known as Luosang City’s flower. She was from the Lu Family, another great power in Luosang City. She was also one of the chosen candidates of the Martial Exam.

The Qin and Lu Family had always had a tradition of mutual marriage. The Qin Family’s original arranged marriage candidate was supposed to be the former genius Qin Yu, but after he was turned into a cripple, he was replaced by Qin Zhao. Everyone scorned cripples and Lu Wushuang also wouldn’t marry a cripple.

Qin Zhao was her best choice. Right now, Qin Zhao was bursting with radiance and his glory was her glory. That’s why she immediately rushed out in front of everyone and basked in the crowd’s applause and flowers, as well as the envy of other women.

Not to mention, there were indeed many girls who stared at Lu Wushuang who stood at the center with envy. They also wished they could stand there, accepting everybody’s flowers and applause and becoming the center of attention.

“Haha! Qin Biao, my old pal, my family’s Shuang’er and your family’s Zhao’er really deserve to be called a match made in heaven! They’re really well suited for each other! A talented man and a beautiful woman; a hero and a beauty. Haha…!”

In front of the Luosang City crowd, two men were standing shoulder to shoulder. One of them was Lu Jing, Lu Wushuang’s father who was a man in his fifties, as well as the Lu Family Master. The other man who was slightly younger was Qin Zhao’s father, Qin Biao.

The one who just spoke was Lu Jing. He stroked the black beard on his chin as he stared at the young male and female in the middle of the crowd. His eyes were filled with satisfaction.

“Haha, what the Lu Family Master said is right ah! My family’s Zhao’er’s strength is growing stronger and stronger, becoming more and more outstanding! Only a woman with Shuang’er’s talent is a match for my son. Hahaha!” Qin Biao laughed with even more joy as his eyes and nose scrunched together because of the huge smile on his face.

Lu Jing nodded with satisfaction. “En! Zhao’er really matured quickly. Now his strength is already at the same level as Qin Yu previously was.”

“Haha!” Qin Biao laughed disdainfully. “Qin Yu is just a cripple! Right now he isn’t even worthy enough to carry Zhao’er’s shoes!”

Just as he was about to finish speaking, Qin Biao suddenly felt a chill from behind him. He was scared him stiff as he quickly turned to look around. Behind him, he could only see a fire illuminating the field of shouting and screaming youths. 。

“Right ah! Now Qin Yu really isn’t fit to even be mentioned along with Zhao’er. It’s lucky that Shuang’er didn’t get engaged to him at the beginning, otherwise, our Lu Family would really be humiliated ah! Hey, Qin Biao, what happened?” Halfway through his speech, Lu Jing noticed something was wrong with Qin Biao and hastily turned his head to look at him and ask.

Qin Biao hurriedly turned his head back and laughed. “It’s nothing! Nothing at all!”

“Nothing?” Lu Jing glanced behind him doubtfully and saw there really was nothing before he decided to leave it be.

Toward the back, Qin Yu and Wang Murong had long since quietly entered the valley and stood amongst the crowd. They just so happened to see Qin Zhao and Lu Wushuang’s intimate scene before hearing Qin Biao and Lu Jing’s conversation.

Just now, it was Qin Yu who had released a bout of cold air toward Qin Biao.

Beside him, Wang Murong could sense Qin Yu’s aura change and hurriedly pulled him from the crowd.

“Qin Xiong, there’s nothing good here. Let’s go find somewhere to camp.”

She was worried that Qin Yu would feel unwell after seeing Qin Zhao and Lu Wushuang’s intimacy. She had researched all the geniuses of each city to a certain extent, which was why she had some knowledge regarding Qin Yu and Lu Wushuang’s past relationship.

Qin Yu didn’t actually care about Lu Wushuang at all. Lu Wushuang was merely the flower of the small Luosang City. Any woman he had before was more beautiful than her. Even if he didn’t mention the past, right now, the girl right beside him was a hundred times better in both temperament and beauty.

What he was furious about were Qin Biao’s words. He wasn’t even worthy to hold Qin Zhao’s shoes? What was Qin Zhao even worth? He used such despicable methods to become number one in the Qin Family by plotting against Qin Yu and turning him into a cripple that everyone disdained. Qin Yu didn’t believe that it had been Qin Zhao alone that plotted against him. After all, Qin Zhao was merely a 19-year-old boy, so would he really have the guts and capabilites? That’s why the real culprit behind everything must have been Qin Biao, that old bastard.

“What are you so arrogant about? Is defeating somebody who had only just broken through to the peak of Origin Realm really worth showing off so much?”

At this moment, a young and cold voice rang out from the crowd. Who was it? Engulfed by curiosity, Qin Yu didn’t accept Wang Murong’s suggestion to camp. Instead, he turned around to enter the crowd again as he said, “Let’s go see who it is.”

The fire burned in the middle of the encampments as a young woman stepped forward, confronting Qin Zhao. Lu Wushuang had already returned to the crowd.

It was a young girl dressed completely in black with a beautiful long and slender build. She stood there with her beautiful hair dancing freely in the wind, making her seem even more graceful and otherworldly. She looked just like a cold and elegant fairy that descended from the Heavens.

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