Fanfiction: Killing Prince Yun by PitJohann

Prince Yun’s death.

Su Xi-er was back at the border between Nanzhao and Beimin. Finally the day has come. Even if everybody hate me after that, I have to do it, for Lianchen. 

She  started riding her horse once again, toward the capital, where he was living.

At the entry of the city, a guard stopped her. « Miss, please state your name and why you’re here at such an early hour ? »

She rode all the night so that she could have time to carry out her plan during the day. She was slightly tired, but when she thought about what was about to happen, she got a boost of energy. Come on, you can do it !

Su Xi-Er slowly replied « Hello, can you warn Prince Yun that Su Xi-Er wants to meet him, please ? » 

The guard arrogantly answered « Miss, even if you’re beautiful, don’t think that everybody can meet the prince, being named Su Xi… Wait, Su Xi-Er ???? Aren’t you the beauty who was with prince Hao when he came here the last time ? »  Su Xi-Er hurriedly said « Yes that’s me, can you warn the Prince    for me please ? It’s important » Yes, it’s really important, and it will be the last day he will remember !

The guard at that time ran away at full speed to warn the palace that an important guest has arrived to speak with prince Yun.

One hour later, a carriage wearing the Prince’s emblem appeared.

Prince Yun coldly started speaking « Why did you ask to speak with me ? Are you tired of seeing your master Prince Hao, so that you ran all the way here to see me ? » The irony was clearly present in his voice.

Su Xi-Er softly answered « I don’t care about what you think about me. All I know is that I’m deadly poisoned, and that I will die in the next two days. That’s why I decided to meet all the people that I was…missing. » Please believe this lie, please !

At this time Yuo Ruofeng lost his composure all at once. « What do you mean by deadly poisoned, who did this to you ??? »

Hiding her emotions, Su Xi-Er shoke her head « There’s no time to discuss about this. There isn’t any cure existing, and I don’t want to waste the time I can have with…you »

Prince Yun started laughing « With me ? Please stop lying like that, why would you come to see me, and not your dear brother instead ? You took me all my power to give it to him, made it clear how much you hated me, and now you’re telling me that the one you want to see first is me ? »

« That you trust me or not, I don’t care anymore. I only wanted to come to a special place with me once again, a place that we’ve never visited together. »

The prince retorted « In Nanzhao, a place I don’t know about ? »

During the whole discussion, Su Xi-Er never dropped her cold demeanor. « Do you really think that you would know every inch of this country ? Mother brought me there when I was younger, knowing how much I love Lingrui flowers. And yes, I want to bring you there. You can call it the silly wish of a soon to be dead woman. »

Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were indescribable « Before you do anything, please let me bring you to the palace, we can try to treat you ! »

Su Xi-er started laughing « Do you  really think I would come here if I needed a treatment ? Beimin’s palace has also top physicians who can heal pretty much anything, but not this poison. Please let’s not waste time , either you want to come with me either I go alone. In any case it will be our last meeting. »

The Prince stayed silent for half a minute, then started speaking « Okay, where do you want to bring me ? »

« The best way to describe it would be a hidden Lingrui flowers garden. It’s hard to get there, and since I want to keep this little paradise hidden, I would like that you keep yourself from watching where we’re going. If you’re afraid that I will bring you somewhere and then leave you, we can ride on the same horse. »

Yun Ruofeng coldly replied « Let’s do that then, but how do you expect me to not look at the road ? »

Su Xi-Er took out a red handkerchief from the small bag that was hidden from the Prince’s view, and gave it to him  « just put this before your eyes, it will do the work. »

They then started riding, and after what seemed to be two hours, the horse started to slow down. Su Xi-Er started talking « You can now go down, and put off the handkerchief. »

Prince Yun did what she suggested and realized what was around him. There were indeed some Lingrui flowers on the floor, but what surprised him the most was the high bushes surrounding him. When he looked behind him, he saw that Su Xi-Er was still on the horse, and she started talking « Where we are now is a zone called : infinite garden. It’s a floral zone where you can easily come in and out, but only if you now the path and you are on a horse. And from what I can see you don’t meet any of these requirements. »

Yun Ruofeng angrily replied « What is it supposed to mean, is it a trap ? »

Su Xi-Er, in a now cold behaviour said « Yes it is. Did you really think that I would forget what happened in the past ? You lied to me, and even killed me. If the heavens weren’t kind enough to let me live once again, you would have lived happily without anyone hindering you. That’s your reward for your past behaviour. Also in case you think you can still come out from here, the path to go out of this garden, which is in fact a labyrinth, is estimated at one year. Obviously, there isn’t any food nor water around here. »

Hearing all of this, the Prince started running toward the horse and its rider. But Su Xi-Er was prepared, and she gave the order at her horse to start running at full speed. « It’s here that I have to say goodbye to you I guess. I hope that in your next life you will treat better women who at some point loved you. »

These were the last words that Yun ruofeng, once prince of Nanzhao’s country, heard in his whole life. Su Xi-Er also disappeared, and the rumors say that only two men are aware of where she is. One being the emperor of Nanzhao, and the other one of the princes of Beimin.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Title: Killing Prince Yun

Author: PitJohann (Discord: jojolapin78)

(One of the fanworks included in the CTF surprise that was planned by a group of readers, and released for CTF's 385th and 400th chapterversaries)