Along the way, the maidservant didn’t dare to speak, but was both curious and envious of Su Xi-er. There’s actually such a beautiful woman in this world. Every single movement of hers stirs the heartstrings of people.  


What’s even more impressive is that she’s not nervous even when facing Prince Yun and Prince Hao. She even managed to maintain a cool and placid demeanour while the maidservant standing behind her was so flustered and emotional that she didn’t even dare to breathe, yet Su Xi-er easily handled it with finesse. 


“Is this the place?” Su Xi-er pointed at the row of side rooms 


The maidservant immediately recovered from her stupor and shook her head repeatedly. “No, if we continue walking further ahead, there will be a standalone room that is specially for entertaining nobles. If you follow me, we’ll reach it very soon.”  


The maidservant then took the lead, and within less than ten minutes, the two of them arrived in front of said room.


“This is the place. You can tidy it up a little. If you need anything, let me know and I can bring it over.” 


Su Xi-er waved her hand and placed the cloth bundle down. “There’s no need for that. I’m a servant, not a master.” 


The maidservant couldn’t help but laugh. “How can you be a servant? From Prince Hao’s expression and his tone, all of us could tell that you will obtain the position of consort in the future.” 


Su Xi-er slowly replied, “You’re thinking too much. If Prince Hao liked me, why would he suggest bestowing me to Prince Yun.” 


“Well, Prince Yun and Prince Hao are roughly the same, aren’t they? Both of them like you. No matter who you follow, you’ll be able to lead a much better life than that of a servant girl.” 


Su Xi-er waved her hand. “That’s enough, you may withdraw.” 


The maidservant could see that Su Xi-er was displeased and immediately nodded. “Alright, I’ll be going out now.” 


The door was then closed, leaving Su Xi-er alone. 


She sat on a wooden stool, her eyes were fixed on the table’s surface. She could clearly sense Yun Ruofeng’s probing gaze on her that entire time; a gaze loaded with an inexplicable feeling.


The resentment that was overflowing from Su Xi-er's eyes instantly dissipated as the corners of her mouth were raised. She let out a broken chuckle, tinged with a sense of wickedness.


It was unclear how much time had passed before Su Xi-er began tidying up the room. It was clearly already immaculate, but she still swept and wiped the whole place down. When she finally got around to laying out the quilt, she found that the sun had been replaced by a slowly ascending crescent moon.


There’s a crescent moon and no stars. A crescent moon represents imperfection, while no stars signify that the weather is going to take a turn for the worse. 


Su Xi-er walked out of the room door and raised her head to look at the boundless night sky, her heart gradually relaxing. I’m already within Nanzhao’s borders. 


Pei Qianhao happened to spot her peaceful appearance, causing him to involuntarily slow his footsteps until she discovered his presence. 


“This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao.” 


Pei Qianhao stopped before her and passed a white bowl to her. “Eat.” 


Su Xi-er lowered her head to take a look. It’s actually Lotus Root Salad. 


Seeing that she wasn’t eating, Pei Qianhao spoke again. “Don’t you like Lotus Root Salad? Quickly eat it.”  


Su Xi-er nodded before proceeding to pick up the spoon and beginning to eat. She did like Lotus Root Salad, but such a nourishing food couldn’t be consumed in excessive amounts.  Moderation in all things. 


“Wipe your mouth once you’re done eating. Afterwards, dance for this prince under the moonlight in this courtyard.” Pei Qianhao’s expression was earnest and his tone didn’t sound like he was joking.


Su Xi-er's hand that was holding the spoon stiffened. This really proves that, “After dinner comes the reckoning.” Since I have accepted his hospitality, it is difficult for me to reject him. 


“Considering that you finished it so quickly, it seems that you really do like Lotus Root Salad. Is it really that delicious?” Pei Qianhao’s gaze swept towards the white bowl, only to find that it was already empty. 


Su Xi-er didn’t respond. She took out a handkerchief from her sleeves to wipe her mouth before carrying the bowl into the room and placing it on the table. 


Before she could turn around, Pei Qianhao’s voice could be heard. “Su Xi-er, come out and dance.” 


Su Xi-er pursed her lips. She knew that once his temper flared up, he wouldn’t be taking it back. I can’t escape from dancing this time. 


Hence, she walked out of the room calmly and bowed as she stood in the courtyard. “This servant will obey Prince Hao’s orders. Hope you won’t laugh at me.”

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