Here's a more detailed review. But as always, be careful that there may be spoilers.

The female MC’s status as a palace maid of the lowest rank is a huge impediment at the start, forcing her to try to surmount the challenges. As the previous owner of the body was very meek and frail, this also exacerbates her condition. Despite her martial arts prowess, she requires corresponding strength in her current body for them to be of use. Nonetheless, she relies on her smarts and previous skills to outwit her opponents. Although she is held to a rather high standard, she still has moments where she makes costly mistakes, or has to take large risks for an equivalent payoff.

The male lead is a puissant personage but comes from humble origins. Although he appears to covet power and cause people to form misconceptions of him partly due to his cold temperament, he actually cares about those around him. Due to the type of society he lives in, he tends to be pretty misogynistic, but gradually improves in this aspect and unconditionally accepts the MC for who she is, always prioritising her in everything. 

There may be something like a love triangle but it’s not a really solid one. Thus, for those who like love triangles, there may be traces of one, while for those who don’t like it, you can treat it as if there is only one love interest. There is romance but I would say it’s slightly toned down at the start since there are some things the MC is determined to take care of first and the male lead has to overcome his tsundere personality, as well as woo the MC.  

There are quite a number of side characters in this novel and they have their own stories, providing multiple plots that contribute to the main storyline. They pick up even more after the main leads get together.

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