Su Xi-er closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before pushing him away. “This servant has killed someone.”


“So be it. They deserved to die anyways.” Pei Qianhao released her before raising his hand to try to wipe the tears from her eyes. However...


Su Xi-er was taken aback. I didn’t shed tears. What is he wiping?


“You didn’t cry,” Pei Qianhao stated slowly. He then retracted his hand and looked at the two men lying on the floor.


Wu Ling chose this specific moment to walk into the room, jumping in fright when he noticed the scene before him. Were these two men killed by Su Xi-er?


For a small and weak woman to kill two men with her own hands… How much courage and strength must have been required...?


“Pass on this prince’s verbal edict to summon the county magistrate. Disperse everyone else in the inn.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was flat, but filled with an oppressive aura.


Wu Ling immediately bowed and accepted the order before swiftly leaving.


The fact that Prince Hao was staying in this inn had created a hubbub throughout the entire small county. When the county magistrate received word of the incident, his expression completely changed. When Imperial Bodyguard Wu reported that it had been a fatal incident, the country magistrate could only tremble again.


Having been able to steadily hold onto the title of county magistrate, I have certainly coveted certain things occasionally, but I never thought that I would provoke Prince Hao.




With the inn being sealed off to prevent anyone from entering or exiting, the manager and employees could only nervously await their fate.


The County Magistrate followed Wu Ling upstairs to the Earth Word Room on the second floor. The bloodstains had already been wiped away, leaving only the pallid corpses of the two men lying on the floor.


“This humble official pays respects to Prince Hao.” The County Magistrate knelt with a thud.


“This is a small county with few people. Do you recognise these two men?”


“This humble official...recognises them. They sell pork on the west side. They like to spend silver and play with women.”


The County Magistrate had punished these two men numerous times, but on the account that they hadn’t threatened human lives and also gave quite a lot of silvers, he simply detained them for a few months before releasing them. Who would have thought that these two would provoke Prince Hao.


“Harassing innocent women. This crime is sufficient to ask for their heads. You, throw these two to the unmarked mass grave and feed them to the wolves. Put up a public notice on the announcement board; their fate will serve as a deterrent to others. If this kind of thing happens again, behead them in public without exception.” Pei Qianhao’s tone was icy, and his expression solemn.


The County Magistrate shuddered. “This subordinate obeys the orders.” He immediately got up and instructed the bailiff runners[1] to haul the two men away.


The crowd outside the inn paled in shock when they saw the two bodies being carried out. Upon recognising their faces however, they instead became ecstatic. 


“Finally, these two have been brought to justice. Acting cool and bullying so many maidens just because they had a few silvers, it serves them right! They should have chopped off their family jewels.”


The County Magistrate instructed the bailiff runners to swiftly carry the bodies away so as to avoid attracting gossip and getting himself implicated.




In the Earth Word Room, Wu Ling asked in confusion, “Prince Hao, there is definitely a problem with this county magistrate. Why didn’t you punish him?”


Pei Qianhao stood up. “Of course he must be punished; this prince orders you to decapitate him immediately. You will be tasked to supervise it for the time being until a new county magistrate can take his place. Once they have arrived, you will come to Nanzhao.”


“Ah?” Wu Ling was stunned. He’s telling me to temporarily stand in for the position of county magistrate.


“This matter has already been decided. There’s no need for more discussion.” Pei Qianhao then took Su Xi-er to the Heavenly Word Room, helping her settle down while the imperial guards stood in front of the door.


Su Xi-er was sitting on a wooden stool when she heard the sound of the door opening. She immediately stood up and bowed to Pei Qianhao. “Many thanks to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “No need for thanks. You got rid of a scourge for the people. To end the two of them with one slash apiece, you seem to have quite a bit of skill.”

1. You may also know them as yamen runners.

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