“Why are you still not leaving?!” Pei Yaran barked harshly, causing the palace maids to nearly trip over themselves to obey.


Pei Yaran shifted her gaze to the Purple Fragrance flowers. I have blamed Su Xi-er wrongly. However, I am curious about how beautiful that civilian woman is. If he brings her into the Beauty Palace... the corner of Pei Yaran’s mouth was slightly upturned, I must definitely put her to death.


With her decision made, Pei Yaran raised her head to gaze at the clear blue sky. Pei Qianhao, I don’t care about the other women in the Beauty Palace, but don’t blame me for being crude if you bring a civilian woman over.


Yet, Pei Yaran didn’t know that this ‘civilian woman’ was precisely Su Xi-er.




Su Xi-er was currently sitting in the carriage as Pei Qianhao laid against the wall with his eyes shut. “After we arrive in Nanzhao, I’ll ask someone to simmer medicine for you. Are you feeling better?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Much better. Many thanks for your concern, Prince Hao.”


“Concern? It’s the first time this prince has heard someone say that I am worried about someone else. If your body isn’t well, who’s going to wait upon this prince during the whole journey? This prince is only making considerations for myself.”


The horse carriage quickly left the small county, rapidly approaching the border between Beimin and Nanzhao.


A mocking look flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “There are refugees at the frontier. So this is how Prince Yun governs Nanzhao.”


Su Xi-er’s heart tightened and followed his gaze, only to see a row of commoners squatting at the roadside. Every single one of them had a sallow and gaunt look while wearing tattered clothes.


It was obvious that these refugees wanted to go to Beimin, but were unable to enter due to the stringent regulations at the frontier.


The frontier wasn’t in such a state when she was still around. If this goes on, formidable enemies will enter from the frontier and invade Nanzhao. Despite all the work it took to raise Nanzhao’s national power to second among the four nations, it will definitely drop to last place if this continues.


Pei Qianhao remarked unhurriedly, ”Prince Yun is only suitable for leading the troops to war. When it comes to governing a nation, he’s inferior to even a woman.” The ‘woman’ he was referring to was none other than Ning Rulan.


“Prince Hao, you never went to Nanzhao’s state banquet in the past, so why have you decided to come this time?” Su Xi-er voiced her puzzlement. She remembered that she had once sent a letter to Pei Qianhao, but he had directly refused her.


“Ning Rulan is dead, and the nation’s affairs have been left in the inept hands of the young emperor and Prince Yun who is acting as prince regent for the first time. This is Nanzhao’s most crucial period. This prince has come to see how Nanzhao has changed.”


Su Xi-er could discern the dangerous look in Pei Qianhao’s pupils. He’s making use of the state banquet to scout out Nanzhao. If he finds it weak in power, is he planning to raise an army to invade it?”


“However, this prince is more interested in checking if Ning Rulan’s newly implemented policy has been abolished.”


Su Xi-er’s heart clenched again. There are refugees at the frontier, and since the new policy had threatened the wealthy and influential, there’s little doubt that it has been removed.


“Prince Hao.” An imperial guard’s voice could be heard as the horse carriage suddenly stopped.


Upon lifting the horse carriage’s curtain, a devilish and wanton expression flitted past his eyes. “Prince Yun has personally come.”


When Su Xi-er heard the words ‘Prince Yun’, she could feel her heart clench. I didn’t expect that I would meet him so quickly.


Yun Ruofeng, do you know that I, Ning Rulan, am still alive? You wanted me dead, but unfortunately for you, that didn’t happen. I really wonder how you would feel if you found out. Will you be very disappointed?


Pei Qianhao let down the curtains and leaned against the wall of the carriage. The sound of horse hooves gradually approached.


“Prince Hao, are you not going to alight the horse carriage?” Su Xi-er couldn’t help but ask.

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