While everyone was still stupefied, Pei Qianhao nodded. “This prince will stay here tonight. Get a first-class cook to prepare a serving of Lotus Root Salad and carry it to this prince’s room.” 


Everyone was perplexed. Lotus Root Salad is used for nourishing a woman’s body, maintaining her appearance, or consumed when she has her period. Yet, out of all things, Prince Hao specified that he wants Lotus Root Salad! What’s going on? 


Only Yun Ruofeng understood that Pei Qianhao had asked for the Lotus Root Salad not for himself, but for his servant girl. 


Falling Hairstyle, Lotus Root Salad... The things this woman likes are all from Nanzhao. Is she a Nanzhao citizen? Even if she isn’t, she at least has some relation to it. 


However, even if Yun Ruofeng could deduce that, his gentle expression betrayed nothing.


“It’s just Lotus Root Salad. Prince Hao, you can take some back with you when you leave Nanzhao if you would like. Nanzhao’s lotus flower and lotus seed enjoys a reputation in every nation.” Yun Ruofeng poured wine into his own cup and raised it again. 


Pei Qianhao didn’t refuse and poured wine again, downing it in one shot. Originally, the County Magistrate Office had prepared beautiful entertainers and offered to pour wine for Prince Hao, but was refused. Since that’s the case, I can only toast to him myself. 


Standing silently to the side, the County Magistrate was extremely anxious. If he doesn’t allow the beautiful entertainers to come close, won’t the dancers’ performance later not work either? 


I have prepared all of this in vain... The County Magistrate couldn’t help but sigh. Upon learning that Prince Hao would pass by Lotus Flower County during his trip to Nanzhao, he had spent a huge sum of money to search for dancers and exhort them to practise every day. Today was supposed to be the culmination of my efforts, but who would have thought that Prince Hao would only need one servant girl beside him. 


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze drifted towards Su Xi-er again before smiling. “Lotus Flower County’s County Magistrate has gone out of his way to find some dancers to practise every day for us, but I’m afraid that Prince Hao won’t do us the honour.”  


He changed the subject at this point. “From what this prince sees, the servant girl standing behind Prince Hao is much better than those dancers. I’m sure she is skilled in both singing and dancing. Why don’t we have her offer a dance or sing a song?” 


Su Xi-er could discern the meaningful look in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. Just as she was about to respond, Pei Qianhao’s voice sounded. “How can this prince’s servant girl be compared to those dancers? As for presenting a dance, Su Xi-er, come here.” 


Yun Ruofeng raised his eyebrow. She’s called Su Xi-er. That’s a pretty good name. 


“Since Prince Yun has said that, offer a dance.” 


The corners of Su Xi-er's mouth were raised as she revealed a smile that could almost melt a person’s heart. When Yun Ruofeng saw it, his heart involuntarily sank, and his hands clenched together in his sleeves. They look very different, but why are their temperaments so similar? 


“Prince Yun is experienced and knowledgeable, having seen the Eldest Imperial Princess presenting a dance every year at Nanzhao’s state banquet. This servant doesn’t dare to make a fool of myself in front of an expert with my mediocre skills.” Su Xi-er enunciated her words slowly. 


Eldest Imperial Princess... There was a slight change in Yun Ruofeng’s gentle expression. The person presenting the dance this year has changed. 


A moment later, Yun Ruofeng’s expression returned to normal as he waved his hand. “Prince Hao’s servant girl is eloquent. Since you don’t want to dance, this prince will no longer make things difficult for you.” 


Su Xi-er bowed. “Many thanks, Prince Yun.” 


Pei Qianhao’s deep and low voice immediately rang. “Go to the backyard and find a good room before tidying it up.” 


Sensing that there was something amiss between Su Xi-er and Yun Ruofeng, Pei Qianhao had deliberately used these words to send Su Xi-er away. The two of them were even ‘exchanging flirting glances with one another’. 


Su Xi-er nodded bowed, leaving the back garden while carrying a cloth bundle. 


The County Magistrate immediately dispatched a maidservant to lead Su Xi-er to the side room of the house. 

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