“This servant has no skills at all. I was just randomly brandishing the scissors.”


“You did well by killing these two people. Has your frame of mind recovered?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I’m already collected.”


“Alright, we’ll immediately head for Nanzhao.”


Although I had originally planned to spend the night in this small county, this incident has made that impossible.




The horse carriage had already been prepared for their departure. All the commoners were at least fifty meters away, while everyone inside the inn besides the manager had been cleared out.


Knowing that the person staying in his inn was Pei Qianhao, the manager of the inn only caught a brief glimpse of the prince before lowering his head, no longer daring to take a peek.


The commoners who saw Pei Qianhao walking out from the inn from afar couldn’t help but shout, “Prince Hao! Prince Hao!” They cheered loudly, and were unusually excited. In their hearts, Prince Hao was the heavens.


Pei Qianhao came to the side of the horse carriage and hooked one arm around Su Xi-er’s waist before pulling her onto the horse carriage.


The commoners witnessing this scene could only stare at one another in bafflement. Judging by the figure and the dress, it’s a woman! But as they were too far away, they couldn’t see the woman’s appearance clearly. 


Prince Hao is actually having a woman accompany him to Nanzhao! This is huge news! In no time at all, this news had spread all the way from this tiny county to the capital.


When the news reached the capital, it naturally spread to the imperial palace as well. In the Imperial Garden, Pei Yaran was viewing the Purple Fragrance Flowers, which were of a simple and elegant purple hue. As every flower had blossomed, it was the best season for viewing them


With Flower and He Ying gone, she could only come to the Imperial Garden to look at the Purple Fragrance Flowers when she was bored.


“Empress Dowager, it is getting late. We should return to the palace to dine.” After He Ying was transferred back to the Pei Residence, another palace maid served at Pei Yaran’s side. This palace maid wasn’t talkative, strictly keeping to her role when carrying out tasks.


“This Empress Dowager has no appetite and will be looking for a while longer. You should return.” Pei Yaran’s tone was calm as her gaze continued to stay on the flowers, involuntarily recalling the time when Pei Qianhao had imported the Purple Fragrance Flowers from other nations.


The palace maid didn’t respond, but instead stayed by the Empress Dowager’s side quietly.


It was at this moment that a group of gossiping palace maids were hurrying along in this direction.


“Is that true? Prince Hao took a woman with him to Nanzhao?”


“That’s right. Everyone in and outside the palace knows already. Everyone is saying that Prince Hao encountered a civilian woman along the way. Seeing her beautiful visage and considering that he had no woman serving beside him, he decided to keep her.”


“If that’s the case, there is going to be a new woman in the Beauty Palace again…” Before the palace maid could finish commenting, she spotted the Empress Dowager.


All the palace maids immediately bowed. “This servant pays her respects to the Empress Dowager.”


Pei Yaran’s complexion was ghastly. “Give me all the details about the news you all have heard.”


The forceful tone and solemn expression worn by Pei Yaran had every palace maid frightened until they didn’t even dare to breathe.


Pei Yaran pointed at the palace maid in the lead and stressed her words even further, “Speak.”


“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, rumour has it that Prince Hao… met a civilian woman while on the way to Nanzhao. This woman was extremely beautiful, prompting him to keep her by his side, even personally bringing her aboard his horse carriage.”


Every word was like a cudgel striking Pei Yaran’s head. He picked up another woman. Is she more beautiful than Su Xi-er? From how things stand, it looks like he really doesn’t keep Su Xi-er in his heart. I am the one who looks foolish while venting my anger on Su Xi-er.


I understand his character. He doesn’t take women seriously. 


Pei Yaran waved her hand. “This Empress Dowager has already understood. Quickly leave.”


“Yes.” The palace maids immediately bowed and left rapidly.


The corners of Pei Yaran’s mouth held a bitter smile. Soon after, she instructed the palace maid next to her. “Go to the Imperial Household Department and look for Eunuch Zhang. Tell him to take the imperial guards in the palace to the Beauty Palace and send Su Xi-er back to the Palace Side Quarters to continue her duty in the imperial palace.”


I already know his attitude towards Su Xi-er without needing to wait for him to come back. He can even collect a beauty to be by his side just by travelling to Nanzhao. It’s really ridiculous!

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