Su Xi-er noticed that Prince Hao’s expression had darkened, and changed the subject immediately. “Prince Hao, what’s Lotus Flower County like? Since it has ‘Lotus’ in its name, I can only imagine that there are loti everywhere.”


“Why bother asking this prince when you have already guessed it?” Prince Hao leaned back against the carriage, giving Su Xi-er the silent treatment.


This was exactly what Su Xi-er wanted. Having achieved her goal, she promptly followed suit, quietly staring at the curtain. She knew that Yun Ruofeng was right outside the carriage, the only thing separating between them being this single curtain.


They travelled for about four more hours and had just arrived at the County Government Office of Lotus Flower County before Yun Ruofeng’s soothing voice streamed into the horse carriage.


“Prince Hao, we have arrived. Please alight the carriage.”


Pei Qianhao opened his eyes and looked at Su Xi-er before pulling back the curtain. “Alight after me.” He gave his order and got out of the carriage.


Su Xi-er peeked out from the gaps between the curtains, meeting Yun Ruofeng’s probing gaze once again. Before she could stare for very long however, a man’s hand snuck into the past the curtains and grabbed ahold of Su Xi-er’s hand, swiftly pulling her out. 


When Su Xi-er finally regained her balance, she realised that her arms were circled around Pei Qianhao. The surrounding soldiers from Nanzhao were astonished.


There was actually a beautiful woman in the carriage? She is even more beautiful than the Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian! Prince Hao of Beimin likes beauties to the point that he can’t even come to Nanzhao’s state banquet without one!


Su Xi-er immediately withdrew her hands and bowed to Pei Qianhao. “This servant apologises for crossing the line; please forgive me.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze landed on her for a moment before turning his eyes towards Yun Ruofeng. “We first met on the battlefield in the past, and today we have met a second time at the County Government Office. How does your first year of being a regent feel? 


The soldiers of Nanzhao were displeased. How dare he speak to Prince Yun like that! This is rightfully Prince Yun’s, but by saying, ‘how do you feel,’ isn’t he implying that Prince Yun stole the position? Even if you are Beimin’s Prince Hao, you should at least show the most basic respect now that you have come to Nanzhao!


All at once, the atmosphere became tense.


Yun Ruofeng however, remained unruffled, and continued to smile. “Of course I can’t be compared to Prince Hao’s first year as a regent. Needless to say, I believe you are clear about how it feels to be a regent, Prince Hao. The County Government Office has already prepared high-quality dishes. Please enter.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t respond and walked into the government office, shooting a glance at Su Xi-er to follow him.


Su Xi-er walked behind Pei Qianhao and Yun Ruofeng, watching them walk side by side. One of them looked elegant and gentle in his white cloud patterned robe, while the other exuded a devilish and arrogant aura in his black snake patterns.


The feast was held in the garden behind the government office. Every maidservant stared when they saw Prince Hao and Prince Yun, the two most handsome men in the world. As they stood together, though their dispositions were completely different, they each had their own distinctive charm.


After working as a maidservant for so long, I can’t believe that I have the chance to see the two princes in person! The excitement and joy on their faces couldn’t be concealed.


The garden was spacious. It was surrounded by trees and had parterres on both sides, with a pond full of lotus flowers in the distance. In the centre of the garden, there was a large round table served with all the regional cuisine of Nanzhao


“Prince Hao, please have a seat.” Yun Ruofeng pulled out the mahogany chair for Pei Qianhao at the main seat.


Pei Qianhao nodded and sat down. Just as he had done so, two beauties came up and immediately tried to speak to Prince Hao in sweet and soft voices.


Seeing this, Su Xi-er stopped and silently stood at one side, not revealing the least of emotions.


Pei Qianhao frowned as he noticed Su Xi-er’s lack of reaction. Furrowing his brows, he waved the two beauties away, and pointed at Su Xi-er. “Come over here.”

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